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Eight Weeks: Ambient/Drone

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Two: Live At Sydney Opera House (CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: N 0461. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Inosc
  2. Propho
  3. Trioon II
  4. Scape I
  5. Berlin
  6. Scape II
  7. Morning
  8. Iano
  9. Emspac
  10. Kizuna
  11. Gitrac
  12. Monomom
  13. Panois
  14. Naono
  15. The Revenant Theme
Review: Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto's collaborative partnership reaches back to the turn of the century, when Noto was touring Japan and invited to rework some of Sakamoto's material. Since then, they've delivered a modest but important body of work via Raster-Noton and produced the soundtrack to major Hollywood film "The Revenant". In the wake of last year's "Glass" released on Noto's Noton label, this live album captures the duo in full flight at Sydney Opera House. Noto's immaculately sculpted tones and textures carve out space around Sakamoto's trademark delicate, lingering notes, resulting in an absorbing listening experience as emotionally engaging as it is technically astounding.
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Black Stage Of Night (CD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: CRYO 128. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Mind Turns To Night
  2. Attica & Wormwood
  3. A Glass Of Sleep For An Elegant Dream
  4. All Things Nocturnal
  5. Chaos Inmade
  6. A New Constellation
  7. The Great Order Of Things
  8. Night Becomes Morning
 in stock $13.98
Cat: 141ST CYCLECD. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Inner Cathedral
  2. Into Eternity
  3. Anemoia & Onism
  4. When Thoughts Become Your Enemy
  5. Structures And Downfall
  6. Dreaming Of Some Purpose
  7. Disintegration Of The Mind
  8. Winter Song
 in stock $12.33
Cat: 153RD CYCLE. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Ianua
  2. A Wave Of Bitterness
  3. In Useless Retrospective
  4. A Choice Of Silence
  5. Insomnia
  6. VI
  7. A Slow Wave
  8. Imprisonment Of The Mind
  9. Withdrawal
 in stock $12.05
Cat: 134TH CYCLECD. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Doctrines Of Dissociation (Complexio Oppositorium:)
  2. Abject Practices Beyond The Threshold
  3. Behold The Serpent
  4. The Sharp Blade That Mutilates The Void
  5. Drowned Under Seas Of Coagulation
  6. Lurking Hounds Stagger In The Deep (Mors Janua Vitae)
  7. The Mourning Waters Where Fire Never Dwells
 in stock $12.05
Cat: IF 73CD. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. A Thousand Words
 in stock $18.91
Cat: SIGCD 014. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. Hills
  2. Colby Park
  3. Eratik
  4. Five Minute Flame
  5. Planet Hearth
  6. Walking In Circles
  7. Sheven
  8. Thought Fields
  9. Error
  10. Waiting For Reasons
  11. Chasm
  12. Pine
  13. Down That Road
Review: Calibre has always displayed an affinity for sounds beyond the confines of drum & bass, but he's never gone as far out as he does on his latest album, "Planet Hearth". Leaving the club behind altogether, he's brought piano-led composition front and centre, folded in an ample dose of ambient and struck upon a cosy Autumnal mood that feels perfect for the time of year. There are still beats to be heard here and there, but this is a personal expression first and foremost. There's a catchy pop tint to "Eratik" while the title track is more concerned with minimalist composition and cathedral reverbs - that's the kind of range he's exploring on this accomplished departure from his usual comfort zone.
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 in stock $11.51
Cat: NOVUM IX. Rel: 25 Nov 19
  1. Any Place But Here
  2. First Light
  3. That October
  4. Autumn Walk
  5. I Dreamt Music
  6. Time Reflects
  7. An Echo Of Sadness
  8. Between The Endless Silence
Played by: Russ gabriel
 in stock $15.90
Beringia (CD)
Cat: CRYO 131. Rel: 17 Oct 19
  1. Migratino To North
  2. Land Of Famished Spirits
  3. Heart Of The Island
  4. Haunted Shore
  5. Conversation Of Elements
 in stock $12.88
Twine (CD)
Cat: 12K 1084. Rel: 18 Nov 19
  1. Draw
  2. Bell
  3. Buoy
  4. Telegraph
  5. Kern
  6. Sailmaker
  7. Wake
 in stock $16.72
Deceptive Cadence: Music For Film Vol I & II (hand-numbered 2xCD in hard-back book sleeve + MP3 download code limited to 200 copies)
Cat: LTS 0342. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. Reshuffle The Deck
  2. Silent River
  3. Sinews
  4. Lauren's Love
  5. Imagined Worlds
  6. Our Thirsting World
  7. Spilt
  8. A Tangle Of Birds
  9. The Weight Of What's Unspoken
  10. To Ache For What's Never Been
  11. Abandoned Space
  12. Same River
  13. Mending What We've Cleft
  14. Exit Wounds
  15. A Renewed Sense
  16. Sirens & Cicadas
  17. Emergent
  18. Interlaced
  19. With Each Sweet Submersion
  20. Processional
  21. Incrementalism
  22. Hopeless Romantic
  23. Visible Wear
  24. Till Fresh Earth
  25. Scraping The Dregs
  26. Gut Level
  27. Fractured
  28. All The Feels
  29. Lionize
  30. Unwittingly
  31. Sanguine
  32. Implosion
  33. Fatalist
  34. Ricochet
  35. Familiar Patterns
  36. The Red Underneath
  37. Sleight Of Hand
  38. Time Curves So Subtly
  39. Dumbstruck
  40. Separation
  41. In A Senseless Ether
  42. Spectral Chatter
  43. Children In Wartime
  44. Oh Great Inaction
  45. When Tragedy Coheres
 in stock $25.20
Concrete Handbag (CD + booklet)
Cat: CHB 001. Rel: 29 Oct 19
  1. Track 1
 in stock $15.34
Nonlin (CD)
Cat: GI 346CD. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Cloudloss
  2. Subtractive Skies
  3. A Planet Left Behind
  4. Attractor B
  5. The Nature Remaining
  6. Nonlin
  7. Reverse Culture Music
  8. The Spring In Chartreuse
  9. American Spiral
Review: Steve Hauschildt's profile has been on a steady rise since he moved from his long time home of Kranky to Ghostly International. It was a logical move to partner up with the Ann Arbor label as it encouraged the emotional side of his regal ambient pieces to shine through in line with the sensitive tones of other Ghostly alumni (Tycho, Telefon Tel Aviv, Shigeto, for example). On his second album for the label, Hauschildt sounds more moving than ever, his winsome compositions reaching towards bigger spaces especially on rhythmically charged tracks like "Subtractive Skies". This is no drastic departure from his established identity, but rather a considered evolution towards a new space in which his muse can reside.
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Kotonoha (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: KI 0241. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. Shioribi
  2. Namisora
  3. Ayumikaze
  4. Hagoromo
  5. Tsukishirube
  6. Maigo
 in stock $28.49
Hauch (CD)
Cat: SERE 018. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Erdtrabant
  2. Hauch
  3. Luftspalt
  4. Zeitlupe
  5. Gong
  6. Luftspalt II
  7. Auflosung
  8. Meditation
 in stock $8.76
  1. Nothing
  2. Kashi
  3. Kala
  4. Above The Earth
 in stock $18.36
Dead Air (CD)
Cat: TAO 062. Rel: 28 Nov 19
  1. AMID
  2. Mossfield
  3. Imbalance
  4. Permafrost
  5. Fractured
  6. Dead Air
  7. Burned
Review: Manchester-rooted duo Marconi Union have a long and winding catalogue that passes through many shades of ambient and drone, guided by delicate whispers of digital signal processing but predominantly shapeless and subtle in form. So the story continues on this excellent new album for Just Music, which unfurls new billowing clouds of chords to thoroughly lose yourself in. There's a human quality at the heart of "Dead Air" too, thanks to the processed choral voices that inhabit many of the tracks - it adds a rich dimension to the music and makes it all the more engrossing. Fans of Eno et al, take note!
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 in stock $11.24
Cat: ERATP 128CD. Rel: 21 Nov 19
  1. Being Anne
  2. Solo? Repeat!
  3. Nummer 2
  4. Aarhus/Reminiscences
  5. Drifting Circles
  6. Heliopause
Review: Through her work with friend and frequent collaborator Nils Frahm, cellist and composer Anne Muller has made regular appearances on Erased Tapes over the last few years. Here she takes her relationship with the label to the next level with a debut solo album that offers an evocative, emotional and genuinely impressive blend of experimental electronics, becalmed ambient and hushed neo-classical movements. Highlights are plentiful throughout, from the rising and falling cello motifs of "Solo? Repeat!" and the heart-aching beauty of piano-laden classical number "Aarhus/Reminiscences", to the slowly shifting ambient wonder of "Heliopause" and the hard-wired string cycles of "Drifting Circles", which reminded us a little of Steve Reich's "Different Trains".
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 in stock $12.61
  1. Entrance
  2. Esplanade (live)
  3. Float On
  4. Glass Chattering
  5. Entomology (Misfortune)
  6. Flius
  7. Mensis
  8. Serene
  9. #1
  10. #4
  11. Les Trois Graces
  12. Evocations
  13. Orientate
  14. Pulse At Soothe
  15. Parjanya
  16. Entomology (Let's Go-Go)
  17. Atrium
  18. Market
  19. Sealed
  20. Signe (Ambient mix)
Review: Following the reissue of "Une Collection Des Chainons I: Music For Spiral" last year, the ever excellent WRWTFWW return to the archives of Japanese experimentalist Yoshio Ojima for a second immersive trip into his ambient archives. For fans of Midori Takada and the explosion in reissues and new music from the Far East, this is another essential document of wide-ranging, consistently compelling sounds. At one point you might be lost in a bath of resonant metal frequencies, at the next floating through an elegant reverie of flute and chimes pock marked with laughter - it's a fascinating trip, wherever Ojima takes you at any given time.
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 in stock $13.98
Cat: MD 278. Rel: 16 Oct 19
  1. Attraverso
  2. Atraves
  3. Durch
  4. Par
 in stock $10.95
Cat: CDGG 313. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Idyllic Rhythms
  2. Hyppolyte & Aricie
  3. The Fourth Door (dub)
  4. Neapolitan Sixth (part 1)
  5. Neapolitan Sixth (part 3)
  6. The Third Dream
  7. The Fourth Door
 in stock $12.33
Hope & Light (CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEBDHCD 001. Rel: 05 Nov 19
  1. First Written
  2. Hold On
  3. Tell Me When
  4. Meninha
  5. Stars Glow
  6. Cold Shoulder
  7. Brightness
  8. Lost In My Dream
  9. I Hope
  10. In The Change
  11. A Road Never Found
  12. Night Wave
  13. The Way Back
 in stock $8.76
Cat: CRYO 133. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. Gaia
  2. Hydor
  3. Aer
  4. Pyr
  5. Quintessence
 in stock $12.88
Horizon Vol 1 (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: EOS 02CD. Rel: 14 Oct 19
  1. Horizon (intro)
  2. Future Green
  3. Afternoon Of The Appearing Fish
  4. Grain Of Sand By The Sea
  5. Straight Line Floating In The Sky
  6. Wind Conversation
  7. Until The End Of The World
  8. Horizon (outro)
 in stock $16.99
In Search Of Hades: The Virgin Recordings 1973-1979 (16xCD + 2xBlu-ray box set + hard-back book in slip case repress)
Cat: 772711 9. Rel: 06 Nov 19
  1. Phaedra (CD1: Phaedra)
  2. Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares
  3. Movements Of A Visionary
  4. Sequent C
  5. Phaedra (bonus track - Steven Wilson remix)
  6. Sequent C (bonus track - Steven Wilson remix)
  7. 2nd Day (CD2: Phaedra Out-Takes)
  8. Flute Organ Piece (Out-take version 2A)
  9. Phaedra (Out-take version 2A)
  10. Phaedra (CD3: Phaedra Out-Takes - Out-take 1)
  11. Phaedra (Out-take 2B)
  12. 2nd Side Piece 1
  13. 2nd Sside Piece 2
  14. Organ Piece
  15. Victoria Palace Concert (CD4: live At The Victoria Palace Theatre - part 1)
  16. Victoria Palace Concert (CD5: live At The Victoria Palace Theatre - part 2)
  17. Victoria Palace Concert (encore)
  18. Overture (CD6: Oedipus Tyrannus)
  19. Act 1
  20. Act 2: Battle
  21. Act 2: Baroque
  22. Act 2: Zeus
  23. Act 3
  24. Introduction By John Peel (CD7: live At The Rainbow)
  25. Rainbow Concert (part 1)
  26. Rainbow Concert (part 2)
  27. Rainbow Concert (CD8: live At The Rainbow - part 3)
  28. Rainbow Concert (encore)
  29. Rubycon (CD9: Rubycon - part 1)
  30. Rubycon (part 2)
  31. Rubycon
  32. Royal Albert Hall Concert (CD10: The Royal Albert Hall - part 1)
  33. Royal Albert Hall Concert (CD11: The Royal Albert Hall - part 2)
  34. Royal Albert Hall Concert (encore)
  35. Ricochet (CD12: Ricochet - part 1)
  36. Ricochet (part 2)
  37. Ricochet (bonus track - part 1 - Steven Wilson remix)
  38. Ricochet (bonus track - part 2 - Steven Wilson remix)
  39. Stratosfear (CD13: Stratosfear)
  40. The Big Sleep In Serach Of Hades
  41. 3am Ayt The Border Of The Marsh From Okefenokee
  42. Invisible Limits
  43. Coventry Cathedral (bonus track)
  44. Stratosfear (bonus track)
  45. The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades (bonus track)
  46. Cherokee Lane (CD14: encore)
  47. Monolight
  48. Coldwater Canyon
  49. Desert Dream
  50. Encore (bonus track)
  51. Hobo March (bonus track)
  52. Bent Cold Sidewalk (CD15: Cyclone)
  53. Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender
  54. Madrigal Meridian
  55. Haunted Heights (bonus track)
  56. Baryll Blue (bonus track)
  57. Force Majeure (CD16: Force Majeure)
  58. Cloudburst Flight
  59. Thru Metamorphic Rocks
  60. Chimes & Chains (bonus track)
  61. Phaedra (Blu-Ray)
  62. Oedipus Tyrannus
  63. Ricochet (Blu-Ray)
  64. Tangerine Dream At Coventry Cathedral
  65. Signale Aus Der Schwabischen Strasse
Review: Given the sheer volume of material made and released by kosmiche and krautrock pioneers Tangerine Dream throughout their career, it's perhaps fitting that this staggeringly epic box contains well over 24 hours of music. It focuses on the synthesizer-wielding German band's pioneering period in the 1970s, combining re-mastered versions of seven studio albums (some with additional 5.1 surround sound mixes by Steven Wilson) with no less than eight discs of previously unreleased material. This includes outtakes, unheard tracks, alternate versions, multiple recordings of legendary live shows and the band's near-mythical "Oedipus Tyrannus" soundtrack - something that will delight fans if Tangerine Dream forums are anything to go by. If that's not enough to set the pulse racing, the box also boasts a heavy hardback book and two Blu-Ray discs.
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 in stock $127.15
 in stock $15.34
Cat: KTCD 005. Rel: 24 Oct 19
  1. Recursive Iteration I
  2. Recursive Iteration II
  3. Recursive Iteration III
  4. Recursive Iteration IV
  5. Recursive Iteration V
  6. Recursive Iteration VI
  7. Recursive Iteration VII
 in stock $12.61
Piaf's Boyfriend (hand-numbered CD limited to 110 copies)
Cat: PS 53CD. Rel: 24 Oct 19
  1. Er
  2. Ask
  3. Here, Whisper
  4. Piaf's Boyfriend
  5. One Eye Open
  6. Space Between
  7. Apparition
  8. My Sisters & I
  9. West Of The Sun
  10. Eyeliner & Mist
  11. Black Light
  12. The Door Inside
 in stock $15.07
Pop Ambient 2020 (mixed CD)
Cat: KOMPAKTCD 155. Rel: 19 Nov 19
  1. Thore Pfeiffer - "Urquell"
  2. Max Wurden - "Diminish"
  3. Yui Onodera - "Cromo 4"
  4. Joachim Spieth - "Meteor"
  5. T Raumschmiere - "Notre-Dame"
  6. Klimek - "All The Little Horses"
  7. Morgen Wurde - "Lasst Los" (feat Maria Estrella)
  8. Markus Guentner - "Clade"
  9. Thomas Fehlmann - "Liebesperlen"
  10. Gen Pop - "Iron Woman"
  11. Klimek - "Requiem For A Butterfly"
  12. Leandro Fresco - "Brenda"
  13. Max Wurden/Pepo Galan - "Stay"
  14. Leandro Fresco/Thore Pfeiffer - "Neo"
  15. Andrew Thomas - "Song 9"
  16. Andrew Thomas - "Sleep Fall"
Review: Remarkably, it's now been 20 years since Kompakt launched "Pop Ambient", a series of annual compilations showcasing the more melodious, laidback and ethereal side of the Cologne label's output. The latest edition holds few surprises for those who have followed the series since its inception, though the quality of tracks showcased throughout is as high as it has ever been. Thore Pfeiffer sets the tone with "Urquell", where glistening guitars reminiscent of Steve Reich's "Electric Counterpoint" echo to infinity over hazy ambient textures, while the "maximal" sound of Yui Onodera, Joachim Spieth and Klimek is likely to take your breath away. Elsewhere across the album you'll find similarly stunning contributions from Thomas Fehlmann, Max Wurden & Pepo Galan, and neo-classical composer Andrew Thomas.
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 in stock $12.61
Cat: DINTS 03. Rel: 16 Oct 19
  1. Robert Rich - "Cyclosporum"
  2. Caspar Hesselager - "The Divided Apparatus"
  3. Little Ambient Machine - "Anemones"
  4. Radek Rudnicki - "En-Edge"
  5. Eden Grey - "AVA 2"
  6. Benge - "Round #2"
  7. D'Voxx - "Angel"
  8. Redshift - "Berserker"
  9. Jogging House - "Hands"
 in stock $10.69
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Eight Weeks: Ambient/Drone