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DJ Honesty

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Bom Dia EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: QV 009. Rel: 09 Dec 16
Deep House
  1. Whats New (6:04)
  2. Bom Dia (7:08)
  3. The Warning (Julian Alexander remix) (5:28)
  4. The Warning (6:05)
Played by: Fog
 in stock $11.54
Janeiro EP (12")
Cat: APP 03. Rel: 31 May 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Janeiro (11:40)
  2. Shortwave (8:23)
 in stock $9.62
Scenario #5 (hand stamped 12")
Cat: SCENARIO 5. Rel: 25 May 16
Deep House
  1. Burning Again (7:11)
  2. Thursdays (7:11)
  3. Nollendorf (7:42)
  4. Loitering (7:10)
Review: Berlin mainstay Hans Schaaf aka DJ Honesty appears next for Sebo K's Scenario imprint. On the A side we've got the smooth and sexy deepness of "Burning Again" which bumps away in groovy fashion. "Thursday" brings to mind early Chicago from the nineties on this emotive journey track perfect for the early evening shift. On the flip "Nollendorf" is probably the most uptempo offering bordering on the techno tip with its tight rhythm and cyclical melody. Finally "Loitering" is deep and dubby house that's best suited to the afterhours.
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 in stock $9.62
Cat: CAB 51. Rel: 18 Dec 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Gruenzeug (5:52)
  2. Siebeneck (4:54)
  3. Melonshake (5:58)
Review: Berlin's Hans Schaaf is no newcomer to the block. Far from it. The German producer has been banging out beats since about 1993, under the iconic DJ Honesty moniker, an alias which has constantly filled us with intrigue and excitement due to its underlying diversity. In other words, this guy can do it all when it comes to house and tech, so it's a pleasure to have him back on our charts with an EP on the always excellent Cabinet Records! "Gruenzeug" is a master blaster of a churner, slick and heavy on the beats, of course. "Siebeneck", on the B-side, is a moodier and altogether more dubwise groover, powered by a heavy sub bass, and "Melonshake" builds on that with a rolling bassline that has much in common with electro and the deeper side of techno. Tip!
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 in stock $10.44
Goodies (12")
Cat: CAB 40. Rel: 29 Apr 15
Deep House
  1. DJ Honesty - "Moss" (6:54)
  2. Lemakuhlar - "Ten Days Brikho" (6:55)
  3. Phazer - "Little Something" (6:20)
  4. Noha - "Cables" (7:22)
 in stock $9.62
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DJ Honesty
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