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best rock and indie albums 2021
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In Roots Vol 1
In Roots Vol 1 (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MSLP 013. Rel: 03 Sep 21
Deep Dubstep
  1. All For Jah (3:46)
  2. Dub For Jah (3:47)
  3. Bukkha & Fada Jep - "Bun Di" (feat Mowty Mahlyka) (3:58)
  4. Bukkha & Fada Jep - "Bun Di Horns" (feat JahWind All-Stars) (4:08)
  5. Conquering Lion (3:40)
  6. Conquering Dub (3:41)
  7. Bukkha & Bungalo Dub & I Keys Dub - "He Highest Master" (Raw mix) (4:04)
  8. Bukkha & Bungalo Dub & I Keys Dub - "The Highest Flute" (feat Don Fe) (4:03)
  9. The System (feat Hazeldub) (4:12)
  10. Dub System (3:45)
 in stock $30.85
Sekkle Tune
Cat: GB 025. Rel: 18 May 20
Deep Dubstep
  1. Sekkle Tune (4:15)
  2. Sekkle Tune (RDG remix) (4:24)
Review: Buckle up for Bukkha. After years of releases on the likes of ZamZam, Moonshine, Infernal, Dub-Stuy and many other respected 140 stables, American in Spain Evert Cristoff makes his debut on Gourmet with "Sekkle Tune". A bulbous traditional dub-minded piece, complete with melodica flutters, it hits hard like Amit jamming the Scientist. For a more dancefloor-focussed take flip for a shake-up by RDG where the beats add a little more skip while maintaining the raw simplicity of the original. Grubs up.
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 in stock $10.76
Still Reppin'
Still Reppin' (7" in hand-stamped sleeve limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BCSM 007. Rel: 02 Nov 21
  1. Bukkha & Longfingah - "Still Reppin'" (3:54)
  2. Toni Wobble - "Still Reppin'" (version) (3:50)
 in stock $12.17
BOOYAKA 002 (limited 12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: BOOYAKA 002. Rel: 02 Apr 21
Drum And Bass
  1. Absolute (4:13)
  2. Look Man (5:03)
  3. Jhoole (4:09)
Review: The burgeoning Booyaka series is back with a second sizzling instalment, this time from Bukkha and Nuphlo. They waste no time in getting down to business with 'Absolute' pairing brilliant drum programming with ruching bass and what sounds like the patter of tabala drums. It's moody but deep and inviting, then 'Look Man' bashes you over the head with old school jungle breaks sounding crisp as you like while the bass swings low. 'Jhoole' close sin liquid fashion with soulful leads and the sort of heartfelt piano keys that make you feel good.
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Played by: Tripeo
 in stock $13.57
Inna Rubadub
Inna Rubadub (red vinyl 12")
Cat: LODUBS 1221027RED. Rel: 09 Nov 21
  1. Dandelion - "Time For The Rebel" (3:49)
  2. Bukkha meets Sarah Tobias - "Inna Rubadub" (Sax & Flute cut) (3:50)
  3. Jane Bee & Roger Robinson - "End Of The Line" (3:50)
  4. Bukkha - "Inna Rubadub" (version) (3:53)
Review: We might out of summer and into darker nights and colder days but you can warm yourself to your core with this new 12" of crystal clean digital steppers from LoDubs. Dandelion kicks off with the easy going vibes and subtle warrior leads of 'Time For The Rebel' then Bukkha meets Sarah Tobias on 'Inna Rubadub' which has some beautifully sunny flutes and tasing sax riffs. 'End of the Line' is a nice rhythm from Jane Bee & Roger Robinson before Bukkha's 'Inna Rubadub' gets a twisted sci-fi rework.
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 in stock $14.16
Items 1 to 5 of 5 on page 1 of 1


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