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Cedric Dekowski

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Cedric Dekowski

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KBU EP (12")
Cat: TRAFFIC 017. Rel: 15 Jun 20
  1. KBU (8:27)
  2. Gischfort (7:40)
  3. Diffused Slap (8:20)
Review: Following a few fine outings on PARTOUT and Pressure Traxx, Cedric Dekowski makes his first appearance on Frankfurt imprint Traffic. The Offenbach-based producer kicks things off with "KBU", a fine fusion of off-key, modular-sounding electronic motifs, simmering melodies and a rhythm track that's arguably closer to house than techno. The feeling that he's really exploring the techno end of the tech-house spectrum intensifies on acid-flecked flipside opener "Glischfort", whose combination of squelchy acid bass and minor key stabs is undeniably alluring. Dekowski's 'all-rounder' status is confirmed by weird, dubbed-out closing cut "Diffused Slap", a bass-heavy excursion rich in minimal techno style drums, jazzy electronic flourishes and all manner of wonky noises.
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Dedictated To Uwe
Cat: HWSD 016. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Herzogen (5:06)
  2. Vondekloties (5:06)
Review: Cedric Dewkowski and Felix Reifenberg have long been associated with Frankfurt collective Hardworksoftdrink, with the pair's 2017 collaborative full-length L'Album still the only LP that the label has released to date. Typically, the artistic imprint has not offered up much information about Dedicated to Uwe, their latest joint 12". Regardless, it's well worth a listen thanks to the pair's love of far-sighted synth sounds and firm grasp of mood and melody. A-side 'Herzogen' is particularly enjoyable, with the duo peppering a gentle electro rhythm with sun-bright keyboard stabs, squelchy acid bass, starry chords and cheerful melodies. There's a similar blend of sounds at play on flipside 'Vondekloties', which reminded us a little of the colourful, retro-futurist IDM of Birmingham-based synthesizer fetishists Plone.
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Laus EP
Laus EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: KRB 003. Rel: 24 Jul 20
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Act1 (6:08)
  2. Laus (9:10)
  3. Feelsliker (7:38)
  4. Feelsliker (Yamen & Eda remix) (7:55)
 in stock $14.88
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Cedric Dekowski
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