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Adam Beyer

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  1. Luca Agnelli - "Phoenix" (8:06)
  2. Adam Beyer & Mark Reeve - "Nine Of You" (6:41)
  3. Alan Fitzpatrick & Gary Beck - "Sky Jacket" (6:14)
 in stock $10.35
Cat: DCBOX 01. Rel: 28 Apr 16
  1. Adam Beyer & Lenk - "Drumcode 01 A1" (5:33)
  2. Tasty Bits A1 (3:47)
  3. Adam Beyer & Thomas Krome - "Nutcrusch B1" (5:13)
  4. Tasty Bits B1 (5:33)
  5. Tasty Bits D1 (4:48)
  6. Compressed A1 (4:43)
  7. Compressed B1 (5:12)
  8. Crispy Bits A2 (4:37)
  9. Drumcode 12 A2 (5:40)
  10. Drumcode 09 A1 (4:12)
  11. Drumcode 09 A2 (5:04)
  12. Drumcode 09 B1 (5:36)
  13. Short Life B2 (4:44)
  14. Adam Beyer & Marco Carola - "Drumcode 16 A1" (4:44)
  15. Crescendo B1 (4:43)
  16. Splits EP A1 (4:06)
  17. Remainings III D2 (5:59)
  18. Remainings III A1 (5:40)
  19. Remainings III B1 (6:04)
  20. Remainings III D1 (5:38)
  21. Remainings III C1
 in stock $53.38
Going Down (12")
Cat: DC 166. Rel: 15 Feb 17
  1. Future (7:10)
  2. Going Down (7:00)
Played by: Resident Advisor
 in stock $10.35
  1. Adam Beyer & Enrico Sangiuliano - "Preset Heaven" (8:17)
  2. Timmo - "Muzik" (6:11)
  3. Pig&Dan - "La Bruja" (6:37)
  4. Julian Jeweil - "Nasa" (6:11)
Review: Some serious peak time weapons for the main room on offer here, from the ever reliable Swedish label Drumcode. Usual heroes of the label such as Luigi Madonna, Sam Paganini and Joseph Capriati step aside for some other equally reliable staples. On the A, side label boss Adam Beyer teams up with Enrico Sangiuliano on the evocative and life affirming "Preset Heaven" which takes its cues from early trance with its amazing chord progression. It is something more typical of the label next, on the pummelling warehouse stomp of "Muzik" by Bulgaria's Timmo. On the flip, there's more trance nostalgia on offer again - this time from legends Pig & Dan on the hypnotic/melodic bliss of "La Bruja" which we could imagine melting the minds of festival crowds well into the new year. Finally they save the best for last with French peak time specialist Julian Jeweil, serving up the furious, tunneling and strobe-lit ultraviolence of "Nasa" which will have your adrenaline going from the first beat. It has been a stellar year for the powerhouse label, with great releases by Moby, Dubfire and newcomer Layton Giordani.
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 in stock $10.35
Cat: DC 1521. Rel: 06 Apr 16
  1. Adam Beyer - "Pluto" (7:42)
  2. Harvey Mckay - "The Mad Drummer" (5:58)
  3. Dustin Zahn - "Born Spark" (7:42)
Played by: Montel, Maxx Rossi
 in stock $9.79
Space Date (12")
Cat: DC 193. Rel: 12 Sep 18
  1. Space Date (6:38)
  2. Rome Future (7:10)
Review: Drumcode head honcho Adam Beyer and Chicagoan legend Curtis Jones (aka Green Velvet) had discussed writing music together for a long time. Also, Beyer's protege Layton Giordani had admired the mohawked Jones' work for as long as he could remember. When he got to DJ alongside him at Belfast's Shine - the spark and subsequent friendship was immediate. The outcome of this respected trio's musical journey comes in the form of "Space Date" which will be familiar to many who've followed their sets over recent months. Featuring a relentless main room stomp with steely hats and droney synth leads, all accompanied by Green Velvet's trademark vocal delivery. The thunderous peak time energy of "Rome Future" is likewise guaranteed to rock the house - that killer Reese bassline particularly is sure to blow the doors off!
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 in stock $10.35
Items 1 to 6 of 6 on page 1 of 1


Adam Beyer
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