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This Is Quarantine
Cat: DFINASOUND 3. Rel: 28 Jan 22
  1. Minimize Contact Between People
  2. Minimize Contact Between People (Alessandro Adriani Nightmare City remix)
  3. Minimize Contact Between People (Pablo Bozzi remix)
  4. Minimize Contact Between People (The Hacker remix)
  5. Digital Lockdown
  6. Digital Lockdown (Phase Fatale remix)
  7. Digital Lockdown (Lokier Meltdown remix)
  8. Digital Lockdown (Christian Zanesi remix)
  9. Chloroquine Y/N
  10. Chloroquine Y/N (VTSS remix)
  11. Chloroquine Y/N (Raffaele Attanasio Southern Riot remix)
  12. Chloroquine Y/N (Fabrizzio Rat remix)
  13. Etat Naturel
  14. Etat Naturel (Leonie Pernet remix)
  15. Etat Naturel (Etienne Jaumet remix)
  16. Etat Naturel (Illegal Jogging Turzi remix)
  17. The Masquerade
  18. The Masquerade (Zanias remix)
  19. The Masquerade (Cardopusher remix)
  20. The Masquerade (Kittin remix)
  21. Workout
  22. Workout (Perel remix)
  23. Workout (Radical G remix)
  24. Workout (Shun remix)
  25. Clean & Neat
  26. Clean & Neat (David Carretta remix)
  27. Clean & Neat (Djedjotronic remix)
  28. Clean & Neat (Zombies In Miami remix)
  29. To (Wo)Men On The Assembly Line
  30. Trans Europe Express
  31. Chloroquine (Jensen Interceptor & Kris Baha remix)
  32. Workout (Max Durante remix)
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est. release 28 Jan 22 $25.52
Curiosa (Soundtrack)
Cat: ONR TWOLP. Rel: 05 Oct 21
  1. Curiosa (4:09)
  2. Le Miroir (1:22)
  3. Noircissement Direct (2:44)
  4. Les Egouts (0:48)
  5. La Bouquetiere (1:48)
  6. Zohra (4:56)
  7. La Demande En Mariage (1:12)
  8. Marie Et Zohra (3:15)
  9. Les Deux Amants (4:02)
  10. Pierre Et Henri Dans L'escalier (0:59)
  11. Marie Lit Sa Lettre (2:02)
  12. Marie Et Henri (0:50)
  13. Rocking Chair (1:22)
  14. Autoportrait (2:25)
  15. Les Deux Soeurs (2:17)
 in stock $19.22
Outlaw (12")
Cat: RMR 005V.
coming soon TBA
Valley Of Tears Vol 3
Valley Of Tears Vol 3 (12" + MP3 download code limited to 50 copies)
Cat: SOIL 012. Rel: 26 May 21
  1. Arnaud Rebotini - "303 For Freedom" (5:40)
  2. David Carretta - "Standing In The Forest" (7:25)
  3. Kovyazin D - "Despite Everything" (5:51)
  4. Terence Fixmer - "Turning Into Dust" (6:06)
 in stock $12.61
Items 1 to 4 of 4 on page 1 of 1


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