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Needs x World Mental Health Day 2020
  1. Shanti Celeste - "Fantasma" (5:54)
  2. OCB - "RS3" (4:13)
  3. Michelle - "Aesthetic" (7:11)
  4. Bobby - "Free Your Mind" (6:34)
  5. Peder Mannerfelt - "Our Levels" (7:14)
  6. Yu Su - "Brittney" (live mix) (8:27)
  7. Adam Pits - "Wind Tunnel" (5:07)
  8. DJ Sports - "Needs Dub" (4:11)
Review: Needs' commendable charity drive continues to bring forth the goods, both in terms of good causes and world class club music. Rallying round in support of World Mental Health Day 2020, Shanti Celeste kicks the record off in style with the rapid fire, deep-diving workout 'Fantasma'. OCB keeps the pressure up with the psychotropic techno of 'RS3', while Michelle works up some delightfully freaky synths on playful jacker 'Aesthetic'. Bobby's 'Free Your Mind' is a 90s-tinged, full fat techno production indebted to Detroit, Peder Mannerfelt keeps things stripped and raw on 'Our Levels' and Yu Su weaves a beautiful tapestry of interweaving rhythms on 'Brittney'. Adam Pits' trippy techno sounds resplendent on 'Wind Tunnel' and DJ Sports completes the set with the inventive, dembow slanted funk of 'Needs Dub'.
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Played by: Neil Diablo, Matisa
$15.56 SAVE 30%
 in stock $10.89
Shouts 2021 Sampler Vol 2
  1. Sosa Tharpa - "Milo Is Back" (5:23)
  2. Pookie - "Beast Mode" (6:33)
  3. Tom Esselle - "Lou's Groove" (3:07)
  4. Hassan Abou Alam - "Hella Mega Drive" (6:04)
  5. Adam Pits - "Cluster Funk" (5:42)
  6. Kareem Ali - "Black Futures" (5:52)
Review: Rhythm Section International's bumper Shouts 2021 sampler has been split into two and spread of a pair of vital 12"s. This is the swooned half and it is just a good as the first with our favourite being from the hugely prolific and mega-on form breakout artist of the year, Kareem Ali. His 'Black Futures' is a steamy, surging house track with kicking kicks and astral synths that speak to the soul. Hassan Abou Alam's 'Hella Mega Drive' spins hi hats, drums and bass into a tightly woven groove of no fixed genre and the swing in Pookie's 'Beast Mode' is simply irresistible. Big ups one and all.
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Played by: Ben Gomori, Joe Montana
 in stock $13.04
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