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PICNIC 007 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: PICNIC 007. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Minimal/Tech House
AP - "Flow" (5:47)
Dj Tjizza - "Nyxation" (6:08)
Eversines - "Fishing For Tuna" (6:58)
Michelle - "Panther" (6:41)
Review: Organ-filled ambient house courtesy of a four-way collab between AP, DJ Tjizza, Eversines and Michelle, who all form parts of the UK dance music collective Picnic. Refractive acid, dreamatic plastics, stoic echoics... every possible corner of trance-inducing dance heaven is scoured on this all-encompassing EP, the highlights of which, in our humble opinions, are 'Nyxation' and 'Panther'.
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 in stock $16.98
Void Walk
Void Walk (12")
Cat: USR 030. Rel: 31 May 24
Void Walk
User Six
Rainy Move
XP Pattern Test
Review: Here comes the ever-prolific Eversines with more of that sinewy, seductive electro he's made his own over the past ten years. There's a bubbling, braindance-esque flavour to 'Void Walk' with its interwoven synth lines tickling your grey matter in all the right ways. 'User Six' maintains the vibe while nudging a little more towards that spooky vibe you'll hear on labels like Eya, while 'Rainy Move' switches things up on the B-side with plenty of boxy swing and some cheeky organ flex which comes on like a vintage Wagon Repair release.
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est. release 31 May 24 $15.14
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Rocket Science
Cat: JIL 001. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Minimal/Tech House
Act (6:22)
Rocket Science (6:11)
M (6:20)
Jamming Is Life (6:20)
Review: Rocket Science is the latest EP by the standout Netherlands techno producer Eversines. It is also the first release by the new label Jamming Is Life. This record is all about the late-night sounds. The techno is richly infused with a bit of Goa and psy-trance that adds to the mythical and tribal sound like in the example, 'Act'. Each track here prides itself on constantly evolving the sounds in motion with an upwards trajectory or energy. These are properly sequenced tracks that go somewhere and not just placed sounds on a computer. Which in turn, makes them great for the dancefloor. Unlike older Psy-trance, these tempos are right in the sweet spot for house and techno lovers alike. 'M' is one of our early favorites on this clutch piece of hedonism while the acid line in 'Jamming Is Life' is pure flashback inducing business. The Jamming is Life label is starting out strong with this one.
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 in stock $16.46
Gaze EP
Gaze EP (12" in embossed sleeve)
Cat: OYSTER 54. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Deep House
Gaze (6:46)
Fast Fall (6:15)
Affection Towards The Urban Environment (5:48)
Wavedash (6:21)
Review: Fresh from delivering a fantastic, club-focused album on Ninih (the robust 'Dwang'), Remco Hazewinkel AKA Eversines returns to Kalahari Oyster Cult for the first time in three years. He hits the ground running with opener 'Gaze', a moody and acid-saturated slab of nostalgic house-tempo techno full of foreboding motifs and psychedelic electronics, before wrapping winding TB-303 lines and dreamy pads around a rubbery bassline and elastic house beats on 'Fast Fall'. Over on the B-side, 'Affection Toward The Urban Environment' joins the dots between early 90s Dutch techno, Yorkshire bleep & bass and acid-flecked new beat, while 'Wavedash' is a bleep-sporting acid-electro shuffler that may well be the EP's standout moment.
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 in stock $15.39
First Rays
Cat: SL 037. Rel: 30 Jun 23
Deep House
First Rays (6:47)
Simple Honesty (5:54)
Innocence (5:30)
Youth (6:34)
Review: Second-guessing Eversines (real name Remco Hazewinkel) has always been tricky, with the Dutch producer's releases frequently blurring the boundaries between club-focused techno, electro, IDM, ambient and more experimental flavours. For his Slow Life debut, the Amsterdam-based artist has decided to focus on peak-time floors, opening proceedings with the hybrid Detroit techno/acid/piano-house shimmer of 'First Rays' - a gorgeous, sunrise-read slab of emotive dancefloor brilliance. The rest of the EP is similarly positive, with highlights including the subtle LFO influences, psychedelic TB-303 motifs and bustling techno-electro beats of 'Simple Honesty', and the alien-sounding, sub-heavy, bleep-influenced techno shuffle of 'Youth'. An impressively strong EP all told.
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Played by: DJ Mau Mau
 in stock $15.14
Various IV
Cat: USR 026. Rel: 27 Jun 23
Deep House
Omar - "Quiero Bailar" (6:18)
Eversines - "Loophole" (6:29)
Dynamic Wave - "Spectroid" (4:18)
Enrica Falqui - "Divine Time" (4:20)
Review: London-based Undersound Recordings serve up four janky, stanky new ones on their latest compilation vinyl, flaunting four tracks of deep, dubby and ploddy electro and hous. Omar Santis, Eversines, Dynamic Wave and Enrica Falqui all come to the fore. Omar's 'Quiero Bailar' sets the weirder tones on the opening track, with its new wavey jaunts and licks and slapdash feel, while Falqui's closing 'Divine Time' proving a neat counterpoint; a no more overthought exercise in wondrous, synaptic ambience.
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 in stock $16.19
Cat: WITNESS 05. Rel: 23 Feb 24
Priori - "Weight" (6:38)
Eversines - "Vigilance" (6:31)
O FourtyFour - "Bustlin' Monk" (5:08)
Reflex Blue - "J2PX" (4:43)
Review: One Eye Witness is mostly known for doing reissues of treasured 90s breakbeat, techno and trance under the name Kalahari Oyster Cult but this outlet under their name is for new music. Similar to the previous, the fifth edition is a compilation with submissions from different artists around the world. Starting out the EP is the Montreal producer Priori with the very atmospheric 'Weight'. Those who follow the label, know that every release will get a bit of trance and sure enough, Eversines deliver with wicked 'Vigilance'. For the second side, the 'Bustlin' Monk' by O Fourtyfour, bounces along with a trippy, broken, electro groove. Lastly, 'J2PX' by Reflex Blue is a sick, robotic funker that we expect to get a lot of attention by those who get this record. You can always expect some excellent music from One Eye Witness.
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 in stock $14.60
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