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James Welsh

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James Welsh

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Cold Land
Cold Land (12")
Cat: PH 45RMX. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Cold Land (Denham Audio Melodic mix) (4:37)
  2. Cold Land (Denham Audio Raw mix) (4:36)
  3. Cold Land (5:43)
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Wolf EP 013
Cat: WOLFEP 013. Rel: 20 Jun 12
Deep House
  1. M62 (feat Terri Walker)
  2. Zippy Share
  3. Nowt
  4. M62 (feat Terri Walker - Medlar remix)
Review: Formerly one half of Leeds post nu rave outfit Ocelot, James Welsh has now settled into a nice deep house groove under his own name, with a well regarded turnout on Hypercolour offshoot Losing Suki the prelude to this rather refined debut for the Wolf Music imprint. Perhaps the only house track to ever be named after a trans-Pennine motorway, "M62" is nonetheless a superbly crafted production blessed with some deep set vocals from Ms Terri Walker! Alongside this, Welsh drops a rather spritely warm fronted homage to his favourite online storage service "Zippyshare" while "Nowt" shows the Northerner to be just as adept at louche beatdown business. Wolf regular Medlar ensures the Lupine House massif are well stocked with a storming remix of "M62" that's got all manner of fidgeting rhythmic intricacies.
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 in stock $10.58
Wolf EP 15
  1. James Welsh - "NOwt" (Ron Basejam remix part 01)
  2. Squarehead & Mella Dee - "Get Together"
  3. Waze & Odyssey - "Feel My Voices"
  4. Terrence Pearce - "Magic"
Review: Arriving at a fifteenth 12" release in little more than three years is no mean feat, and the Wolf Music crew have retained a standard of quality throughout that a few other labels could learn from. Once again switching the emphasis from artist release to a quartet of contributors, WOLF 15 opens with a killer Ron Basejam refix of recent Wolf anthem "Nowt" by James Welsh. Originally a louche slice of beatdown, "Nowt" stays at an even tempo in the hands of the Crazy P artist though there are all new levels of seductive funk added. Complementing this are three label debuts of varying style but equal quality, with Squarehead & Mella Dee (one half of Mista Men no less) opting for a brazen concoction of ruffed up garage rhythms and deep house emotions on "Get Together". On the flip breakout house duo Waze & Odyssey add Wolf to their growing CV with the effervescent cut up house rowdiness of "Feel My Voices" whilst South African producer Terrence Pearce might just steal our affections with the skippy, smudged delights of "Magic".
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 in stock $10.58
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1


James Welsh
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