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Demdike Stare

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Cat: LOVE 105. Rel: 23 Feb 17
  1. Curzon
  2. Animal Style
  3. Hardnoise
  4. Blue
  5. FullEdge (eMpTy-40 mix)
  6. Sourcer
  7. Airborne Latency
  8. Fridge Challenge
  9. Overstaying
Review: Since Demdike Stare released their last album in 2012, the world seems to have got altogether darker and more shocking. It certainly seems a fitting time for the Lancastrian duo to return with their sixth full length. Wonderland naturally boasts a number of typically clandestine, pagan outings - see the dense, industrial influenced "Curzon", fearlessly distorted "Hardnoise" and mutant jungle fuzziness of "Sourcer" - but also moments of frenzied funk and quiet contemplation. In the latter category you'll find sublime album closer "Overstaying", where shimmering synth melodies and ghostly chords rub shoulders with elastic bass and skittish drum machine percussion. However dark and bleak things may seem, there's always hope, even in the intensely unsettling world of Demdike Stare.
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Passion (2xLP)
Cat: LOVE 111. Rel: 30 Oct 18
  1. New Fakes (2:43)
  2. At It Again (7:07)
  3. Spitting Brass (4:17)
  4. Caps Have Gone (5:09)
  5. Know Where To Start (3:34)
  6. You People Are Fucked (2:43)
  7. Pile Up (5:33)
  8. Cracked (5:36)
  9. Dilation (5:22)
Review: Mancunian sonic sorcerers Demdike Stare return to Modern Love for their seventh full length entitled Passion. Sean Canty and Miles Whitaker present an asymmetric reimagining of UK club styles taking in frenzied drum trax ("Know Where To Start"), shortwave jungle ("At It Again"), pinging dance hall and clipped, post-punk riddims ("Caps Have Gone"/"Pile Up")' on what is also described as the pair's most 'direct and fucked-up record to date'. The cover artwork is taken from the duo's live shows with visual artist Michael England - which premiered at last year's Berlin Atonal festival.
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Played by: Mark Forshaw
 in stock $24.27
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1


Demdike Stare
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