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Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Jestofunk
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Found Love
Found Love (green vinyl 7")
Cat: GCV 7004. Rel: 18 May 23
Double Dee - "Found Love" (feat Dany - Dimitri From Paris remix edit) (3:27)
Jestofunk - "Say It Again" (Micky More & Andy Tee remix edit) (4:29)
Review: For the latest instalment of the label's occasional seven-inch series, Groove Culture has decided to offer up fresh takes on classic Italian house hits. On side A, the legendary Dimitri From Paris gets his mitts on Double Dee's 1990 number 'Found Love', re-imagining it as a colourful blend of rubbery nu-disco and hands-in-the-air piano house that rightly places Dany's recognisable lead vocal front and centre. Flip for label chiefs' Micky More and Andy Tee's take on Jestofunk's 1993 classic 'Say It Again'. Like much of their work, the Italian duo's translation blurs the boundaries between funk-fuelled house and revivalist disco, with flanged, occasionally bluesy guitars, strung-out synth solos and energy-packed sax lines catching the ear.
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 in stock $15.31
Universal Mother (reissue)
Cat: IRM 2010. Rel: 29 Jun 21
Deep House
Universal Mother (Let Yourself Flow) (1:43)
Be A Warrior (5:36)
Colour (5:52)
Universal Love (5:33)
Happy (5:25)
Special Love (5:03)
Try My Love (5:59)
Nel Nome De Suono (6:39)
Why? (5:53)
Jestofunk Jestofunk (3:44)
We Are (0:46)
If You've Got It, You'll Get It (6:19)
Pfunk Station (5:12)
Earthquake (4:50)
Reflexion (0:57)
Review: Following a rework of their 1991 hit 'I'm Gonna Love You' on Groove Culture back in April, Italian soul legends Jestofunk get their 1997 album Universal Mother reissued on IRMA. Comprised of northerners Alessandro Staderini, Claudio 'Moz-Art' Rispoli and Farias, they went on to release six albums. All the anthems you probably remember still sound as good on here as they did 24 years ago, such as the disco explosion of 'Be A Warrior' featuring vocals by legend Ce Ce Rogers, the deep down and dirty groove of 'Special Love' with the one and only Jocelyn Brown, to the funky acid jazz joint "If You've Got It, You'll Get It" with percussionist Bill Summers and Fred Wesley on the trombone. Timeless.
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 in stock $29.56
Love In A Black Dimension (reissue)
Cat: IRM 1598. Rel: 10 Jul 17
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Can We Live (Jesto Side) (6:23)
For Your Precious Love (5:39)
I'm Gonna Love You (5:47)
The Ghetto (7:01)
Straight To You (5:59)
Say It Again (5:46)
Fluid (Funk Side) (6:17)
Moai Message (6:59)
Dance To The Music (5:04)
Fly Love Song (5:28)
Find Your State Of Mind (5:49)
Theme From JFK (5:59)
 in stock $27.73
Gypsy Woman
Cat: GCV 7006. Rel: 11 Jun 24
Montefiori Cocktail - "Gypsy Woman" (Micky More & Andy Tee 7" remix) (4:47)
Jestofunk - "Special Love" (feat Jocelyn Brown - Micky More & Andy Tee 7" Jazz remix) (4:59)
Review: Micky More & Andy Tee's remixes of 'Gypsy Woman' and 'Special Love' by Montefiori Cocktail and Jestofunk respectively are jazz-infused delights that bring new life to these classic tracks. On the A-side, 'Gypsy Woman' exudes Latin disco flair, with infectious rhythms, a stunning horn section and uplifting strings that create an irresistible dancefloor vibe. Meanwhile, the flip features the iconic vocals of Jocelyn Brown on 'Special Love,' seamlessly blending disco and house elements for a soulful and energetic experience. The live instrumentation, including bass and horns, adds depth and authenticity to both remixes, enhancing their appeal to DJs and listeners alike. These remixes are sure to light up any dancefloor with their timeless appeal.
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 in stock $14.52
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