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Brad Peterson

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  1. Andres - "Just A Player"
  2. Brad Peterson - "Trickchords"
  3. John Tejada & Adrian Leviste - "Fashion Avenue" (remix)
  4. Ewan Jansen - "New Stride" (Deez Follow Da Bass remix)
Review: "Classics" releases work best when the material being showcased is either obscure, hard to find or overlooked. Much of the material on this third trawl back through the vaults of Mike Grant's Moods & Grooves imprint ticks all these boxes. For example, Andres' "Just A Player" - a refreshingly loose and bumping fusion of warm disco samples, snappy beats and a killer bassline - has never previously appeared on wax. Then there's the soul-flecked, jazz-house/broken beat hybrid "Fashion Avenue (Remix)" by John Tejada and Leviste, which sounds remarkably fresh despite being 14 years old. As for Brad Peterson's strutting, acid bass-propelled "Trickchords", we're struggling to find any reference to it having been released before. Whether it has or not, it's as essential as the rest of this superb EP.
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 in stock $8.70
Cat: BKR 010. Rel: 02 Feb 15
Deep House
  1. Monsoon
  2. Sit Back
  3. Cloud Remedy
Review: Brighton's ever-cultured Black Key label pushes on with another house connoisseur for its next release, namely the venerated Scotland-based deep house producer Brad Peterson. Opening up the EP is "Monsoon" a nice and propulsive house jam that journeys through deep space with infectious drum hits and radiant synths fleshing out the rubbery groove. "Sit Back" is a more reflective and sombre cut, with wallowing, liquid chords draped over a ponderous, snaking bassline. The classy, cultured work continues on closer "Cloud Remedy" with its reverb coated hits, decisive drums and carefully spraying, ever shifting synth patterns. Classic but not overly reverential of the past, it's a beautifully musical bit of deep house with gently tumbling, starry night sky melodies to die for.
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 in stock $7.35
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1


Brad Peterson
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