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Look A Little Higher
Cat: AOTNLP 057. Rel: 23 Jun 22
Money Won't Change You (3:33)
It's Bad (3:08)
Good Thing (2:31)
Best Of Luck To You (3:02)
That's What I Get (2:11)
That's The Sound Of My Heart (2:20)
How Long Must I Wait For You (2:29)
Foxy Mama (2:36)
Look A Little Higher (2:43)
I Take What I Want (2:26)
She's Got To Be Loved (2:42)
Just A Dream (2:02)
To Love Me Like You Do (2:49)
There's Gonna Be A Better Day Coming (2:37)
Review: The glorious Athens of the North label will always be one of our favourites. It is pretty much buy on sight for lovers of soul, funk and disco and this month it is serving up two more unmissable long players. Here it is Ike and The Uptights and their superb sounds which make, what me might bravely, say, could be one of this always high class label's finest releases. Formed by Henry Bradley in Forrest City, The Uptights recorded for Memphis label Action Records and here we get a perfect window into their world of raw and guttural funk.
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 in stock $24.62
Money Wont Change You
Cat: ATH 151. Rel: 23 May 24
Money Won't Change You (3:34)
She's Got To Be Loved (2:42)
Review: As they often tend to do, a whole bunch of Anthems of the North 7"s have landed hit smooth and as ever they are all gold. This one is an Ike Noble 45s that comes pressed up with original-style silver ink overprinted labels. Kicking this one off is a previously unreleased cover of James Brown's classic 'Money Won't Change You'. It has some raw-as-hell horns and driving funk breaks that will light up any club and might even be better than the original. The B-side is a sweet as you like ballad that pairs off male and female vocals and deep soul, expressive horns and bittersweet grooves.
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 in stock $14.29
It's Bad
Cat: ATH 152. Rel: 23 May 24
It's Bad (3:07)
Best Of Luck To You (3:07)
Review: Athens Of The North latest release features includes the rare gem 'It's Bad' on the A-side, a brilliant mid-tempo soul chugger that sits perfectly between the styles of Syl Johnson and James Brown. Its failure to achieve fame during its time remains a mystery. On the flip side, 'Best of Luck to You' delves into deep soul territory, offering a rendition that surpasses both Sam Baker's and Earl Gaines' versions. This 45, with the original style silver ink overprinted labels, not only captures the essence of vintage soul but also present an invaluable addition to any collector's repertoire, showcasing Ike Noble & The Uptights at their finest.
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 in stock $14.29
Good Thing
Cat: ATH 153. Rel: 23 May 24
Good Thing (2:31)
Look A Little Higher (2:44)
Review: Ike Noble & The Uptights deliver pure soul magic with their latest release. 'Good Thing' is a mid-tempo soul gem that oozes with irresistible charm, drawing comparisons to the likes of Syl Johnson and James Brown. It's a track that demands attention and leaves listeners craving more. On the flip side, 'Look a Little Higher' is a deep soul anthem of epic proportions. Despite its rarity, it's a track that resonates deeply with its emotive vocals and soul-stirring melodies. Together, these two songs showcase Ike Noble's talent and the timeless appeal of his music. With beautifully pressed 45s and original style silver ink overprinted labels, this release is a must-have for soul aficionados everywhere. Ike Noble & The Uptights prove once again that their music is solid gold.
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 in stock $14.29
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