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Joao Donato

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Lugar Comum (remastered) (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 331511. Rel: 03 Oct 14
  1. Lugar Comum
  2. Tudo Tem
  3. A Bruxa De Mentira
  4. E Menina
  5. Bananeira
  6. Patumbalacunde
  7. Xango E De Bae
  8. Pretty Dolly
  9. Emorio
  10. Naturalmente
  11. Que Besteira
  12. Deixei Recado
 in stock $39.35
Quem E Quem (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 333081. Rel: 04 Dec 17
  1. Chorou, Chorou (2:44)
  2. Terremoto (2:31)
  3. Amazonas (2:13)
  4. Fim De Sonho (3:42)
  5. A Ra (2:34)
  6. Ahie (2:54)
  7. Cala Boca Menino (2:21)
  8. Nana Das Aguas (2:23)
  9. Me Deixa (2:18)
  10. Ate Quem Sabe? (2:12)
  11. Mentiras (4:18)
  12. Cade Jodel (2:04)
Review: There's no denying that Quem E Quem is arguably the standout album by Joao Donato, a star of Brasil's MPB (short for "musica populera brasileira") scene who continues to record to this day. The album is naturally heavily influenced by American soul and jazz-funk, but has an altogether more pastoral tone, with Donato's dewy-eyed, heart-felt vocals coming gift-wrapped in gentle samba and bossanova melodies, Pat Metheny style guitar solos, breeze-fresh flute solos and jaunty pianos. It's a blend that results in a superb mixture of up-tempo cuts and more reflective songs, all of which are as delightful as slowly watching the sun set somewhere hot and sunny.
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 in stock $39.35
Cat: BRZ 45 023. Rel: 12 May 15
  1. Sonia Santos - "Poema Ritmico Do Malandro (Balanco Do Crioulo)" (2:53)
  2. Joao Donato - "Cala Boca Menino" (2:21)
Review: Killer samba from the Mr Bongo crew here on the 23rd edition of their ever impressive Brazil 45s series. Any samba scholar worth their salt will be familiar with Sonia Santos's wondrously psychedelic "Poema Ritmico Do Malandro (Balanco Do Crioulo)", which was originally released back in 1971 on the Copablanca label and has popped up every now and again on compilations. Drop this in the dance and watch it go crazy! On the flip Mr Bongo dig up the horn heavy funk jammer "Cala Boca Menino" from Joao Donato, a hugely talented pianist, singer and composer whose vast discography is worth further investigation!
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 in stock $8.20
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1


Joao Donato
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