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Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Dadawah
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Peace & Love
Cat: CDSOL 71702.
Roots/Lovers Rock
coming soon $32.17
Peace & Love (reissue)
Cat: DB 2CD135. Rel: 14 Mar 24
Roots/Lovers Rock
Run Come Rally (CD1: Peace & Love)
Seventy Two Nations
Zion Land
Know How You Stand
Burning Drums (CD2: Fire Burning Charmers In dub 1973-1976)
Mother Mary
Brand New Version
Question Sign
Now You Can See Me Again
I'm A Changed Man
Let Go (instrumental)
Last Date Version
Gathering Version
I'm Falling In Love With You Dub
Long Dub
Honey Version
After Midnight
Dub Waiting
Dub Slave
Dub Don't Cry
Roots Of Africa
My Rhythm
Just A Dream Version
Natural Thing
Love For Dub
Devoted Skank
Review: Dadawah aka. Lloyd Charmers was one of Jamaica's boldest and most resourceful record producers, testament to which was his standout LP Peace & Love. Originally released as an EP of just four tracks, drawing on the rhythmic hallmarks of the Nyabinghi gatherings of Rastafari, Charmers is heard commanding an ensemble cast of virtuosi, including Willie Lindo on guitar. With its multi-layered, weighty and patriotic breathtakers such as 'Zion Land' and 'Know How You Stand', which blow away with their adept command of space and reverb, the tracks now come backed a whopping 21 dub versions also produced by the man himself - 19 of which have never been before released on CD - the best of his dub output since the mid-1970s.
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 in stock $16.09
Peace & Love: Wadadasow (reissue)
Cat: ASH707 LP. Rel: 03 May 22
Roots/Lovers Rock
Run Come Rally (7:26)
Seventy-Two Nations (10:18)
Zion Land (9:25)
Know How You Stand (10:02)
Review: One of many Studio One-affiliated releases to crop up as of late, Dadawah's 'Peace And Love / Wadadasow' is a rarity few heads can claim to know. A side alias of practising Rastafarian and musician Ras Michael (Michael George Henry), Dadawah ended up his magnum opus despite original intent as a lower-key piece. This one's made up of a weird and wonderful cross-section of styles: wah guitar, plodding bass and the rhythmic chants of his religious music influence of choice, the Nyabhinghi - Rastafarian devotional music combining African drumming and gospel. A classic, reissued whirlwind of laid-back joy.
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 in stock $29.58
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