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Needs x World Mental Health Day 2020
Needs x World Mental Health Day 2020 (180 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: NNFP 008. Rel: 14 Dec 20
Shanti Celeste - "Fantasma" (5:54)
OCB - "RS3" (4:13)
Michelle - "Aesthetic" (7:11)
Bobby - "Free Your Mind" (6:34)
Peder Mannerfelt - "Our Levels" (7:14)
Yu Su - "Brittney" (live mix) (8:27)
Adam Pits - "Wind Tunnel" (5:07)
DJ Sports - "Needs Dub" (4:11)
Review: Needs' commendable charity drive continues to bring forth the goods, both in terms of good causes and world class club music. Rallying round in support of World Mental Health Day 2020, Shanti Celeste kicks the record off in style with the rapid fire, deep-diving workout 'Fantasma'. OCB keeps the pressure up with the psychotropic techno of 'RS3', while Michelle works up some delightfully freaky synths on playful jacker 'Aesthetic'. Bobby's 'Free Your Mind' is a 90s-tinged, full fat techno production indebted to Detroit, Peder Mannerfelt keeps things stripped and raw on 'Our Levels' and Yu Su weaves a beautiful tapestry of interweaving rhythms on 'Brittney'. Adam Pits' trippy techno sounds resplendent on 'Wind Tunnel' and DJ Sports completes the set with the inventive, dembow slanted funk of 'Needs Dub'.
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Played by: Neil Diablo, Matisa
 in stock $10.54
Grounded EP
Cat: SPCLAB 010. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Schtoopbloop (6:57)
Tiptoe (4:37)
Tiptoe (Konduku remix) (6:00)
Grounded (4:05)
 in stock $15.29
Gadget Crew (feat Skins Junglist Crew remix)
Cat: CS 039. Rel: 04 Sep 23
Minimal/Tech House
Gadget Crew (6:08)
Just This Once (5:18)
Gadget Crew (Skins Junglist Crew remix) (5:45)
Review: Constant Sound is one of the many labels Burnski aka Instinct is heading up right now and they are all as good as each other. This one focuses on house and tech sounds and welcomes Adam Pitts to the fam with three standouts. 'Gadget Crew' opens up and has a big, high-energy groove with plenty of oversized drum sounds and a retro melody paired with an intriguing soulful vocal. It has a dark garage tinge and is perfect for late-night action. 'Just This Once' is tough and physical, with warped and naughty bass and thwacking great hits irresistible to all. Last all comes a Skins Junglist Crew remix which is exactly that - a fine one for the jungle heads.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $13.19
Synthetic Serenity
Cat: ONRO 04. Rel: 21 Jun 23
Lost In The Ether (4:21)
Sleepless (6:09)
Take A Moment (6:27)
Brain Breach (7:11)
Crunchy Universe (4:27)
Synthetic Serenity (6:40)
Delicate Procedure (4:31)
Cascade (5:17)
Review: Back in 2021 Adam Pits heralded the start of the On Rotation label with his own debut album, A Recurring Nature. Now he's back with a follow-up which finds him stretching out as an artist ever more - a fact which is absolutely evident from the gorgeous ambient swathes of opening track 'Lost In The Ether'. Even when the drums kick in on 'Sleepless', they're more tilted towards fragmented patterns and organic tones rather than rote drum machine sounds. There's space for peppier electronica and steppy heads-down gear, but throughout Pits imbues his sound with the richest synthesis imaginable. In that sense, you can track the path of development from his earlier work while enjoying the adventurous new terrain he's exploring as an artist.
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 in stock $19.51
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