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Caeke (180 gram pink vinyl LP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: ZZZV 24003. Rel: 09 May 24
I Love My Life (Again & Again) (4:03)
Are You Sleeping? (3:34)
You & Me & Them (4:16)
Walk Me Home (3:08)
You Don't Dance (extended version) (5:32)
Halloj, Kan Du Hore Mig? (2:54)
Always There (3:50)
Sometimes You Get Lucky (4:48)
Review: Danish electronic pop act Hess Is More's CaeKE marks a return to pop's borderlands after detours into orchestral and experimental sounds. Minimalist and mellow, the new album eschews sprawling ensembles for a DIY space of piano, drum machines, and vintage synths all of which frame Hess' wandering voice with eccentric poetry. Balancing maturity with childlike curiosity tracks like 'I Love My Life... Again and Again' exhibit a subversive lightheartedness amid mellow existentialism. The album is a reflection on fatherhood and life's changes since the early 00s that finds Hess embracing a new melody-one that harmonises seriousness with carefreeness, introspection with outward expression.
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 in stock $26.36
80 Years
80 Years (limited LP)
Cat: EDNLP 1102. Rel: 30 Nov 17
80 Years (10:30)
Chopin (9:04)
Recollection Of 80 Years (1:56)
It's Backwards No Matter What I Do (18:29)
You May (2:54)
 in stock $16.68
Ibojas Sange
Cat: ZZZV 22005. Rel: 16 Sep 22
Jeg Er Blevet Gammel (18:00)
Hvor Musikken Kommer Fra (4:08)
Solen Gar Ned Over Land (3:47)
Bag De Hoje Toppe (8:51)
Vaek I Tide (6:25)
Blaes Vind (0:48)
Review: It is always a joy to hear from the Music For Dreams label. Not only is it a musically interesting outlet but also one that digs deep into plenty of fascinating different scenes. And this is one such case as the project is centered around 99-year-old Iboja Wandall-Holm who sings about memories from her childhood growing up in Eastern Europe. The record plays out like a musical encounter where the songs are worked into magical forms by Danish musician Mikkel Hess and other members of his Hess Is More band with extra collaborative input from label head and producer Kenneth Bager.
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Played by: Manu Archeo
 in stock $18.28
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