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Low Pressure Discharge
Cat: POLEGROUP 061. Rel: 14 May 21
Hard Techno
  1. Ascendo
  2. Atheris
  3. Cyclotron
  4. Low Pressure Discharge
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est. release 14 May 21 $12.39
Solid Mechanics
Cat: NHEOMA 022. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Solid Mechanics (5:48)
  2. Taken By Force (6:18)
  3. Electrically Charged (5:20)
  4. I-13 (4:52)
Played by: Philippe Petit, Kessell
 in stock $11.80
XX Part 1
XX Part 1 (double 12")
Cat: NHEOMA 021. Rel: 07 Jun 19
  1. Black Hole (5:51)
  2. Togo Togo (5:57)
  3. Dummies (7:36)
  4. Synchro (5:33)
  5. Morphology (6:10)
  6. Unemotional (5:39)
  7. 96.1 Mhz (2019 mix) (5:58)
  8. Fresh Meat (5:43)
Played by: Philippe Petit
 in stock $23.01
The Unexpected
Cat: NHEOMA 010. Rel: 20 Jul 11
  1. The Unexpected (part 1)
  2. The Unexpected (part 2)
  3. The Unexpected (part 3)
 in stock $8.85
1996 (12")
Cat: WU 025. Rel: 07 Jul 10
  1. Exium - "1996"
  2. Oscar Mulero - "Nothing To Prove"
 in stock $9.43
Fenomen (12")
Cat: NHEOMA 015. Rel: 13 Aug 13
  1. Exium - "Wolf Rayet"
  2. Exium - "Fenomen"
  3. Kwartz - "Sinapsis"
  4. Kwartz - "The Begining Of The End"
Review: Heavy hitting Spanish duo Exium follow up their recent A Sensible Alternative To Emotion album by sharing a split EP with Kwartz. The first of the two tracks by Exium is "Wolf Rayet", a tunnelling boom of cavernous techno, while the Jeff Mills inspirations come to the surface in "Fenomen", sounding like a heavier take on the Detroit producer's Something In The Sky series. The Kwartz-side of the EP sees an emerging Mario Campos witness the first of his tracks to land on vinyl and "Sinapsis" maintains the industrial edge of the EP with more loopy, reverberant beats. "The Beginning of The End" sees a ghostly synth line sliced apart by the kind of forceful drums and smashing hi-hats that are synonymous with Speedy J's music.
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 in stock $9.15
Items 1 to 6 of 6 on page 1 of 1


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