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The Witchdoktor 2007
The Witchdoktor 2007 (1-sided 12")
Cat: TSA 003. Rel: 09 Mar 07
Progressive House
  1. The Witchdoktor 2007
out of stock $9.38
A Blackout Malfunction
Cat: UNREST 016. Rel: 05 Feb 07
Progressive House
  1. A Blackout Malfunction (Hardware's Dirty Greenhouse Effect original mix)
  2. A Blackout Malfunction (Alexander Orue's Power Plant Overloads electro remix)
out of stock $9.38
Static Resistance (Disc 1 Of 2)
Cat: PUR-004. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Progressive House
  1. Static Resistance (Natious mix)
  2. Static Resistance (Hardware's Anti-Static original mix)
out of stock $9.38
Static Resistance (Disc 2 Of 2)
Cat: PUR-004R. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Progressive House
  1. Static Resistance (OSS vs Luigi remix)
  2. Static Resistance (Nebula 9 Anti-Static Resistance remix)
out of stock $9.38
Hear Me Now
Cat: PUR 011. Rel: 04 Jan 03
Progressive House
  1. Hear Me Now (Metafakt remix)
  2. Hear Me Now (original mix)
out of stock $9.38
Sunglasses @ Nite 2006
Cat: UNREST 015. Rel: 09 Oct 06
Progressive House
  1. Sunglasses @ Nite 2006 (Hardware's Dark Shades vocal mix)
  2. Sunglasses @ Nite 2006 (Rock Mobster's Electro Shades remix)
Review: Classic slice of 80s new wave pop gets a thumping electro-house workout on this hot two-tracker. DJ Hardware turns Cory hart's "Sunglasses At Night" into a pumping 2006 remake with the vocal and original synth melody working nicely. On the flip, Rock Mobster's "Electro Shades" mix is more of a gritty breakbeat jam with some distorted synths and buzzing basslines. One heck of a party track here, for the new wave and 80s retro DJ's.
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out of stock $9.38
Tribalism Vol 2
Tribalism Vol 2 (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: MADCD 36. Rel: 26 Apr 07
Progressive House
  1. Alex Celler - "Magda" (original remix)
  2. Marcelo Castelli - "Thanks God" (Joy Marquez 2007 remix)
  3. Gustavo Bravetti - "Sail With Me" (Marcelo Castelli Hypnotic remix)
  4. Mike Kings - "Praha" (Hugo Rizzo remix)
  5. The Soul Adventures - "Macumba" (Hugo Rizzo remix)
  6. Deep N Soul - "Gain Up" (Deep N' Soul Echo Drums mix)
  7. Cor Marijis - "Down Under" (Marcelo Castelli Puro Ritmo remix)
  8. Marcelo Castelli - "Deeper Inside" (original mix)
  9. DJ Wady - "Groove Attack" (original mix)
  10. Marcelo Castelli - "Message" (Joy Marquez remix)
  11. Rene Maker & Welldone - "No Name" (DJ Wady remix)
  12. Marcelo Castelli & Gustavo Bravetti - "Silence" (original mix)
  13. Ralph Rosario - "Brinca 2007" (Danny Woo remix)
  14. Logiztic Sounds - "I'm Everything" (Joy Marquez & Paco Buggin remix)
  15. Phasebase - "Fuckin Dirty" (Alexander Orue Electrodiscotech remix)
  16. Aftertouch & Kobbe - "Slave" (feat Gina Martin - Drum Ur Face mix)
  17. Be Fly - "This Dream" (Austin Leeds remix)
  18. Terranova & Leeds - "Silhouette" (original mix)
  19. Rooster & Peralta - "Pornokopia" (Kobbe & Leeds remix)
  20. Kobbe & Leeds - "Headbound Champion Sound" (original mix)
  21. DJ Nunez & Hugo Rizzo - "Mighty Drums" (Kobbe remix)
  22. Zur-Face Presents Cardinal Point Of Life - "Meet The Vibe" (original VB mix)
  23. Mile One - "2 Good For Me" (Da Groovemakers remix)
  24. Jesse Perez - "Fusion" (original mix)
out of stock $15.25
Tribalism V 1
Tribalism V 1 (mixed CD)
Cat: MADCD 024. Rel: 27 Sep 06
Progressive House
  1. Austin Leeds - "Africa" (original mix)
  2. Jimmy James - "Fashionista" (Terranova Circuit remix)
  3. Carlos Fauvrelle - "Pressure"
  4. DJ Wady - "Fire" (original mix)
  5. Kobbe & Leeds - "Wonder Where My Girl Is?" (original mix)
  6. IIO - "Kiss You" (Frank Bailey extended mix)
  7. Marcelo Castelli - "Sonar" (Da Groovemakers remix)
  8. Frank Bailey - "Want U, Need U"
  9. After Touch - "Luv Dem Drums"
  10. The Southern Brothers - "Attack"
  11. Joy Marquez - "Dreamer" (original mix)
  12. Housetrap vs Leeds - "Eastside" (original mix)
Review: A legend in his own right, DJ Hardware's career as an international artist spans the scope of two decades. Hardware is a definitive DJ and producer, a tastemaker who has achieved worldwide accolades! His sets combine brilliant progressive tribal house with uplifting trance as he layers his sounds, building the realms of a musical journey that culminates into a total mind and body meltdown! Serving as A&R Executive Director for New York's ground breaking underground dance imprint, Adrenalin Records and A& R Director of Toxik Recordings, which was said to be one of the most ingenious and original electronic dance music labels in North America, Hardware unleashed an astonishing 19 DJ mix compilations which have scanned over 250,000 units. He also reigns in the studio, along with his production partner, DJ Remix, collectively known as Toxik Twins, created some of the most influential and legendary hard hop funky breaks tracks to come from American producers! Highlights of these works included the remix of the worldwide classic house anthem "I'll House You" which featured a guest appearance by none other than The Jungle Brothers! Hardware's solo studio endeavours include 2001's trance hit "Static Resistance" released on Pure Music and the progressive stormier "Can You Hear Me Now" (Pure Music Recordings) which has now sold 5000 units and still going strong! He continues working on new material with Partner and label artists Kelly D as Metafakt) pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Following the successful launch of one of the United States leading electronic dance music label groups, Pure Music Label Group, Hardware returned in 2001 with his next instalment of his epic mix CD series, "2001: A New Beginning" (Pure Music)! "A New Beginning" saw Hardware once again push the envelope of where he was taking his listeners as their bodies writhed to a set of mind-bending trance and progressive house! A year later, in 2002, the world was jolted by DJ Hardware as he released yet another genre defining compilation! "Let The Drums Speak" is a dance floor masterpiece that denotes a musical voyage into the sounds of progressive tribal house and driving trance anthems. Hardware's eclectic mix of well known underground progressive anthems combined with previously unreleased and sometimes unavailable tracks create "A Flawless Set In 2003", DJ Hardware celebrated his signing on with the world leading Dance/Electronic music imprint, Moonshine Music, with their "Psychotrance 2004" CD release. Hardware once again tore up the decks once again, igniting the dance floor with his unique mix of progressive-tribal-tech-house as he layers his sounds, building the realms of a musical journey that culminates into a total mind and body meltdown. Now, after a 3-year hiatus and relentless touring around the globe, the highly anticipated return of DJ Hardware is here. Made Records in conjunction with Pure Music Label Group brings you "DJ Hardware - Tribalism V1"!! Hardware delivers a mind-altering relentless mix of tribal mayhem including such smash hits from Iio, After Touch, The Southern Brothers, Austin Leeds, Frank Bailey, Jimmy James, Marcel Castelli and many others. Hardware's musical taste landmarks a revolutionary sound that is sweeping the club scene around the globe.
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out of stock $12.62
Trance Pioneers 4
  1. Danielle Ash - "Burning Man" (Markus Schulz remix)
  2. Torin - "Contact" (Tech mix)
  3. Masters Of Balance - "Dreamworld" (CL McSpadden remix)
  4. Vitamin Man - "Sale Bete" (Natious remix)
  5. Hyper X - "Outhere" (Steve Porter mix)
  6. Vertigo Deluxe - "In Dark Skies" (Inertia remix)
  7. Himmel - "Mondo" (original version)
  8. Himmel - "Mantra"
  9. Daybreak Orchestra - "Strange Addiction"
  10. Blisstonia - "Sentosa" (Jason Blakemore remix)
  11. Epilepsy - "Crminal Trance" (Andrea Doria mix)
  12. Hal Stucker - "Citizens"
  13. D&a - "What I Am Dreaming"
  14. D&a - "Into The Sun"
  15. Paul Gaarn - "Rise Above Me"
  16. Johan Gielen - "We Move Like Shadows" (K90 remix)
  17. K90 - "Deliverance"
  18. Johan Claesson - "Hooligans"
  19. K90 - "Red Snapper"
  20. Halogen - "Airwalk"
  21. Pablo Gargano - "Kazma & The Space"
  22. Pablo Gargano - "Reactivated"
  23. K90 - "Bomb Jack"
  24. Pablo Gargano - "Drohm"
  25. Steve Gibbs - "Run To The Future"
  26. K90 - "Deliverance" (Nuw Idol remix)
  27. Hal Stucker - "Citizens"
  28. Steve Gibbs - "Quanasm"
  29. Nemo - "Spacemaker" (Push remix)
  30. Pablo Gargano - "The Unexplained"
  31. Vintage Millenium - "Propaganda"
  32. Intro
  33. Rat Attack - "Cydonia's Face"
  34. Alba - "Anytime"
  35. Liquid Language - "Blue Savannah"
  36. Weve Been Dropped - "Acid Caracas"
  37. Jane Kumada - "My Veins"
  38. Jamnesia - "She's My Friend"
  39. We've Been Dropped - "Some Bat In Rio"
  40. Rob Aker - "Funky Bit"
  41. Luca Ricci - "The Inside That Counts"
  42. Plug - "U LOOKIN FINE-Plug"
  43. U R Me - "Andrea Doria"
  44. Mondo Cano - "Private Enemy"
  45. OUTRO
out of stock $10.55
Items 1 to 9 of 9 on page 1 of 1


DJ Hardware
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