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Generator (12")
Cat: DMNSN 003. Rel: 08 Aug 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Generator (5:06)
  2. Beg & Borrow (4:53)
  3. >>>>_Error (4:45)
Review: While the world and their dog continues to drop his last hit "UK" in myriad creative mixes, Dimension follows it up with more peak time heavyweight massiveness; "Generator" is a big sing-along set-finale with a pumped-funk bassline while "Beg & Borrow" tips a nod at peers MTA mates Chase & Status with a stern spoken word vocal and a dangerous tech-edged drop. Then we have the special vinyl-only ">>>>_Error". What a twist to the tale... This can't be slept on.
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Automatik (12")
Cat: MTA 092. Rel: 09 Aug 16
Drum And Bass
  1. Automatik (4:32)
  2. Hydraulic (10:19)
Review: D&B darling Rob Dimension does it again... Both "Automatik" and "Hydraulic" capture both sides of D&B's ever-flipping coin right now. The former tips a slight nod at Rob Swire with its space-aged vocal processing, hookiness and Sub Focus style hook while the latter takes us much deeper into the dance with a brutal techy swing. Serious mechanical mischief both tailored squarely for the biggest crowds.
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Fabriclive 98 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 196. Rel: 25 May 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Dimension - "Intro/Pull Me Under" (feat Raphaella)
  2. Culture Shock - "Rush Connection"
  3. Concept 2 - "Cause & Effect" (Calyx & Teebee remix)
  4. The Prototypes - "Pale Blue Dot" (VIP mix)
  5. Dimension - "Jet Black" (VIP mix)
  6. Calyx & Teebee - "Skank" (VIP mix)
  7. Document One - "Uh Huh" (VIP mix)
  8. Chase & Status - "No Problem" (VIP mix)
  9. Dimension - "Whip Slap" (VIP mix)
  10. Dimension - "Beg & Borrow"
  11. Culture Shock - "Bunker"
  12. 1991 - "Witchdoctor"
  13. Calyx & Teebee - "Sawn Off" (Dimension edit)
  14. Dimension - "Techno"
  15. SpectraSoul - "4URGH"
  16. Culture Shock - "Lower Frequencies"
  17. Metrik - "Fatso"
  18. Dimension - "Love To Me" (VIP mix)
  19. 1991 - "Jungle Cats"
  20. Dimension - "Generator"
  21. Sub Focus - "Circadian"
  22. Chase & Status - "Tribes"
  23. Dimension - "UK" (VIP)
  24. Dimension - "UK" (Skrillex edit)
  25. My Nu Leng & Flava D - "Soul Shake" (1991 VIP remix)
  26. Dimension - "Raver"
  27. Bensley - "Ascension"
  28. Benny L - "Low Blow" (VIP mix)
  29. Dillinja - "Friday"
  30. DJ Fresh - "Cylon" (feat Sigma)
  31. Sub Focus - "Stomp"
  32. Chris Lake - "I Want You" (1991 remix)
  33. High Contrast - "If We Ever"
  34. B-Complex - "Beautiful Lies"
  35. Rockwell - "User"
  36. Fred V & Grafix - "Just A Thought/Ultraviolet" (2018 mix)
  37. Deadmau5 - "Avarita" (Dimension remix)
  38. Chase & Status - "Is It Worth It" (VIP mix)
  39. Sub Focus - "Deep Space"
  40. Ill.Skillz - "Directions"
  41. Wilkinson & Dimension - "Rush"
  42. Wilkinson - "Afterglow"
  43. Empire Of The Sun - "We Are The People" (Sub Focus remix)
  44. Dimension - "Automatik"
  45. Dossa & Locuzzed - "Shag" (VIP mix)
  46. Turno - "The Invaderz" (VIP mix)
  47. Metrik - "Want My Love" (feat Elisabeth Troy)
  48. Chase & Status - "All Crew"
  49. Koncept - "Breathe In"
  50. Commix - "Be True"
  51. Sub Focus - "X-Ray" (Metrik remix)
  52. Tantrum Desire - "Pump" (Dimension edit)
  53. Chase & Status - "International" (Dimension remix)
  54. Cyantific - "Infinity Plus 1"
  55. John B - "Up All Night"
  56. Dusky - "Ingrid Is A Hybrid" (Metrik remix)
Review: As the FabricLive mix series inches towards its centennial release, the venerated London superclub has recruited drum and bass scene stalwart Dimension to mix the 98th edition. Given that it is his first commercially released DJ mix, we weren't surprised to find out that over half the included tracks are previously unreleased or exclusive "VIP" remixes from fellow D&B producers. At 56 tracks deep it's something of a thrill-a-minute ride, taking in various strands and sub-genres, cuts from rising stars and heavy hitters, and enough rip-snorting breakbeats and rumbling sub-bass blasts to keep any D&B head happy. As you'd expect given Dimension's own productions, there's plenty of soulful vocals and expansive musicality dotted throughout, too.
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