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Gesloten Cirkel

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MC011 (12")
Cat: M 011. Rel: 23 Sep 15
  1. The Real Melbourne House (10:49)
  2. Acid Stakan (4:06)
  3. Never (14:08)
Review: Gesloten Cirkel is back on Murder Capital! Is he the mysterious Russian producer he claims to be or in fact I-f, or someone else? Let's not speculate and focus on the music, shall we... First track "The Real Melbourne House" seemingly references down under, and is it a whimsical, albeit, cheeky one to the city's flourishing deep house circuit, we'll probably never know. "Acid Stakan" once more riffs on the Humanoid sound of "Stakker" with haunting John Carpenter strings, it's the real highlight here. On the flip is "Never", a 14-minute-long epic of dark, slow burning and mysterious 303s. Tip.
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Submit X
Submit X (double 12")
Cat: M X. Rel: 30 Apr 14
  1. Zombiemachine Acid
  2. Zombiemachine
  3. Submit X
  4. Stakapella
  5. Stakan
  6. Chatters
  7. Feat Liette
  8. Arrested Development
  9. Secret Area
  10. Vader
Review: Gesloten Cirkel has become one of techno's true cult figures since his emergence back in 2009 with a self-titled 12" for Viewlexx offshoot Murder Capital, exploring the strange fringe between techno and electro with intermittent releases for David Vunk's Moustache Techno and Berceuse Heroique. Supposedly from Russia, there has nonetheless been much speculation as to the producer's true identity, though his musical roots seem very much planted in the sound of The Hague. His debut album Submit X is described quite aptly as "not for the faint-hearted", featuring a host of electro and techno cuts filled with classic breakbeats, tripped out vocal samples and caustic acid lines. However, it's also an album which looks to classic minimal wave sounds for inspiration - the lean rhythm and vocoder of "Stakan" and decayed 8-bit textures of "Chatters" provide some of the album's most memorable moments, proving Gesloten Cirkel is a producer with a few tricks up his sleeve. Undoubtedly one of the albums of the year.
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Just A Genesis
Cat: 005 PNBGC1RAT. Rel: 11 May 21
  1. City Bus (PNB edit) (4:08)
  2. Haharsh_2 (7:42)
  3. Snakeboot (3:50)
  4. CitybusAmigaBrains (10:05)
  5. HighSpeedCruising (9:13)
  6. Gwyn (9:35)
  7. InTheAiros (7:34)
  8. FOG (1:39)
  9. Heard It Before (10:58)
  10. Just A Genesis (6:14)
Review: Gesloten Cirkel is a techno hero who can do no wrong. The good news is that as Ratsnake he is no less essential. This new record on the Place No Blame label is a "conscious, meditative presentation of single take recordings from recent years." As such it tells the tale of an artist in development, learning and mastering new techniques and styles that have been touched on in his other projects. While we're told by the pros text that the album "explores the confines between society and alchemy," that doesn't really matter once your jacking to the slithering acid workout of 'Haharsh_2' or trapped in a haunting hall of synth mirrors on 'Gwyn.'
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 in stock $19.74
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Gesloten Cirkel
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