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Zuntata Arcade Classics Vol 2: Darius
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Zuntata Arcade Classics Vol 2: Darius (gatefold heavyweight coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: STS 015. Rel: 05 Jun 17
  1. Insert Coin (0:04)
  2. Captain Neo (1:49)
  3. Warning (1:29)
  4. Boss Scene 1 (0:57)
  5. Boss Clear (1:18)
  6. Inorganic Beat (1:20)
  7. Boss Scene 2 (1:17)
  8. Cosmic Air Way (3:07)
  9. Boss Scene 3 (1:28)
  10. Insert Coin B (0:04)
  11. Chaos (main Theme) (3:48)
  12. Boss Scene 4 (1:30)
  13. The Sea (3:20)
  14. Boss Scene 5 (1:00)
  15. Boss Scene 6 (1:06)
  16. Boss Scene 7 (2:34)
  17. Credits (1:42)
  18. Requiem (0:55)
  19. Game Over (0:04)
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Zellots (1-sided 7" flexi-disc)
Cat: SE 13. Rel: 09 Oct 17
  1. On The Dole (2:05)
  2. Vampire Love (1:23)
  3. Let's Play House (1:52)
Youth Of America (remastered)
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 in stock $25.84
Cat: JPR 82802LP. Rel: 25 Aug 14
  1. Taking Too Long
  2. Can This Be
  3. Pushing The Extreme
  4. When It's Over
  5. No Fair
  6. Youth Of America
Your Favourite Colour Is Green Yet You Dress In Black
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 in stock $9.62
Cat: SMALLVILLE 42. Rel: 08 Jun 15
Deep House
  1. Moving On (7:53)
  2. Never Used To Be Better (6:18)
  3. Million Mile Love (6:50)
Review: With his deliciously deep With You By The Lake 12" on UntilMyHeartStops still ringing in our ears, Arnaldo drops his first EP for Smallville for three years. Unsurprisingly, this two is a wonderfully fluid delight, with all three tracks offering a near perfect balance of lolloping grooves, glassy-eyed melodies and eyes-shut chords. A-side "Moving On" sets the tone, layering dreamy pads and cascading melodies atop a shuffling groove. He gets a little more forthright on the cymbal-heavy deep house pump of "Never Used To Be Better", before calming things down with the heavenly throb, woozy spoken vocal samples and cyclical melodies of "Million Mile Love".
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You're A Little Too Late
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Cat: IM 2370. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. You're A Little Too Late (2:01)
  2. I Think Of You (1:48)
You Need Love
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 in stock $7.15
Cat: CHESS 1839 . Rel: 01 Aug 16
  1. Muddy Waters - "You Need Love" (2:42)
  2. Howlin' Wolf - "Hidden Charms" (2:24)
You Made A Believer Out Of Me
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 in stock $8.52
Cat: OSV 150. Rel: 07 Dec 15
  1. Betty LaVette - "You Made A Believer Out Of Me" (3:23)
  2. Ujima - "I'm Not Ready" (3:03)
You Are My Starship & Aquarian Dream
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 in stock $6.44
  1. We Both Need Each Other (You Are My Starship)
  2. Betcha By Golly Wow
  3. Bubbles
  4. You Are My Starship
  5. Just Imagine
  6. So Much Love
  7. The Creator Has A Master Plan
  8. Betcha By Golly Wow (7")
  9. We Both Need Each Other (7")
  10. Phoenix (Aquarian Dream)
  11. Once Again
  12. Treat Me Like The One You Love
  13. East 6th Street
  14. Guitar Talk
  15. Let Me Be The One
  16. Look Ahead
  17. I'll Always Love You "T"
Yellow & Green
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Yellow & Green (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: RR 71901. Rel: 16 Jul 12
  1. Yellow Theme
  2. Take My Bones Away
  3. March To The Sea
  4. Little Things
  5. Twinkler
  6. Cocainium
  7. Back Where I Belong
  8. Sea Lungs
  9. Eula
  10. Green Theme
  11. Board Up The House
  12. MTNS (The Crown & Anchor)
  13. Foolsong
  14. Collapse
  15. Psalms Alive
  16. Stretchmarker
  17. The Line Between
  18. If I Forget Thee Lowcountry
Years Of Decline
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 in stock $10.45
Years Of Decline (12" + insert limited to 300 copies)
Cat: RITP 03. Rel: 02 Oct 17
  1. Between Generations (7:07)
  2. Expel The Demon (5:29)
  3. Fear (5:30)
  4. Fear (Kerri LeBon remix) (6:00)
Played by: Stephanie Sykes
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
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Cat: NON 79669. Rel: 07 Sep 09
  1. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
  2. Kamera
  3. Radio Cure
  4. War On War
  5. Jesus, Etc
  6. Ashes Of American Flags
  7. Heavy Metal Drummer
  8. I'm The Man Who Loves You
  9. Pot Kettle Black
  10. Poor Places
  11. Reservations
  12. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
  13. Kamera
  14. Radio Cure
  15. War On War
  16. Jesus, Etc
  17. Ashes Of American Flags
  18. Heavy Metal Drummer
  19. I'm The Man Who Loves You
  20. Pot Kettle Black
  21. Poor Places
  22. Reservations
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Yamato (12")
Cat: SMALLVILLE 47. Rel: 30 May 16
Deep House
  1. Yamato (7:11)
  2. Odd Regrets (6:33)
  3. Just For You (7:26)
  4. Early Korn (5:22)
Review: Christopher Rau's latest outing on Smallville - his sixth in total, including two albums - is a particularly jolly affair, boasting a quartet of tried-and-tested cuts. There's something extra-cheery about opener "Yamato", where jammed-out organ riffs combine perfectly with a darting synth bassline and unfussy drum machine hits. "Odd Regrets" is a sweatier deep house drum jam, while "Just For You" reinvents rave-era piano house for the bass music generation. Finally, "Early Korn" is a picturesque and hazy deep house jam full of tumbling melodies and chiming electronics. All four tracks are excellent, suggesting that this is an EP that may stay in your record box for a while.
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Yamaha MG10 Mixer (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $172.65
Cat: 609913 Rel: 24 Feb 14
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The Yamaha MG Series of mixers feature a design and construction that will handle the standard wear and tear of the active musician. Featuring the steel chassis that is impact resistant and powder coated, this mixer will take any bumps and scratches without it getting damaged or looking old. The sleek design does not compromise any part of the finished product. A state of the art design allows for convection cooling, meaning your power unit will not overheat your unit after continuous use. Separating the power supply from the analog circuitry inside the mixer allows for near silent background noise, allowing for a serious and high quality output sound. As well as this, the knob placement has been put above the chassis of the console, thus not damaging circuitry underneath should the device ever be dropped or mishandled.

The MG10 includes a number of features that make it stand out above the rest of compact mixers on the market. It has phantom power on the first four channel's class A preamps for any condenser microphones..These four channels also include a 3 band EQ and a high pass filter, allowing a lot of frequency control on such a small mixer. As well as this, three stereo channels for jack devices make up channels 5 through to 10. Outputs are aplenty on the MG10, featuring stereo jack and XLR outputs, as well as a stereo jack monitor and phones output for monitoring purposes.

On top of the smaller MG06, this mixer includes full adjustable panning on all channels, making it easy to give a fully stereo image when gigging. As well as this, the mixer also has an effects out/return function, allowing an external effects board to be added, and with full individual control of the FX level on each channel. As well as this, a compression knob has been added to channels 1 and 2, allowing for easy control over instruments or vocals with fluctuating volumes.
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Yalla ! Yalla !
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Yalla ! Yalla ! (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: RK 002. Rel: 15 Aug 16
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Yalla ! Yalla ! (4:02)
  2. Yalla ! Yalla ! (instrumental) (4:04)
Xaoc Devices Kamieniec Analog Resonant Phase Rotator Module
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 1 in stock $248.51
Cat: 633369 Rel: 12 Dec 16
Analog signal processing module with simultaneous four & six-stage outputs - Eurorack compatible
Notes: Kamieniec is an analog signal processing module directly inspired by a range of classic phaser effect units from 1970s that helped to define entire musical genres. Most of these classic devices contained a fairly small number of phase shifting stages, but made up for that lack with tons of character! However, what was initially intended for guitars is not necessarily sufficient for synthesizers. Therefore, the intention is to preserve the classic sound as it's transported it to a new tonal space while prioritizing flexible modular usability.

Just like many of the famous OTA-based phasers of the 1970s, Kamieniec sports four tuneable stages. However, there are two additional fixed stages included so as to increase the number of notches, and ultimately offer two versions of the mixed signal (that may be used as a stereo pair) at the two outputs of the unit. While the general topology is similar to a certain very classic phaser pedal, the circuitry has been redesigned with modern components and low noise op-amps to bring down the noise floor, improve the bandwidth, and offer a wider range of tuning. The feedback control can be set extremely deep, which results in a very high resonance that is capable of self-oscillation. This produces a unique sound otherwise unreachable for typical phasers, which can vary from subtle and creamy to utterly brutal and grinding. On top of that we've included switchable feedback paths, individual stage group outputs, CV inputs, built-in LFO, and daisy chaining ability to provide a comprehensive integration with a modular synthesizer system.

Unlike any other phaser module, multiple Kamieniec units can be chained together to achieve a more radical response with many notches. The general idea of chaining is to pass along the phase shifted signal to subsequent units before it is mixed with the original version in the last unit of the chain. This approach has a very different effect than plain cascading (connecting multiple phaser units in series), because a long chain of allpass sections yields a dense and uniform pattern of multiple notches, exactly like in a long phaser.

- Eurorack synth compatible
- 9hp, skiff friendly
- Current draw: +40mA / -40mA
- Reverse power protection
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Wrap Your Arms Around Me (reissue)
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Wrap Your Arms Around Me (reissue) (limited 180 gram pink vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 575699 3. Rel: 31 Jul 17
  1. The Heat Is On (3:50)
  2. Can't Shake Loose (4:21)
  3. Shame (3:36)
  4. Stay (3:18)
  5. Once Burned, Twice Shy (3:38)
  6. Mr Persuasion (2:36)
  7. Wrap Your Arms Around Me (5:07)
  8. To Love (3:49)
  9. I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever (4:14)
  10. Man (3:34)
  11. Take Good Care Of Your Children (3:42)
  12. Stand By My Side (4:21)
World Wide Fire
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 in stock $11.55
  1. Yami Bolo - "World Wide Fire" (3:48)
  2. Idren Natural/Ini Oneness - "Upfull Heights" (3:45)
  3. Kartik Raghunathan - "Violin Dub" (3:42)
  4. Kdubs - "Version" (3:44)
Workin With The Miles Davis Quintet
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Cat: DOL 722H. Rel: 08 Jun 15
  1. It Never Entered My Mind (5:23)
  2. Four (7:14)
  3. In Your Own Street Way (5:43)
  4. The Theme (take 1) (1:59)
  5. Trane's Blues (8:32)
  6. Ahmad's Blues (7:24)
  7. Half Nelson (4:46)
  8. The Theme (take 2) (1:03)
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Work (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: OP 017LP. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. Nicolas Jaar - "The President's Answering Machine"
  2. Soul Keita - "Freedom" (feat Tamara)
  3. Dave Harrington - "Things Behind The Sun"
  4. VISUALS - "A Pixel"
  5. DARKSIDE - "What They Say"
  6. Ancient Astronaut vs Powell - "SSCS" (Powell's 'Lift Off' mix)
  7. DARKSIDE - "Gone Too Soon"
  8. Ancient Astronaut vs Jelinek - "B2" (Jelinek remix)
  9. Dave Harrington - "Form & Affect"
  10. Ancient Astronaut vs Francis Harris & Gabriel Hedrick - "B2" (dub)
  11. Nicolas Jaar - "The Boy Who Asked Too Much"
Played by: Simon Garcia
Woodland Echoes
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Woodland Echoes (limited numbered LP)
Cat: GHAWKV 001. Rel: 07 Aug 17
  1. Love Is The Key By The Sea (4:20)
  2. Mountaintop (3:30)
  3. The Stars (3:46)
  4. Beautiful Morning (4:21)
  5. Who? (3:09)
  6. Forest Of Love (3:16)
  7. Baby Blue Sky (3:10)
  8. I Can See Her (3:08)
  9. Perfect Sunday Sun (3:18)
  10. New Beginning (3:21)
  11. I Got A Lot (3:30)
  12. For Always (2:56)
Woo Right EP
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 in stock $8.52
Cat: UTTU 38. Rel: 03 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. The Heaviest Elements
  2. Fast Times At Long Island City High
  3. Woo Right
  4. Adverbs & Adjectives
Review: Whether it's under the Black Deer or Willie Burns guise, it's fair to say that the cantankerous radio host, swimming instructor, producer, DJ and record buyer for The Thing known as William Burnett was responsible for any number of our favourite releases in recent times. Last seen indulging in some early 90s Mid Western style Acid Techno for The Trilogy Tapes, the latest Slab of Burns goodness comes from a label he's not previously graced. Unknown To The Unknown is however every bit as prolific as the producer, with DJ Haus issuing a veritable clutch of records in 2013 from the likes of Photonz, Slackk, Legowelt and DJ Stingray. A meeting of minds makes sense then, and the Woo Right EP is set to drop at the end of the month brandishing four tracks of SP1200 blessed hazy house music straight from the Willie Burns mould.
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WMD Triad Arpitecht Companion Module
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 1 in stock $98.96
Cat: 640976 Rel: 24 Apr 17
Polyphonic CV source expander for WMD Arpitecht
Notes: A companion module to the Arpitecht,Triad sends out three static voltages to be used with three oscillators in order to create chords underneath your Arpeggios. Triad connects to the back of the Arpitecht via included ribbon cable and will adhere to the scale and transpose information set by it's master.

Triad knob and CV input set different combinations so your chord can be completely unique, while still in key with your arpeggio. Inversion switch and CV input allow you to select three different chord voicings easily.


- Triad Knob: Selects the 3-note combination sent via CV. Becomes an offset with CV.
- Inversion Switch: Selects which inversion of the chord the Triad will play. Set at 0 for use with CV as it will "take over".


- Note 1,2,3: CV outputs for use with 1V/Oct inputs on 3 oscillators
- New: This output sends a trigger each time a new chord is made/selected
- Inv: CV input for the inversion selection. Accepts 0V to +5V
- Thresholds for 1st and 2nd inversions are 1.25V and 2.5V respectively
- Triad: CV input for Triad selection. Accepts 0V to +5V.


- Size: 4HP
- Connector: 20 pin ribbon cable
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With Love
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 in stock $28.04
With Love (3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CAD 3305. Rel: 17 Jun 13
  1. As Darkness Falls
  2. Ascension
  3. Horrid
  4. If I Will
  5. Isis
  6. It's Time
  7. Memories
  8. Orion
  9. Overdose
  10. Pray For Me
  11. Rendezvous
  12. The Things You Do
  13. This One
  14. Vanishment
  15. VI-XI
  16. VxV
  17. 777
  18. Black Rose
  19. Digital Smoke
  20. Entropy Sketch
  21. Glass Ocean
  22. How To Ascend
  23. I Saw Golden Light
  24. Pyrex Nights (feat Last Japan)
  25. Quickening
  26. Reflection In Black Glass
  27. Shiva
  28. Soliloquy
  29. Sphinx
  30. Sunshine In November
  31. Vast Emptiness
  32. White Smoke
  33. With Love
Review: The original enfant terrible of the bass music world marks his second long player for 4AD with a sprawling opus of more than 30 skits and skirmishes daubed in his trademark colourful sonic scrawl. There is plenty here that reminds you of the early days of the producer's emergence when dubstep was a younger beast, from the spacious "Horrid" to the measured arpeggios of "Pray For Me", but you'll also find more intricate musings such as the dynamic and dramatic "Memories". Hype abounds on the creepy Funky of "VI-XI", while "Overdose" launches enthusiastically into a jungle tear out. At any given turn, you'll find yourself surprised, lurched from a serene mood into a manic one, only to be tempered again. There's a staggering range of ideas and styles to comprehend here, but would you want it any other way from one of electronic music's most outspoken upstarts?
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Wish Animals Were Here: The Studio Outtakes
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 in stock $41.78
Cat: PF WAWH. Rel: 09 Oct 17
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (part 1-9) (24:56)
  2. Welcome To The Machine (4:43)
  3. Have A Cigar (7:30)
  4. Sheep (Raving & Drooling) (10:26)
  5. Dogs (13:28)
  6. Pigs (Three Different Ones) (11:23)
  7. Sheep Sound Effects (0:39)
Wicked Plastic
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 in stock $10.72
Wicked Plastic (1-sided blue vinyl 12")
Cat: SOS 003. Rel: 22 Jul 13
  1. Wicked Plastic
Why Are You OK
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 in stock $15.25
Why Are You OK (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 547851 5. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Dull Times/The Moon (7:00)
  2. Solemn Oath (4:00)
  3. Hag (4:30)
  4. Casual Party (3:49)
  5. In A Drawer (3:58)
  6. Hold On Gimme A Sec (1:10)
  7. Lying Under Oak (3:56)
  8. Throw My Mess (3:14)
  9. Whatever, Wherever (4:11)
  10. Country Teen (3:22)
  11. Barrel House (4:46)
  12. Even Still (5:17)
Review: Fans of the wistful charm and sleepy rapture of Band Of Horses' first two albums should rejoice, for after the rather more mainstream wanderings of 2010's 'Infinite Arms' and 2012's 'Mirage Rock', the band appear to have rediscovered the subtleties and finely-honed delicacy that made them special in the first place. Yet this is not to say that there aren't moments of melodic grandeur and pop suss to be found herein - 'Casual Party' may be the catchiest song the band have ever done, proving that they're as happy with a New Order-style pop ditty as the Neil Young-esque expanses of epic opener 'Dull Times/The Moon'. The songwriting here is thoughtful, the arrangements spare and sparkling, and Band Of Horses sound in rude health.
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Who Loves You
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 in stock $9.25
Cat: EXCDM 55. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Bed You Down
  2. Good Ol' Days
  3. Rhythm Ol' Days
  4. Brooklyn Breezes
  5. I Don't Give A Damn
  6. Mingo Weya
  7. Can We Just Get Along?
  8. Lay You Down
  9. It's Alright
  10. Who Loves You (It's All Right part 2)
  11. Right Now (bonus track)
  12. So Emotional (bonus track)
  13. Superfly (bonus track)
  14. Crazy Luv (bonus track)
  15. Help Yourself To My Love (live version - bonus track)
Who Knows
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Who Knows (7")
Cat: OVER 008. Rel: 06 Oct 14
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Who Knows
  2. Who Knows (dub mix)
White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity
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White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity (gatefold 2xLP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: STUMM 377. Rel: 01 Feb 16
  1. Better Than You (5:44)
  2. Power & Sacrifice (5:41)
  3. You Know Nothing (5:44)
  4. Song For Dead Time (4:55)
  5. Will We Survive (5:49)
  6. Love Will Save You (6:02)
  7. Failure (6:17)
  8. Song For The Sun (5:03)
  9. Miracle Of Love (6:41)
  10. Blind (4:27)
  11. When She Breathes (4:29)
  12. Why Are We Alive (5:59)
  13. The Most Unfortunate Lie (4:59)
White Blood Cells
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 in stock $24.47
Cat: TMR-033. Rel: 20 Dec 10
  1. Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground
  2. Hotel Yorba
  3. I'm Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman
  4. Fell In Love With A Girl
  5. Expecting
  6. Little Room
  7. The Union Forever
  8. The Same Boy You've Always Known
  9. We're Going To Be Friends
  10. Offend In Every Way
  11. I Think I Smell A Rat
  12. Aluminum
  13. I Can't Wait
  14. Now Mary
  15. I Can Learn
  16. This Protector
When Was The Last Time
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 in stock $15.38
Cat: 2609. Rel: 20 Jul 15
  1. Listen To My Heartbeat (4:23)
  2. We Three (4:15)
  3. I Like The Way You Do Your Thing (4:28)
  4. I Really Love You Babe (4:09)
  5. Concrete Jungle (5:07)
  6. Pretty Little Girl (4:35)
  7. When Was The Last Time (4:50)
When The Past Arrives
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 in stock $19.24
Cat: DC 584. Rel: 17 Mar 14
  1. First Night Nerves
  2. Satya
  3. 1001 Decisions
  4. Life So Far
  5. Om Shanti
  6. Amala's Love
  7. Teddy Bears
  8. H20
  9. Free Will
  10. Distant Consequnces
  11. Acting Like A Lover
  12. Glip Glop
  13. The Garden Path
  14. Ruby
When Sun Comes Out
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 in stock $15.38
Cat: SATURNLP 2066. Rel: 29 Jun 09
  1. Circe
  2. The Nile
  3. Brazilian Sun
  4. We Travel The Spaceways
  5. Calling Planet Earth
  6. Dancing Shadows
  7. The Rain Maker
  8. When Sun Comes Out
Whatever Mortal
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 in stock $25.84
Whatever Mortal (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DC 194. Rel: 13 Mar 17
  1. Over Jordan (4:17)
  2. Beloved Woman (3:23)
  3. Roses In The Snow (3:40)
  4. Sorrow Reigns (1:17)
  5. Krusty (3:49)
  6. The Lass Of Roch Royal (2:44)
  7. Many Splendored Thing (3:51)
  8. Glad You're Here With Me (3:14)
  9. Tamu (3:17)
  10. Sabotage (7:14)
  11. Purple Eyelid (3:04)
  12. The Unquiet Grave (5:05)
  13. Northwest Passage (5:42)
What Is House Muzik (Ricardo Villalobos mixes)
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Cat: GPM 287. Rel: 08 Dec 14
Minimal/Tech House
  1. What Is House Muzik (Ricardo Villalobos What Is Dub remix 1)
  2. What Is House Muzik (Ricardo Villalobos What Is Dub remix 2)
Review: "What Is House Music?" It's a question that has been asked since the sound and style was first invented back in mid '80s era Chicago, with acid house don DJ Pierre posing the quandary himself on the 1994 track "What Is House Muzik" under his Phuture Scope guise. It's not clear why Get Physical have decided to commission Ricardo 'How Much Time Do You Have' Villalobos to remix the track but when it comes to the Chilean and remixes few people seem to care for the why when you can focus on the wow. At 32 minutes over the two sides, this isn't the longest production Villalobos has done - his 2006 single "Fizheuer Zieheuer" shades it by a good five minutes - but the Chilean has managed to retain the bounce of Pierre's original whilst implementing the kind of sound design he's renowned for.
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Westing By Musket & Sextant
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 in stock $18.68
Cat: 036172901418. Rel: 28 Jan 08
  1. You're Killing Me
  2. Box Elder
  3. Maybe Maybe
  4. She Believes
  5. Price Yeah!
  6. Forklift
  7. Spizzle Trunk
  8. Recorder Grot
  9. Internal K-Dart
  10. Perfect Depth
  11. Recorder Grot (Rally)
  12. Heckler Spray
  13. From Now On
  14. Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent
  15. Drive By Fader
  16. Debris Slide
  17. Home
  18. Krell Vid-user
  19. Summer Babe (Winter version)
  20. Mercy: The Laundromat
  21. Baptiss Blacktick
  22. My First Mine
  23. My Radio
Welcome 2 Detroit: Instrumental
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Cat: BBEBGLPI 001. Rel: 11 Jul 05
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Welcome 2 Detroit
  2. Y'all Ain't Ready
  3. Think Twice
  4. The Clapper
  5. Come Get It
  6. Pause
  7. BBE
  8. Beej-N-Dem (Part 2)
  9. Brazilian Groove (EWF)
  10. It's Like That
  11. Give It Up
  12. Featuring Phat Kat
  13. Shake It Down
  14. African Rhythms
  15. One
Weird Pains
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 in stock $17.32
Cat: IDIB 008. Rel: 21 Apr 08
  1. Weird Pains
  2. Cable Dazed
We Fucked A Flame Into Being
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We Fucked A Flame Into Being (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PIASR 900LP. Rel: 05 Sep 16
  1. I'm Not Him (4:09)
  2. The Good Lie (3:39)
  3. Against The Rich (3:13)
  4. Leave With Me (3:18)
  5. Beaches (1:51)
  6. Machinery (3:58)
  7. Memory (2:59)
  8. Wanda (4:34)
  9. Bruxelles (4:22)
  10. Time & Again (3:58)
We Be All Africans
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Cat: STRUT 144CD. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. We Be All Africans
  2. Epiphany
  3. Silent Days
  4. Rhapsody In Berlin
  5. Clarion Call
  6. Traponga
  7. Whispering Tenderness
Review: Those turned on by Spiritual Jazz should already be aware of West Coast combo Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids. They've been playing and recording together since the 1970s, though We Be All Africans is only their sixth full-length outing. Predictably, it's a fine set, effortlessly fusing their spiritual roots with elements of jazz-funk, soul and, of course, Afro-jazz. Highlights are plentiful, from the swinging, Tony Allen style rhythms, swirling vocals and punchy horns of "Rhapsody In Berlin", and the clarinet-sporting sweetness of the brilliantly percussive "Epiphany", to the stretched-out drum workout "Traponga", which sounds like the work of three drummers and a whole troupe of percussionists.
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We Are The Glasgow Girls
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Cat: FUR 01. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. We Are The Glasgow Girls (2:48)
  2. We Are The Glasgow Girls (version) (2:46)
Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli
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Cat: NUMERO 018V. Rel: 07 Apr 08
  1. Dana Westover - "Beginning"
  2. Ted Lucas - "Raga In D"
  3. Scott Witte - "Sailor's Dream"
  4. George Cromarty - "Flight"
  5. Richard Crandell - "Diagonal"
  6. Daniel Hecht - "Baba Dream Songs"
  7. Jim Ohlschmidt - "The Delta Freeze"
  8. Stephen Cohen - "No More School"
  9. William Eaton - "Track 9"
  10. Mark Lang - "Strawberry Man"
  11. Tom Smith - "Quidate Quierda"
  12. Dan Lambert - "Charley Town"
  13. William Eaton - "Track 13"
  14. Brad Chequer - "Warm River"
  15. Scott White - "Grow"
  16. Dwayne Cannan - "One Forty Eight"
Review: 'Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli' explores the private side of the solo guitar movement from 1966-81, bridging the gap between American Primitive
pioneers & the California modernists. Includes a 40-page booklet, digipack, and a limited edition NUMERO guitar pick.
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Waves Of Nothing
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Cat: SALT 005. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. Water Acid (5:58)
  2. Searching For The Real (6:05)
  3. Heinz Harald Frentzen (5:55)
  4. Waves Of Nothing (6:56)
Review: Melbourne's Jacob (yep, just Jacob!) aka Hymns returns to Aussie label Salt Mines, a vinyl only outfit headed by Rudolf C and Shedbug based in Melbourne. Now for an offering which the label best describes as 'flecked with restrained breakbeats, off-kilter rhythms and glistening pads.' Opener "Water Acid" does deep acid by way 90's British IDM to convincing effect, while on the flip "Heinz Harald Frentzen" does abstract electro via dub techno on this sinister and experimental piece. Finally, the blissed out and euphoric title track is an evocative and nostalgic dedication to an early 90's rave heyday he never quite lived through but splendid nonetheless.
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Waves (10")
Cat: BNR 040. Rel: 16 Nov 09
Electro House
  1. Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - "Waves" (Chilly Gonzales Piano remake)
  2. Chilly Gonzales - "Remaking Waves"
Watergate 22
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Watergate 22 (mixed CD)
Cat: WG 022. Rel: 06 Mar 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Catz 'N Dogz & Reno Wurzbacher - "To Ma People"
  2. City People - "Let It Rain" (dub)
  3. Acasual - "Spring Theory" (Moomin rework)
  4. DJ Garth & Eric James Present Rocket/Eats Everything & Lord Leopard - "Stand By/OA Peas"
  5. Rogue D - "B2, 76 79 - 88"
  6. K' Alexi - "You Get Down"
  7. Krikor - "Sometimes Sweet Susan"
  8. Joakim - "Another Light"
  9. Jackmate/Andy Kolwes - "Nomads/YSL"
  10. Mystic Bill - "Take Me Back" (original 1990 mix)
  11. Catz 'N Dogz - "Afterglow" (feat Shaun J Wright - Dark mix)
  12. Zoo Brazil - "Big Sister"
  13. Credit 00/Willie Burns - "Ice Cream/Waste Your Time"
  14. Todd Terry - "Tee's Groove" (Catz 'N Dogz edit)
  15. Stashrider - "Vibration" (feat Tyree)
  16. Mr G - "Absurd Beatz No 4"
  17. Da Posse - "In The Heat Of The Night" (feat Christa Jordan - Catz 'N Dogz edit)
  18. Catz 'N Dogz & Yotam Avni/Damian Schwartz - "Blakkat/Holloway"
  19. Two Armadillos - "Ronin"
  20. Bruce Trail - "Bridgework"
  21. Heiko Laux - "Souldancer" (Hlx Re-construct)
  22. Catz 'N Dogz - "Fire Burning When We Are"
Review: Pets Recordings founders Catz 'N' Dogz have come a long way since making their production debut 10 years ago. It says a lot about their standing within the scene that the good folks at Berlin's legendary Watergate club have asked them to mix the latest volume in their long-running CD series. The Polish duo have taken the opportunity to show off a little, mixing up a 22-track selection that gets a perfect balance doffing a cap to house and techno history (see cuts from Mystic Bill and Todd Terry), representing underground heroes (Joakim, Willie Burns, Two Armadillos), and showcasing previously unreleased productions (Rogue D, a swathe of their own edits and original productions). The resultant mix is undeniably impressive, and a perfect snapshot of their DJ sets.
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Waterfall (12")
Cat: TRIANGLE 22. Rel: 31 Mar 14
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Salt Carousel
  2. Fuck Idol
  3. Propeller
  4. Waterfall
Review: Music from the young Joshua Leary has been sporadic since he emerged on a wave of YouTube hype at the tail end of 2011, with only the Kings and Them mixtape and this year's one-sided Duga-3release on Record Store Day, but given he received a production credit on Kanye West's Yeezus album last year his relative silence can be forgiven. As such the Waterfall EP represents perhaps Leary's first proper release, and it shows that he has come a long way since the early days of his career. Containing four tracks that bridge the gap between jungle, hip hop and ambient music, Waterfall is both delicate and savage in equal measure, especially on the closing title track, where plaintive piano and semi-automatic snares collide to thrilling effect.
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Watch Out Little Girl
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Cat: MGM 13666. Rel: 12 Jun 17
  1. Watch Out Little Girl (2:46)
  2. You're Like A Mystery (2:31)
Played by: Soul Music
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Warpaint (CD)
Cat: RTRADCD 680. Rel: 20 Jan 14
  1. Intro
  2. Keep It Healthy
  3. Love Us To Die
  4. Hi
  5. Biggy
  6. Teese
  7. Disco/Very
  8. Go In
  9. Feeling Alright
  10. CC
  11. Drive
  12. Son
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Warpaint (etched vinyl gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: RTRADLP 680. Rel: 24 Feb 14
  1. Intro
  2. Keep It Healthy
  3. Love Us To Die
  4. Hi
  5. Biggy
  6. Teese
  7. Disco/Very
  8. Go In
  9. Feeling Alright
  10. CC
  11. Drive
  12. Son
Waltz For Debby
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Waltz For Debby (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: DOL 862HG. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. My Foolish Heart (4:57)
  2. Some Other Time (5:04)
  3. Milestones (6:32)
  4. Porgy (I Love You Porgy) (bonus track) (5:59)
  5. Waltz For Debby (6:56)
  6. Detour Ahead (7:34)
  7. My Romance (7:12)
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