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Cat: 7WAP 342. Rel: 11 Apr 13
  1. A Tout A L'heure
  2. Bequeath
 in stock $7.65
Cat: WARPLP 177. Rel: 18 Jun 09
  1. Ambivalence Avenue
  2. Jealous Of Roses
  3. All The Flowers
  4. Fire Ant
  5. Haikuesque (When She Laughs)
  6. Sugarette
  7. Lovers' Carvings
  8. Abrasion
  9. S'Vive
  10. The Palm Of Your Wave
  11. Cry! Baby!
  12. Dwrcan
 in stock $27.10
Cat: WAP 362. Rel: 24 Jan 14
  1. Dye The Water Green
  2. Dinghy
  3. Down To The Sound
  4. Carbon Wulf
  5. A Thousand Syllables
  6. The Spinney View Of Hinkley Point
Played by: Kwinzola
 in stock $20.26
Excuses (10")
Cat: WARP 314. Rel: 24 Feb 11
  1. Excuses (radio edit)
  2. Old Friends
 in stock $6.84
A Mineral Love (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 265. Rel: 01 Apr 16
  1. Petals (2:31)
  2. A Mineral Love (3:13)
  3. Raxeira (2:49)
  4. Town & Country (3:58)
  5. Feeling (3:24)
  6. The Way You Talk (feat Gotye) (2:41)
  7. With The Thought Of Us (3:42)
  8. Why So Serious? (feat Olivier St Louis) (4:45)
  9. C'est La Vie (3:22)
  10. Wren Tails (1:29)
  11. Gasoline & Mirrors (feat Wax Stag) (5:41)
  12. Saint Thomas (3:35)
  13. Light Up The Sky (3:35)
Review: Stephen Wilkinson has now made some seven albums under the auspices of Bibio, all the while notably avoiding any kind of genre restrictions in his pursuit of a unique and affecting style that somehow embraces glacial ambience, folk, jazz, reggae and '70s rock along its path. 'A Mineral Love', meanwhile, takes a nature-inclined theme and uses it to create a delicate and seductive record that is as engaging as it is stylistically elusive. At all times though, a flair for melody and texture prevails throughout these ditties, ultimately creating something not unlike an imaginary John Martyn as produced by Four Tet in 1982 - and as strange and beguiling as that sounds.
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 in stock $17.51
Cat: WARPLP 290. Rel: 03 Nov 17
  1. 9:13 (6:43)
  2. Phantom Brickworks (13:05)
  3. Pantglas (4:33)
  4. Phantom Brickworks II (16:01)
  5. Capel Celyn (8:06)
  6. Phantom Brickworks III (8:56)
  7. Ivy Charcoal (1:58)
  8. Branch Line (8:42)
  9. Capel Bethania (2:44)
Played by: Bantam Lions, Sebo K
 in stock $17.24
Items 1 to 6 of 6 on page 1 of 1


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