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DR DRE Vinyl & CDs

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Old Times Sake
Cat: RS 10.
Hip Hop/R&B
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The Chronic (30th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: 550999 5. Rel: 19 Apr 23
Hip Hop/R&B
The Chronic (intro)
F*** Wit Dre Day (& Everybody's Celebratin')
Let Me Ride
The Day The N*ggaz Took Over
Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang
Deeez Nuuuts
Lil' Ghetto Boy
A N*gga Witta Gun
The $20 Sack Pyramid
Lyrical Gangbang
High Powered
The Doctor's Office
Stranded On Death Row
The Roach (The Chronic outro)
Bitches Ain't S***
Review: Alongside De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising, A Tribe Called Quest's The Low End Theory and Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back, Dr Dre's solo debut album, The Chronic, is one of the few hip-hop sets that genuinely changed the genre in the months and years after it was released. Three decades on from its original release, it has lost none of its allure - as this celebratory reissue proves. Built on distinctive 'G-funk' beats that heavily reference his hero, George Clinton, a wealth of killer samples, and raps from the cream of the then West Coast scene (his old pal Snoop Dogg is the most prominent voice throughout), it's a kaleidoscopic and sonically vibrant excursion that's every bit as essential now as it was back in 1993.

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 in stock $13.50
The Chronic (30th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: 550999 6. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Hip Hop/R&B
The Chronic (intro) (1:56)
F*** Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin') (4:46)
Let Me Ride (4:26)
The Day The Niggaz Took Over (4:27)
Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang (4:02)
Deeez Nuuuts (5:03)
Lil' Ghetto Boy (5:22)
A Nigga Witta Gun (4:00)
Rat - "Tat-Tat-Tat" (3:54)
The $20 Sack Pyramid (2:38)
Lyrical Gangbang (4:03)
High Powered (2:39)
The Doctor's Office (1:03)
Stranded On Death Row (4:44)
The Roach (The Chronic Outro) (4:35)
Bitches Ain't S*** (4:40)
Review: Dr Dre dropped two such classics albums early on that he could have done nothing else since and still enjoyed the legendary status he does. Alongside 2011, The Chronic is one of West Coast hip-hop's more definite albums. It now turns a hard-to-believe 30 years old so gets this special anniversary reissue on Interscope across four sides of vinyl. It must be said that plenty of the misogynist lyrics have not at all aged well but the music itself remains fresh and full of story telling lyrics as well as iconic samples.
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 in stock $35.99
2001 (reissue)
2001 (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 776568 9. Rel: 15 Nov 19
Hip Hop/R&B
Lolo Intro (feat Xzibit & Tray-Dee) (0:41)
The Watcher (3:43)
Fuck You (feat Devin aka The Dude & Snoop Dogg) (3:12)
Still DRE (feat Snoop Dogg) (4:29)
Big Ego's (feat Hittman) (4:04)
Xxplosive (feat Hittman, Kurupt, Nate Dogg & Six-Two) (3:37)
What's The Difference (feat Eminem & Xzibit) (4:04)
Bar One (feat Traci Nelson, Ms. Roq & Eddie Griffin) (0:50)
Light Speed (feat Hittman) (2:41)
Forgot About Dre (feat Snoop Dogg) (3:42)
The Next Episode (feat Snoop Dogg) (2:44)
Let's Get High (feat Hittman, Kurupt & Ms Roq) (2:29)
Bitch Niggaz (feat Snoop Dogg, Hittman & Six-Two) (4:14)
The Car Bomb (feat Mel-Man & Charis Henry) (0:54)
Murder Ink (feat Hittman & Ms Roq) (2:33)
Ed-ucation (feat Eddie Griffin) (1:34)
Some LA Niggaz (feat DeFari, Xzibit, Knoc-Turn'al, Time Bomb, King T, MC Ren & Koka) (4:25)
Pause 4 Porno (feat Jake Steed) (1:33)
Housewife (feat Kurupt & Hittman) (4:01)
Ackrite (feat Hittman) (3:31)
Bang Bang (feat Knoc-Turn'al & Hittman) (3:59)
The Message (feat Mary J Blige & Rell) (5:31)
Review: First things first: the world has come a long way in its attitude to women since this album was first released, so in 2019, 2001 sounds - at least lyrically - wrong on many levels. But it is also still very right when it comes to g-funk, west coast rap and second wave hip hop sounds. Listening to it from start to finish is to spend 90 minutes as a fly on the wall of the lives of Snoop, Dre, Eminem and all the rest of the high profile guests. Jam packed with classics and gold standards, this is an album of its time but one that was never bettered.
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 in stock $36.52
2001: Instrumentals (reissue)
2001: Instrumentals (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 777941 9. Rel: 15 Nov 19
Hip Hop/R&B
Lolo Intro (0:47)
The Watcher (3:27)
Fuck You (3:05)
Still DRE (4:32)
Big Ego's (3:29)
Xxplosive (3:37)
What's The Difference (4:04)
Bar One (0:50)
Light Speed (2:37)
Forget About Dre (3:57)
The Next Episode (2:46)
Let's Get High (2:28)
Bitch Niggaz (4:18)
Murder Ink (2:40)
Some LA Niggaz (4:31)
Jake's Pause 4 Porno (1:30)
Housewife (3:47)
Ackrite (3:27)
Bang Bang (3:44)
The Message (5:07)
Played by: I Love Hip Hop
 in stock $30.97
Compton: A Soundtrack By Dr Dre (Soundtrack)
Compton: A Soundtrack By Dr Dre (Soundtrack) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 475451 9. Rel: 13 Nov 15
Hip Hop/R&B
Intro (1:13)
Talk About It (feat King Mez & Justus) (3:17)
Genocide (feat Kendrick Lamar, Marsha Ambrosius & Candice Pillay) (4:26)
It's All On Me (feat Justus & BJ The Chicago Kid) (3:49)
All In A Day's Work (feat Anderson Paak & Marsha Ambrosius) (5:17)
Darkside/Gone (feat King Mez, Marsha Ambrosius & Kendrick Lamar) (3:53)
Loose Cannons (feat XZINIT, Cold 187UM & Sly Pyper) (4:12)
Issues (feat Ice Cube, Anderson Paak & Dem Jointz) (3:44)
Deep Water (feat Kendrick Lamar, Justus & Anderson Paak) (5:15)
Jon Connor - "One Shot One Kill" (feat Snoop Dogg) (3:33)
The Game - "Just Another Day" (feat Asia Bryant) (2:16)
For The Love Of Money (feat Jill Scott, Jon Connor & Anderson Paak) (4:09)
Satisfaction (feat Snoop Dogg, Marsha Ambrosius & King Mez) (4:24)
Animals (feat Anderson Paak) (3:55)
Medicine Man (feat Eminem, Candice Pillay & Anderson Paak) (4:06)
Talking To My Diary (4:21)
 in stock $31.74
San Jose June 19 2000
Cat: 115294 2. Rel: 09 Feb 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Another Lolo (intro)
The Next Episode
Tha Shiznit
Deep Cover
Banter One Sticky Icky Icky
Who Am I (What's My Name)
Nuthin But A "G" Thang
Fuck You (feat Devin The Dude)
Year 2000 (feat Xzibit)
Bitch Please (feat Xzibit)
The Chronic Break
What's The Difference? (feat Xzibit)
Forgot About Dre
Tribute To Fallen Rappers
California Love
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Banter Two Can't Make A Ho A Housewife
Gin & Juice
Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None)
Let Me Ride
Still DRE
Chin Check (feat Ice Cube)
 in stock $16.41
The Collection: Instrumental World V 38
Cat: CDRSI 001. Rel: 31 Mar 08
Hip Hop/R&B
Dr Dre - "Deep Cover" (feat Snoop Dogg)
Snoop Dogg - "Gin & Juice"
Dr Dre - "Stil DRE" (feat Snoop Dogg)
The Firm - "Phone Tap"
Dr Dre - "Put It On Me" (feat DJ Quik)
213 - "Game Don't Wait" (feat Xzibit - remix)
Busta Rhymes - "How We Do It Over Here" (feat Missy Elliot)
The Game - "How We Do" (feat 50 Cent)
Snoop Dogg - "B Please" (feat Xzibit)
Dr Dre - "Bad Intentions" (feat Knocturnal)
Obie Trice - "The Set Up"
G-Unit - "Poppin Them Thangs"
50 Cent - "In Da Hood" (feat Brooklyn)
The Firm - "Five Minutes To Flush"
Busta Rhymes - "Break Ya Neck"
Warren G - "Lookin At You" (feat Toi)
Knocturnal - "Str8 Westcoast"
Eminem - "What You Say"
Obie Trice - "Oh!" (feat Busta Rhymes)
Eve - "Satisfaction"
Mack 10 - "Hate In Yo Eyes"
Dr Dre - "The Next Episode" (feat Snoop Dogg)
Snoop Dogg - "Lay Low"
Dr Dre - "Been There Done That"
Knocturnal - "Knoc" (feat Dr Dre & Missy Elliot)
Eminem - "Guilty Conscience" (feat Dr Dre)
Obie Trice - "Shit Hits The Fan" (feat Dr Dre & Eminem)
Dr Dre - "The Wash" (feat Snoop Dogg)
Dr Dre - "Zoom" (feat LL Cool J)
Dr Dre - "Group Therapy" (feat Nas, KRS-One, RBX & B Real)
Eminem - "Just Lose It"
Busta Rhymes - "Get You Some" (feat Q-Tip & Marsha)
Snoop Dogg - "Just Drippin'" (feta Dr Dre & Jewell)
Eve - "Let Me Blow Your Mind" (feat Gwen Stefani)
Mary J Blige - "Family Affair"
50 Cent - "In Da Club"
Dr Dre - "Forgot About Dre" (feat Eminem)
50 Cent - "Back Down"
Bilal - "Fast Lane"
Played by: Pressed For Time
 in stock $22.76
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