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coming soon $10.14
Distances (12")
Cat: PEX 005. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Ron Albrecht - "Distance 200"
  2. Ron Albrecht - "Distance 200" (Leiras remix)
  3. Fiedel - "No Distance"
  4. Fiedel - "No Distance" (Stefan Rein remix)
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 in stock $8.50
Zehn/Acht (12")
Cat: OSTGUTLP 2008. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. Din - "Mono" (5:05)
  2. Fiedel - "Probe-806" (6:32)
  3. Tobias - "Like A Drug" (8:32)
Review: Acht! Ostgut's Zehn 12" sampler draws ever closer to the end of its campaign and its been a pleasure to see some of these records arrive at Juno HQ replete with distinctive sleeve art. The German speakers among you will know this is the eighth edition and brandishes productions from Din, Fiedel and Tobias. For the uninitiated, DIN is in fact Marcel Fengler and Efdemin with "Mono" a fine introduction to this fledgling creative partnership - hopefully more is coming on the mighty Ostgut Ton! "Probe-806" is a great slab of Fiedelness, pulling for elements of funk, electro, acid and even boogie in the German's inimitable muscular style whilst Tobias heads off in a more minimalist direction on "Like A Drug".
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Substance B
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 in stock $10.69
Cat: OTON 102. Rel: 06 Mar 17
  1. Substance B (7:45)
  2. Track 432 (6:57)
  3. S-Drive (5:45)
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 in stock $8.22
Trinidad (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: FIEDELONE 2. Rel: 03 Jun 13
  1. Trinidad (with Arthur)
  2. Positron
Review: One half of MMM continues to branch out on his own with the second installment on his own label, and its as outre as the last effort on Fiedelone. "Trinidad" lives up to its name and gets into a Caribbean mindset with a maddeningly addictive steel drum hook and jerky Funky rhythm. It's a curious blend that still moves with the force of Germanic techno, even if the sounds are from a whole other place, and likewise "Positron" places unlikely bedfellows into the same lurid track. Bringing tropical stabs like it ain't no thing, the B-side is a rowdy so and so that flicks impulsively between two key refrains, both willfully basic in their execution but built for maximum head-thieving abandon.
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 in stock $8.22
Deare (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: FIEDELONE 5. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Deare (6:56)
  2. Likedeeler (8:56)
Step Aside
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 in stock $8.76
Step Aside (hand-stamped vinyl 12")
Cat: FIEDELONE 4. Rel: 09 Feb 15
  1. Step Aside
  2. Sloth Moth
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