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Orbs (LP repress)
Cat: ANS 6000. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Moto Verse (2:57)
Orb Two (2:54)
Morph (5:42)
Silas (5:30)
Gem (3:20)
Ackee (4:36)
Scars (4:12)
Strobe (4:06)
Tito (3:40)
Unknow (5:46)
Review: Anthony Naples is a revered album specialist by now. Orbs is his fifth full-length and one he describes as "a moody portal of shoegazed and slo-mo songs suspended in thin air." The New York City native really taps into new territory here, expanding the sound you might expect from him with all new samples, instruments and liquid synths. Drum beats are scant and rhythms move slowly, unfolding with great depth and narrative as you are left to do plenty of thinking while suspended amongst the details. It is another immersive listen, high in texture and beautiful in execution.
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 in stock $21.18
Club Pez
Club Pez (12")
Cat: ANS 5000. Rel: 17 Nov 21
Deep House
Bonk (6:49)
Drops (6:17)
Pez Anthem (6:07)
Uni Vibes (6:48)
Solero (6:33)
Review: This is New York-based, Florida native Anthony Naples' first EP since OTT/ZTL back in 2018. Produced right at the start of NYC's summer reopening, the five tracks on Club Pez 'express a state of optimism and excitement for club and dance experiences equal parts real and totally imaginary.' A bouncy bass plays centre stage while underpinned by Afro-house beats on the psychedelic dance of 'Bonk', before taking it down a couple of notches for the deep and minimal afterhours acid of 'Pez Anthem' as well as the elevating energy of 'Solero' on the flip.

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 in stock $10.33
Air Texture VIII
Cat: AIR 008EP. Rel: 13 Jul 22
Parris - "Springtime Flows In Three Ways" (4:43)
Anthony Naples & DJ Python - "Entoure" (5:49)
Bitter Babe & Nick Leon - "Ecotone" (5:47)
5AM - "Years" (4:24)
Mr Curtains - "Hop" (5:33)
Beta Librae - "Treble Stitch" (3:05)
Rrao - "Zindagi" (4:34)
Downstairs J - "1000 Dumplings" (6:41)
Huerco S - "Latautii" (8:52)
Review: Two key pushers of New York tactile ambient-techno, Anthony Naples and DJ Python, here present a fittingly named compilation (and the third in the series) curating only the best found in that style and scene: 'Air Texture VIII'. Spurred on by a cost of living crisis in Manhattan, areas further afield in neighbouring Brooklyn have become much more central to artists such as Beta Librae, Downstairs J and 5AM, spurring their rise and that of producers like them. Don't miss this important chronicling of the scene, which still unfolds in real time.

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 in stock $27.81
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