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Passion De La Passion
Cat: PE 013. Rel: 16 May 23
Minimal/Tech House
The Caballero Thrust Programme
Karima's Duff Duff
Ooga Booga Acid Time
Hard Discount Primitivo
Review: Marking the label's first release of this year, Passion de la Passion is a four-track excursion into wiggly cosmic craic from Physical Education. Packed with weird names like 'Ooga Booga Acid Time' and 'Karima's Duff Duff', it's evident that humour is central to the practice of releasing duo Abdul Raeva (real names Joonas Arro, Steffan Todorovic) who've been releasing since 2020 but not defined themselves quite so intently just yet. That changes with this EP, which charts four warp-driven space jams of sidereal proportions.
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 in stock $15.00
Kulture Galerie Vol 1 (B-STOCK)
Kulture Galerie Vol 1 (B-STOCK) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: KGV 001. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Minimal/Tech House
Abdul Raeva - "Grace" (6:11)
Gene Tellem - "Nervous Planet" (5:36)
Nesa Azadikhah - "Fleeting Emotions" (5:45)
Alien D - "Heavy Cream" (6:31)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Sleeve damaged but otherwise in excellent condition***

It's time to take your first steps into the Kulture Galerie, a new label that kicks off with a various artists offering which lays out is sonic mission in clear and compelling terms. This new venture from Metropolitan Soul Museum kicks off with the super fluid and liquid house sounds of Abdul Raeva's 'Grace' before Gene Tellem's 'Nervous Planet' gets all misty eyed and downtempo with a lush deep thinker. Nesa Azadikhah's 'Fleeting Emotions' then sets off a nice minimal vibe that is super warm and fuzzy and Alien D's 'Heavy Cream' is a float, breakbeat driven post-rave comedown.
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 in stock $11.31
75008 (12")
Cat: LMR 005. Rel: 18 Jul 23
Minimal/Tech House
Abdul Raeva - "Concorde" (6:12)
Ginko - "Jungle Palazzo" (5:59)
Takadoum - "Boulevard Hofmann" (6:05)
MLM & Max Cohle - "Contraste" (Anjou mix) (7:17)
Ginko - "Hors Serie" (6:06)
Review: La Menace is a shadowy collective hailing from France committed to the craft of minimal tech house, with the focus squarely on the tunes on a series of various artist releases. This time around, the proceedings get going in fizzy, freakout style with Abdul Raeva's proggy stormer 'Concorde', while Ginko locks into a slender beat construction on 'Jungle Palazzo'. Takadoum creates an emotive strain of acid on 'Boulevard Hofmann' and MLM & Max Cohle get one of those groovesome, subby basslines rolling on the guaranteed floor worker 'Contraste (Anjou Mix)'. Ginko returns to close the EP out with the sparkling, shimmering splendour of lightly breakbeat-powered joint 'Hors Serie'.
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 in stock $16.31
Tombolo Rumble Vol I EP
Cat: TOM 03. Rel: 16 Dec 22
Unknown Mobile - "Bog Juice" (5:13)
DJ Dog - "Space Quest" (Ozone mix) (4:35)
Abdul Raeva - "Melbourne Mint" (6:46)
Poly Chain - "Temporary Protection" (4:28)
Review: Fresh from Spain with no limitations; Tombolo release their first ever VA collection, rallying up troops from all corners of the global dancefloor and breaking boundaries between acid house, techno, breaks and electro. From the opening free party spirit of the brilliantly titled 'Bog Juice' by Canada's Unknown Mobile right through the final glacial tremors of 'Temporary Protection' from Ukrainian artist Poly Chain, the whole EP hits with an open-armed, timeless energy that transcends the usual genre brackets. Only 150 pressed; get to ready to rumble.
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Played by: Lostlojic
 in stock $16.58
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