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Hippie Picasso
Hippie Picasso (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: ZZZV 23010. Rel: 21 Dec 23
El Piccador Telepatico (feat Santino Surfers) (6:30)
Por Donde Pase (feat Maria Keck) (3:43)
El Malagueno (feat DJ Pippi, Melon Jimenez, Lara Wong) (6:00)
La Espera (feat The Swan & The Lake, Reinhard Vanbergen) (5:02)
Hippie Picasso (feat Melon Jimenez, Kasper Tranberg, Amaru) (8:00)
Tren Destino A Paris (feat The Swan & The Lake) (4:34)
Tu (feat Maria Keck, OliO) (3:07)
Circulo (feat WALTHER, OliO, Tupac Peralta) (6:30)
Review: Be.Lanuit is bringing Ibiza back to its roots as a bohemian nexus in everything he does. As a DJ, artist and fashion designer, he's been projecting good vibes absolutely drenched in Balearic wholesomeness and so it's no surprise to see him linking up with that most chill of Danish labels, Music For Dreams. Lanuit's debut album is a gorgeous sunburst of the softest grooves accentuated by tender fingerpicked guitar playing. It's got just the right amount of thump in the low end to keep your head nodding even as the melodies intertwine with your mind and carry you far away. If you need a dose of Ibiza magic in your day, this album is a fast track ticket to the White Isle.
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 in stock $29.53
Summer Selections Four
Cat: NUNSSS 004V. Rel: 19 Jul 22
James Bright - "Amber" (4:42)
Be.Lanuit - "Nana A Leon" (feat Marcos De La Fuente) (6:09)
Cole Odin - "Growing" (5:21)
Gold Suite - "The Cowboy" (6:21)
Norht Of The Island - "I Feel" (5:43)
Residentes Balearicos - "Smoke & Fly" (8:33)
Review: Nunorthern Soul's fourth vinyl outing encourages you to sit back, relax, and sink into some truly horizontal sounds awash with Balearic bliss. James Bright kicks off the session with the warm glow of 'Amber' and its slowly percolating beats and painterly synths. Be.Lanuit's 'Nana A Leon' has a starry eyed charm that will get you gazing off into the night and elsewhere Norht Of The Island's 'I Feel' has a chugging groove and exotic synth work bringing plenty of colour. This is a high class EP of richly detailed downtempo brilliance.
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 in stock $18.20
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