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Feast/Beast (gatefold 4xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 239. Rel: 12 Sep 13
  1. The Beige Lasers - "Smoulderville" (Clark remix)
  2. DM Stith - "Braid Of Voices" (Clark remix)
  3. Amon Tobin - "Kitchen Sink" (Clark remix)
  4. Nathan Fake - "Fentiger" (Clark remix)
  5. Clark - "Alice" (redux)
  6. Kuedo - "Glow" (Clark remix)
  7. Barker & Baumecker - "Spur" (Clark remix)
  8. Silverman - "Cantstandtherain" (Clark remix)
  9. Rone - "Let's Go" (Clark remix)
  10. Nils Frahm - "Peter" (Clark remix)
  11. Glen Velez - "Bendir" (Clark remix)
  12. Clark - "Absence" (Bibio remix)
  13. Clark - "Ted" (Bibio remix)
  14. Vampillia - "Sea" (Clark remix)
  15. Prince Myshkin - "Cold Caby" (Clark remix)
  16. Massive Attack - "Red Light" (Clark remix)
  17. Battles - "My Machines" (Clark remix)
  18. Letherette - "D&T" (Clark remix)
  19. Clark - "Growls Garden" (Nathan Fake remix)
  20. Aufgang - "Dulceria" (Clark remix)
  21. Maximo Park - "Let's Get Clinical" (Clark remix)
  22. The Terraformers - "Evil Beast (People In The Way)" (Clark remix)
  23. Clark - "Suns Of Temper" (Bear Paw Kicks version)
  24. Health - "Die Slow" (Clark remix)
  25. Depeche Mode - "Freestate" (Clark remix)
  26. Mr Boggle - "Siberian Hooty/Fallen Boy" (Clark remix)
  27. Drvg Cvltvre - "Hammersmashed" (Clark remix)
  28. Milanese - "Mr Bad News" (Clark remix)
  29. Feynmann's Rainbow - "The Galactic Tusks" (Clark remix)
Review: In the 12 years since he unfurled acclaimed debut album Clarence Park, one-man electronica factory Chris Clark has produced a vast body of work. He's been particularly busy on the remix front, completing a huge array of reworks. It's this work that makes up the vast majority of Feast/Beast, a remix retrospective (which, curiously, also includes some notable reworks of his material) split into two distinct halves. The first disc, Feast, focuses on the more melodic, other-worldly end of his output, delivering wide-eyed remixes of Amon Tobin, Kuedo and, most beautiful of all, Silverman. Beast, the second disc, moves into darker, tougher territory, joining the dots between techno, bass music, vintage hardcore and wonk-hop thanks to notable versions of Massive Attack, Maximo Park and Depeche Mode.
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 in stock $32.51
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