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Tribal Rites (unmixed 3xCD)
Cat: 541416 508743. Rel: 13 Nov 17
  1. Agape - "Rejoice"
  2. Brent Dowe & The Gaytones - "Reggae Makossa"
  3. Apatchi Band - "Issmark"
  4. General Strike - "Parts Of My Body"
  5. Gaffa - "Attitude Dancing (Land Of A 1000 Dunces)"
  6. Urang Otan - "Walking In The Jungle"
  7. Surprize - "Stavolta"
  8. Deborah & The Puerto Ricans - "Side A Side B Side"
  9. P!off? - "Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt"
  10. The Raincoats - "Animal Rhapsody" (version)
  11. Ruts DC - "Push Yourself (Make It Work)"
  12. Motion - "Crazy Beat"
  13. Peter Accident - "Turning Black"
  14. Reggae Clinic 65 - "Caravan" (dub version)
  15. Jeff Dunn - "Walk On The Wild Side"
  16. Bobbie Gentry - "Thunder In The Afternoon"
  17. Latin Breed - "Maranatha"
  18. Banzai - "Rhythm Kung Fu"
  19. Freddi & Henchi - "Cartoon People"
  20. Aax Donnell & Eric Malone - "Golden Cage"
  21. The General - "Life In The Big City"
  22. Final Edition - "No Limit"
  23. Sweet Potato Pie - "Hot Disco Night (Are You Ready?)"
  24. Little Reuben - "(I Am) Drum"
  25. General Crook - "What Time It Is" (part II & part I - Bill Brewster edit)
  26. Curtis Green - "I Just Gotta Get Down" (part I)
  27. Nashville Rhythm Section - "I Can't Go For That"
  28. Dooley Silverspoon - "Mr Deluxe" (part I & part II - Bill Brewster edit)
  29. Floyd Beck - "Party Is The Solution"
  30. Stroer - "Don't Stay For Breakfast"
  31. Mother Tongue - "Message Of Love"
  32. B McCarthy & Rasoul - "Excursion 2"
  33. Love From San Francisco - "Keep Rockin'" (Thumping House mix)
  34. Larry Heard - "Night Images" (Swayzak Early Mid Afternoon mix)
  35. Clifton King - "Family Prayer"
  36. Aural - "Desire" (Fabrice Africa Pain)
  37. Chicken Lips - "Is That You Or Me" (Ivan Flute dub)
  38. Swag - "Primitive Urges 4 - Side C"
  39. Maurizio - "M4 A-Side"
  40. Silverlining - "Precision Spanner"
  41. Kate-Olivia Martinez - "Fire Walk With Me"
Review: When Eskimo Recordings approached Bill Brewster with the idea of putting together a compilation exploring his epic record collection, the acclaimed journalist and DJ decided to take a widescreen approach. The resultant collection is vast and predictably on-point, with each of the CDs gathering together tracks on a loose theme ("Post-Punk", "Balearic" and "House"). As you'd expect, it's a hugely impressive and eye-opening set, with Brewster serving up largely obscure or long-forgotten cuts that range in scope from trippy, dubbed-out post-punk disco, jaunty jazz-funk, synth-heavy boogie and heavily percussive Afro-disco grooves, to saucer-eyed European synth-pop, the dub techno of Maurizio, Swag's early UK tech-house and the East Midlands deep house bump of Charles Webster's "A Love From San Francisco" project. In other words, it's a cracker from start to finish.
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Played by: SHMLSS
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Fabriclive 95 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 190. Rel: 20 Nov 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Mefjus & Kasra - "Decypher"
  2. Mefjus - "Far Too Close"
  3. Mefjus - "Mirage"
  4. Noisia & Mefjus & Hybris - "Clusterfunk"
  5. Mefjus & Kasra - "Conversion"
  6. Camo & Krooked & Mefjus - "Mandala" (Malux remix)
  7. Ivy Lab - "Sunday Crunk" (Mefjus remix)
  8. Phace & Mefjus - "Malmaison"
  9. Mefjus & InsideInfo - "Leibniz"
  10. Mefjus & Emperor - "Flashizm VIP"
  11. Phace & Mefjus - "Swerve"
  12. Mefjus - "Chaos Theory"
  13. Mefjus - "Continuous VIP"
  14. Mefjus & Emperor - "Disrupted VIP"
  15. Noisia - "Exavolt" (Mefjus remix)
  16. Mefjus - "Saturate"
  17. Mefjus - "Dissuade" (Emperor remix)
  18. Current Value & Mefjus - "Senescence"
  19. Phace & Mefjus - "Wastemen"
  20. Mefjus & June Miller - "Saus VIP"
  21. Phace & Mefjus - "Decisions"
  22. Mefjus - "Blitz"
  23. Mefjus - "Suicide Bassline VIP"
  24. Mefjus & InsideInfo - "Mythos VIP"
  25. Mefjus - "Surrounded"
  26. Mefjus - "Untitled" (dub)
  27. Mefjus & Misanthrop - "Stutter"
  28. Emperor - "SMPL" (Mefjus remix)
  29. Mefjus & Emperor - "Sanity Check"
Review: Fabric has described Mefjus's contribution to their FabricLive mix series as a "hybrid artist and DJ mix album". That's because the Austrian D&B starlet has taken the bold step to pack the 29-track set with his productions and remixes. In fact, every single thing featured on the thrill-a-minute CD is his work, even the previously unreleased "VIP" versions of tracks by the neurofunk heavyweight's peers. It's a blueprint that guarantees success. While there's plenty of subtle variety and occasional changes in direction, the set is propelled forwards at a furious lick by the Austrian's passion for fuzzy, mind-altering basslines, Blade Runner-style soundscapes, punchy rhythms and fizzing electronics. As a result, the 80-minute mix seems to pass by at the blink of an eye.
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Escapism 4 (unmixed CD)
Cat: LIQUICITYCOMP 009. Rel: 20 Nov 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Flite - "Between Sky 7 Sea"
  2. Feint - "Take It In" (feat Koven - Hybrid Minds remix)
  3. Blue Marble - "Feel Good"
  4. Monrroe - "Dawning" (Technimatic remix)
  5. Edlan - "Horizon"
  6. Dualistic - "Station Six"
  7. Monrroe - "Winters Touch"
  8. Humanature & Tarz - "Connection"
  9. Bachelors Of Science - "Beats Still Own The Rhythm" (Pola & Bryson remix)
  10. Silence Groove - "Autumn Plains"
  11. Nelver - "Save Yourself"
  12. Nymfo - "Apple Tree"
  13. Shiny Radio - "A Million Colours"
  14. Rameses B - "Stranded"
  15. Actraiser - "Glow Worm"
  16. Phaction - "Echo"
Review: When it comes to horizontally minded, soul-soothing drum and bass, few labels are quite as accomplished as Holland's Liquidity. For proof, check this fourth volume in their consistently fine Escapism compilation series. From the moment it begins with the extended ambient build-up and drifting vocal samples of Flite's "Between Sky & Sea", you know you're in for a treat. As you'd expect, the emphasis is on rich musicality throughout, with vocal cuts from the likes of Feint and Monrow being joined by sparkling liquid funk workouts from Edlan, Dualistic, Silence Groove and Blue Marble, whose anthem-like "Feel Good" is arguably the compilation's standout moment.
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Cat: XL 894CD. Rel: 20 Nov 17
UK Garage
  1. Chabuddy Intro
  2. Scott Garcia X Kurupt FM - "It's A Kuruption Ting"
  3. Sunship - "Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It)"
  4. DJ Zinc - "138 Trek"
  5. Wookie - "Down On Me"
  6. DJ Luck & MC Neat - "A Little Bit Of Luck"
  7. DJ Dee Kline - "I Don't Smoke"
  8. Agent X - "Decoy"
  9. SIA - "Little Man" (Exemen remix)
  10. Youngstar - "Pulse X"
  11. Ross Young & RB - "Smooth Operator" (Kurupt FM remix)
  12. One Waz Nice - "Messin Around" (Wideboys remix)
  13. E.S Dubs - "Standard Hoodlum Issue"
  14. Kurupt FM - "Suttin Like That"
  15. XTC - "Functions On The Low"
  16. Breakage - "Hard" (feat Newham Generals & David Rodigan - Kurupt FM dubplate)
  17. Wiley - "Eskimo"
  18. Jon E Cash - "Cash Beat AKA : Hoods-Up-Dub"
  19. Cage & Danny Weed - "Creeper"
  20. Dizee Rascal - "Ho"
  21. Platinum 45 - "Oi" (feat More Fire Crew)
  22. Wiley - "Igloo"
  23. Jammin - "Go D"
  24. Kurupt FM - "Get Out The Way" (Spooky remix - bonus track)
Review: Brentford's finest pirate radio crew turned BBC sitcom stars have finally made it onto CD. For those familiar with the ebb and flow of their acclaimed People Just Do Nothing series, The Lost Tape is something of a treat. Presented as a non-step Korupt FM broadcast complete with Chabuddy G intro, skewed Steves mixing and rhymes from Grindah and DJ Beats, it's a memorable romp through the history of British garage and grime with a few exclusives and never-before-heard tracks thrown in. Stylistically, it's eerily reminiscent of many pirate radio mixtapes from back-in-the-day - which, of course, is the idea - but with the added bonus of laugh-out-loud moments amongst the scene anthems from Sunship, Wookie, DJ Zinc, Youngstar, Wiley, Dizzee and the boys themselves.
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Watergate XV (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: WG 023. Rel: 20 Nov 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Henrik Schwarz - "Kantine"
  2. Jimi Jules - "Every Detail"
  3. Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis - "Hope"
  4. Gorje Hewek & Izhevski - "Arkkaim"
  5. Floyd Lavine & Gumz - "Black Note"
  6. Ellen Allien - "Lost In Paradise"
  7. Alex Niggemann - "Ava"
  8. Marco Resmann - "Beehive"
  9. Tiefschwarz - "Control"
  10. Catz 'N Dogz - "Mr Invoice"
  11. Steve Bug - "Silver Ants"
  12. Osunlade - "Nyepi"
  13. Butch - "Nowhere"
  14. Solomun - "Amanacer"
  15. Rodriguez Jr - "1PM Sunrise"
  16. Lee Jones - "Sacbe"
  17. Oliver Koletzki - "The Inner Me"
  18. Adana Twins - "Zuul"
  19. Anja Schneider - "Vibration"
  20. Mathias Kaden - "7th Dimension"
  21. La Fleur - "Femton"
  22. Hyenah - "Elinga"
  23. Cinthie - "Hatschi Hatschi"
  24. Sebo K - "Mirage"
  25. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - "Kisses In The Dark"
Review: Three cheers for Berlin club institution Watergate, which this month celebrates 15 years of riverside raving in the heart of techno's liveliest city. To celebrate, they've gathered together two CDs worth of previously unreleased tracks from some of their nearest and dearest. Impressive contributions from resident DJs Matthias Meyer, Tiefschwarz, La Fleur, Cinthie and Jimi Jules are joined by equally inspired workouts from producers closely affiliated with the club, including Ellen Allien, Steve Bug, Hyenah (who has delivered some of the best music on Watergate's label in recent times) and Kollektiv Turmstrasse. While naturally rooted in techno, there's plenty of variety to be found throughout (think mutations of tech-house, techno, electronica and ambient), making it a fitting celebration of one of Europe's most iconic nighttime venues.
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Pop Ambient 2018 (unmixed CD)
Cat: KOMPAKTCD 142. Rel: 20 Nov 17
  1. Fresco & Pfeiffer - "Splinter"
  2. Yui Onodera - "Prism"
  3. Chuck Johnson - "Brahmi"
  4. Triola - "L'Atalante"
  5. Kenneth James Gibson - "Disinclined To Vacate"
  6. Kaito - "Travelled Between Souls"
  7. Mikkel Metal - "Shame"
  8. Jens-Uwe Beyer - "Athos"
  9. The Orb - "Sky's Falling"
  10. T. Raumschmiere - "Eterna"
  11. Wurden & Pfeiffer - "Panorama"
  12. Yui Onodera - "Nine Chairs To The Moon"
Review: The appearance of Kompakt's annual Pop Ambient compilation is usually a sign that Christmas is on its way. This year's edition is naturally as soothing and heart-warming as a glass of single malt beside the fire following a heavy festive feast. Highlights include the neo-classical movements of Chuck Johnson's wintry "Brahmi", the bubbly electronics of Kenneth James Gibson's "Destined To Vacate", the cinematic sweeps and layered field recordings of Wurden and Pfieffer's "Vacate" and the gently unfurling bliss of Yui Onodera's "Nine Chairs To The Moon", which sounds like an unlikely collaboration between Johnny Nash and Brian Eno. Those after "bigger" names will enjoy the fine contributions from the Orb and T.Raumschmiere, though there are far more sublime pieces elsewhere on the CD.
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Rest (CD)
Cat: 506052 5431517. Rel: 20 Nov 17
  1. Ring-A-Ring O' Roses
  2. Lying With You
  3. Kate
  4. Deadly Valentine
  5. I'm A Lie
  6. Rest
  7. Sylvia Says
  8. Songbird In A Cage
  9. Dans Vos Airs
  10. Les Crocodiles
  11. Les Oxalis
Review: Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, worked tirelessly on 'Rest' for seven years before it was ready for release. The effect of this time spent in gestation is palpable, giving a sense of her meditative and contemplative process of songwriting. 'Rest' draws from a broad palette of sounds such as alt-rock and coldwave, with more upbeat moments of disco and pop. 'Rest' is an intensely personal album with emotional foundations in grief and family ties, and its deft structure and writing shows off Gainsbourg's ability to use light and shade - here as melancholy and hope - to powerful effect.
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Cat: 670431 4. Rel: 30 Oct 17
  1. Mona Lisa
  2. Smile
  3. Nature Boy
  4. L O V E
  5. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
  6. Miss Otis Regrets
  7. Pick Yourself Up
  8. When Love Was King
  9. The Lonely One
  10. Ballerina
  11. I Wonder Who My Daddy Is
  12. The Christmas Song
Review: Gregory Porter's rise to superstar status has been built on a string of fine albums that blur the boundaries between soul and contemporary jazz. This time around, he's decided to do something different, delivering a heartfelt and well-meaning tribute to the work of legendary jazz vocalist Nat King Cole. Musically, there are few surprises, with Porter and his musical collaborators largely recreating the sweeping, string-drenched sound familiar from Nat King Cole's work. Porter is arguably a more powerful and versatile vocalist than Cole - and, yes, we're aware that this is a bold claim - so he somehow gets a little more out of familiar staples such as "Nature Boy", "Smile" and "Mona Lisa". It wouldn't be a Nat King Cole tribute without some festive fare, so it's fitting to see Porter include a fine cover of "The Christmas Song".
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Utopia: Special Editon (limited CD + poster)
Cat: TPLP 1381CD. Rel: 27 Nov 17
  1. Arisen My Senses
  2. Blissing Me
  3. The Gate
  4. Utopia
  5. Body Memory
  6. Features Creatures
  7. Courtship
  8. Losss
  9. Sue Me
  10. Tabula Rasa
  11. Claimstaker
  12. Paradisia
  13. Saint
  14. Future Forever
Review: Depending on which reviews you read, Utopia is either Bjork's most impressive album for a long time, or an interesting but flawed one. Co-produced by Mute and XL artist Arca with occasional studio contributions from Rabit, the set was designed to be positive and dream-like in tone, with Bjork delivering some of her most romantic lyrics to date. Musically, it's every bit as bonkers and brilliant as you'd expect, with pastoral and classical instrumentation nestling side by side with 8-bit electronics, bowel-bothering sub-bass, folksy textures and wildlife field recordings. It should perhaps be seen as a partner piece to the notably dystopian Vulcinara (2015), offering a more blissful counterpoint to that album's bleak and intense mood.
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Arpo (CD)
Cat: HTH 080CD. Rel: 13 Nov 17
  1. Arpo
  2. Korals
  3. OK Werkmeister
  4. Music Stand
  5. Any Pill
  6. Arpo Sunk
  7. Ekko Ink
  8. No Wonder We Go Under
  9. I Look Like I Look In A Tinfoil Mirror
  10. Trokel
  11. Out To Rust
Review: Over the last few years, we've learned not to second-guess the content of Call Super records. The producer has done a successful job carving his own particular niche, delivering releases that pay their dues to the dancefloor while also exploring the worlds of ambient and experimental electronica. Predictably, he's at it again on sophomore set Arpo, unfurling a fine selection of tracks that variously touch on clarinet-laden soundscapes, deep space Balearica, fizzing, footwork-inspired beat-scapes, mid-'90s intelligent techno, Aphex Twin style IDM, sun-dried bass music experimentation and saucer-eyed ambient. It's thrillingly hard to pigeonhole, mostly free of surging club tracks and hugely atmospheric from start to finish.
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Cat: GLRCDXD 5. Rel: 30 Oct 17
  1. Dan Hartman - "Vertigo/Relight My Fire" (feat Loleatta Holloway)
  2. The Jacksons - "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)"
  3. Patti LaBelle - "Music Is My Way Of Life"
  4. Jackie Moore - "This Time Baby"
  5. Johnny Mathis - "Gone, Gone, Gone"
  6. Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr - "Shine On Silver Moon"
  7. Real Thing - "Can You Feel The Force"
  8. Melba Moore - "Pick Me Up, I'll Dance"
  9. Mighty Clouds Of Joy - "In These Changing Times"
  10. Marlena Shaw - "Touch Me In The Morning"
  11. Sly Stone - "Dance To The Music"
  12. The Jacksons - "Blame It On The Boogie"
  13. Melba Moore - "You Stepped Into My Life"
  14. Stanley Clarke - "Just A Feeling"
  15. Southern Exposure - "On Our Way"
  16. Sarah Dash - "(Come & Take This) Candy From Your Baby"
  17. Santana - "One Chain (Don't Make No Prison)"
  18. The Quick - "Zulu"
  19. Cerrone - "Back Track"
  20. Gladys Knight & The Pips - "I Will Fight"
  21. The Jacksons - "Walk Right Now"
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Incidents (CD)
Cat: SFQCD 002. Rel: 03 Jul 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Entry
  2. A Civil Dose
  3. Fever
  4. Stand Up
  5. Do It For Me
  6. Disco Rebellion
  7. Shape Your Dreams
  8. Raid
  9. Master Of The Universe
  10. Ripple Effect
  11. Exit
Review: After recent releases on the Save Fabric album, Alola & Jack Trax, Mr.C has delved deep into his musical psyche to deliver an acid master-class that's influenced by Ska, Dub, Electro, Italo Disco, Acid House & Tech House, bringing his roots up to date with this massive modern production. Incidents is about things that can happen while clubbing. Down-tempo tracks Entry Search, A Civil Dose & Quick Exit will dub you out. Slightly quicker Acid Fever & Stand Up will completely groove you & dance tracks Do It For Me, Disco Rebellion, Shape Your Dreams, Raid, Ripple Effect & Master Of The Universe will make you dance like no-one's watching. Incidents is the complete electronic album that pulls all the punches, gives a nod to the past & yet has it's feet firmly embedded in the future. This is easily Mr.C's best solo work to date & essential listening.
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All About (CD)
Cat: FOKUZCD 020. Rel: 30 Oct 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Bert H & High N Sick - "All About"
  2. Bert H & High N Sick - "Aurora"
  3. Bert H & High N Sick - "Tides" (The Vanguard Project remix)
  4. Bert H, Sickness & Dismay - "Love Like This"
  5. Bert H, High N Sick & Monrroe - "Without You"
  6. Bert H & High N Sick - "Kiss Me" (Command Strange remix)
  7. Bert H & High N Sick - "Solitude"
  8. Bert H & High N Sick - "My Way"
  9. Bert H, High N Sick & Monrroe - "Look At Me" (feat Becca Jane Grey)
  10. Bert H & High N Sick - "Street Spirit"
  11. Bert H - "Fly With Me" (Bop remix)
  12. Bert H & High N Sick - "Escape" (Seba remix)
  13. Bert H & Silence Groove - "Rain Remains"
  14. Bert H & High N Sick - "Wildwood"
  15. Bert H & All Mode - "Fallacy" (Zero T remix)
Review: Since making his debut in 2014, Moscow-based Bert H has rapidly become one of the rising stars of soulful drum & bass. His punchy, melodic and rolling productions have previously been showcased on a dizzying array of singles and EPs. Here, he finally delivers his debut album, a vibrant and colourful romp heavy on collaborations with fellow Russian soul-junglist High N Sick and like-minded producers Monroe and Silence Groove. He barely puts a foot wrong throughout, delivering weighty but ear-pleasing tunes that offer a superb balance between melodious musicality, attractive dreaminess and funk-fuelled D&B heaviness. In other words, it's a hugely enjoyable first full-length that gets better with every listen.
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Cat: SSCD 12. Rel: 09 Oct 17
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. See & Blind, Hear & Deaf
  2. Treasure Beach
  3. Too Much Ginger
  4. Sista's Love
  5. Nyabinghi Warriors
  6. Decide What You Choose
  7. Maroon Strategies
  8. The Sorrell Sweet
  9. A So We Gwarn
  10. 18.1096 N 77.2975 W
  11. Shy Makku
  12. The Rockers Rebel Step
  13. It's All For Us
  14. Don't Put Your Hat Where Your Hand Can't Reach
Review: Here's something to set the pulse racing: a collaborative debut album (on Sound Signature, no less) from London broken beat veterans Dego and Kaidi Tatham. As with their previous joint releases on 2000 Black, Rush Hour, Eglo and, of course, Sound Signature, it's the duo's love of rich, jazz-fuelled musicality, sun-kissed melodies and loose, languid rhythms that shines through. There are naturally nods towards disco, boogie, jazz-funk, Afrobeat, hip-hop and classic "bruk", with a stellar cast list of guest musicians and vocalists swinging by to lend a hand. If Herbie Hancock decamped to Ladbroke Grove and made an album with Bugz in the Attic, it would probably sound like this. In our book, that's a very good thing indeed.
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Cat: BP 6872017. Rel: 16 Oct 17
Uplifting Trance
  1. Seven Worlds (Vision 1)
  2. Escape The Gravity
  3. Vapor (intro)
  4. Vapor
  5. Spotter
  6. Passion
  7. Suborbital
  8. Tipsy Flower
  9. Perfect Blue
  10. Domino (Vision 2 - intro)
  11. Domino
  12. Whiteout
  13. Cepheid
  14. Freakwaves
  15. Little Wing
  16. Aviation
  17. Colors Of Noise
  18. Your Love
  19. When It's Dark Outside
  20. Input
  21. Supercycle
 in stock $11.94
Cat: UMC 3432. Rel: 20 Nov 17
  1. Branches/Bones
  2. Dear World,
  3. She's Gone Away
  4. The Idea Of You
  5. Burning Bright (Field On Fire)
 in stock $9.72
New Forms (reissue) (4xCD in 40 page hardcover book sleeve)
Cat: 577371 2. Rel: 13 Nov 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Railing
  2. Brown Paper Bag
  3. New Forms
  4. Lets Get It On
  5. Digital
  6. Matter Of Fact
  7. Mad Cat
  8. Heroes
  9. Share The Fall (Full vocal mix)
  10. Watching Windows
  11. Beatbox
  12. Morse Code
  13. Destination
  14. Intro
  15. Hi-potent
  16. Trust Me
  17. Change My Life
  18. Share The Fall
  19. Down
  20. Jazz
  21. Hot Stuff
  22. Ballet Dance
  23. Electricks (B-side of Heroes)
  24. Western (B-side of Brown Paper Bag)
  25. Sounds Fresh (Reasons for sharing EP)
  26. Brown Paper Bag (Roni Size Full vocal remix)
  27. Heroes (Origin Unknown remix)
  28. Watching Windows (DJ Die Gnarly vocal mix)
  29. New Forms (Krust Wide Screen version)
  30. Share The Fall (Grooverider Jeep Style mix)
  31. Brown Paper Bag (Photek remix)
  32. Down (Bel Air remix)
  33. Heroes (Kruder long Loose Bossa)
  34. Watching Windoes (Roni Size Meets Nuyorican Soul)
  35. Brown Paper Bag (Roni Size Sound Is The music remix)
  36. Morse Code (2017 remix)
  37. Railing (2008 remix)
  38. Brown Paper Bag (2017 remix)
  39. New Forms (2008 remix)
  40. Lets Get It On (2017 remix)
  41. Trust Me (2017 remix - 2017 VIP remix)
  42. Electricks (2017 remix)
  43. Heroes (Kruder long Loose Bossa - 1997 album version - 2008 remix)
  44. Down (2017 re-edit)
  45. Western (2017 remix)
  46. Watching Windows (1997 radio edit - 1997 instrumental - DJ Die Gnarly instrumental mix)
  47. Sounds Fresh (2017 re-edit)
  48. Digital (2017 remix)
  49. Hold The Front Page
  50. Hi-potent (2017 re-edit)
  51. Share The Fall (2017 remix - Grooverider Jeep Style mix - Roni Size re-edit)
  52. Destination (2017 re-edit)
  53. Share The Fall (Full vocal mix - 2017 remix)
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Cat: RBCD 10. Rel: 13 Nov 17
  1. Soar
  2. Yom Thorke
  3. The Russian
  4. Samodiva
  5. Suncatcher
  6. Perth
  7. Teo Techno
  8. Peter Plet Plete
  9. Organ
  10. A Taste Of Metal
  11. Five
  12. The Universe In Her Eyes
Review: Strahil "Kink" Velchev may well be the hardest-working man in dance music. Each new-year brings a succession of fine singles, with little in the way of fluff or filler. Even so, the vast Playground is only his second album to date (his first, "Under Destruction", appeared in 2014). It is arguably his strongest collection of tracks to date, though. Over the course of the 12 tracks, he brilliantly demonstrates the depth and variety of his influences, variously turning his hand to cinematic downtempo beats ("Samodiva", "The Universe in Her Eyes"), warehouse-friendly peak-time anthems (stab-heavy smasher "Russian"), DJ Sneak/Dj Duke-style big room house ("Perth", 'Organ"), mind-altering experimental dub ("Peter Piet Pete"), Industrial ("Tate of Metal") and, of course, angular analogue techno ("Five", "Teo Techno").
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Cat: HDBCD 038. Rel: 20 Nov 17
  1. Konami Kukeiha Club - "Opening"
  2. Konami Kukeiha Club - "Mazed Music"
  3. Norio Nakagata - "Big Mode"
  4. Michiharu Hasuya - "Hidden Level"
  5. Konami Kukeiha Club - "A Planet Of Plants"
  6. Manabu Saito - "Telepathy"
  7. Konami Kukeiha Club - "Equipment"
  8. Konami Kukeiha Club - "BGM 3"
  9. Toshiya Yamanaka - "Visual Scene 1&2"
  10. Goblin Sound - "Opening"
  11. Tadahiro Nitta - "An-Un (Ominous Clouds)"
  12. Yuzo Koshiro - "Temple"
  13. Konami Kukeiha Club - "Road To Agartha"
  14. Hiroyuki Kawada - "King Erekiman"
  15. Katsuro Tajima - "Exercise"
  16. Goblin Sound - "Game Over"
  17. Konami Kukeiha Club - "Beyond The Terminus"
  18. Kazuko Umino - "Waltz Of Water & Bubbles"
  19. Hiroto Saito - "Main Stage BGM 1"
  20. Yasuhisa Watanabe - "Area 26-10"
  21. Hiroto Saito - "Site 3-1 (Torrid City)"
  22. Tadahiro Nitta - "Metal Area"
  23. Hiroto Saito - "Site 6-2"
  24. Masumi Itou - "Tactics 4"
  25. Goblin Sound - "My Phase (Stage 12/14)"
  26. Hiroaki Yoshida - "Kyoushin (Lunatic Forest)"
  27. Konami Kukeiha Club - "Underwater Dungeon"
  28. Technosoft - "Shooting Stars"
  29. Soshi Hosio - "Mister Diviner"
  30. Jun Ishikawa - "Main Theme"
  31. Kazuhiko Nagai - "Keel"
  32. Koichi Ishibashi - "Bad Data"
  33. Yasuaki Fujita - "What Is Your Birthday?"
  34. Kazuo Hanzawa - "Oblivious Past"
Review: Writer/director Nick Dwyer's Diggin in the Carts documentary series on Red Bull Music Academy has done much to chronicle the history and global influence of early Japanese video game music. Hyperdub head Kode9 was clearly a fan, as he's joined forces with Dwyer to put together this epic retrospective of "chip-era" compositions by Japanese electronic musicians. Game nerds are well catered for (details of which titles the various tracks are taken from are listed on the back cover), though you don't have to pine after early '80s consoles to enjoy the treats the duo has dug up. Naturally sparse and heavily synthesized, the majority of the tracks sound surprisingly good taken out of context (I.E without the games they were created for) and stand up to scrutiny almost 40 years after they were produced.
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Cat: TEXT 046CD. Rel: 02 Oct 17
Deep House
  1. Alap
  2. Two Thousand & Seventeen
  3. LA Trance
  4. Tremper
  5. Lush
  6. Scientists
  7. Falls 2
  8. You Are Loved
  9. SW9 9SL
  10. 10 Midi
  11. Memories
  12. Daughter
  13. Gentle Soul
  14. Planet
Review: If you were judging Kieran Hebden's 11th Four Tet studio album merely on the way it's presented, you'd immediately think he'd spent the last two years immersed in early '90s ambient house albums. While it's unlikely he's done that, it's fair to say that New Energy does owe a debt to classic electronica sets from that period. For all the exotic instrumentation and subtle nods to post-dubstep "aquacrunk" experimentalism and chiming, head-in-the-clouds sunrise house, the album feels like a relic of a lost era. That's not meant as a criticism - New Energy is superb - but it is true that his choice of neo-classical strings, gentle new age melodies, sweeping synthesizer chords and disconnected vocal samples would not sound out of place on a Global Communication album.
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Played by: Scratchandsniff
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Villains (CD)
Cat: OLE 11252. Rel: 28 Aug 17
  1. Feet Don't Fail Me
  2. The Way You Used To Do
  3. Domesticated Animals
  4. Fortress
  5. Head Like A Haunted House
  6. Un-Reborn Again
  7. Hideaway
  8. The Evil Has Landed
  9. Villains Of Circumstance
Review: If anybody thought QOTSA's previous offering '...Like Clockwork' indicated a band trying out new ideas, they're making far greater leaps this time around. Die-hard fans might be a little confused by the enlistment of Mark Ronson as the album's producer, perhaps even more so by the strong influence on Josh Homme of Ronson's ubiquitous 2014 hit 'Uptown Funk'. The outcome of this surprising collaboration proves to be a heady blend of the band's usual desert-rock sleaze and a crisp, infectious and floor-filling sound. This is an album to move to, and this new direction of dancefloor focus makes the blistering fuzzbox riffs and contortion-inducing solos sound even more cool and confident than ever.
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Cat: IDIB 055 CD. Rel: 27 Nov 17
  1. I Always Say Yes
  2. I Always Say Yes (Drumm)
  3. I Always Say Yes (reprise)
  4. City Lights
  5. The Chameleon
  6. Sanctuary
  7. Reprise (instrumental)
Review: Say yes! The definitive gossamer Italo floor fuel of Ida No and Johnny Jewel's Glass Candy outfit enjoys an expanded reissue here after over a decade out of print. Nothing but synthetic positivity as both the title track and "Drumm" stride with an almost marching feel before "Where Time Sits Still" plunges much deeper into moody new romantic cinematics. Elsewhere other highlights include the slinky poignancy that lingers from every spacious bass pluck on "City Lights" and the trembling ambience and pressurised atmosphere of the finale "Sanctuary". Yes please.
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Cat: PIKESCD 001. Rel: 02 Oct 17
  1. Locussolus - "Next To You" (Marcy Rising edit)
  2. Elkin & Nelson - "Abran Paso - Ahoa (Enrolle)"
  3. Eighth Wonder - "I'm Not Scared" (Disco mix)
  4. Idjut Boys - "One For Kenny"
  5. Roberto Rodriguez - "Mustat Varjot"
  6. Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony - "Spanish Boogie"
  7. The Project Club - "EL Mar Y La Luna" (Lovefingers remix)
  8. DJ Pippi - "Ibiza World Inspiration" (feat Antonio M Jemenez)
  9. Tony Esposito - "Danza Dell'Acqua"
  10. No ID - "Love Mecanica (Not Love Game)"
  11. Tore - "She's A Lady"
  12. Gatto Fritto - "Invisible College"
Review: Many claim to be "Balearic" DJs, but few genuinely are. DJ Harvey certainly is, as his triumphant summer residency at Pikes in Ibiza proved. If you didn't get a chance to check out the lauded veteran in action on the White Isle, fear not, because The Sound of Mercury Rising is almost entirely made up of music he championed over the summer. As you'd expect, it mixes notably obscure or overlooked gems from the distant past (Elkin & Nelson, the brilliant disco mix of Eighth Wonder's Pet Shop Boys' produced "I'm Not Scared", the Spanish-themed disco of Van McCoy, a killer Tony Esposito cut, and so on) with more recent fare that have tickled Harvey's fancy (the Idjut Boys, Gatto Fritto and the producer's own Locussolus project).
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Automatic For The People: 25th Anniversary Edition (2xCD + 24 page booklet + postcards + poster)
Cat: 720297 6. Rel: 20 Nov 17
  1. Drive
  2. Try Not To Breathe
  3. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
  4. Everybody Hurts
  5. New Orleans Instrumental No 1
  6. Sweetness Follows
  7. Monty Got A Raw Deal
  8. Ignoreland
  9. Star Me Kitten
  10. Man On The Moon
  11. Nightswimming
  12. Find The River
  13. Drive (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  14. Monty Got A Raw Deal (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  15. Everybody Hurts (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  16. Man On The Moon (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  17. Losing My Religion (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  18. Country Feedback (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  19. Begin The Begin (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  20. Fall On Me (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  21. Me In Honey (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  22. Finest Worksong (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  23. Love Is All Around (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  24. Funtime (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
  25. Radio Free Europe (live At The 40 Watt club 11/19/92)
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Cat: ZENCD 245. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Eye To Eye
  2. May
  3. Sorceress
  4. Nerve
  5. Goodbyes
  6. Clues Blues
  7. Chemical Coincidence
  8. Carnation
  9. Lucid
  10. Hiding Place
  11. Wallflower (feat Kaya Thomas-Dyke)
Review: Jordan Rakei's brilliant debut album, Cloak, made such an impact that the multi-talented New Zealander now finds himself signed to one of the world's most successful independent labels, Ninja Tune. The move into the big leagues seems to have inspired the multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer to up his game, because Wallflower is arguably even better than his debut. Rakei has taken a more widescreen approach, largely ditching the trusty MPC in favour of live drums, bass, guitars, pianos and, on a couple of stand-out cuts, what sounds like a string quartet. As a result, his usually woozy and sun-kissed songs sound even warmer and sunnier, with the Rakei's impeccable vocals coming gift-wrapped in classic musicality. In other words, it's a bit good.
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Cat: 190758 03092. Rel: 20 Nov 17
  1. 2049
  2. Sapper's Tree
  3. Flight To LAPD
  4. Frank Sinatra - "Summer Wind"
  5. Rain
  6. Wallace
  7. Memory
  8. Mesa
  9. Orphanage
  10. Furnace
  11. Someone Lived This
  12. Joi
  13. Pilot
  14. Elvis Presley - "Suspicious Minds"
  15. Elvis Presley & The Jordanaires - "Can't Help Falling In Love"
  16. Frank Sinatra - "One For My Baby (& One More For The Road)"
  17. Hijack
  18. That's Why We Believe
  19. Her Eyes Were Green
  20. Sea Wall
  21. All The Best Memories Are Hers
  22. Tears In The Rain
  23. Blade Runner
  24. Lauren Daigle - "Almost Human"
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Cat: 450996 5742. Rel: 29 Nov 04
  1. Main Titles
  2. Blush Response
  3. Wait For Me
  4. Rachel's Song
  5. Love Theme
  6. One More Kiss, Dear
  7. Blade Runner Blues
  8. Memories Of Green
  9. Tales Of The Future
  10. Damask Rose
  11. Blade Runner (End Titles)
  12. Tears In Rain
 in stock $6.11
Cat: 579243 8. Rel: 25 Sep 17
  1. Wonderful Wonderful
  2. The Man
  3. Rut
  4. Life To Come
  5. Run For Cover
  6. Tyson Vs Douglas
  7. Some Kind Of Love
  8. Out Of My Mind
  9. The Calling
  10. Have All The Songs Been Written?
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Cat: STH 2389CD. Rel: 20 Nov 17
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Alltypeofchnces
  2. Livvin (remix)
  3. Wngs (remix)
  4. Best 1 (remix)
  5. Kutless (remix)
  6. Lyk Dis (remix)
  7. Idntrememberwell
  8. HAN (remix)
  9. Scared (remix)
  10. Best 2
  11. Suede (Uptwnmixx)
  12. Reali(the)nd
Review: Given that Knxwledge is renowned for being a prolific remixer, it's little surprise that he's taken the opportunity to rework his 2016 collaboration with vocalist Anderson Paak as NxWorries, Yes Lawd! For the most part, these fresh interpretations are inspired, to say the least. With Knxwledge pushing Paak's voice to the fore and largely relegating his own beats to a supporting role, tracks such as "Best1", "Livin" and "Scared" are re-born as drowsy, soul-fired blends of jazz, dub and experimental hip-hop. It's a fusion that results in a series of inspired interpretations that not only defy easy categorization, but also blur the lines between original composition, sample manipulation and left-of-centre beat making.
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Cat: DAP 050. Rel: 20 Nov 17
  1. Master Of Time
  2. Sail On!
  3. Just Give Me Your Time
  4. Come & Be A Winner
  5. Rumors
  6. Pass Me By
  7. Searching For A New Day
  8. These Tears (No Longer For You)
  9. When I Saw Your Face
  10. Girl! (You Got To Forgive Him)
  11. Call On God
Review: Before she passed away last year, Sharon Jones spent a couple of months recording what would become her final album with the Dap Kings. Released posthumously, Soul of a Woman is every bit as good as her previous collaborations with Bosco Mann's revivalist soul and funk band. Naturally, Jones death has added extra poignancy to the album's more melancholic moments (see "Just Give Me Your Time" and "Pass Me By" and "When I Saw Your Face"), but these sorrowful outings are contrasted by a string of rousing soul and funk anthems in her confident and effortlessly soulful style. With Mann and the rest of the Dap Kings excelling themselves in a bid to guarantee Jones' legacy, Soul of a Woman may well be Jones single finest album. It's certainly a fitting send off for one of soul's finest voices.
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Ambience In Dub 1982-1985 (5xCD + 24 page booklet)
Cat: ONUCD 137. Rel: 13 Nov 17
  1. Pounding Systems
  2. Hi-Fi Gets A Pounding (parts 1 & 2)
  3. "African Head Charge" Don't Care About Space Invader Machines (parts 1 & 2)
  4. Fringe On Top Dub
  5. Humourless Journalist Works To Rules
  6. 10k At 0VU - 60 Hz - Mind Boggles!
  7. Crucial Tony Tries To Rescue The Space Invaders (With Only 10p)
  8. Hi-Fi Gets A Pounding (part 3)
  9. Return To Stage One
  10. Gather At The River (bonus track)
  11. Socca
  12. Overloader
  13. Drilling Equipment
  14. Drainpipe Rats
  15. Schemers
  16. Ascendent (part 4)
  17. Synchroniser
  18. Independence
  19. Substyle
  20. Displaced Master
  21. Ascendent (part 6)
  22. Blood Shed Dub (bonus track)
  23. Man Of Mystery
  24. Dr Who?
  25. Pressurized
  26. Tribute
  27. A Taste Of Honey
  28. North Of The River Thames
  29. Red Sea
  30. We Like It Hot
  31. Can't Stop Jumping (bonus track)
  32. Pablo's African Blood (bonus track)
  33. Ravi Shankar (part 1)
  34. The Show Is Coming
  35. Must Be Dreaming
  36. Over Board
  37. Forever More
  38. Geoffrey Boycott
  39. Wellie
  40. Jolly
  41. Out & About
  42. Boggled Minds
  43. Honey Version
  44. Money Dealers
  45. No Flash
  46. Subway Style
  47. Haunted Ground
  48. All Other Roads Are Shut Off
  49. Keep You Rocking
  50. Red Sea Dub
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Cat: 50 BCCD. Rel: 06 Nov 17
  1. Incantation For Inanimate Object
  2. Spinning Dance
  3. Pass Through The Fire
  4. Each Moment Like The First
  5. The Beginning & End Of The World
  6. Thunder Moon Gathering
  7. The Animal Spirits
  8. The Neverending
  9. Go Gladly Into The Earth
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Cat: SEW 2158. Rel: 30 Oct 17
  1. Sexy Ways (Recloose Disco Flip)
  2. You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure (Alton Miller mix)
  3. Get Your Ass Off & Jam (Marcellus Pittman remix)
  4. Cosmic Slop (Moodymann mix)
  5. Music For My Mother (Andres Wo Ahh Ay vocal mix)
  6. Undisco Kidd (Gay Marvine edit)
  7. Super Stupid (Dirtbombs version)
  8. Take Your Dead Ass Home (The Fantasy version)
  9. Music 4 My Mother (Underground Resistance mix)
  10. Let's Take It To The Stage (Amp Fiddler Laugin @ Ya mix)
  11. Standing On The Verge (Anthony Shake Shakir & T dancer remix)
  12. You & Your Folks (Claude Young Jr club mix)
  13. Be My Beach (Mophno & Tom Thump mix)
  14. You & Your Folks (Claude Young Jr dub)
  15. Let's Make It Last (Kenny Dixon Jr edit - mono)
  16. Looking Back At You (Ectomorph Stripped & dubbed)
  17. Maggot Brain (BMG dub)
Review: Given the brilliantly simple concept behind this fine compilation - contemporary Detroit producers remix Funkadelic - we're rather surprised nobody's done it before. With 17 varied re-rubs stretched across two hugely entertaining CDs, there's plenty to enjoy. Highlights come thick and fast, from the deep house/P-funk fusion of Alton Miller's take on "Get Your Ass Off and Jam" and Andres' loose, hip-hop influenced revision of "Music For My Mother", to the thrusting loops and heady late night hypnotism of Anthony Shake Shakir and T-Dancer's version of "Standing on the Verge". While many of the versions stay relatively faithful to the original, the more "out-there" interpretations - see BMG's outer-space ambient dub of "Maggot Brain" and Moodymann's epic revision of "Cosmic Slop" - are also consistently impressive.
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Cat: MOSCD 500. Rel: 20 Nov 17
  1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - "Relax"
  2. New Order - "Blue Monday"
  3. Soft Cell - "Tainted Love"
  4. The Human League - "Love Action (I Believe In Love)"
  5. Bronski Beat - "Smalltown Boy"
  6. Visage - "Fade To Grey"
  7. Spandau Ballet - "To Cut A Long Story Short"
  8. Ultravox - "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes"
  9. Alphaville - "Big In Japan"
  10. Wham! - "Everything She Wants"
  11. Blancmange - "Living On The Ceiling"
  12. Herbie Hancock - "Rockit"
  13. Freeez - "IOU"
  14. Belouis Some - "Imagination"
  15. Nu Shooz - "I Can't Wait"
  16. The Associates - "Party Fears Two"
  17. Wang Chung - "Dance Hall Days"
  18. Heaven 17 - "Temptation"
  19. Talk Talk - "It's My Life"
  20. The Communards & Sarah Jane Morris - "Don't Leave Me This Way"
  21. Ultravox - "Vienna"
  22. Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"
  23. The Human League - "Don't You Want Me"
  24. Gary Numan - "Cars"
  25. Spandau Ballet - "Chant No.1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)"
  26. Duran Duran - "Girls On Film"
  27. A-ha - "Take On Me"
  28. Nik Kershaw - "Wouldn't It Be Good"
  29. ABC - "The Look Of Love (Pt.1)"
  30. King - "Love & Pride"
  31. Dead Or Alive - "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)"
  32. Kajagoogoo - "Too Shy"
  33. Howard Jones - "Pearl In The Shell"
  34. Thompson Twins - "Hold Me Now"
  35. Go West - "We Close Our Eyes"
  36. Fiction Factory - "(Feels Like) Heaven"
  37. Altered Images - "Don't Talk To Me About Love"
  38. A Flock Of Seagulls - "Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)"
  39. Scritti Politti - "Wood Beez"
  40. Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy - "Kiss Me"
  41. Paul Hardcastle - "19"
  42. Trio - "Da Da Da (I Don't Love You, You Don't Love Me Ah Aha Aha)"
  43. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - "Enola Gay"
  44. Tubeway Army - "Are 'Friends' Electric?"
  45. Harold Faltermeyer - "Axel F"
  46. Landscape - "Einstein A Go-Go"
  47. Yello - "The Race"
  48. Art Of Noise - "Close (To The Edit)"
  49. Animotion - "Obsession"
  50. Jan Hammer - "Crockett's Theme"
  51. Flash & The Pan - "Waiting For A Train"
  52. Kim Carnes - "Bette Davis Eyes"
  53. Joe Jackson - "Steppin' Out"
  54. Jona Lewie - "You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties"
  55. Men Without Hats - "Safety Dance"
  56. Thomas Dolby - "Hyperactive!"
  57. Propaganda - "Duel"
  58. Re-Flex - "The Politics Of Dancing"
  59. The Passions - "I'm In Love With A German Film Star"
  60. Roxy Music - "Avalon"
  61. Simple Minds - "Don't You (Forget About Me)"
  62. Tears For Fears - "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"
  63. Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - "Together In Electric Dreams"
  64. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - "Souvenir"
  65. Midge Ure - "No Regrets"
  66. Roxy Music - "Avalon"
  67. Japan - "Quiet Life"
  68. Duran Duran - "Rio"
  69. New Order - "True Faith"
  70. Big Audio Dynamite - "E=MC2"
  71. Grace Jones - "Pull Up To The Bumper"
  72. Blondie - "Atomic"
  73. Joy Division - "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
  74. Sigue Sigue Sputnik - "Love Missile F1-11"
  75. The Cure - "The Walk"
  76. The Stranglers - "Golden Brown"
  77. China Crisis - "Black Man Ray"
  78. Kim Wilde - "Kids In America"
  79. Billy Idol - "Eyes Without A Face"
  80. The Dream Academy - "Life In A Northern Town"
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Circus 15 (2xCD (CD 1 mixed, CD 2 unmixed))
Cat: CIRCUS 079CD. Rel: 13 Nov 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Jamie Jones - "Melodic Phase"
  2. Sasha - "Do The Maff"
  3. Steve Lawler - "Classifried"
  4. Kerri Chandler - "The Intro" (Rocco Love Reedit)
  5. Hot Since 82 - "Chasing"
  6. Paco Osuna - "Slow The Funk"
  7. Alan Fitzpatrick - "Bhuna"
  8. Darius Syrossian - "What Is Life"
  9. Patrick Topping - "Dreams"
  10. Andrea Oliva - "No Brainer"
  11. Bontam - "You Don't Know"
  12. Catz 'N Dogz - "Addiction"
  13. Carl Cox - "Dark Alleys" (Carl Cox Pure mix)
  14. Joris Voorn - "DM12"
  15. Yousef - "How Did I Get Here"
  16. Jamie Jones - "Melodic Phase"
  17. Sasha - "Do The Maff"
  18. Steve Lawler - "Classifried"
  19. Kerri Chandler - "The Intro" (Rocco Love Reedit)
  20. Hot Since 82 - "Chasing"
  21. Paco Osuna - "Slow To Funk"
  22. Alan Fitpatrick - "Bhuna"
  23. Darius Syrossian - "What Is Life"
  24. Patrick Topping - "Dreams"
  25. Andrea Oliva - "No Brainer"
  26. Bontan - "You Dont Know"
  27. Catz N Dogz - "Addiction"
  28. Carl Cox - "Dark Alleys" (Carl Cox Pure mix)
  29. Joris Voorn - "DM12"
  30. Yousef - "How Did I Get Here"
Played by: Patrick Topping
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Cat: YWCD 002. Rel: 06 Nov 17
Deep House
  1. Dirt Biter
  2. Memory Per Voice
  3. PCH
  4. Don't Stop (dub)
  5. Don't No
  6. Like This
  7. Butt Wot?
  8. C'mon C'mon
  9. Sold Out
  10. Omni Corp
  11. See Yourself
  12. Long System
  13. Do It
  14. No Lube
  15. What Does It All Mean?
  16. Work It
  17. Kill Dem
  18. In Riddim
  19. Tunnel Vision
  20. Stand Down (dub)
Review: It seems that Trevor Jackson's vault of unheard Playgroup recordings is even more sizeable than previously thought. Here the veteran DJ/producer delivers a second two-disc compendium of unreleased archival gems, presenting a range of cuts that variously touch on post-punk disco, electro, new wave, P-funk (the brilliant "Don't Stop (Dub)"), experimental dub disco, lo-fi deep house, deep boogie, skewed dub and delay-laden, proto-house style workouts. Jackson even turns his hand to wonky digi-dub ("In Riddim") and intense, distortion-rich techno ("No Lube") with predictably impressive results. That the quality threshold remains impressively high throughout is testament to Jackson's production skills.
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Played by: In Flagranti
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Cat: MEDIC 72CD. Rel: 06 Nov 17
Drum And Bass
  1. All The Shimemering Things
  2. Is This The Way? (feat Abbie Rose)
  3. Tree Houses
  4. Hidden Peaks
  5. Light Cascading (feat Becca Jane Grey)
  6. Nightingale Valley
  7. Jungle Ballet
  8. Amethyst
  9. Daydreaming (feat Kailaa)
  10. Guesswork
  11. Piano Only
  12. Cosmic Creeper
 in stock $8.33
  1. It's Just A Burning Memory (Stage 1)
  2. We Dont Have Many Days
  3. Late Afternoon Drifting
  4. Childishly Fresh Eyes
  5. Slightly Bewildered
  6. Things That Are Beautiful & Transient
  7. All That Follows Is True
  8. An Autumnal Equinox
  9. Quiet Internal Rebellions
  10. The Loves Of My Entire Life
  11. Into Each Others Eyes
  12. My Heart Will Stop With Joy
  13. A Losing Battle Is Raging (Stage 2)
  14. Misplaced In Time
  15. What Does It Matter How My Heart Breaks
  16. Glimpses Of Hope In Trying Times
  17. Surrendering To Despair
  18. I Still Feel As Though I Am Me
  19. Quiet Dusk Coming Early
  20. Last Moments Of Pure Recall
  21. Denial Unravelling
  22. The Way Ahead Feels Lonely
  23. Back There Benjamin (Stage 3)
  24. And Heart Breaks
  25. Hidden Sea Buried Deep
  26. Libet's All Joyful Camaraderie
  27. To The Minimal Great Hidden
  28. Sublime Beyond Loss
  29. Bewildered In Other Eyes
  30. Long Term Dusk Glimpses
  31. Gradations Of Arms Length
  32. Drifting Time Misplaced
  33. Internal Bewildered World
  34. Burning Despair Does Ache
  35. Aching Cavern Without Lucidity
  36. An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
  37. Libet Delay
  38. Mournful Cameraderie
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Flashbacks 1992-1998 (2xCD + insert)
Cat: AER 030CD. Rel: 13 Nov 17
  1. Move My Body
  2. Jesus
  3. Faith In Acid
  4. Disappear
  5. HAL
  6. MF 2
  7. On The Touch
  8. Mulunga
  9. Odyssey
  10. Fairchild
  11. Razzblaster
  12. MF 1
  13. Radium
  14. Turkey Skank
  15. Neon
  16. Starseed
  17. Black Knight
  18. MF 3
  19. Ultraviolet
  20. Hibernation Drive
  21. Elektrosmog
  22. Uraniumsmuggle
  23. Interstate
Review: Before Roman Flugel and Jorn Elling Wuttke found fame as Alter Ego, they spent much of the '90s releasing heavyweight club cuts as Acid Jesus. For those who missed their releases first time around (or were simply too young), Flashbacks 1992-1998 does a good job in telling the story. It gathers together the best of their released material with a few previously unheard bits thrown in. As the name suggests, the TB-303 was a regular presence in much of the duo's work at this time and you'll find house and techno jack-tracks throughout. Thrillingly, though, the set also contains cuts that are closer in tone to both Underground Resistance and early UK bleep techno than the wild and aggressive techno jams that Flugel and Wuttke would later become famous for.
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 in stock $15.27
Cat: DSGCD 001. Rel: 06 Nov 17
  1. Ola Onabule - "Soul Town" (Nigel Lowis Classic Newtown mix)
  2. Gina Carey - "Dance" (Nigel Lowis radio City mix)
  3. McCrei - "Show Me" (Nigel Lowis Special K mix)
  4. Hannah White - "Sunny Day" (Nigel Lowis Caister mix)
  5. Marc Staggers - "This Old Heart Of Mine" (Nigel Lowis mix)
  6. Chubby Tavares - "Can’t Knock Me Down" (Nigel Lowis radio City mix)
  7. Neo - "Your Smile" (feat Rudi Wilburn - Nigel Lowis mix)
  8. The Soul City People - "State Of Mind" (feat Peter Symphorien - Nigel Lowis mix)
  9. Mather & Kingdon - "Soul Night" (Nigel Lowis mix)
  10. Samuel D Sanders - "Make You Mine" (Nigel Lowis Classic mix)
  11. Chairmen Of The Board - "Reach Out To Me" (feat Ken Knox - Nigel Lowis 2017 mix)
  12. Terry Ronald - "What The Child Need" (Nigel Lowis Re-Born mix)
  13. Marc Staggers - "Bring It Home To Me" (Nigel Lowis mix)
  14. Clif & Freda Payne - "No Payne No Gain" (Nigel Lowis Up Town mix)
  15. The Dig Band Starring Dina Carrol - "We Bring The Party" (Nigel Lowis Re-Vibed mix)
  16. Leanne McCrei - "Stay A Little Longer" (Nigel Lowis Detoroit mix)
 in stock $11.94
  1. Dancing With A Broken Heart
  2. Scared Of The Dark
  3. September Sun
  4. Neon Blue (radio mix)
  5. You Make Me Whole
  6. Story Of A Heart
  7. Fool For You
  8. Happy
  9. No More Tears On The Dancefloor
  10. Beautiful Battlefield
  11. Firefly
  12. Space Between Us
  13. Glitter & Gold
  14. I Will Love Again
 in stock $10.83
Cat: UVS 6932PMI. Rel: 21 Aug 17
  1. David Bowie - "Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)"
  2. Peter Schilling - "Major Tom (Vollig Losgelost)"
  3. Health - "Blue Monday"
  4. Tyler Bates - "C*cks*cker"
  5. Nena - "99 Luftballons"
  6. George Michael - "Father Figure"
  7. After The Fire - "Der Kommissar"
  8. Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Cities In Dust"
  9. Re-Flex - "The Politics Of Dancing"
  10. Marilyn Manson & Tyler Bates - "Stigmata"
  11. Tyler Bates - "Demonstration"
  12. A Flock Of Seagulls - "I Ran (So Far Away)"
  13. Kaleida - "99 Luftballons"
  14. 'Til Tuesday - "Voices Carry"
  15. The Clash - "London Calling"
  16. Tyler Bates - "Finding The UHF Device"
Review: There's a fair chance you may already have been to see Atomic Blonde, an ultra-violent, Cold War-era thriller set in Berlin. If you have, you'll already be familiar with the stylish and moody soundtrack, which brings together original period material (David Bowie, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Nena, George Michael) with contemporary cuts (see Health's woozy cover of New Order classic "Blue Monday") and instrumental compositions by lauded soundtrack specialist Tyler Bates. The latter's contributions, mostly dark and industrial in tone and created using synthesizer and drum machines, stand out. The creepy "C*cks*cker", with its subtle nods towards Pink Floyd's "The Wall", and "Demonstration", a kind of amalgam of the Chemical Brothers and Nine Inch Nails, are particularly noteworthy.
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 in stock $14.72
Cat: WARPCD 290. Rel: 06 Nov 17
  1. 9:13
  2. Phantom Brickworks
  3. Pantglas
  4. Phantom Brickworks II
  5. Capel Celyn
  6. Phantom Brickworks III
  7. Ivy Charcoal
  8. Branch Line
  9. Capel Bethania
 in stock $9.99
Permanent Vacation X (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: PERMVAC 1602. Rel: 04 Sep 17
Deep House
  1. Red Axes - "Eastern Crown"
  2. John Talabot - "The Strange Silence"
  3. TB & Bostro Pesopeo - "Violet"
  4. Pional - "State Of Presence"
  5. Lake People - "Morrow"
  6. Daniel Bortz - "Chasing Worms"
  7. Benjamin Frohlich - "I.A.M.B.D."
  8. Woolfy Vs Projections - "Astronaut"
  9. Mano Le Tough - "Full On Spring"
  10. Lord Of The Isles - "Out Here"
  11. Tensnake - "Cielo"
  12. Tuff City Kids - "Hardlake"
  13. Joakim - "Camino De La Luna"
  14. The Drifter - "Space Ramp"
  15. Lauer - "Falling Back Up"
  16. New Jackson - "There Will Always Be This Love" (feat Margie Jean Lewis)
 in stock $13.05
Cat: ERC 019CD. Rel: 29 Sep 14
  1. Hopi
  2. Taizee
  3. Make Me A Tea
  4. A Little A Long Way
  5. The Frog's Fandango
  6. When You Find Your Love
  7. A Complex Art
  8. Trish's Return
  9. Into The Heart Of Love
  10. Love On Other Planets
  11. Don't Delay
  12. Woo-Woo
  13. The Subtle Shadow
  14. Sarah
  15. Are You Falling?
  16. It's Love
  17. Mountains
  18. Gentle Actions
  19. The Return Journey
  20. The Heart Of Love/Lullaby
  21. The Heart Sleeps
  22. Spaces We Breathe
Review: Emotional Rescue and Woo once again come together, this time to reissue their masterpiece, the previously cassette-only album Into The Heart Of Love. A joyous, uplifting ode to love in all it's forms, the trials and tribulations and ultimately the triumphs are all encapsulted in Woo's unique soundscapes. Of all the myriad of released and unreleased Woo recordings, Into The Heart Of Love is without a doubt their most complete and cohesive body of work. Full of Woo's quirky analogue dub electronics, there is also a very English sense of folk. With more vocals then their other albums, the structure and softness of mood quintessentially comes from the Mother Isle. Mark's guitar craft is at its most expressive, entwined with subtle bass, a breadth of clarinet and touches of piano. This is all mixed and merged beautifully with Clive's now recognisable desk and synthesiser mastery. As individual as anything you'd hear coming from the Black Ark. More peaceful and uplifting than Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong and encompassing than its Cosy Inside, the album presented as Into The Heart Of Love is exactly that. Drawing you into it's swirls and layers upon layers, slowly wrapping you in it's own special, spectral soundcape. It is love indeed that permeates throughout. Again and again the titles lead the way, but it's more than that. The lilting hopes, joy, optimism and peace expressed in songs like When Your Find Your Love, Sarah and The Heart Of Love show Woo in all their glory. Of all Woo's songs and craft, their best is all included. The simplicity but detailed interplay between the two brothers is as telepathic as imagined. Pushing and pulling together to represent a wondrous album. Of course, it had to be. It's Love.
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 in stock $8.33
Cat: CORCD 041. Rel: 23 Oct 17
  1. Superposition
  2. Gott Ist Schrott
  3. Oddification
  4. Gentle Venom
  5. Das Grosse Flimmern
  6. Silly Idol
  7. Punch The Dragon
  8. Fear Of An Extra Planet
  9. The Friendly Coroner
  10. 2084
Review: Given that they've long been one of techno's busiest live acts, it's perhaps unsurprising that Fear of an Extra Planet is Extrawelt's first album for nearly five years. We'll forgive them for taking their time, though, because it's really rather good. It's largely warm, atmospheric and melodious, flitting between shuffling techno floor fillers, analogue-rich electro, low-slung breakbeat-driven creepiness (see the Brown Album-era Orbital style goodness "Oddification" and "Gentle Venom"), acid-flecked late night throb-jobs ("Silly Idol"), deep space hypnotism ("Fear of an Extra Planet"), James Holden style positivity ("The Friendly Coroner") and surprisingly loose, Giallo-influenced soundtrack fare (excellent closer "2084").
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 in stock $11.66
Cat: RSCD 1. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. 2nd Home
  2. Forana
  3. Feel The Same
  4. Trans
  5. Draw
  6. Axis
  7. 101
  8. Geisterstadt
  9. Parallels
  10. With U
  11. No Words/Just This
  12. Rize
  13. Gaikokujin
Review: Despite having a hand in numerous full-length excursions over the years, Matt Edwards has not previously released a solo album under his most famous alias, Radio Slave. It's for this reason that Feel The Same, a debut album two decades in the making, feels like a significant release. Certainly, it sounds like a set created by a producer comfortable in his own skin, capable of so much more than the club-ready workouts he's renowned for. While it contains a number of bona fide dancefloor slammers - see the Twilo-era Tenaglia-influenced title track, bustling Drexciyan electro of "Geisterstadt", new wave throb of "Trans" and Motor City/Berlin fusion of "Axis" - there are also impeccable trips into ambient, IDM, and dreamy, proto-rave.
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Singles (CD)
Cat: CAD 3402CD. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Seasons (Waiting On You)
  2. Spirit
  3. Sun In The Morning
  4. Doves
  5. Back In The Tall Grass
  6. A Song For Our Grandfathers
  7. Light House
  8. Like The Moon
  9. Fall From Grace
  10. A Dream Of You & Me
Played by: Life on Planets
 in stock $6.39
  1. Industrial Introduction
  2. Slug Bait, Live At The ICA London
  3. Live At Southampton
  4. Live At Brighton
  5. Maggot Death, Studio Recording
  6. Live At Rat Club, London
  7. Live At Southampton
  8. Live At Brighton
  9. The Original Soundtrack Of Coum Transmissions Film Of 'After Cease To Exist'
  10. No Two Ways (bonus track)
  11. Last Exit (bonus track)
  12. Forced Entry (bonus track)
  13. Tesco Disco (bonus track)
  14. Feeling Critical (bonus track)
  15. National Affront (bonus track)
  16. Urge To Kill (bonus track)
  17. Zyklon B Zombie (bonus track)
  18. United (bonus track)
 in stock $11.66
Cat: WOOD 169CD. Rel: 04 Sep 17
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Buttering Trio - "Refugee Song"
  2. Wayne Snow - "Rosie"
  3. Madison McFerrin - "No Time To Lose"
  4. Kathy Kosins & Paul Randolph - "Could You Be Me"
  5. The Pendletons - "Gotta Get Out"
  6. Slim - "Stop Rewind" (feat Ella Mae)
  7. Silentjay X Jace XL - "Just Waking Up"
  8. Stimulator Jones - "La Mano"
  9. Chip Wickham - "Red Planet"
  10. Selebeyone - "Are You In Peace?"
  11. Wildflower - "Flute Song"
  12. Poppy Ajudha - "Love Falls Down"
  13. James Brandon Lewis Trio - "Say What"
  14. Vulture St Tape Gang - "1st World Problems"
  15. Blood Wine Or Honey - "Anxious Party People"
  16. Broadstrokes - "Clean"
  17. Elisa Imperilee & Srigala - "Differences"
  18. God Colony - "Turn My G Down" (feat Stash Marina)
  19. Oscare Jerome - "2 Sides"
  20. Skinny Pelembe - "Should You Go"
  21. Yisrael Trio - "Above The Clouds"
Review: Gilles Peterson has decided to push the boat out for the 12th edition in the Brownswood Bubblers series, his annual showcase of emerging, unsung and little-known musical talents. While previous volumes have appeared on a single disc, this instalment features 21 tracks stretched over two CDs. That means an even greater number of highlights than usual - and that's saying something. These include the languid, jazz-flecked hip-hop-soul deepness of Wayne Snow's "Rosie", an impeccable chunk of spacey synth-soul from the Pendletons, some sumptuous jazz from Simulator Jones and Chip Wickham, and a next-laden futurist afro-jazz workout by Blood Wine Or Honey. In other words, it's another essential selection from the UK's most revered DJs.
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 in stock $9.99
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