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Disco Power EP
Cat: BLURWAX 002. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Disco Power (5:08)
Malandro (4:33)
To The Beat Y`all (5:00)
Review: Mexican DJ and producer Hotmood indeed brings the heat on his new EP for the Blur Records gang. It is a fine fusion of disco and house music with rich instrumentals, nice organic sound and plenty of smart samples. Opener 'Disco Power' is a funky and upbeat cut with a powerful bassline and big vocal stabs. Things get more deep and laidback with 'Malandro' which has big sax energy and sunny chords then 'To The Beat Y'all' rounds out the EP with real disco energy. The drums hit hard, big guitar riffs brighten up the mix and subtle filters and FX also pump things to the next level.
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Played by: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $13.25
Disco Goodies Vol 3
Cat: SNDRS 006. Rel: 18 May 23
Scruscru & Meowsn - "Your K"
Hotmood - "Hard Feelings"
Lowres - "Slishish"
Erik Ellmann - "Tribal Disco"
Review: The sixth salvo on Sundries sees the Russian label offer up a third serving of 'Disco Goodies'. Rising stars ScruScru and Meowsn, fresh from the release of a fine collaborative album, get things going via the rubbery, electric piano-smothered deep disco-house bounce of 'Your K' - all chunky beats, swirling strings and dazzling Rhodes solos - before scene stalwart Hotmood blur the boundaries between original production and re-editing on the sparkling, piano-sporting disco-goes-sample house excellence of 'Hard Feelings'. Over on side B, Lowres wraps some low-slung disco samples around a killer bassline and snappy drum machine beats on the heady and hedonistic 'Slishish', while Erik Ellman's 'Tribal Disco' is a beefed-up, full-throttle disco-house translation of a lesser-known 10970s discoid gem
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Played by: Igor Gonya
 in stock $15.36
Pool Party EP
Cat: WAXDIGIT 004. Rel: 28 Aug 19
Slync & Fingerman - "Saft Junk" (6:21)
Hotmood - "Fake DJs" (6:11)
Andy Buchan - "Dope D'Man" (5:50)
Dave Gerrard - "Turn It Loose" (5:23)
Review: The latest missive from Fingerman's Wax Digits imprint - the occasional vinyl offshoot of the digital-only Hot Digits label - is something of an all-star affair. It features contributions from some of the best-known talents in the contemporary re-edit scene, with solid results. Fingerman and Slync kick things off with "Saft Junk", a cheery, Chic style slab of summer disco goodness, before Hotmood takes aim at "Fake D.Js" via bumpin' grooves, fluttering flutes and swirling orchestration. Andy Buchan's "Dope D'Man" is a slap-bass-sporting nu-disco jam that joins the dots between King Bee's "Back By Dope Demand" and the original disco record it sampled, while "Turn It Loose" is a relaxed shuffle through laid back and loved-up funk grooves.
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 in stock $13.25
Le Depanneur EP
Cat: ED 024. Rel: 21 Nov 18
Ed Wizard & Double Disco Dee - "Spirit Power" (6:13)
Duff Disco - "Burning Hot" (6:05)
Hotmood - "I Was Born In Mexico" (6:18)
Alex Zuiev - "I Feel Funky" (6:23)
Review: While most Editorial EPs feature contributions from a range of high-flying re-editors, their latest collection of cuts boasts a particularly star-studded line-up. For example, it features a now rare outing from Jeremy Duffy under the familiar Duff Disco alias, a gently rolling disco-soul revision called "Burning Hot" that underpins a suitably glassy-eyed cut with his trademark soft-touch house drums. More up-tempo fare can be found on side B, where Hotmood's disco-funk rearrangement "I Was Born In Mexico" - think restless slap bass, eyes-shut guitar solos, bouncy drums and rising horns - is joined by the razor-sharp disco-funk sweatiness of Alex Zuiev's "I Feel Funky". Arguably best of all, though, is Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee's woozy, sample-heavy disco roller "Spirit Power".
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 in stock $13.25
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