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Joe Morris

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Colours EP (12")
Cat: EDSC 002. Rel: 05 Feb 13
  1. Colours (original)
  2. Colours (Dr Dunks Disco Detour)
  3. Heart Strings
Review: Flushed in a bout of disco fever, Joe Morris is the second to appear on the upstart El Diablo's Social Club imprint with three fun time cuts. "Colours", the EPs title track, chugs impressively through a cosmos of stellar synths and defined yet brief strings that cut right through the mix. A subtle sprinkling of acid then assists the build and fall of a final LFO induced crescendo. Dr Dunks reworks the original by boosting the presence of Morris' acid, adding guiro ratchet shakes and game-show drums to his "Disco Detour". Motoring arpeggios and spread fingered piano chords then bear down on "Heart Strings" supported by one long sustaining lead, an assortment of percussion and spacey fills.
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Golden Tides EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: IIB 044. Rel: 31 May 16
Deep House
  1. Golden Tides
  2. Bayou
  3. Light Of The Moon
  4. Mpondo Theme
Review: Is It Balearic releases a debut EP from Clandestino's Joe Morris. 4 tracks of lush electronic grooves. The title track Golden Tides is a mid tempo houser with beautiful pads and soft arpeggios. Late afternoon sundowner vibrations. The second track Bayou has touches of Sueno Latino about it., an afterdark evocative tropical house trip. On the flip the first track Light Of The Moon is a more reflective slo mo affair. Warm pads and 808 sounds melting into cicadas. Finally we come to Mpondo Theme. Sounds of nature , Kalimba and loose percussion all sit together and watch the sun dip over the savannah horizon. A proper EP this covering all shades.
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Cloud Nine (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: WS 023. Rel: 25 Jun 18
  1. Cloud Nine
  2. Cloud Nine (Max Essa remix)
  3. Cloud Nine (Coyote remix)
  4. Cloud Nine (Aimes remix)
Review: Clandestino head Joe Morris is next up on Wonder Stories, imparting the kind of sun-kissed discoid meditation the label and its listeners lap up. Morris is sounding confident and cool on "Cloud Nine," using vintage drum machine patterns and fuzzy synth lines to impart a sweet-natured groove that reaches skywards. Contrasting the blissed out original, Max Essa brings a little more bite to the table with his shimmering electro-disco version, while Coyote preaches his Balearic vision on the B1 remix. Label boss Aimes keeps things smooth and steady with a deep house version of "Cloud Nine" for all dancefloor dreamers to get lost in.
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Jacaranda Skies 8.02 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PU 07. Rel: 05 Feb 18
Deep House
  1. Jacaranda Skies (7:57)
  2. The Lost Garden (6:12)
  3. Mangrove Dawn (7:48)
  4. Skies Reprise (6:38)
Review: Joe Morris is back in action on Jacaranda Skies 8.02, exploring more of that balmy sound that Pleasure Unit love so dearly when having a good time down by the marina. This is how yacht rock would sound if it had got with the party program, not least on the illustrious "Jacaranda Skies". "The Lost Garden" is a more mysterious affair that trades in immersive atmospherics with a distinctly soundtracky feel. "Mangrove Dawn" is a sleepy affair that wraps around you like a perfectly timed silken scarf, and then "Skies Reprise" lets Morris sail back into those bountiful waters that gave us the lead track.
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  1. Blue Sky & Blotches
  2. Particles
  3. Separate Blue X's
  4. Gold Drop #2
  5. Orange Cards
  6. Index Card #3
  7. Index Card #1
  8. Index Card #2
  9. Double Sheet
  10. Gold Triptych
  11. Gold Drop #1
out of stock $14.50
Red Hill (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: RNR 044LP. Rel: 06 Nov 14
  1. Gneiss
  2. Janus Face
  3. Agpaitic
  4. Tragic Wisdom
  5. Debts Of Honor
  6. Arfvedsonite
out of stock $15.54
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Joe Morris