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Pencil Houses
Pencil Houses (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OMLTD 013. Rel: 28 Jan 22
Deep House
  1. Sunshine
  2. So
  3. By
  4. Hosoi
  5. Kindness
  6. Montara
Review: It's been a minute since we heard something new from Swedish deep house don HNNY, but here he is back on regular stomping ground Omena with six new cuts of luxurious grooves for the sensitive souls out there. The lounge vibes come heavy on tracks like 'Sunshine' and 'So', pointing to a particular downtempo inspiration driving the accomplished producer forward, and why ever not? By the time we slip into the dreamy, jazzy lilt of 'By' all day-to-day cares have drifted away and we're fully under HNNY's spell. When most are in a rush to up the intensity, it's a breath of fresh air to find a record that urges us to wind it down a notch.
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est. release 28 Jan 22 $14.44
Sunday (gatefold LP)
Cat: OMLP 001. Rel: 13 Mar 20
Deep House
  1. Sunday (2:53)
  2. Here We Go! (0:21)
  3. Cheer Up, My Brother (4:57)
  4. You Feeling Alright (5:25)
  5. Memory Tape One (6:03)
  6. There Is No One Else (3:04)
  7. Sylvia (4:16)
  8. Memory Tape Two (1:03)
  9. Eagle's House (3:17)
  10. My Baby (5:38)
Review: Given the hype surrounding HNNY over the last few years - fuelled, primarily, by a string of celebrated singles on Puss, Local Talk, Let's Play House and YUMMY - it's somewhat surprising that Sunday marks his first foray into the album market. Wisely, the Swedish artist embraced the opportunity for eclecticism that the format provides, filling his debut full-length with a mix of tracks variously designed for sofa-bound listening and dancing in clubs. There's a jazz-flecked beauty to the crackly downtempo grooves offered up by the title track, while the dreamy, guitar-laced head-nodder "Sylvia" recalls the best of his Balearic-influenced work. It's these luscious moments, such as the twinkling ambience of closer "My Baby", that really resonate.
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 in stock $21.23
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