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Cover Me (remixes)
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Cover Me (remixes) (CD single)
Cat: 889854 83422. Rel: 09 Oct 17
  1. Cover Me (radio edit)
  2. Cover Me (Warpaint Steez remix)
  3. Cover Me (Erol Alkan Black Out rework)
  4. Cover Me (Texas Gentlemen remix)
  5. Cover Me (Ellen Allien UFO remix)
  6. Cover Me (Ben Pearce remix)
  7. Cover Me (Josh T Pearson Choose Hellth remix)
  8. So Much Love (Kalli remix)
Just A Little Love
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Just A Little Love (CD single)
Cat: CDMUTE 566. Rel: 09 Oct 17
  1. Just A Little Love
  2. Unsung
  3. Just A Little Love (Wider Productions radio edit)
  4. Just A Little Love (Barry Harris radio edit)
  5. Just A Little Love (7th Heaven radio edit)
  6. Just A Little Love (Bright Light Bright Light Summer Loving remix)
  7. Just A Little Love (Dave Ball remix)
  8. Just A Little Love (Wider Productions extended version)
  9. Just A Little Love (Barry Harris club remix)
  10. Just A Little Love (7th Heaven club remix)
Cosmic Dross
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Cosmic Dross (CD single)
Cat: LOVCD 08. Rel: 23 Oct 17
  1. Unit Of Power
  2. Humans
  3. The Great Venusian Apocalypse
  4. Jupiter's Wild Ride
  5. Puck Funk
Cold Dark Place
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Cold Dark Place (CD single)
Cat: 009362 4910800. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. North Side Star
  2. Blue Walsh
  3. Toe To Toes
  4. Cold Dark Place
Disfigured EP
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Disfigured EP (CD single)
Cat: 889854 74302. Rel: 04 Sep 17
  1. Hard Came The Rain
  2. Perfume
  3. Bitter End (EP version)
  4. Disfigured
Harmony Of Difference
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Cat: YTCD 171. Rel: 02 Oct 17
  1. Desire
  2. Humility
  3. Knowledge
  4. Perspective
  5. Integrity
  6. Truth
Review: The music that makes up Harmony of Difference, Kamasi Washington's first EP of note since the release of acclaimed 2015 album The Epic, was premiered live as a "six-track movement" earlier this year. The "suite" - here stretched across both sides of an essential 12" - sees Washington continue to explore the idea of what it means to be black in America in the 21st century. Musically, the EP contains some of his smoothest and most laidback compositions yet, with all his musical collaborators being on fine form. The headline attraction is undoubtedly 14-minute flipside "The Truth", an almost operatic jazz epic full of swelling choral contributions, fizzing drum solos, rising horns and, of course, plenty of Washington's distinctive saxophone.
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The General Mixtape
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Cat: 3351122. Rel: 23 Oct 17
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. DJ Smoke 50 In Da House
  2. Straight To The Bank
  3. I Still Kill (feat Akon)
  4. Lil Poor Rich
  5. Clap Those Thangs (feat Mobb Deep)
  6. Fully Loady Clip
  7. Back Down
  8. Amusement Park
  9. I Like The Way She Do It (feat G Unit)
  10. Ridin Time (feat Nas)
  11. Outta Control (feat Mobb Deep - remix)
  12. I Run New York
  13. So Seductive (feat Tony Yayo)
  14. I Get Money
  15. Hands Up (feat Lloyd Banks)
  16. Candy Shop (feat Olivia)
  17. Lil Bit
  18. This Is How We Do (feat The Game)
  19. Disco Inferno
  20. Build You Up (feat Jamie Foxx)
  21. Have A Party (feat Nate Dogg)
  22. Work It (feat Missy Elliott - remix)
  23. Fire (feat Nicole Scherzinger)
  24. My Toy Soldier
  25. You Don't Know (feat Eminem)
  26. Gangsta Shit
  27. Westside Story (feat The Game)
  28. Rowdy Rowdy
  29. 50 Shot Ya
  30. Oh No (feat Snoop Dogg)
  31. Get Up
  32. Feel My Heart (feat LL Cool J)
  33. 50 For President
Only When We're Naked
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Cat: 019029 5883461. Rel: 23 Oct 17
  1. Unstable
  2. Still Want UUU
  3. Broken
  4. The River
  5. Beautiful Life
  6. Only When We're Naked
  7. Awakening
  8. Deserve To Be Loved
  9. Rock Bottom (feat Wretch 32)
  10. All I Ever Do (Is Say Goodbye)
We Fly
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We Fly (CD)
Cat: DESMO 7CD. Rel: 25 Sep 17
Deep House
  1. Feelings
  2. Want You Back
  3. Washed Away
  4. Organitude
  5. Not Young
  6. We Fly
  7. Unborn
  8. Kilematude
  9. Only Love
  10. ICU
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1992-2001 (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: LITA 159CD. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Shaker
  2. All The Time
  3. Louise
  4. Return From The Ice
  5. How Sweet I Roamed
  6. Germs
  7. Shore Power
  8. Always Late
  9. Things Are Gonna Be Alright (demo)
  10. Midnight Cowboy
  11. Chew
  12. Too Much Time
  13. Vibrato
  14. Pico
  15. Stray (demo)
  16. Smokey
The Broadcast Archive
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Cat: BSCD 6059. Rel: 23 Oct 17
  1. One Way Street
  2. Somebody
  3. Write Me A Letter
  4. I Ain't Got You
  5. Mother Popcorn
  6. Movin' Out
  7. Walkin' The Dog
  8. Train Kept A-Rollin'
  9. Mama Kin
  10. Dream On
  11. Introduction
  12. Rats In The Cellar
  13. I Wanna Know Why
  14. Big Ten Inch Record
  15. Walk This Way
  16. Sight For Sore Eyes
  17. Seasons Of Wither
  18. Sweet Emotion
  19. Lord Of The Thighs
  20. Kings & Queen
  21. Chip Away The Stone
  22. Get The Lead Out
  23. Get It Up
  24. Draw The Line
  25. Same Old Song & Dance
  26. Toys In The Attic
  27. Milk Cow Blues
  28. Train Kept A Rollin'
  29. Outro
  30. Back In The Saddle
  31. Same Old Song & Dance
  32. My Fist Your Face
  33. Last Child
  34. No Surprize
  35. Shela
  36. She's On Fire
  37. The Hop
  38. Walk This Way
  39. Let The Music Do The Talking
  40. Dream On
  41. Toys In The Attic
Book Of The Black Earth
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Cat: CRYO 070. Rel: 23 Oct 17
  1. Through The Desert
  2. The Dead City
  3. Discoveries
  4. Inner Sanctum
  5. Osiris's Courtroom
  6. Apophis
  7. Awakening
The Heart Of Infinite Change
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Cat: CDWG 008. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Black Narcissus
  2. Goodbye Porkpie Hat
  3. In A Sentimental Mood
  4. All Matter
  5. I Wonder What Became Of Me
  6. Lover Man
  7. The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men
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Cat: CRAM 279. Rel: 16 Oct 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. 6am
  2. I Was A Star
  3. Nervous
  4. Cold Fever
  5. Supreme
  6. The Rabbithole
  7. Vocal Arranger
  8. Boogie Drums
  9. Amiga
  10. After Love
  11. Walk On By
  12. Dream Sequence
  13. Antidoto
The Good Book Vol 2
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Cat: BAU 004CD. Rel: 02 Oct 17
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Morning Service Intro
  2. Looking For A Blessing
  3. Pray For You (feat Royce The 5'9")
  4. On A Solid Rock
  5. A Thousand Birds (feat Conway & Westside Gunn)
  6. Church Organ Needs Maintenance
  7. Floor Seats (feat Mach Hommy)
  8. No Mystery God (feat Meyhem Lauren)
  9. You Better Listen
  10. Message For The People (feat Durag Dynasty)
  11. Try My Hand (feat Mobb Deep)
  12. Crisis
  13. Find A Way (feat Big Twins)
  14. Forgive Me
  15. God Loves You
  16. Brother Jedidiah (feat Action Bronson & Big Body Bes)
  17. Something You Can't Buy
  18. Stuck In Abox (feat Oliver The 2nd & Jerimiah Jae)
  19. Storm Coming
  20. Troubles (feat Your Old Droog)
  21. Forever
  22. Ascension Outro
  23. You Can Do It
  24. In-N-Out (feat Buddy, Emmavie & Chris O'Bannon)
  25. Elevator To Heaven
  26. Recess (feat Joyce Wrice)
  27. Hope & Despair
  28. Complete Undivided Crucifixion
  29. CPT (feat Jay Worthy & Buddy)
  30. Ride For Me (feat Traffic & Dreebo)
  31. Bel Air Baptism
  32. The More I Know The More I Miss
  33. By My Side (feat Evidence)
  34. Word Of God (feat Sulaiman)
  35. Salvation & Light
  36. Contemplating Reality (feat Nyku)
  37. My Life (feat Remy Banks)
  38. Elevator To Heaven (reprise - feat Chuck Inglish)
  39. God's Perfect Ten
  40. Just Chuuch Friends
  41. Glory (feat Nasty Nigel)
  42. Faith Vs Fantasy
  43. Best Believe (feat Fatima)
  44. Someone To Understand
  45. Take It Easy With The Lord (bonus - feat Joyce Wrice)
Shadows & Reflections
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Cat: 405053 8310849. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Overture
  2. Shadows & Reflections
  3. I'm Lost Without You
  4. How Can I Be Sure
  5. Something Bad On My Mind
  6. Blue On Blue
  7. I Know You Love Me Not
  8. Interlude
  9. From The Underworld
  10. Still I'm Sad
  11. Embers
  12. Not For Me
  13. All Thoughts Of Time
  14. The Shadow Of Your Smile
  15. No One To Say Goodnight To
Shadows & Reflections (Deluxe Edition)
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Shadows & Reflections (Deluxe Edition) (CD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: 405053 8310900. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Overture
  2. Shadows & Reflections
  3. I'm Lost Without You
  4. How Can I Be Sure
  5. Something Bad On My Mind
  6. Blue On Blue
  7. I Know You Love Me Not
  8. Interlude
  9. From The Underworld
  10. Still I'm Sad
  11. Embers
  12. Not For Me
  13. All Thoughts Of Time
  14. The Shadow Of Your Smile
  15. No One To Say Goodnight To
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Forsaken (CD)
Cat: CRYO 078. Rel: 23 Oct 17
  1. Beginning
  2. Immersion
  3. Enter The Gates
  4. The First Convolution
  5. Dissolution Of Thought
  6. In Between
  7. Approaching
  8. Outlying
Live At The O2 Arena & Rarities
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Cat: NPR 730DP. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. The Writing On The Wall (live At The O2 Arena)
  2. Come To Life
  3. Addicted To Pain
  4. Ghost Of Days Gone By
  5. Cry Of Achilles
  6. The Other Side
  7. Farther Than The Sun
  8. Ties That Bind
  9. Waters Rising
  10. Crows On A Wire
  11. Watch Over You (Solo acoustic)
  12. Isolation
  13. Blackbird
  14. Metalingus
  15. Open Your Eyes
  16. Show Me A Leader (encore)
  17. Rise Today
  18. Poison In Your Veins (bonus track)
  19. My Champion (bonus track)
  20. Breathe (B-Sides & Rarities - One Day Remains)
  21. Cruel Sun
  22. Solace
  23. New Way To Live (Blackbird)
  24. The Damage Done
  25. We Don't Care At All
  26. Zero (Abiii)
  27. Home
  28. Never Born To Follow
  29. Never Say Die (Outright) (Fortress)
  30. Symphony Of Agony (Last Of Our Kind) (The Last Hero)
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Cat: TRANS 306CD. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. In Undertow
  2. Dreams Tonite
  3. Plimsoll Punks
  4. Your Type
  5. Not My Baby
  6. Hey
  7. Lollipop (Ode To Jim)
  8. Already Gone
  9. Saved By A Waif
  10. Forget About Life
Review: The second album from questionably spelt Canadian five-piece Alvvays doesn't see them straying too far from their comfort zone, but only because they don't particularly need to. Stylistically, the band are good at what they do, snugly nestled in the ethereal pop sound we've come to recognise from groups such as Best Coast, Beach House and Camera Obscura. Clocking in at just over half an hour long, the follow-up to 2014's self-titled debut is kept short and sweet, providing a lean and sentimental album full of jangling guitars, satisfying chord progressions and relatable emotional intelligence that will continue to please current fans, and more than likely enamour a swathe of new ones.
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La Confusion
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Cat: 506052 5431401. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Bofou Safou
  2. C'est Chaud
  3. Filaou Bessame
  4. Ta Promesse
  5. La Confusion
  6. Femmes Du Monde
  7. Fari Mandila
  8. Diarra
  9. Moku Moku
  10. Yiki Yassa
  11. Massah Allah
  12. Moku Moku Blues
Native Invader
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 in stock $10.99
Cat: 481551 8. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Reindeer King
  2. Wings
  3. Broken Arrow
  4. Cloud Riders
  5. Up The Creek
  6. Breakaway
  7. Wildwood
  8. Chocolate Song
  9. Bang
  10. Climb
  11. Bats
  12. Benjamin
  13. Mary's Eyes
Native Invader: Deluxe Edition
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Native Invader: Deluxe Edition (CD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: 481558 7. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Reindeer King
  2. Wings
  3. Broken Arrow
  4. Cloud Riders
  5. Up The Creek
  6. Breakaway
  7. Wildwood
  8. Chocolate Song
  9. Bang
  10. Climb
  11. Bats
  12. Benjamin
  13. Mary's Eyes
  14. Upside Down 2
  15. Russia
Confessions Of A Romance Novelist
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 in stock $7.98
Cat: KSCOPE 485. Rel: 23 Oct 17
  1. Long Year
  2. What Goes Around
  3. Doesn't Kill You
  4. You & Only You (feat Paul Draper)
  5. One For Sorrow
  6. P.S. Fuck You
  7. Popular
  8. Bury Me
  9. Intermission (Notes To The Editor)
  10. Waiting To Breathe
  11. Chip On Your Shoulder
  12. Confessions Of A Romance Novelist
  13. Track 13
Titan's Island
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Cat: BBIB 038CD. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Titan's Island
  2. Cassini-Huygens
  3. Rift Valleys
  4. Life At The Surface
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Cypher (CD)
Cat: FSRCD 121. Rel: 14 Sep 17
  1. Copa Libertadores
  2. Pod To Pod
  3. Move Over (feat Jo Harman)
  4. Cypher
  5. Speedball
  6. Politea Square
  7. Tempo Do Sol
  8. Claret & Blues
  9. You What!
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Snow (CD)
Cat: PIASLL 073CD. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Snow
  2. Oakwood
  3. Chateau
  4. Cellar Door
  5. Sleep Alone
  6. Make It Out Alive
  7. Who Do You Think You Are
  8. Nothing Else
  9. My House Your House
  10. Bloodhound
  11. Baudelaire
  12. Sylvester Stallone
Review: This warm and summery new offering from Australian siblings Angus & Julia must be ironically titled. 'Snow', the self-produced follow-up to their acclaimed 2014 album continues in a similar vein of breezy folk & pop, but with new found confidence. This is perhaps the effect of Rick Rubin's advice to them to write together as a duo, with sections of swapping verses, lyrical call and response, and vocal contrasts showing there's no sibling rivalry going on here. There are a few slow-burners that'll take a little while to sink in here, but overall this is another polished set from the duo, where each deceptively catchy track leans pleasantly into the next.
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Lovers (CD)
Cat: DIFU 300CDX. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Moving On
  2. Someone
  3. Lovers
  4. Money
  5. Always
  6. Feels
  7. Baby
  8. Friends
  9. Fire
  10. All I Want
Review: With impressive collaborations ranging from Tyler The Creator to Vessels and a string of precursory singles under their belt, Norwegian/New Zealand duo Anna Of The North release their debut album. As the title suggests, 'Lovers' is an open and rich set of pop songs exploring romance and heartbreak. The combination of Brady Daniell-Smith's warm and layered pop production and Anna Lotterud's soothing vocals produces a satisfying take on the modern love song format.
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Where The Gods Are In Peace
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Cat: DAP 046CD. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Gold Rush
  2. Hook & Crook
  3. Tombstone (Movement 1 Good Doer - feat Zap Mama)
  4. Tombstone (Movement 2 Mami Water Down - feat Zap Mama)
  5. Tombstone (Movement 3 Gates Of Zion - feat Zap Mama)
Review: On Where The Gods Are In Peace, their first album for five years, long-serving NYC Afrobeat revivalists Antibalas return to Daptone with fellow veterans Zapa Mama in tow. The all-female Belgian combo provides vocals on album centrepiece "Tombstown", a suite of track in three distinctive "Movements". All three parts, which are drenched in reverb and delay and operate at a far slower tempo than much of Antibalas's output, are decidedly cosmic in tone, with greater percussive intricacy, subtle Afro-jazz influences and an impressive variety of instrumental solos. Of course, it wouldn't be an Antibalas album without a rousing dancefloor epic or two, and happily both the Fela Kuti style "Gold Rush" and funk-fuelled "Hook & Crook" tick that particular box.
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Cat: ZIQ 388CD. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Disable Ad Blocker
  2. The New Industry
  3. FIJI Water
  4. Wait For Yengi
  5. I'm Lovin I.T.
  6. Sublingual
  7. ICU
  8. The Hyper Induvidual
  9. Commodity Fetish Mode
  10. Derealization
  11. Don't Go
  12. Human
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Dereliction/Mirror (hand-numbered CD + MP3 download code limited to 175 copies)
Cat: GZH 076DP. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Dereliction//Mirror
  2. Field//Trespass
  3. Ruins//Ritual
  4. Interior//Strata
  5. Dust//Surveillance
  6. Terrain//Vague
  7. Foundry//Core
  8. Hybrid//Agency
  9. Imperial//Nostalgia
Funeral (reissue)
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Cat: 889854 62402. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
  2. Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
  3. Une Annee Sans Lumiere
  4. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
  5. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
  6. Crown Of Love
  7. Wake Up
  8. Haiti
  9. Rebellion (Lies)
  10. In The Backseat
Neon Bible (reissue)
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 in stock $8.53
Cat: 889854 62442. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Black Mirror
  2. Keep The Car Running
  3. Neon Bible
  4. Intervention
  5. Black Wave/Bad Vibrations
  6. Ocean Of Noise
  7. The Well & The Lighthouse
  8. (Antichrist Television Blues)
  9. Windowsill
  10. No Cars Go
  11. My Body Is A Cage
Will To Power
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 in stock $51.70
Will To Power (limited LP + 7" + CD + slipmat + patch + postcards + poster box)
Cat: 889854 62952. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Set Flame To The Night (1:13)
  2. The Race (3:18)
  3. Blood In The Water (3:54)
  4. The World Is Yours (4:51)
  5. The Eagle Flies Over (5:14)
  6. Reason To Believe (4:47)
  7. Murder Scene (3:49)
  8. First Day In Hell (4:53)
  9. Dreams Of Retribution (6:29)
  10. My Shadow & I (4:04)
  11. A Fight I Must Win (6:34)
  12. Set Flame To The Night
  13. The Race
  14. Blood In The Water
  15. The World Is Yours
  16. The Eagle Flies Alone
  17. Reason To Believe
  18. Murder Scene
  19. First Day In Hell
  20. Saturnine
  21. Dreams Of Retribution
  22. My Shadows & I
  23. A Fight I Must Win
  24. City Baby Attacked By Rats
  25. Warsystem (0:50)
  26. Armed Revolution (0:49)
  27. Sprackta Snutskallar (0:47)
  28. The Leader (Of The Fuckin' Assholes) (0:56)
  29. Nitad (1:11)
  30. When The Innocent Die (1:48)
  31. City Baby Attacked By Rats (2:44)
Dedicated To Bobby Jameson
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 in stock $9.08
Cat: MEX 2402. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Time To Meet Your God
  2. Feel Like Heaven
  3. Death Patrol
  4. Santa's In The Closet
  5. Dedicated To Bobby Jameson
  6. Time To Live
  7. Another Weekend
  8. I Wanna Be Young
  9. Bubblegum Dreams
  10. Dreamdate Narcissist
  11. Kitchen Witch
  12. Do Yourself A Favor
  13. Acting (feat DaM-FunK)
Review: Ariel Marcus Rosenberg's last album, 'Pom Pom' was a hyperactive hook-filled collage of nostalgic 80's lo-fi pop sounds and explorations of gender and sexuality against a backdrop of soft lysergic psychedelia. In comparison to this extroverted personality, 'Dedicated to Bobby Jameson' sees Pink take a more introspective turn, respectfully honouring the tragic story of cult musician Jameson's flash-in-the-pan career and descent into addiction. This album feels more controlled and considered than Pink's previous work, while dipping into the home-recording style that began his career. The pastiche of VHS psych, early-digital sampling, 80's rock'n'roll riffs and hypnotic lyricism are all present, and '...Bobby Jameson' is a cautionary tale that captivates and charms all at the same time.
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Live In Melbourne
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Cat: MGART 502. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Look At Your Sun
  2. Flowers Must Die
  3. Downtown, Power Drive, Right Hand Lover, Velvet Genes (Medley)
  4. Schwingungen
Review: Back in 2015, Ash Ra Tempel co-founder Manuel Gottsching was booked to play a solo live set at Melbourne's Supersense Festival. Instead, he turned up with a trio of musicians - drummer Oren Ambarchi, synth wizard Stags Chamberlain and lo-fo pop hero Ariel Pink on bass and vocals - and performed reinvented versions of tracks from Ash Ra Tempel's first two albums, Schwingungen and Seven Up. This album presents highlights from that performance, of which the third track - a superb, stretched-out medley featuring superb solos from Gotssching and hazy, out-there vocals from Ariel Pink - stands out. Of course, it's all wonderfully evocative in that now familiar Ash Ra Tempel Sound; chiming closer "Schqingungen", a proto-ambient classic re-born, is majestic.
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Dubbing Outdoor: Volume One
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Cat: CPRCD 001. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Dubbing Outdoor
  2. Napraforgok
  3. Cathedral Ambience
  4. Second Sun
  5. Alfa Centauri (remastered)
  6. Transmission
  7. Deja Vu
  8. Tricky
  9. Pole
  10. Night Lounge
Hex (reissue)
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 in stock $10.99
Cat: FIRECD 084. Rel: 25 Sep 17
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. The Loom
  2. A Street Scene
  3. Absent Friend
  4. Big Shot
  5. Fingerspit
  6. Eyes & Smiles
  7. Pendulum Man
Sue Barker (reissue)
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Cat: PBCD 005. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. How Sweet It Is
  2. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
  3. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
  4. Love To The People
  5. Groovin'
  6. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  7. 6345789
  8. Lover Man
  9. What's Going On
  10. Think
  11. Zimbabwe (bonus track)
  12. Half Moon (bonus track)
  13. You Can't Always Get What You Want (bonus track)
Lotta Sea Lice
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 in stock $9.63
Cat: MA 0114CD. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Over Everything
  2. Let It Go
  3. Fear Is Like A Forest
  4. Outta The Woodwork
  5. Continental Breakfast
  6. On Script
  7. Blue Cheese
  8. Peepin' Tom
  9. Untogether
Review: They may not be the most iconic Kurt and Courtney duo in history, but they're a pairing that definitely works well. 'Lotta Sea Lice' meets somewhere in between Kurt Vile's spiritual slacker country & western, and Courtney Barnett's self-effacing indie rock. Vile's Pennsylvanian drawl and Barnett's Aussie spoken-word blend perfectly, seeming as though they're bouncing off each other's natural relaxed coolness. The duo trade verses, lines and even each other's songs, with a cover 'Out Of The Woodwork' from Barnett's 2013 double EP, and Barnett offering a stripped back solo version of Kurt Vile's 'Peeping Tomboy'. Interestingly, they cover each other so well that either party could have written the original. In this way, this collaboration makes so much sense that, hopefully, it won't be limited to one album together.
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Pelagos (2xCD)
Cat: 576896 3. Rel: 23 Oct 17
  1. Destino
  2. Pelagos
  3. Migralia
  4. Lamma Bada Yatathanna
  5. Processional
  6. Halap
  7. Dogon
  8. Life
  9. Lampedusa
  10. Hora Mundi
  11. Lamma Bada Yatathanna (variation)
  12. Exilium
  13. Migration Mantra
  14. Horgos E Roszke
  15. Ufratu
  16. Heron
  17. Brenner Toccata
Breakbeat Inside
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 in stock $6.59
Cat: CDFBR 002. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Break All The Rules
  2. Quintessence
  3. Typical Number
  4. Speedway
  5. Deibeat Vs Baymont Bross - "Feel The Heat"
  6. Earthquake
  7. Pro-Funk A Maniak
  8. Anarkopunk Oddisea
  9. Give Me One More Time
  10. Acid Drooping (bonus track)
  11. Afrodisia (bonus track)
  12. Obey Your Thirst (bonus track)
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 in stock $7.69
Cat: SPEAR 081CD. Rel: 11 Sep 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Surfacing (feat Lucy Kitchen)
  2. Litte Bird
  3. More Than Words (feat Charlotte Haining)
  4. Armed & Dangerous
  5. Black Sky (feat Thomas Oliver)
  6. Had It All (feat Logistics)
  7. Northpoint (feat Riya)
  8. Angel Of Light
  9. Born To Spin (feat Dynamite MC)
  10. Your Body (feat Jemimah Read)
  11. Hollow Eyes
  12. Keep Moving On
  13. Dead Reckoning
  14. Generations (remastered)
Review: Summer may be over, but the sun is still shining in the studio of Spearhead Records' founder Steve "BCee" Jefroy. North Point, his fifth full length in six years, begins with a sparkling blast of soulful, sun-drenched D&B, and the positivity keeps on rolling throughout. While there are occasional deviations towards a punchier, crunchier and slightly darker sound (see "Armed & Dangerous" and the full-throttle jungle revivalism of "Hollow Eyes"), these merely add a little variety to an otherwise thrillingly upbeat and musically rich collection. Then again, when you've got the likes of Logistics, Dynamite MC, Riyah and Thomas Oliver lending a hand, you'd expect good vibes to all round.
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Private Collection Vol 3: More Independent Jazz Sounds From The Seventies & Eighties
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 in stock $10.45
  1. Roy Haynes - "Quiet Fire"
  2. John Thomas & Lifeforce - "Maryke"
  3. Banda Metalurgia - "La Em Guayaquil"
  4. Belair - "Samba For A Cold Warrior"
  5. Francisco Mara Catlett - "Samba De Amor"
  6. Louis Hayes Group - "Little Sunflower" (feat Leon Thomas)
  7. Lee Willhite - "The World Is A Ghetto"
  8. Clarice Labbe & Charlie Hampton - "No Other Love But You"
  9. Ronald Snijders - "Latinetta"
  10. Finn Savery Trio - "Misturada"
  11. Ira Sullivan - "The Kingdom Within You"
  12. Webster Lewis - "Do You Believe" (alternate version)
Review: Three years on from the release of his last Private Collection compilation, British jazz survivor Kev Beadle returns with a third selection of little-known "independent jazz" from the 1970s and '80s. As usual, it's a pleasingly varied affair with a clear dancefloor focus. Beadle, a man with an enviable record collection, variously showcases South American jazz-funk fusion (see Banda Metalurgia's fantastic "La Em Guayaquil" and Francisco Mara Catlett's thrillingly upbeat, "Brazilian Love Affair" style smasher "Samba De Amor"), Nat King Cole style smoothness (the Leon Thomas voiced "Little Sunflower" by Louis Hayes Group), dazzlingly positive extended workouts (Clarice Lebbe and Charlie Hampton), heavy percussion jams (Finn Savery Trio) and confirmed jazz-dance classics (the soul-jazz stomp of Webster Lewis).
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 in stock $10.99
Colors (CD)
Cat: 006025 57176797. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Colors
  2. Seventh Heaven
  3. I'm So Free
  4. Dear Life
  5. No Distraction
  6. Dreams
  7. Wow
  8. Up All Night
  9. Square One
  10. Fix Me
Review: Thirteen studio albums in, and 'Colors' sees Beck maybe at his most playful and upbeat since the late '90s. Title track 'Colors' opens the albums with an immediacy that bursts out like a heavily polished 'Devil's Haircut'. The album veers off in all kinds of pop directions, from the anthemic 'Seventh Heaven', to the almost trap-like 'Wow', Beck shows he's willing to experiment and wrangle as much as possible into an album. It might not be his most contemplative record, but it's definitely his glossiest and most entertaining in a while, and promises a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.
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Decadent Yet Depraved
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 in stock $16.49
Cat: RM 178. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Unnatural Instinct
  2. The Conduit
  3. Submission Of Thought
  4. Slipping Away
  5. No Future
  6. Opium Den
  7. Deliverance
  8. Fake Disciples
  9. No Hope No Fear
  10. Disembarking Horizons
Review: In the press release accompanying the delivery of this debut album from mysterious duo Belief Defect - two "established producers" who wish to remain nameless - the set is described as, "a soundtrack for this apocalyptic time [and] an uncompromising reflection on the state of mankind and its uncertain future." Of course, such dystopian themes are nothing new and have long been part of the aural fabric of industrial music, which is the major musical inspiration for what is an impressively moody, paranoid and, at times, utterly bleak collection of tracks. Stylistically the duo's various dark and mind-altering textures are underpinned by bustling and redlined beats that variously touch on techno, electro, dubstep, IDM and EBM. The result is an impressively singular set that's low on joy, but high on entertainment.
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I & II
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 in stock $13.19
I & II (CD)
Cat: 140 GONECD. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Night Theme
  2. Pyrran Control Station
  3. Axis A
  4. Ard'rian's Theme
  5. Axis B
  6. Night Theme (reprise)
  7. Stardance
  8. Chimera
  9. Moons Of Almuric
  10. 1000
  11. More Than Man (Machine Supreme)
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Bei (CD)
Cat: FLAU 62CD. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Hinein, Hinaus?
  2. Bis Uber Beide Ohren!
  3. Geduld
  4. Flugelschlag
  5. Raderwerk
  6. Ritornell
  7. Dort!
  8. Federn
  9. Taumeln Wie Flocken
  10. Wenn Ich Aufmerksam Schaue
  11. Als Ob
  12. Haschen
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Bicep (CD)
Cat: ZENCD 244. Rel: 04 Sep 17
Deep House
  1. Orca
  2. Glue
  3. Kites
  4. Vespa
  5. Ayaya
  6. Spring
  7. Drift
  8. Opal
  9. Rain
  10. Ayr
  11. Vale
  12. Aura
Review: Of all DJ duos currently operating in British dance music, Belfast boys Bicep might be the hardest to pin down (Optimo aside, of course). Certainly, this debut album is not easy to pigeonhole, though it is an enjoyably cohesive listen. This is largely down to two factors; the frequent use of deliciously colorful and loved-up synthesizer parts, and the duo's innate ability to utilize beats tailor-made for dancefloor devastation. So while keen dancefloor historians may notice sly (and not so subtle) nods to '89 rave, U.S house and garage, Italo-disco, late '90s progressive house, jungle and early British hardcore, the album never sounds anything less than a fine set of Bicep tracks. Expect it to be one of the biggest albums of the year.
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 in stock $9.33
Cat: 081987 3015574. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Collide
  2. Over My Head
  3. The Last Song For My Resting Place
  4. Sway
  5. The Cove
  6. The Crow
  7. Wanderlust
  8. Love Remains
  9. Awake
  10. When The Morning Comes
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