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Ekin Fil

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Cat: HMS 042. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Let Go (2:53)
  2. Interlude (1:32)
  3. Like A Child (2:58)
  4. Episodes (3:30)
  5. Simple Past (3:13)
  6. Used To Be (3:18)
  7. Before A Full Moon (4:14)
  8. Fin (4:35)
  9. With The Birds (2:40)
  10. Final Cut (2:49)
  11. Silent-alive (4:23)
Review: The Turkish producer Ekin Fil has in only a few years produced six albums on a who's who of drone rock. From Root Strata, Students Of Decay, No Kings and even an EP for Berlin techno experimentalists (Summe). The Ghosts Inside LP continues to find Fil summon ethereal shoegaze deconstructions through 'echo, shadow and whispers', to accompany the guitar, voice and array of pedals that have been central to her studio setup. The LP was said to have been written during a period of personal despair. It's an introspective sound, channelling the sadness and dismay of her native home in Istanbul. In confronting these subjects, Fil blocks out the rest of the world to concentrate on the immediate issues of human relationships and their many complications. There will be there be obvious comparisons to seminal artists on 4AD, Projekt and Kranky, but Fil certainly carves out her own distinct take on said aesthetics and this is a beautiful and altogether mesmerising effort.
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 in stock $21.36
Maps (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HMS 048. Rel: 13 Aug 18
  1. Maps (3:17)
  2. Bloody Sunday (3:44)
  3. His Own (2:52)
  4. Away (3:50)
  5. On The Move (2:34)
  6. Not Me (3:04)
  7. Nocturnal Arc (4:42)
  8. Insomnia (3:28)
  9. At Dawn (8:37)
Review: While Ekin Fil is a core member of the Proudpilot band, the Turkish artist has his own thing going on in the ambient space. And we're pretty into it. Coming through with his fourth LP for the legendary Helen Scarsdale Agency, a label set up in 2003 and featuring talents such as BJ Nilsen, Omit and Spiracle, Maps is another long exploration into the blending of electronics and acoustics, where pianos are surrounded by all sorts of subtle synth chatter. With a grand total of nine voyages, all of them largely beatless, it is difficult to describe Ekin Fil's music with anything beyond emotions. In fact, this album, much like his previous works, is something that you feel rather than hear, and will surely create an inimitable vibe of meditation wherever you choose to play it.
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Cat: HMS 044MC. Rel: 18 Nov 17
  1. The 360 (Opening Credits) (1:18)
  2. What You See Is The Truth (1:29)
  3. Not Alone (1:13)
  4. Red River (1:27)
  5. Inflame (1:17)
  6. A Park (1:19)
  7. Someone At The Window (0:58)
  8. Delete History (1:08)
  9. The Verdict (1:05)
  10. Edit History (0:44)
  11. Inflame (1:14)
  12. What You Hear Is The Truth (0:35)
  13. Hasret (2:13)
  14. Another Past (0:58)
  15. So Called Delusions (2:03)
  16. Mom, Dad & The Red Car (0:57)
  17. Nightmare (5:30)
  18. Ima (1:57)
  19. I Remember (End Credits) (3:09)
 in stock $9.35
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Ekin Fil
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