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Jetzt Neu: Alles Wie Fruher The Remixes
  1. Jetzt Neu: Alles Wie Fruher (KMYLE remix) (7:46)
  2. Treuepunkt (Funk D'Void remix) (7:19)
  3. Jetzt Neu: Alles Wie Fruher (Dj Hell X Gregor Tresher remix) (7:10)
  4. Jetzt Neu: Alles Wie Fruher (Artrik remix) (6:57)
 in stock $12.24
Schone Neue Extrawelt: Spezial Edition
Schone Neue Extrawelt: Spezial Edition (gatefold white vinyl 3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CORLP 019X. Rel: 14 Apr 22
  1. Dark Side Of My Room (7:40)
  2. Wippsteert (7:49)
  3. Trummerfeld (7:03)
  4. Must Attack (6:23)
  5. Wolkenbruch (7:21)
  6. Added Planet (5:49)
  7. Daten Raten (6:30)
  8. Lost In Willaura (5:28)
  9. Kurt Curtain (skit) (1:15)
  10. One Tree Hill (7:35)
  11. Messy Machinery (Rough mix) (6:52)
  12. Homing (6:19)
  13. Bright Side Of My Room (7:27)
Review: Extrawelt have been at the heart of the Cocoon operation for many years. The dup always manages to explore well outside the lines of the German' label's common remit though and that is the case once more on their latest full length outing, a special edition of their 'Schone Neue Extrawelt record that is presented across six sides of white vinyl. It takes in mind melting mining cuts next to ragged and frazzled techno made by machines, with dubbed out late night cuts and chugging melodic workouts like 'One Tree Hill' also included on what is a truly varied record.
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 in stock $32.16
Titelheld (12")
Cat: COR 12024. Rel: 22 Oct 21
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Titelheld (8:09)
  2. Titelheld (FSK 18) (5:49)
  3. Stammgast (5:27)
 in stock $11.74
Speicher 110
Cat: KOMPAKTEX 110. Rel: 23 Jul 19
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Pink Panzer (6:39)
  2. Argonaut (5:33)
Review: The 110th release from Kompakt Extra comes from Extrawelt, a long-serving electronic band from Hamburg that has previously impressed via albums and singles on Traum Schallplatten, Border Community, Darkroom Dubs and Cocoon Recordings. They naturally hit the ground running with "Pink Panzer", a bustling affair that mixes live drum breakbeats and tough machine percussion with moody, booming bass, creepy strings and evocative, ever-building tech-house electronics. Flipside "Argonaut" is an altogether sleazier and heavier affair full of thrusting, non-stop distorted bass, redlined post-electro drums and all manner of mind-mangling electronic effects. It's effectively the Yang to the A-side's Ying and, like its' predecessor, very good indeed.
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 in stock $12.77
In Aufruhr
Cat: CORCD 028. Rel: 27 Oct 11
Minimal/Tech House
  1. The Next Little Thing
  2. Division Dunkel
  3. Blendwerk I
  4. Leave 43 (Neverlasting edit)
  5. Aufwind
  6. Herz Aus Blech
  7. Pontiac
  8. Swallow The Leader
  9. 808 Slate
  10. Blendwerk II
  11. Phoebe
  12. Dumb Age
  13. Die Welt Ist Nicht Genug
  14. Schlusslicht
Review: While Extrawelt's post-prog house Border Community days are long gone, you can still detect a hint of that early progressive ethos in this second album for Sven Vath's Cocoon imprint. Musically, their various takes on house and techno benefit from a similarly atmospheric approach, even if their aesthetic is more fiercely contemporary and deeply rooted in German club culture. There's certainly something vaguely proggy about the blissful dubbed out sounds of "Schlusslicht" and the melodic dub house of "Die Welt Ist Nacht Schelung". The same can be said for the touchy-feely "Blendwerk", which sounds like classic Orbital reworked by Sasha or John Digweed.
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 in stock $15.83
Speicher 121
Cat: KOMPAKTEX 121. Rel: 26 May 22
  1. Extrawelt - "Stabilo" (6:04)
  2. 1979 - "Vulcano" (6:32)
Review: Kompakt's Speicher series has always been somewhere to go for more frazzled and textural techno from the Cologne based label. It now arrives at an impressive 121st volume in the form of this split from Extrawelt and 1979. Extrawelt go first with the fizzing synths and dark wave bass of 'Stabilo' designed for maximum impact in the main room. 1979's 'Vulcano' on the flip side is a computer game meltdown with pixelated melodies flashing over a tight and loopy groove. It is controlled chaos and we love it.
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 in stock $12.77
Exit Planet Earth: Silicon 
Exit Planet Earth: Silicon  (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EPE 06. Rel: 15 Nov 21
  1. Extrawelt - "Hail The Whale" (Coexisting mix) (6:45)
  2. Djedjotronic - "NDE" (4:45)
  3. Ste Roberts - "The Rebirth 2.0" (6:44)
  4. Ivna Ji - "Rescape" (6:19)
Review: 20/20 Vision are exiting planet Earth once again with the latest in their perfectly formed series of electro explorations, as Extrawelt leads the charge with an illustrious slice of braindance-tinted funk titled 'Hail The Whale (Coexisting Mix)'. Djedjotronic follows that up with a bold blast of mammoth synth work which hits pretty damn hard without being pointlessly brutal. Ste Roberts takes a break from his self-titled label run to offer up a freaky foray into acid-speckled territory, and Ivna Ji gets expressive with a rich palette of synths moving in harmony around a sharp and snappy beat.
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 in stock $9.18
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