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Bart & Baker

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Cat: 335042 2. Rel: 24 Nov 17
Funky/Club House
  1. The Vaudvillainz - "Voodoo"
  2. Caro Emerald - "Whatchugot"
  3. LMZG - "Gangsta's Paradise"
  4. Incontrol - "Us, Ourselves & We"
  5. Pravda! - "Night & Day" (feat Tamara)
  6. Caravan Palace - "Black Betty"
  7. Cat Jam - "Catmandoo Riddim" (feat Off Beat)
  8. Kiss Me Yesterday - "Minnie The Moocher"
  9. Bomba Titinka - "Treno A Bebop"
  10. Louis Armstrong - "Oh When The Saints Go Marchin' In" (Wolfgang Lohr remix)
  11. Billy Bros Orchestra - "Gimme Da Beat" (feat Norma Miller - Bart&Baker remix)
  12. Pisk - "One Steady Roll"
  13. DJ Mibor - "Everybody Loves My Baby" (Swahn remix)
  14. Antoine Villoutreix - "Berlin" (Bart&Baker remix)
  15. Extra Medium - "Get Down" (feat China Bowls & Cab Canaveral)
  16. Scratchophone Orchestra - "Trump"
  17. Jive Me - "Desert"
  18. The Mills Brothers - "The Old Man Of The Mountain" (Dj Rouni & Kross remix)
  19. Vassili Gemini - "Bambino" (feat Gilda - Bart&Beaker remix)
  20. Max The Sax & Peter Cruseder - "New Day"
  21. Max W - "The Minor Drag" (feat Fats Waller)
  22. Groovy Joy - "Music! Music! Music!" (feat Teresa Brewer)
  23. Bart&Baker - "We Are What We Are" (feat Billy Bros Orchestra)
Review: We can think of few better to mix up a selection of "the best new electro swing" than Bart and Baker, the top hat-sporting French duo who rank amongst the sound's most popular DJs. Joining the dots between horn-totin', funk-fuelled club workouts, acid-flecked contemporary takes on big band swing, hip-hop tempo wigglers, bouncy electro-house (see Caravan Palace's sizeable cover of "Black Betty") and confirmed dancefloor smashers, the veteran DJ twosome does a terrific job in keeping the party going throughout. Expect a string of their own tracks and remixes, dramatic changes in pace and more hot-stepping horn lines than you'd think it was possible to cram into 80 minutes of jaunty and cheery music.
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Bart & Baker
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