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Sometimes (clear red vinyl 12")
Cat: DES 0044. Rel: 28 Feb 13
Deep House
  1. Desos - "Sometimes"
  2. Alex Agore - "Sit Down Thought Pattern"
  3. Replika - "Turn Loose"
  4. Chris Cheops - "Respect"
out of stock $9.68
Nave EP
Nave EP (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: SLOWDOWN 004. Rel: 14 Mar 18
Deep House
  1. House Party (6:43)
  2. I Luv (7:29)
  3. House Party (Cinthie remix) (6:46)
  4. Move (6:11)
Review: It is over to Danish producer Brian Desos Logstrup aka Desos now, for the fourth edition on Slow Down - following up some great ones by the likes of DJ Aakmael and The Nathaniel X Project. "House party" is an emotive, swing-fuelled groove that has already received great feedback from dancefloors across the world. The sultry deepness of "I Luv" takes it cues from classic Kenny Dixon Jr. while "Move" gets dusty and hypnotic on you in style. The release now comes with an added remix from the girl who is everywhere right now - Berlin based Cinthie of Beste Modus fame. We enjoyed her sexy and bumpin' rendition as much as the original in fact.
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 in stock $10.77
Words EP
Words EP (clear green marbled vinyl 10")
Cat: RAWAX 10.8. Rel: 27 Sep 13
Deep House
  1. Albert Says No No
  2. Ida Says Mi Ai
out of stock $7.81
Ghetto Love
Ghetto Love (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: DES 035. Rel: 13 Jun 12
Deep House
  1. Ghetto Love (original mix)
  2. Ghetto Love (Detroit Swindles KFC rework)
out of stock $8.61
Girl You Look Good Tonight
Girl You Look Good Tonight (white vinyl 12")
Cat: DES 0031. Rel: 09 Feb 12
Deep House
  1. Girl You Look Good Tonight (original mix)
  2. Girl You Look Good Tonight (Alex Agore Midnight dub)
out of stock $8.61
Mathias EP
out of stock $8.61
Silence In Metropolis 1
  1. Desos - "Ah Sh" (6:04)
  2. Demarkus Lewis - "Spirits High" (7:08)
  3. Jmf - "Slice" (6:36)
  4. Jus Nowhere & Jackson Ryland - "3467" (6:15)
out of stock $9.68
Can't Live Forever EP
Cat: SADE 001. Rel: 01 Aug 12
Deep House
  1. Can't Live Forever
  2. Shimmer
  3. Transitions
  4. Turn Back Around
out of stock $7.54
House Music
House Music (clear blue vinyl 12")
Cat: DES 0037. Rel: 26 Sep 12
Deep House
  1. Desos - "House Music"
  2. Desos - "House Music" (James Johnston remix)
  3. Desos & Paxton Fettel - "Surfshippin'"
  4. Matthew Collins - "Werk It"
out of stock $8.35
HANDSOFF 006 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HANDSOFF 006. Rel: 30 Sep 19
Deep House
  1. Desos - "Dubs" (5:57)
  2. Space Age - "Sunday Rain" (5:40)
  3. Desos - "Jaaa" (5:32)
  4. Common Mode - "Beauty Queens" (6:03)
Review: The latest Hands Off joint features three artists making waves in intriguing corners of the deep house firmament. Desos opens up the A side with the dreamy groove of "Dubs", before Space Age lays down the classic, Mr Fingers-flavoured haze of "Sunday Rain". Desos returns on the flip with another subtle yet punchy cut, keeping the melodies submerged and sublime on "Jaaa" before Common Mode takes things in a distinctly dubby direction with "Beauty Queens".
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 in stock $9.15
Serie Limitee 003
Cat: SL 003. Rel: 03 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Joey Kay - "Show Me Watch U Got"
  2. Shyam - "Raw Deal"
  3. Steve Frisco - "On & On"
  4. Desos - "Bumping"
out of stock $9.42
Frame Of Minds Vol 1
Cat: UTR 004. Rel: 15 Oct 13
Deep House
  1. Roni Nachum - "Black Mirror"
  2. Giovanni Damico - "Minority Rapport"
  3. Michael McLardy - "Never The Same"
  4. Desos - "Going Down"
out of stock $8.89
Seven Deadly Sins EP
Cat: SCCUCCI 007. Rel: 22 Jul 13
Deep House
  1. Tarjei Nygard - "Togo"
  2. Desos - "I Can Do"
  3. Mella Dee - "Love Is"
  4. Alex Blaxx - "It's A Race Thing"
Review: The 7th Sccucci Manucci EP kicks off in moustache curling style with a Scandinavian slice of four/four action from Tarjei Nygard. On loan from his own Untz Untz Records, Tarjei Nygard weaves his way way through beautifully recorded synth bleeps and bass lines on "TOGO," culminating in a piano breakdown which will have any party reaching for the lasers. The Scandinavian vibe continues as Dane Brian Logstrup comes correct with the classic slab of deep house sound that is "I Can Do" whilst we return to the UK and the sounds of London producer Mella Dee whose UK Garage and Bass influences shine through on the peak time monster "Love Is". Last seen debuting on Buzzin' Fly, Alex Blaxx rounds off proceedings with the wonderfully insouciant house of "It's A Race Thing".

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out of stock $7.54
Items 1 to 13 of 13 on page 1 of 1


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