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Death & Vanilla

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Vampyr (Soundtrack) (limited gatefold white marbled vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FAME 407LPX. Rel: 16 Jun 17
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Vampyr (part 1) (19:46)
  2. Vampyr (part 2) (20:16)
  3. Vampyr (part 3) (17:52)
  4. Vampyr (part 4) (10:52)
  5. Rehearsals (9:20)
 in stock $23.99
From Above (blue vinyl 7")
Cat: FIRE 429S. Rel: 10 May 16
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. From Above (4:46)
  2. Lux (3:55)
 in stock $5.54
To Where The Wild Things Are (reissue) (clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FIRELP 392T. Rel: 30 Jun 17
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Necessary Distortions (5:54)
  2. The Optic Nerve (3:51)
  3. Arcana (4:27)
  4. California Owls (5:18)
  5. Time Travel (4:05)
  6. Follow The Light (2:38)
  7. Shadow & Shape (3:12)
  8. The Hidden Reverse (3:55)
  9. Moogskogen (4:17)
  10. Something Unknown You Need To Know (5:42)
 in stock $15.29
The Tenant: Live At The Cinemascore Film Festival (limited coloured vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FAME 383LP. Rel: 23 Feb 18
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Le Locataire (intro) (2:36)
  2. Zy & Choule (5:35)
  3. Church Music (2:08)
  4. Walls Have Teeth (4:20)
  5. Labyrinthe (2:33)
  6. Mouvement Panique (1:38)
  7. Free Design Kung-Fu (2:28)
  8. "Do You Have Any Trouble With Your Neighbours?" (2:45)
  9. "If You Cut Off My Head, What Do I Say? Me & My Head Or Me & My Body?" (2:34)
  10. Dioz Delirium (4:13)
  11. Everything Is Always Happening (4:18)
  12. Solitaire (2:25)
  13. The Bouncing Head (2:48)
  14. Music Box (outro) (0:49)
Review: Re-imagining and reconstructing Philippe Sarde's original source material, Swedish trio Death & Vanilla have retrospectively scored Roman Polanski's cult 1976 thriller 'The Tenant'. Recorded from a live performance at the Cinemascore Film Festival, the repeated hypnotic phrases, poised vibraphone and organ parts and dissonant soundscapes perfectly match the film's themes of paranoia and deluded hallucination. The band's style - akin to Broadcast & Radiophonic Workshop - is cleverly deceptive in sounding simultaneously new and old. It pulls from modernity by dipping into electronica and mesmeric trip-hop style phrases, while the group's instrumentation and respect for the source material makes their music sound of the film's time. Most importantly, this rendition of 'The Tenant' is one of those uncommon gems of a soundtrack whose strength of musicianship lets it stand up on its own as a piece of music just as much as it does an accompaniment to its film counterpart.
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Played by: Martin Brew
 in stock $16.86
Lost Library (1-sided etched transparent vinyl 12")
Cat: FIRE 480. Rel: 19 Sep 17
  1. Jane Weaver - "I Feel It Starts Again" (feat Virginia Wing) (3:49)
  2. Noveller - "The Thing" (4:04)
  3. Death & Vanilla - "Moonshine" (2:59)
Review: British label Fire return with more retro antics. Virginias Wings perform a cover version of Suzanne Menzel's lost pop classic "It Starts Again" with Jane Weaver on vocals. Noveller Aka Brooklyn based Sarah Lipstate performs a rendition of John Carpenter's "The Thing" and Malmo based dream pop trio Death and Vanilla re-imagine Bert Janschs "Moonshine" on this first edition of the new Lost Library series: conceived by the label boss James Nicholls and designer Luke Drozd. Featuring new tracks from their acclaimed female fronted roster.
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 in stock $15.55
Items 1 to 5 of 5 on page 1 of 1


Death & Vanilla
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