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In Flagranti

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Skematic Tracks 2 (12" + poster)
Cat: CRE 040. Rel: 30 Aug 12
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Hannya (6:18)
  2. Magojiro (6:07)
Review: Over the course of a long release history Swiss duo In Flagranti have been seemingly quite happy to follow their creative urges, endlessly recycling their stylistic approach regardless of whether the results garner commercial and critical acclaim. This is very much evident on Skematic Tracks Vol. 2, with lead track "Hannya" discarding with their more recent heavily edited and smutty punk funk strut in favour of an understated and quite moody, reverb laden dub techno approach whose off the grid rhythmic base bears similarities to the recent Body Music EP from Powell. The equally unusually named "Magojiro" will probably find more favour with In Flagranti fans, a house jam that crams in plenty of disco infused funk, though like many tracks from the duo it plays out like one long tease. A rather large and unusually SFW poster is included.
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Cat: CRE 050. Rel: 08 Mar 17
  1. In Flagranti - "Side Chain" (5:53)
  2. Vahagn - "Voltage Controlle" (6:15)
  3. Toby Tobias - "Trigger Output" (7:19)
  4. Additional Hardware - "Resistors & Capacitors" (5:54)
Review: In Flangranti's latest project is an interesting one. It features them, and others, creating new tracks from elements of previously unheard recordings by obscure 1980s Swiss outfit Schaltkreis Wasserman, most of which were apparently made under the influence of LSD. The resulting tracks do a good job in putting the cosmic synthesizer refrains and vintage electronics in a new light. For example, Toby Tobias's druggy "Trigger Output" skillfully combines a vintage breakbeat hardcore rhythm and with decidedly psychedelic electronics, while Vahagn's "Voltage Controle" is a sparkling chunk of stylish Italo-disco. Also worth checking is the chugging, arpeggio-driven synthesizer exotica of Additional Hardware's "Resistors & Capacitors", and the intense percussive madness of In Flagranti's "Side Strain".
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Cat: IFRJXP ROMO. Rel: 03 Apr 14
  1. The Ananda Project - "Shouldn't Have Left Me"
  2. Mock & Toof - "Unknown"
  3. Ali Love - "Smoke & Mirrors"
  4. Voltage - "All Night"
  5. M - "Pop Music"
  6. Franz & Shape - "In The Middle Of It"
  7. Yuksek - "Play My Game"
  8. Public Likes Pills - "The Tube"
  9. Chromeo - "Bonified Lovin"
  10. Lark - "The Animal's Claw"
  11. Billie Ray Martin - "Reality TV"
  12. Giorgio Moroder - "E=mc2"
Review: Over the last decade, In Flagranti have built up quite a collection of "rejected" remixes - those which were commissioned and completed but, for one reason or other, never saw the light of day. In typical DIY fashion, they've decided to release them anyway, putting out this wholeheartedly entertaining collection of previously unheard dancefloor gems. As you might expect, there's a strong disco vibe - check the rubbery slap bass of "In The Middle of It" - and tracks that touch on vibrant, synth-heavy electrofunk, but also a range of tracks which gleefully fuse styles, from skanking nu-disco reggae, wonky disco-acid and low-slung disco-punk (a curious version of M's "Pop Music"), to sweaty, percussive drum workouts ("Play My Game") and fearsome electronic oddness ("The Tube").
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 in stock $15.47
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In Flagranti
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