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John Davis

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Pure Night Plus
Cat: SHR 203. Rel: 02 Nov 20
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. Pure Night (CD1: Pure Night/Instress Vol 1)
  2. No One Around
  3. You're With Me/Wedding Bell Tunes
  4. Hey, You Don't Say
  5. To Care Today
  6. Where You Shouldn't Be
  7. Don't Let It
  8. Love You I
  9. Hey Cheeky
  10. Like The Water
  11. Our World, Brained
  12. Windy
  13. Angel I Drive/Tongued In The Mouth
  14. Angels Surround
  15. Here The Pretty Things Come
  16. Breathe In You
  17. Blind Love
  18. River Boat
  19. Into The Sunset
  20. Over Nothing
  21. 6 Shooters & Canyons
  22. Not Long For This World (Studio version - CD2: RIP, DYI/Stars & songs/outtake tracks)
  23. There's No Judgement Day
  24. Yes, You
  25. Blonde Downtown
  26. Slit Lip Glass Lady
  27. The Countryside & The Second Sun
  28. I Remember The Angels
  29. You're In My Dream
  30. Baby, Baby
  31. To Do
  32. Open The Canvas
  33. Sun St
  34. Loud Are The Cherry Trees
  35. Not Long For This World (Bathroom version)
  36. World On Fire
  37. Hot Air
  38. The News
  39. Glass
  40. Saturday Night Fever
  41. Headed Home For A Ride
  42. Leave Home
  43. The Mind Is Filled
  44. I Had A Dream I Was Down By The Ocean
  45. New York City
  46. Christmas Day
  47. I Hear Bells
  48. Recall
  49. Follow Up, Follow Down
  50. Waiting For My Wife
 in stock $13.97
Arches & Pathways
Arches & Pathways (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: SHR 202. Rel: 26 Nov 20
  1. An Alley Opens Its Mouth & Roars (7:22)
  2. My Eyes Were Stars (2:11)
  3. Director Unknown (2:30)
  4. The First Move (3:10)
  5. The Old Casino (3:41)
  6. Those Who Preach (3:59)
  7. Light Sleep Ready (7:08)
  8. Cash Nexus (2:36)
  9. Weight Of Joy (3:39)
 in stock $18.65
Bourgie Bourgie
Bourgie Bourgie (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: NUR 23956YELLOW. Rel: 19 Aug 21
  1. Bourgie Bourgie (Louie Vega mix) (12:45)
  2. Bourgie Bourgie (dance Ritual dub) (8:35)
Review: Living and breathing dance music legend, remix master and all-round pioneer Louie Vega seems to be as busy now as he ever has been. Every new week brings a new project, remix or 12" and this week it is John David and The Monster Orchestra's 'Bourgue Bourgie' that is in his spotlight. He remixes the tune into a steady house groove train with the expressive vocal and piano rolls all present and correct, primed and ready for the dance floor. A Dance Ritual dub on the flip of this yellow 12" closes out a sublime package.
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 in stock $13.40
Up Jumped The Devil (Louie Vega remixes)
Cat: NUR 24177. Rel: 12 Jul 17
Funky/Club House
  1. Up Jumped The Devil (Louie Vega remix) (10:50)
  2. Up Jumped The Devil (Louie Vega dub) (6:40)
Review: The legendary Little Louie Vega from Masters At Work revisits another disco classic and works his magic as always. This time around it is on the 1977 hit by American disco band John Davis and the Monster Orchestra titled "Up Jumped The Devil". Davis was a member of the MFSB studio session band during its heyday in the late 1960s and early to mid-1970s, appearing on many Philadelphia International recordings. On the A side we have got "Up Jumped The Devil" (Louie Vega remix) which compared to the original is much more uptempo and with a more direct dancefloor focus: it sounds like more of a an edit, until that brilliant string arrangement comes in: very MAW! Very soulful and funky. On the flip is a handy dub version too. Nurvous is a sub label of the more well known and seminal NYC imprint Nervous Records and founded in 2011.
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 in stock $10.84
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John Davis
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