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Ride (10")
Cat: COR 10014. Rel: 06 Jun 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. DMT - "Ride" (9:27)
  2. Fabe - "Last Shot For Bob" (7:08)
Played by: DJ Mau Mau, Don Crisp
 in stock $10.36
Cat: INFUSE 023. Rel: 13 Dec 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Shaped Like Kayla (7:48)
  2. Who Is The Drummer (7:05)
  3. Navigate (7:13)
Review: Mannheim's favourite son Fabian Winkels returns with more bleepy and swing fuelled minimal tech house: exactly the way we like it. The man behind such imprints as Salty Nuts serves up his second release for the FUSE London sublabel here. "Shaped Like Kayla" demonstrating the same kind of hypnotic and slinky grooves that have landed him releases on top labels like Mulen and local institution La Pena. "Who Is The Drummer" gets that MPC style jitter on in fine form, assisted by bumpy bass and whirry synth textures for perfect afterhours mischief. Finally, "Navigate" fractures the beats for a different kind of groove altogether, but still trippy and funky as hell. Winkels is a regular on local imprints making big waves in the scene at present, such as Sukhumvit, Kusi and BE9. Likewise, Infuse have had a stellar year with great releases by Julian Alexander, East End Dubz and Jack Wickham.
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Played by: Javier Carballo, Kepler
 in stock $10.10
Cat: LPAS 032. Rel: 07 Dec 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Dope Lee Rone (7:15)
  2. Ask For Kate (6:38)
 in stock $10.62
Everyday U (12")
Cat: SN 006. Rel: 18 Sep 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Everyday U (7:21)
  2. Pro Bar (7:08)
  3. Mind On Prisma (7:19)
  4. Behind The Stairs (7:40)
Review: Salty Nuts supremo Fabian "Fabe" Winkels has been rather prolific of late. Remarkably, this is the Mannheim man's second 12" in less than a month with a third due in early October 2017. All four tracks are propelled forwards by the producer's distinctively swinging drums, which combine the attractive looseness of vintage U.S deep house percussion with the electronic fluidity of tech-house. While there are deeper, smoother and more melodious cuts on the flipside, it's the peak-time bump of A-side tracks "Pro Bar" and, in particular, "Everyday U" - a proper late night sweat-fest that boasts ragged analogue bass and intoxicating vocal samples - that are really floating our boat.
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Played by: TIJN
 in stock $10.10
Cat: BPV 021. Rel: 06 Oct 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Street Prime (7:39)
  2. New Blood (6:26)
  3. Chat With Her Cat (7:07)
  4. Back & Forth (7:31)
Played by: Denny Trajkov, Moises
 in stock $10.10
Break For (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: MULENV 012. Rel: 25 Aug 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Romantic Fade (7:16)
  2. Break For (7:10)
  3. Walking Synths (8:13)
Review: Mannheim man and Salty Nuts supremo Fabian "Fabe" Winkels recently impressed with a fine EP of tech-house shufflers on La Pena. Here he makes his first appearance on Mulen, delivering a rock solid three-tracker aimed squarely at the clubs. On the A-side you'll find "Romantic Fade", a thrillingly booming, bass-heavy chunk of mind-altering, late night tech house smothered in sleazy female vocals and sparkling synthesizer motifs. Flip for the wiggly, rolling tech-house thrills of "Break For", where vocal samples, dreamy chords and trippy electronic motifs bounce in and out of the mix, and the deep, drifting and alien-sounding goodness of "Walking Synths".
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Played by: Rob Cockerton, Moises
 in stock $10.36
Cat: LPA 021. Rel: 08 Mar 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Intro (0:14)
  2. Square Walk (7:19)
  3. Skit (0:03)
  4. No U-Turn (7:31)
  5. Interlude (1:11)
  6. Cookie Man (6:24)
  7. Skit (0:12)
  8. Last Chance For Tombola (6:47)
  9. Outro (0:22)
Played by: Moises
 in stock $10.36
Cat: KUSI 003. Rel: 11 Jul 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Not Your Clap (10:10)
  2. Not Your Clap (Federico Molinari remix) (9:52)
Review: Although still in its infancy, Mannheim's Kusi is off to a great start and following up some great releases by the likes of David Nicolas and Sedee, we now have locals Fabe and Toby T with "Not Your Clap" which travels the border of druggy afterhours minimal and early noughties micro-house glitch. On the flip local hero and Oslo Records mainstay Federico Molinari does a fine remix which injects some bleepy mini-funk into its aesthetic and reminiscent of classic Daniel Bell or Run Stop Restore.
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Played by: Alex Font
 in stock $10.62
Trunk EP (12")
Cat: TGR 001. Rel: 21 Dec 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Trunk (7:45)
  2. Trunk (DJ Honesty remix) (6:02)
  3. Away From The 16th (7:01)
  4. Away From The 16th (Diego Krause remix) (7:26)
Review: Fabian 'Fabe' Winkels (he of Salty Nuts label fame) and Tolga Top are old pals, having both contributed to Understate:ment Records' first release this time last year. The Trunk EP marks their first collaborative 12", and also the debut of Berlin's The Gathering Records. Both "Trunk" and "Away From The 16th" are quietly funky affairs, built around glitch-heavy rhythm tracks, popping electronics, and the type of quirky sample cut-ups that were once the forte of both Pepe Bradock and Matthew Herbert. Remixes of both tracks are offered-up, too. While Diego Krause delivers a smoother, tech-tinged deep house interpretation of "Away From The 16th", "DJ Honesty" sticks closer to the impressive source material on his bustling, bass-heavy tweak of "Trunk".
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 in stock $11.42
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