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Bop (Pepe Bradock Geoduck Dive)
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 in stock $7.43
Cat: K7286 EP1. Rel: 26 Sep 11
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Bop (Pepe Bradock Geoduck Dive)
  2. You Make Me Real (Leonel Castillo remix)
Broken Pieces
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 in stock $7.69
Cat: K 7302EP2. Rel: 22 Jul 13
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Broken Pieces
  2. Broken Pieces (Dollkraut rework)
  3. Broken Pieces (Mouse On Mars Technopromisis remix)
  4. Skiffle It Up
  5. Skiffle It Up (Max Graef remax)
Review: Taken from their superb spring album Miami, "Broken Pieces" features the vocal delights of Jamie Lidell. And if that's not enough to grab your lugholes, the layered percussion and techno brutality of the rhythm most certainly will be. Remix-wise Dolkraut space the groove out with a shuffle twist while Mouse On Mars trips the groove out with post-trap fracturism. "Skiffle It Up" maintains the trip-factor with abstract time signatures and spooked out string cries and sirens. For a final remix hoot Max Graef adds a sense of electro boogie sexiness. Releases don't come much more far-reaching and progressive.
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 in stock $13.54
Joy (CD)
Cat: BEC 5156648. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. You Can Buy My Love (0:30)
  2. City Chicken (0:30)
  3. Poor Magic (0:30)
  4. Blackout 94 (0:30)
  5. Society Saved Me (0:30)
  6. Keep Changing (0:30)
  7. Holy Night (0:30)
  8. Oblivious (0:30)
  9. Facetime (0:30)
  10. Away From My Body (0:30)
Review: Following a three-year hiatus, German trio Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer and Paul Frick return with their fourth full-length. Unlike some of their earlier sets, which mined minimal techno for inspiration, Joy is a much more eccentric affair, variously drawing influence from krautrock, experimental electronica, lo-fi rock, moody synth-pop, and grisly, post-punk shapes. It's highly stylish, as you'd expect - their vocal delivery is somewhere between David Byrne and Bauhaus - with the looseness and energy of their compositions ensuring an attractive immediacy. It takes a few listens to soak it all up, but undoubtedly grows on your with each successive play.
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Holy Night & Poor Magic
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 in stock $8.53
Cat: K7 331EP1. Rel: 25 Apr 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Holy Night (4:14)
  2. Poor Magic (4:02)
  3. Holy Night (Tom Trago remix) (8:05)
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