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Beatz Volume 2 (Pat Van Dyke & Kirk Degiorgio mixes)
Cat: D3E 014LTD. Rel: 26 Feb 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Ventos Do Outono (Pat Van Dyke remix)
  2. Ventos Do Outono
  3. Ventos Do Outono (Kirk Degiorgio remix)
Review: Formerly of France, now based in Brazil, D3 Elements returns with their second instalment of the "Beatz" series, this time with jazz artist, Bruno E, also hailing from Brazil. Bruno, who has been producing and performing since the late 90s, has worked with and remixed the likes of Silhouette Brown and Gilles Peterson, as well as releasing albums in his own right. This limited colour 10" release features three versions of the track Ventos Do Outono, (loosely translated to Autumn Winds). First up is drummer, composer and producer, Pat Van Dyke, taking a break from composing the soundtrack to Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee", with a breezy, laid back version of the original. Featuring lush horns and flutes, along with vintage keyboards, the track urges us to "Get Down", while straddling the boundaries of jazz and golden era hip-hop. Still on the A side, it's Bruno's turn, delivering a wonderful broken beat track. Full of beautiful keys, strings and intricate rhythms, this track is reminiscent of the sound championed by Kaidi Tatham and Nu Era. Flip over to the b side, and techno legend, Kirk de Giorgio takes us on a deep, futuristic ride. The track starts off with banging drums and a pulsating bass line, priming us for the cosmic pads and keys to come as the UK producer takes us on a journey to outer space and back. Another quality release from Bryan Hervieu's label, with three diverse versions of the same track, sure to appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

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Played by: Akioki
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