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Cat: TPT 069. Rel: 27 Oct 15
  1. Hang Dawg (5:20)
  2. The White Horse (5:11)
  3. Garrison (6:19)
  4. Dave The Rave (5:37)
Review: For those who like their techno banging but springy, 2014 was the year of Ansome. The South London producer - real name Keiran Whitefield - followed up a decent debut on Mord with five more EPs during the year. While he's been a little less active in 2015, Whitefield has still found time to deliver material on Mindcut and PLS.UK. Here he makes his Perc Trax debut with a quartet of no-holds-barred techno smashers. For the most part, his sound is distorted and industrial-influenced, but with enough funk and spacey electronics to please those who prefer a more Motor City influenced sound. Of the four tracks on offer, it's the buzzing title track, intense "Dave The Rave", and slightly more cosmic "Hang Dawg" that impress most.
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 in stock $9.19
PLS UK 001 (12")
Cat: PLSUK 001. Rel: 09 Sep 15
  1. Ansome & Ossian - "The Goose" (7:00)
  2. Ansome - "Kenneggy" (4:49)
  3. Ansome - "Kenneggy" (Ossian remix) (7:14)
  4. Ansome - "Kenneggy" (Ayarcana remix) (5:18)
 in stock $8.64
Rave Or Die 11 (coloured vinyl 10")
Cat: ROD 11. Rel: 09 Nov 18
  1. Ansome - "Vakuum" (5:09)
  2. Umwelt - "Affres" (5:09)
Review: For the latest single on Umwelt's essential Rave or Die label, the Lyon-based producer finds himself sharing vinyl space with Perc Trax regular Ansome. The South London producer handles side A, assaulting the senses via distorted breakbeats, chilling, held-note horror strings and gory electronic riffs on the industrial techno insanity of "Vakuum". Umwelt's track, "Affres", explores similar sonic territory, though his use of macabre audio loops, redlined electronics and rapid-fire, ray gun drumbeats gives the track a much more rolling and hypnotic feel. Both cuts are wild-eyed and aggressive in tone, even if they are every bit as sci-fi as classic Detroit cuts.
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Played by: Jerome Hill
 in stock $10.27
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1


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