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Cat: 676299 Rel: 12 Apr 18
CV/Gate-controllable sampler - 28HP
Notes: The ASSIMIL8OR is a CV/Gate-controllable sampler with eight independent channels. Each channel is not only its own voice, but also has a separate audio output and a gate/trigger and three CV inputs. Given ever get two sample inputs and main outputs. Thus, Stereo Sampling and playback is possible. Mixed operation of stereo or mono is possible and is limited only by the maximum number of eight channels or parts.

The ASSIMIL8OR works with high-quality 24-bit AD and DA converters. Internally, however, sample and bit rate for lo-fi sound can be lowered, the latter is even CV-controllable. The samples can also be otherwise manipulated in many ways. Thus, the phase of a sample via CV or a different sample can be modulated. Likewise, the loop points can be controlled and the sample can be traversed with CV control (scrubbing), whereby wavetable similar effects could be achieved. The following parameters can be addressed via the gate / trigger and CV inputs:

- Pitch
- Level
- Bit Depth
- Phase Modulation
- Pan
- Scrub
- Sample Start
- Sample Length
- Loop Start
- Loop Length
- Release Decay

Samples and presets are stored on an SD card, which is easily accessible plugged into the module front.
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 2 in stock $884.52
Cat: 590202 Rel: 18 Dec 15
Moog's first ever tabletop semi-modular synthesizer with voltage controlled 32 step sequencer with 64 sequence locations
Notes: The Moog Mother-32 is the first table-top semi-modular synthesizer from Moog. It is a distinctive analog instrument that adds raw analog sound, sequencing and extensive interconnectivity to any electronic or modular ecosystem. This expansive new live performance and production instrument is handcrafted in Asheville, NC and has been meticulously designed to provide musicians with a diverse array of creative tools to inspire new music, unique sound and endless sonic exploration.

Mother-32 comes secured in a rugged extruded aluminium enclosure with wood sides and features a voltage controlled 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations, definitive Moog low pass and high pass Ladder Filter, 2 voltage controlled mixers, a classic Moog oscillator with dual outputs, wide-range LFO with audio-rate modulation capability, MIDI input and MIDI to CV conversion, white noise, a modular patch-bay with 32 patch-points for extended synthesis complexity and an assignable CV jack with 16 assignable sources.

*For sound demos, please visit - http://www.moogmusic.com/products/semi-modular/mother-32#sound-tab
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 3 in stock $568.31
Cat: 657487 Rel: 08 Aug 17
20HP drum synth voice module
Notes: Loquelic Iteritas Percido is an extension of the original Loquelic Iteritas. Like Loquelic Iteritas, it is a digital VCO with interpretations of three classic synthesis algorithms involving dual pitch control parameterized by four tone controls. LIP adds an envelope that can be shaped, modulated, and routed to pitches and tone controls, making it into a stand-alone voice.
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 1 in stock $513.03
Cat: 627828 Rel: 31 Oct 16
Compact sequencer and control station with 8 channels of gates, each with up to 16 steps
Notes: VARIGATE 8+ is designed to be the ultimate compact sequencer and control station over an entire Eurorack modular system. Create songs and live performance material with 8 channels of gate outputs with up to 16 steps per channel, 2 independent CV outputs for custom scale quantization, easy recall of 10 storage banks and 100 channel presets, random functions, mute functions and so much more!
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 1 in stock $495.34
Cat: 673542 Rel: 23 Feb 18
Analogue multi-tap phaser
Notes: Mega-Phase 12 is an analog stereo phaser with beefy, very vocal sound. The module is based on the effect pedal Small Stone developed by Electro Harmonix. In contrast to the classic, here you don't have four, but up to twelve stages at hand. The resonance can be picked up from different points in the signal path. Thanks to several inputs and outputs, it is possible to patch a second, external feedback loop with additional effects. Without a doubt the most flexible phaser module on the market.
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 2 in stock $381.44
Cat: 690787 Rel: 31 May 18
Powerful, hand-wired tube distortion module featuring American military grade low-noise tubes
Notes: Strakal Orsel is a powerful, hand-wired tube distortion module. As known from other Touell Skouarn circuits, all sockets and control elements have Breton names. (Except for the audio input and output, which are marked with arrows.)

Triodenn (switch) - Here, you can choose between pentode and triode operation for the left tube. Thus, this switch varies the basic sound character.

Boukl Retroaktin (switch/knob) - The switch activates the feedback path. With the potentiometer, you can vary the feedback intensity. High values lead to screaming self-oscillation. At low settings, signals are nicely thickened.

Gounid (knob) - This potentiometer is used for determining the level between the first and the second tube stage.

Ampled (knob) - For setting the degree of distortion. How hardcore would you like your sound to be?

Enklas Modulan (socket) - CV input for influencing the feedback respectively volume. (It works even without the feedback being active.)

Without an input signal, but with wide open feedback, the Strakal Orsel can be used as a beefy effect oscillator. Using its CV input, the pitch can be varied. There is no accurate pitch tracking according to the standard 1 v/octave, though. If you now deactivate the feedback and dial in the right volume and distortion settings, you can enjoy the Orsel's noise floor in its purest form. In other words, the module will emit charming tube noise. Operation as a crude VCA is possible as well.

The following tubes are compatible with the Strakal Orsel:

- 6J1P
- 5654
- 6AK5
- EF95

The Strakal Orsel offered here is equipped with American military grade low-noise tubes, type 5654. This one sounds better than the 6J1P and offer higher gain.

Power consumption: 5 mA at +12 V, 5 mA at -12 V and 350 mA at +5 V

HP: 12
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 1 in stock $370.40
Cat: 671743 Rel: 18 Dec 17
Gritty & aggressive Eurorack 10HP voice module
Notes: Manis Iteritas is a Eurorack 10HP voice based on the architecture of Basimilus Iteritas, but designed to be more gritty and aggressive. It accomplishes this by producing only sawtooth waves that are manipulated, modulated, and distorted through a rethought interface. Manis is suitable for leads, bass lines, drums, darkness, detuned madness, or pure mayhem.
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 3 in stock $347.18
Cat: 619258 Rel: 05 Jul 16
84HP Eurorack case with rugged aluminium construction and wooden side panels
Notes: Durable Eurorack case with super-clean, high capacity power supply:
From studio production to live performance, Eurorack-based modular synthesis has exploded in popularity around the world. For portability, protection, and usability, a quality case and power supply is an essential part of every modular synth rig. With the SYR-E84, Roland introduces its first Eurorack case, which integrates a durable, lightweight design and a super-clean power supply with high capacity for today's power-hungry modules. The SYR-E84 fits AIRA modular electronic instruments such as the SYSTEM-1m, BITRAZER, DEMORA, TORCIDO, SCOOPER, and SYSTEM-500, as well as standard Eurorack modules from other manufacturers.

Featuring a rugged black aluminium enclosure and wood side panels, the SYR-E84 offers top-level looks and performance for modular synth starters and seasoned pros alike. Specially designed for modular instruments, the high-capacity DC supply provides stable, low-noise power that meets Roland's discriminating quality standards, delivering clean and reliable operation you can count on. The versatile case can be used in flat, angled, or vertical positions to meet any working situation, and offers easy stacking capabilities for expanding your setup in the future.
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 2 in stock $310.73
Cat: 621354 Rel: 28 Nov 16
Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) synth module in Eurorack format - 10HP wide
Notes: Batumi is a fully voltage controlled, quadruple digital LFO module with a slew of interesting and user-customizable features. Each oscillator can be used independently or in one of 3 synchronized modes: quadrature, phase and divide. For each oscillator, there are sine, square and assignable (saw, ramp, triangle and trapezoid) waveform otputs available. Voltage control is possible for each oscillator's frequency, reset, and external sync ("tap tempo"). The total frequency range spans from 28 hours in voltage controlled divide mode, up to 500 Hz.
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 4 in stock $304.06
Cat: 636835 Rel: 03 Sep 13
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

This professional stereo turntable features a high torque direct drive motor for quick start ups and a USB output that connects directly to your computer.

Other features include: forward and reverse play capability; cast aluminum platter with slip mat and a start/stop button; three speeds 33/45/78; selectable high-accuracy quartz controlled pitch lock and pitch change slider control with +/-10% or +/-20% adjustment ranges; and removable hinged dust cover. A selectable internal stereo phono pre amplifier allows the turntable to plug directly to components with no dedicated turntable input. A USB cable and adapter cables are included along with Mac and PC compatible Audacity software to digitize your LPs.

The AT-LP120USBC comes complete with the Audio Technica AT95E cartridge and is also compatible with all Audio Technica cartridges and any 1/2 inch mount cartridge from other manufacturers.

This turntable package includes the direct drive professional stereo USB turntable, Mac and PC compatible Audacity software, USB cable and all adapter cables required for operation.

System requirements:

PC or Mac with an available USB port (USB1.1 or higher)
CD-R or CD-RW writer for burning CDs & installation
Includes Audacity software for PC & Mac users
Audacity requires Mac running OS X 10.1 or later or PC running Windows (98 and above)
*The AT-LP120USBC comes complete with the Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge and is also compatible with all Audio-Technica cartridges and any 1/2 inch mount cartridge from other manufacturers.
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 1 in stock $244.35
Cat: 638955 Rel: 20 Oct 17
Analog delay effects pedal with tap tempo & built-in effects loop
Notes: The new DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay has double the features with the cool new double-wide chassis. The Rubberneck boasts over a second of warm and musical 100% analog repeats you crave, along with tap-tempo, subdivisions, and tails. Double concentric knobs give you independent control of the Modulation Rate and Depth as well as Gain and Tone of the delay.

Double footswitches allow for unique extended features like user customizable momentary control of oscillation and momentary control of the dizzying pitch sweep of "Rubbernecking." These extended features are controlled by individual clear mini knobs that double as multi-colour LED status indicators. Feedback loop send/return, remote footswitch control, true bypass, and rugged metal construction, make the Rubberneck Analog Delay the must have delay of the year.

The Rubberneck also has jacks to allow FS3X 3-button remote foot switching, and a send and return so you can add external effects to the delay path.

The DOD Rubberneck uses a 9VDC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.
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 1 in stock $200.23
Cat: 659994 Rel: 06 Oct 17
4 channel gate delay module - 8HP
Notes: The Quad Gate Delay is a 4 channel tempo-synced rhythm generator and logic delay. There are 3 switchable time modes: milliseconds, tempo synced (unquantized), and tempo synced (quantized) with additional manual control over each mode as well as CV inputs over channels 1 & 2 (3 & 4 are fixed). The first mode allows for up to 1 second of delay per channel. Tempo synced (unquantized) allows for up to a bar of delay based on the incoming clock. Tempo synced (quantized) mode allows for up to a bar of delay quantized to 1/16 divisions. There are 3 normalling modes. In the first mode all inputs only trigger their own channels. In the second mode the first input will trigger all channels at the same time which allows for multiple taps off a single trigger. The third mode sends the delay output from the current channel into the next channel's input. The mix output combines all 4 channels and sends a short pulse any time one of the outputs goes high.
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 1 in stock $190.16
Truckdriver Gladiator Mule (limited 9xLP box set)
Cat: 004577 8737215. Rel: 04 Dec 15
  1. Timber (2:38)
  2. Bowling Green (2:17)
  3. Jettison (3:18)
  4. High On Cruel (1:54)
  5. Karoline (2:26)
  6. Lonely Old Lies (3:39)
  7. Honky Tonk Hiccups (2:20)
  8. The Virginian (3:30)
  9. Duchess (2:55)
  10. Thanks A Lot (2:31)
  11. Somebody Led Me Away (2:48)
  12. Misfire (2:06)
  13. Set Out Running (2:58)
  14. Guided By Wire (3:20)
  15. Porchlight (3:34)
  16. Mood To Burn Bridges (2:55)
  17. No Need To Cry (2:16)
  18. Twist The Knife (2:35)
  19. Thrice All American (3:13)
  20. We've Never Met (2:50)
  21. Whip The Blankets (2:43)
  22. South Tacoma Way (4:52)
  23. Bought & Sold (2:08)
  24. Furnace Room Lullaby (2:54)
  25. Andy (1:42)
  26. Dreaming Man (3:47)
  27. Knock Loud (3:09)
  28. Make Your Bed (3:14)
  29. Poor Ellen Smith (2:18)
  30. In California (3:29)
  31. Alone & Forsaken (2:41)
  32. Favorite (3:13)
  33. Things That Scare Me (2:30)
  34. Deep Red Bells (4:03)
  35. Outro With Bees (1:36)
  36. Lady Pilot (2:25)
  37. Tightly (2:16)
  38. Look For Me (I'll Be Around) (3:20)
  39. Stinging Velvet (2:57)
  40. Pretty Girls (3:26)
  41. I Missed The Point (1:51)
  42. Blacklisted (2:25)
  43. I Wish I Was The Moon (3:31)
  44. Running Out Of Fools (3:05)
  45. Ghost Writing (2:50)
  46. Outro With Bees (reprise) (2:25)
  47. If You Knew (2:30)
  48. Soulful Shade Of Blue (2:32)
  49. Hex (4:58)
  50. The Train From Kansas City (3:25)
  51. The Tigers Have Spoken (2:43)
  52. Blacklisted (2:20)
  53. Loretta (2:08)
  54. Favourite (3:36)
  55. Rated X (2:50)
  56. This Little Light (2:58)
  57. Wayfairing Stranger (4:32)
  58. Margaret Vs Pauline (2:49)
  59. Star Witness (5:14)
  60. Hold On, Hold On (2:42)
  61. A Widow's Toast (1:37)
  62. That Teenage Feeling (2:41)
  63. Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (2:40)
  64. John Saw That Number (3:59)
  65. Dirty Knife (3:16)
  66. Lion's Jaws (2:26)
  67. Maybe Sparrow (2:33)
  68. At Last (1:34)
  69. The Needle Has Landed (3:48)
  70. This Tornado Loves You (3:19)
  71. The Next Time You Say Forever (1:45)
  72. People Got A Lotta Nerve (2:33)
  73. Polar Nettles (2:24)
  74. Vengeance Is Sleeping (3:23)
  75. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (2:13)
  76. Middle Cyclone (3:08)
  77. Fever (3:07)
  78. Magpie To The Morning (2:44)
  79. I'm An Animal (2:18)
  80. Prison Girls (5:24)
  81. Don't Forget Me (3:05)
  82. The Pharaohs (3:38)
  83. Red Tide (2:38)
  84. Marais La Nuit (14:54)
  85. Wild Creatures (2:36)
  86. Night Still Comes (3:47)
  87. Man (3:28)
  88. I'm From Nowhere (2:59)
  89. Bracing For Sunday (2:19)
  90. Nearly Midnight, Honolulu (2:31)
  91. Calling Cards (2:34)
  92. City Swans (4:06)
  93. Afraid (2:20)
  94. Local Girl (2:29)
  95. Where Did I Leave That Fire (3:27)
  96. Ragtime (5:18)
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Cat: 651489 Rel: 22 Jul 14
B-STOCK: Box damaged, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box damaged, product in perfect working order***

The APEX Series Keyboard Stands represent over two decades of research and development and are used all over the world by gigging keyboard players and touring musicians. The AX-48 Pro offers everything keyboard players loved about the original APEX keyboard stand while offering a sleek new design and updated features that support a whole new generation of keyboards and workstations. The APEX Series is the finest looking keyboard stands on the market, and shine the spotlight on keyboard players, while securely supporting their prized instruments.

Setup and tear down takes seconds! The AX-48 Pro breaks down into a single, slender unit that's easy to transport and takes up very little room because the hollow column becomes its own carrying case! The legs remain connected and slide into and out of the base of the column, and the arms that support your keyboards are stored in compartments at the top of the column.

The APEX AX-48 Pro extends stage and studio performance by providing an Accessory Slot on the top of the stand. Simply pop off the Accessory Cap and install the optional AX-48 Pro Mic Boom, for instance, and your keyboard stand is now ALSO a microphone stand. Look for more options to come in the very near future!

The modern look and shape of the APEX AX-48 Pro brings the keyboard player out from behind a stack of no-character keyboard stands, and into the spotlight with the rest of the band. The footprint of the new AX-48 Pro has not changed from the previous APEX, but now offers an updated column design that is as esthetically pleasing as it is performance ready.

Everything keyboard players have come to appreciate about the APEX keyboard stand for over two decades is still available in the new APEX AX-48 Pro. It's THE original column style keyboard stand that securely holds two keyboards out of the box (up to 125 lbs. each!). The patented Tribar arms are height adjustable, the support legs are super stable, and it's incredibly easy to setup, tear down, and transport from gig to gig.
Keyboards, synthesizers, and keyboard workstations have evolved in the last two or three decades since the original APEX was developed. The APEX AX-48 Pro now ships with two sizes of Tribar arms (one set of 13" arms, and one set of 18" arms) to safely hold today's keyboards, synthesizers, and keyboard workstations of all sizes.
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 1 in stock $168.06
The Complete Studio Collection (limited 16xLP box)
Cat: 537565 3. Rel: 09 Jun 17
  1. The Dream Of The Blue Turtles (Studio album)
  2. ...Nothing Like The Sun (Studio album)
  3. The Soul Cages (Studio album)
  4. Ten Summoner's Tales (Studio album)
  5. Mercury Falling (Studio album)
  6. Brand New Day (Studio album)
  7. Sacred Love (Studio album)
  8. The Last Ship (Studio album)
  9. Songs From The Labyrinth (Studio album)
  10. If On A Winters Night (Studio album)
  11. Symphonicities (Studio album)
  12. 57th & 9th (Studio album)
 in stock $164.73
Magma Riot DJ Backpack (DJ backpack)
Cat: 548697 Rel: 18 Sep 14
Protective DJ equipment backpack contructed from waterproof tarpaulin
Notes: The new Riot DJ-Backpack is the latest and most compact model of the Riot line. It was especially designed for digital-DJs travelling with a basic DVS setup such as 15" laptop, Timecode records and accessories or small controllers. The clever interior layout of the main compartment includes two padded, removable dividers which allowing for three separate protective compartments. Two additional hanging mesh pockets can comfortably fill out the upper area of the backpack and easily hold headphones, cables and smaller gear.

The featured "Zip-Around-Expansion-System" doubles the main compartment's capacity, providing useful extra space for even more gear or clothing for overnight trips. The Riot DJ-Backpack also features a separate side entry compartment that provides quick access to your 15.4" laptop without opening the main compartment. Smaller accessories like soundcards, USB-sticks, power adapters or personal belongings can be stowed in the large front pocket that is equipped with numerous mesh pouches.
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 1 in stock $147.18
Cat: 684815 Rel: 09 Apr 18
Multi power supply for effect pedals
Notes: The PWT 12 is a heavy duty (2000 mA) universal pedal board power supply with 12 isolated 9 V DC, centre-negative female pin-connector outputs. Four of the outputs feature adjustable voltage from 6 to 18 volts. The variable outputs enable the simulation of voltage drop or 'battery sag' in old batteries. The power supply is regulated for constant voltage supply and protected against short circuit and overloading. The PWT 12 is equipped with a power LED and a two-colour LED output status indicator. It is supplied with an AC adapter and a set of DC cables. The PWT 12 is the ideal solution for power-hungry foot pedals or 9-volt effects units that can be operated at higher voltages for increased dynamics and stability.
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 1 in stock $142.70
Cat: 686654 Rel: 30 Apr 18
Dual drum/sampler module with 64 samples, pitch, decay & volume control
Notes: Erica "Pico DRUMS" module gives you two independent great sounding drums with versatile control over several parameters and extensive collection of drum samples. Chain up several Pico Drums and get one of the smallest modular drum setup in the modular world!

You can also upload your own drums (samples) on it using the programmer device.
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 1 in stock $132.68
Cat: 686702 Rel: 27 Apr 18
Compact MIDI box featuring 8 MIDI through splitters
Notes: Erica Synths MIDI thru box is professional quality, no latency, one MIDI In to 8 MIDI Through splitter in rigid aluminium case. It allows to connect up to 8 instruments to your sequencer or master keyboard and control them simultaneously without undesired delays and interference.
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 2 in stock $132.68
Cat: 686665 Rel: 30 Apr 18
Envelope generator & VCA combo in 3HP
Notes: Erica Pico Modulator combines Envelope Generator and VCA in one module with straight-forward controls for live performances.

Small, yet versatile envelope plus VCA, the Pico Modulator is an envelope generator with AD and ASR modes. The circuit can work with linear or exponential curve shapes. Thanks to its loop function, the module is also usable as a LFO. Furthermore, the Pico Modulator comes equipped with a VCA, which is controlled by the envelope.
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 1 in stock $130.47
Cat: 674319 Rel: 28 Feb 18
4HP glitch drum module
Notes: DIAL-UP! The oscillator core has a single knob (lil' computer) which scrambles the glitch algorithm. Bipolar CV control over this parameter can be accessed by the CV input (lil' phone). The oscillator goes into an onboard transistor VCA with built in decay envelope. Decay times can be changed with the "tail" knob as well as the three-position range switch which selects the max decay range from low, medium, to high. Just like Muskrat, the BANG! input does not only accept triggers, it can also be used as an envelope follower input.

It's difficult to say what exactly the knob and CV do, as this parameter is responsible for controlling several different pieces of the code at once. It's a sort of hybrid between the overall pitch and the amount in which the module glitches out.

Bask in the glory of the days of yore... when modems and dial-up tones reigned supreme. That god-awful sound emitted as you tried with all of your might to ping a communication across the globe...that sound...is precisely what we have harnessed and packaged into a percussion voice for the modern day cyber junkie.
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 2 in stock $129.35
Cat: 640247 Rel: 30 Jun 17
5-inch active desktop studio speakers with custom-designed enclosure
Alesis Elevate 5 studio speakers enable you to listen to mixes, masters and multimedia content with impressive clarity and warm, full sound. Elevate 5 speakers bring out every detail of your sound, unencumbered and crystal clear. Their custom wooden cabinets have a dense construction that provides natural bass. Elevate 5 studio speakers contain powerful, five-inch woofers, crisp, one-inch silk-dome tweeters and dedicated power. Alesis engineers carefully selected and tuned these crucial components to work in concert as a single unit within the custom wood cabinet to deliver full lows, clean highs and a detailed compelling stereo image. Unlike passive speakers, Elevate 5 speakers have a volume knob built right in to the front panel for easy control. Packaged in stereo-matched sets, Elevate 5 studio speakers give you everything you need, all in one box.

Alesis has been creating studio monitors for nearly a quarter century. In that time, we've learned a thing or two about maximizing sound and sonic clarity. Built using technology adopted from Alesis' award-winning Monitor One and M1Active professional studio monitors, Elevate 5 studio speakers are the perfect way to upgrade your computer or mobile device experience. Elevate 5 speakers leverage Alesis' experience in designing studio loudspeakers by employing custom-designed wood cabinets that stay natural and neutral, regardless of the frequency content or volume.

A pair of rugged RCA jacks and a pair of 1/4" TRS jacks are onboard, perfect for connecting mixers, interfaces, and virtually any other piece of audio gear. A 1/8-inch stereo headphones connection gives you the ability to defeat the speakers and switch to headphones easily at any time, and connecting the speakers is just as easy, requiring just one standard 1/8-inch cable (included). Elevate 5 studio speakers are designed to produce natural frequency response, but if you need a little more low-end punch, a convenient bass-boost switch does the trick. Trust your sound to the clarity, precise design and premium performance of Alesis Elevate 5 studio speakers.
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 1 in stock $120.52
Cat: 686629 Rel: 30 Apr 18
Compact master clock with step patterns & 4 trigger outputs - 3HP
Notes: The Pico Trigger not only provides a master clock but can even generate different trigger patterns which can be up to 16 steps long and feature adjustable shuffle. There are clock divder patterns, polyrhythmic patterns, and so on. New patterns can be loaded via the clock input and there's memory for eight patterns.

The module is used to create four trigger sequences which can be up to sixteen steps long. The pattern length can be set for each track - polyrhythmic use is totally easy to accomplish!

Patterns are created solely with a web based pattern generator and are loaded to one of the eight memory slots via the clock input in a special mode. The pattern generator is neither an app nor a special program but a website and thus works with every computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet connection.

The Pico Trigger has an integrated clock generator but it can be synchronized to an external clock, depending whether the clock socket acts as an input or output.
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 1 in stock $120.30
Cat: 676567 Rel: 03 Apr 18
Multi-mode CV generator - 4HP
Notes: Clep Diaz is a handy and small step CV and LFO generator. In step and random modes, use the encoder to control the number of steps in the sequence; in LFO mode, the encoder controls the amplitude of the wave. Toggle the directionality of the sequence: up, down, or up/down to customize the CVs further. CD also gives CV control over the number of steps in the sequence and an end-of-cycle trigger output. Unipolar and bipolar outputs allow maximal control.
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 1 in stock $119.41
Cat: 632662 Rel: 26 Jul 16
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

An all-in-one that delivers inspiration. A mobile MIDI keyboard that connects via USB or wirelessly.
The nanoKEY Studio provides a keyboard, knobs, trigger pads, and touch pad that lets you instantly convert your inspiration into sound. It is battery operated and can connect wirelessly to iPhone/iPad or Mac/Windows. It's a compact, mobile MIDI keyboard that is easy to travel with, allowing ease of use anytime, anywhere.

Step-record as easily as typing. A keyboard with 25 backlit keys that illuminate:
Even if you're not the most skilled keyboardist, the 25 velocity-sensitive keys allows you to step-record easily. The Scale Guide function illuminates the keys to show recommended notes in the scale, making it easier to play. This is a smart keyboard with a variety of performance modes, such as the Easy Scale function, that lets you produce musical phrases using any keys.

More freedom to produce music, via USB or wirelessly:
The nanoKEY Studio can connect not only via USB but also wirelessly. It's easy to connect to an iPad/iPhone music app such as KORG Gadget or Apple GarageBand, or to your Mac/Windows music production software. Liberated from annoying cables, you'll be free to set up your system much easier than some other products. Thanks to careful tuning, you'll enjoy low latency and high stability.

Lightweight and compact design can be placed anywhere and easily transported:
Smaller than a sheet of letter-sized paper, you can put the nanoKEY Studio in your bag and take it anywhere. With a simple, refined, and stylish design, along with beautiful lighting with white LEDs, you won't get tired of using it every day. With its modern design, the nanoKEY Studio is ideal for use with new devices such as your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Create the ultimate mobile music production system with your iPad/iPhone and the nanoKEY Studio:
The combination of the nanoKEY Studio with KORG Gadget is the ultimate combination for mobile performance. With the nanoKEY Studio that supports wireless connection via Bluetooth MIDI, your iPhone can instantly transform into a music production tool. In your room, in a coffee shop, in transit, or outdoors, you can immerse yourself in music with minimal requirements of space and time.

Eight high-sensitivity trigger pads that you can use for drum input or playing chords:
The eight velocity-sensitive trigger pads will convey every dynamic nuance of your drum performance. In chord-playing mode, the Chord Scale function automatically assigns the best chords for the key and scale you've selected, so your song will take shape at amazing speed. You can also assign the pads to trigger audio clips. These pads are not limited by musical genre; they deliver all-purpose music production power.

Touch pad inherited from the KAOSS series provides one-finger control of software synthesizers:
You can use a single finger to control a software synthesizer just like you can with a Kaossilator, or control a plug-in effect the same way as a KAOSS PAD. The nanoKEY Studio features an arpeggiator with rhythm patterns, letting you generate a succession of new phrases simply by touching the pad.

Eight assignable knobs for controlling your DAW and plug-ins:
The eight knobs provide versatile control of your software synthesizers, plug-in effects, and DAW mixer.

A lavish and powerful bundle of music software is included free of charge:
The nano Studio series comes with an extravagant bundle of powerful mobile and desktop music software that includes iPad / iPhone apps, a special edition of KORG Gadget, and the KORG Legacy Collection M1 Le which includes plug-in versions of classic KORG instruments. If you have the nanoKEY Studio, there is no need to buy any additional software.
The sounds and functionality of "iPad / iPhone apps" can be expanded by connecting them to a nano Studio series unit.

Customize using dedicated "KORG KONTROL Editor" software.
We provide "KORG KONTROL Editor" software that lets you freely customize the settings of the nanoKEY Studio. You can adjust the velocity curve of the keyboard, and customize the MIDI messages that are assigned to the pads and knobs to meet your needs.
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Cat: 237078 Rel: 23 Oct 06
M97XE audiophile phonograph DJ cartridge and stylus with precise tracking ability, flat frequency response and eliptical diamond tip, including its own tool kit
Notes: The M97xE is a superb smooth-sounding phonograph cartridge designed to provide long hours of undistorted listening, without fatiguing the ear. Its highly precise tracking ability and flat frequency response are made possible by Shure's unique Type II low-mass thin-wall aluminum alloy stylus cantilever, combined with a precision-crafted, finely polished, elliptical diamond tip.
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Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection 1963-2013 (limited unmixed 11xCD housed in wooden TARDIS box with flashing light & sound on doors opening + 52 page booklet + numbered certificate)
Cat: WHO 50. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. The First Doctor - William Hartnell: 1963-1966
  2. The Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton: 1966-1969
  3. The Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee: 1970-1974
  4. The Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker: 1974-1981
  5. The Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison: 1982-1984
  6. The Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker: 1984-1986
  7. The Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy: 1987-1989
  8. The Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann: 1996
  9. The Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston: 2005
  10. The Tenth Doctor - David Tennant: 2005-2010
  11. The Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith: 2010-2013
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Cat: 666164 Rel: 25 Oct 17
Upgrade version of Reason 10 music production software from Propellerhead
Notes: The biggest Reason update. Ever.

New sounds and new gear pave the way for new music, and Reason 10 is here with a rackload of new synths, instruments, samples and more. Grain and Europa: two massive, brand new synthesizers. Klang Tuned Percussion, Pangea World Instruments, Humana Vocal Ensemble: three new live-sounding organic instrument devices. Radical Piano: a top-notch acoustic piano. Synchronous: creative modulation device. Loop Supply and Drum Supply: a multi-gigabyte infusion of cutting-edge drum loops and samples. What music will you create?

Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer:

Europa was created for huge, epic sounds and oh boy, does it deliver... From big stacks of buzzing sawtooths to shimmering, glitched-up sonic explorations, Europa has you covered. To call it a wavetable synth wouldn't be wrong, but it's so much more than that. Apply a wide range of modulation to the waveform itself, to start with. Add advanced spectral filtering, harmonics processing and even draw your custom waveforms. And the best part: despite its deep synthesis powers, it's still surprisingly easy to use.

Grain Sample Manipulator:

Get granular with your samples! The Grain synthesizer opens up the world of granular synthesis for your creative use. Drop any sample into Grain and explore the endless sonic variations you can create with Grain's selection of playback algorithms, ultra-flexible modulation, routing and effects. With immense sonic power and an inviting interface, Grain is the easy-to-use sonic lab that turns your samples into grains and your grains into music.

A huge cache of inspiration:

Update your sound with this multi-gigabyte injection of cutting-edge loops and drum samples made to deliver up-to-date pop. electronic and hip hop sounds for Reason. Get creative with a huge selection of patches for Reason's Kong drum machine and Dr Octo Rex loop player.

Advanced Acoustic Piano:

The premise is simple. The results are stunning. Three basic pianos paired with the technology to make an infinite number of your own. Based on a custom blend between sampling technology and physical modelling algorithms, Radical Piano affords songwriters, producers, and sound designers an unprecedented level of control to craft a realistic piano that is 100% unique.

Timed Effects Modulator:

Bring your music to life with Synchronous' modulation effects. Create quick sidechain effects or draw your own LFO curves to control filter, delay, reverb, distortion and level. Make your sound evolve, change and loop over time.

Buy this upgrade if you own any of the following products:

- Reason (version 1-9.x)
- Reason Student/Teacher
- Balance with Reason Essentials

System Requirements:

Mac OS X

- Fast, stable internet connection for installation and registration
- Intel Mac with multi-core processor
- 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended for large ReFills or Rack Extensions)
- 4 GB free system disk space required, plus 8 GB for optional content. Additionally, program may use up to 20 GB scratch disk space.
- Mac OS X 10.7 or later (64-bit)
- Monitor with at least 1280x768 resolution
- CoreAudio compliant audio interface or built-in audio hardware
- MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended


- Fast, stable internet connection for installation and registration
- Intel or AMD multi-core processor
- 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended for large ReFills or Rack Extensions)
- 4 GB free system disk space required, plus 8 GB for optional content. Additionally, program may use up to 20 GB scratch disk space
- Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
- Monitor with at least 1280x768 resolution
- Audio Interface with ASIO driver
- MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended
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Cat: 624099 Rel: 19 Dec 16
Fully balanced 48-point patchbay with 1/4" TRS connectors
Notes: The Samson S Patch Plus features high quality miniature toggle switches allowing each channel to be configured for either Normalled, Half-Normalled or Thru operation. The S-Patch Plus will provide reliable operation while maintaining a clean signal path with it's solid construction, 48 1/4" phone plugs on the front and 48 1/4" phone plugs on the rear.

You can instantly change any channels configuration without the need to remove the unit from the rack as the mini-toggle switches are conveniently located on the front panel. S-Patch Plus is one of the best entry level patch bays on the market. It helps you work cleaner and faster allowing you to focus on making a better production - a great value for money product for the small home studio owner.

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Cat: 606600 Rel: 29 Mar 16
MP3 & bluetooth media player designed for permanent installations, features a bright LCD display & SD/SDHC card reader
Notes: The American Audio, Media Operator BT is a fast, simple and reliable all-in-one MP3/Bluetooth media player designed for permanent installations where easy control of music is a must (ie. restaurants, fitness studios, retail locations, etc.) and great for mobile entertainers as well. The Media Operator BT offers digital playback from SD cards or USB sticks/drives.

The Media Operator BT includes full MP3 playback control as well as a microphone input (XLR / 1/4" combo), master volume control and 3x line output options. Plug the unit directly into powered speakers, an amplifier or secondary mixer through the balanced XLR, 1/4" or stereo RCA outputs.
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Odd Even Red One (red transarent vinyl 10xLP)
Cat: ODD EVENRO. Rel: 05 Jun 18
  1. Andre Kronert - "Terminus" (7:10)
  2. Andre Kronert - "Terminus" (Jonas Kopp Torture mix) (6:10)
  3. Andre Kronert - "Terminus" (Pfirter remix) (5:24)
  4. Andre Kronert - "Isolation" (7:09)
  5. Par Grindvik - "Eden" (The Persuader remix) (5:53)
  6. A&S - "The World" (6:15)
  7. Andre Kronert - "DONT" (2:06)
  8. NX1 - "OE1" (6:44)
  9. Andre Kronert - "The 7th Stranger" (7:17)
  10. NX1 - "OE2" (6:31)
  11. NX1 - "OE3" (6:38)
  12. NX1 - "OE4" (6:52)
  13. NX1 - "OE5" (7:45)
  14. Boston 168 - "Nightcall" (7:00)
  15. Boston 168 - "Oblivion" (6:18)
  16. Boston 168 - "Seven Heads" (6:11)
  17. Boston 168 - "Split String" (6:05)
  18. Andre Kronert - "Dirty Old Man" (Markus Suckut remix) (6:33)
  19. Andre Kronert - "Dirty Old Man" (Regal remix) (7:55)
  20. Andre Kronert - "Ain't No Funny Music" (Simon Haydos Ms20 Imitation) (6:54)
  21. Andre Kronert - "Dirty Old Man" (Blind Observatory Old Man Rising dub) (6:30)
  22. Johannes Heil - "By Night" (part 1) (6:59)
  23. Johannes Heil - "By Night" (part 2) (7:10)
  24. Johannes Heil - "By Night" (part 3) (6:47)
  25. Johannes Heil - "By Night" (part 4) (6:32)
  26. Andre Kronert - "Aint No Funny Dirty Old Man Music" (Jeroen Search rework) (7:03)
  27. Andre Kronert - "Aint No Funny Music" (Steve O Sullivan aka Bluetrain Stripped Down dub) (6:13)
  28. Andre Kronert - "Aint No Funny Music" (Nima Khak Second edit) (7:07)
  29. Andre Kronert - "Aint No Funny Music" (Jesse Jakob aka The Observer remix) (6:11)
  30. Ninia Khak - "Ebb Och Flod" (5:36)
  31. Anders Hellberg - "Over The Hill" (6:25)
  32. Electric Rescue - "BELDIP (TT 144)" (6:13)
  33. Observer - "Density Wave" (5:11)
  34. Ruhbarb - "Amorpha" (7:16)
  35. Ruhbarb - "Field" (6:46)
  36. Ruhbarb - "Hetre" (7:07)
  37. Ruhbarb - "Echoes" (5:37)
  38. Markus Suckut - "Your Legs" (6:16)
  39. Markus Suckut - "Your Head" (6:33)
  40. Markus Suckut - "Your Arms" (5:45)
  41. Markus Suckut - "Your Body" (6:46)
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Cat: 686673 Rel: 30 Apr 18
Output module with headphone amplifier - 3HP
Notes: Erica Pico Output module is just what you need to monitor your music on headphones and have standardized connection to mixing desks.

3.5mm stereo output jack allows you to connect the Pico System directly to virtually any speaker system or line input. Even in your car.
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Cat: PTG 34091. Rel: 22 Nov 10
  1. Strike One - "You Can't Touch Me Anymore"
  2. Armenta - "I Wanna Be With You" (part 1)
  3. Sign Of The Times - "Point Blank" (12 inch mix)
  4. Advance - "Take Me To The Top"
  5. Ze-Brass - "Feels So Good" (extended version)
  6. Michael Baker - "Don't You Want My Lovin'" (dance mix)
  7. Bridge - "Baby Don't Hold Your Love Back"
  8. Jagg - "Take Time" (extended mix)
  9. Skool Boyz - "Slip Away"
  10. Karavan - "The Funk Is Gonna Get You Yet"
  11. Neddy Smith - "Give It Up"
  12. O'Bryan - "Tenderoni"
  13. Family Brown - "I'm Gonna Getcha"
  14. Cheryl Lynn - "Fidelity" (extended remix)
  15. Nona Hendryx - "B-Boys" (special extended club version)
  16. Eleanor Goodman - "Sneak Preview" (extended version)
  17. Time Bandits - "I'm Only Shooting Love" (USA remix)
  18. Millie Scott - "Automatic" (extended version)
  19. Keith Patrick - "Night To Remember" (extended version)
  20. Shirley Lites - "Heat You Up, Melt You Down"
  21. Thelma Houston - "Guess It Must Be Love" (extended remix)
  22. Controllers - "Stay" (extended remix)
  23. Forrest - "Could This Be Love?"
  24. The Limit - "Crimes Of Passion" (extended version)
  25. Fascination - "Out To Get You" (12 inch mix)
  26. Nuance - "Love Ride" (feat Vikki Love)
  27. Barbara Roy - "With All My Love"
  28. Twilight 22 - "Mysterious"
  29. Rose Royce - "Best Love" (promo remix)
  30. Klinte Jones - "In The Heat Of The Night"
  31. The Concept - "Mr DJ"
  32. Tululah Moon - "If You Want My Love"
  33. Fox The Fox - "Flirting & Showing"
  34. Gayle Adams - "I'm Warning You"
  35. Majik - "You Gotta Get Up"
  36. Sunfire - "Shake Your Body"
  37. Allan Harris - "You Bring Out TheBest In Me"
  38. Wanda - "I Must Be Dreamin'"
  39. Sweet Ecstasy - "Pull Our Love Together"
  40. Evelyn Champagne King - "Out Of Control"
  41. Nick Straker - "Must You Dance" (dance mix)
  42. Mahogany - "Ride On The Rhythm" (feat Bernice Watkins)
  43. Brenda Taylor - "You Can't Have Your Cake & Eat It Too"
  44. Lillo Thomas - "I'm In Love"
  45. The Creations - "Kinky Girl"
  46. Exquisite Taste - "It's You That's Happening"
  47. Kim Covington - "All Of My Love"
  48. Diamond Thread - "Search You Love"
  49. Serena - "Get Your Body Up"
  50. Simon & McQueen - "Let's Get Into It"
  51. Dayton - "Out Tonight" (Frankie Rodriquez' Nightly club mix)
  52. Roy Ayers - "Slip 'N Slide"
  53. UK Players - "Love's Gonna Get You"
  54. The Conway Brothers - "Turn It Up"
  55. Kerr - "Back At Ya"
  56. Dante - "Freak In Me"
  57. Kopper - "Velocity"
  58. Gwen Guthrie - "Outside In The Rain"
  59. Mark Fisher - "Love Situation" (Frankie Rodriquez' Loved re-edit)
  60. Take There - "Tonite's The Night (All Right)"
  61. Brenda Watts - "Who Needs A Love Like That"
  62. Lemelle - "You Got Something Special"
  63. Videeo - "Closet Freak"
  64. Bar-Kays - "She Talks To Me With Her Body" (remix)
  65. Dynasty - "Check It Out"
  66. Evan Rogers - "Secret Love" (Frankie Rodriquez' extended Masterpiece re-edit)
  67. Love Club - "Hot Summer Nights"
  68. Maxine Singleton - "You Can't Run From Love"
  69. Major Harris - "Gotta Make Up Your Mind"
  70. Kathy Buck - "Don't Beat Around The Bush" (Frankie's Cutting Around The Bush re-edit)
  71. Thunderflash - "Reach Your High Tonight"
  72. Up Front - "Infatuation" (Frankie Rodriquez' Infatuated re-edit)
  73. Roy Ayers - "Fast Money"
  74. Les Femmes - "Yes, You Thrill Me"
  75. Pamela Joy - "Think Fast"
  76. Wish - "Touch Me (All Night Long)" (feat Fonda Rae)
  77. Michael Wycoff - "Tell Me Love" (extendee version)
  78. Freeez - "Can't Keep My Love"
  79. Tony Ransom - "Stay If You Wanna"
  80. The Whispers - "Tonight"
  81. O'Jays - "Love You Direct" (Frankie Rodriquez' Instant re-edit)
  82. Mtume - "Prime Time"
  83. Lee Prentiss - "Love This Way"
  84. Real Thing - "Street Corner Boogie"
  85. Barbara Jayne - "I Like The Way You Move"
  86. Toshiki Kadomatsu - "Step Into The Light"
  87. Julius Brown - "Sho Nuff (9Sure Look Good)"
  88. Brandi Wells - "Watch Out"
  89. Weeks & Co - "Tunnel Of Love"
  90. Raven - "So In Love" (feat Jocelyn Brown)
  91. Shabazz - "Takes Me Higher"
  92. Fonzi Thornton - "(Uh Oh) There Goes My Heart"
  93. Surface - "Stop Holding Back"
  94. Intrigue - "Fly Girl"
  95. Glenn Jones - "Love Instensity"
  96. Rockie Robbins - "I've Got Your Number"
  97. Output - "Move For Me"
  98. The Sequence - "I Just Want To Know"
  99. Grace Rico - "Tell Me"
  100. The Givens Family - "I'm Still Waiting" (Frankie Rodriquez' Patient re-edit)
  101. Atmosfear - "Xtra Special" (Dry mix)
  102. Krystol - "Don't Change Your Ways"
  103. Bailey & Bridges - "Come & Get It" (US version)
  104. Bobby Thurston - "My Love's The Real Thing" (Frankie Rodriquez' Real re-edit)
  105. D-Train - "Music" (Frankie Rodriquez' Music Express mix)
  106. Tracy Weber - "Sure Shot" (Larry Levan mix)
  107. The Nick Straker Band - "Straight Ahead"
  108. First Love - "Can I Be With You Tonight"
  109. Second Image - "Starting Again"
  110. Shot - "Main Thing" (feat Kim Marsh)
  111. B-Biz-R - "Sucker For Love" (extended US mix)
  112. Carol Douglas - "I Got Your Body"
  113. Willie Collins - "Where You Gonna Be Tonight"
  114. The Ronnie McNeir Experience - "Come Be With Me"
  115. Tony Worrell's Box Office - "Everything You Do"
  116. Leroy Burgese - "Heartbreaker"
  117. Bruni Pagan - "You Turn Me On"
  118. Melba Moore - "Keepin' My Lover Satisfied"
  119. The Deele - "Working (9 To 5)"
  120. BMP - "Loc-It-Up"
  121. The Jones Girls - "2 Win U Back"
  122. Sandy Kerr - "Thug Rock"
  123. Endgames - "Ecstacy" (Centurion mix)
  124. Precious - "Taboo" (Frank & Henk's Forbidden Fruit remix)
  125. CC & CO - "When"
  126. Sound Advice - "Keep On Getting Up" (Frankie Rodriquez Keeps On Cutting Up re-edit)
  127. Tony Adderly - "I Ain't Mad At You"
  128. Gertjan Kuipers - "Masterpiece Flip Back Mix"
  129. Kees Franken - "Vinyl Mastermix"
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Cat: 686681 Rel: 30 Apr 18
Precision scaler to adapt Moog Mother 32 1V/oct to Eurorack standard
Notes: Erica Pico MSCALE (Moog Scale, to be specific) is precision scaler to adapt Moog Mother 32 to Eurorack standard 1V/oct control voltages.

Those who own Moog Mother 32 know that it requires -5V - +5V on 1V/oct input to operate in full range, while the Eurorack standard is 0V - +10V. So, to control Moog Mother 32 from a Eurorack sequencer you need to bias a sequencer output for 5 volts down. And vice versa - Moog Mother 32 sequencer outputs -5V - +5V on 1V/oct output, and, if you wish to control some Eurorack VCO from Moog Mother 32, you need to bias it 5 volts up. This is exactly what MSCALE does - it has two sections - upper one adds 5V to the input voltage, other subtracts 5V form the input voltage.

Of course, the module is not limited for use with Moog Mother 32 only. You can use it as a regular Eurorack precision voltage scaler.
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Misty (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: IPX 30. Rel: 11 Aug 17
  1. Misty (7:22)
  2. Blues (8:00)
  3. Yesterdays (6:07)
  4. Honeysuckle Rose (6:07)
  5. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (6:04)
  6. I Didn't Know What Time It Was (6:26)
  7. Angel Eyes (4:40)
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Stranger Things Season 1 Box Set (Soundtrack) (gatefold 180 gram splatter vinyl 4xLP box + poster + cards)
Cat: INV 184BOX. Rel: 14 Jul 17
  1. Stranger Things (1:07)
  2. Kids (2:37)
  3. Nancy & Barb (1:03)
  4. This Isn't You (2:28)
  5. Lay-Z-Boy (1:33)
  6. Friendship (1:17)
  7. Eleven (3:16)
  8. A Kiss (1:27)
  9. Castle Byers (2:49)
  10. Hawkins (5:01)
  11. The Upside Down (5:14)
  12. After Sarah (1:21)
  13. One Blink For Yes (1:54)
  14. Photos In The Woods (4:27)
  15. Fresh Blood (1:17)
  16. Lamps (1:15)
  17. Hallucinations (1:38)
  18. Hanging Lights (1:33)
  19. Biking To School (0:46)
  20. Are You Sure? (2:26)
  21. Agents (0:50)
  22. Papa (1:34)
  23. Cops Are Good At Finding (1:07)
  24. No Weapons (3:24)
  25. Walking Through The Upside Down (1:16)
  26. She'll Kill You (2:01)
  27. Run Away (1:40)
  28. No Autopsy (1:04)
  29. Dispatch (0:42)
  30. Joyce & Lonnie Fighting (1:01)
  31. Lights Out (1:06)
  32. Hazmat Suits (1:44)
  33. Theoretically (1:36)
  34. You Can Talk To Me (0:49)
  35. What Else Is There To Do? (2:00)
  36. Hawkins Lab (2:43)
  37. Hopper Sneaks In (1:35)
  38. I Know What I Saw (2:41)
  39. Rolling Out The Pool (1:06)
  40. Over (1:27)
  41. Gearing Up (1:58)
  42. Flickering (0:40)
  43. First Kiss (1:35)
  44. Crying (1:09)
  45. Walking Down The Tracks (0:54)
  46. Where's Barb? (1:59)
  47. Speak Of The Devil (2:46)
  48. Danger Danger (2:58)
  49. Tribulations (1:11)
  50. Flashback (1:36)
  51. Kids Two (2:48)
  52. Talking To Australia (0:58)
  53. Night Of The Seventh (1:35)
  54. See Any Rain? (0:39)
  55. Coffee & Contemplation (1:12)
  56. Inside The Black Room (1:25)
  57. Starts To Rain (1:27)
  58. Eleven Is Gone (1:52)
  59. Time For A 187 (0:57)
  60. Something In The House (2:06)
  61. Still Pretty (1:49)
  62. Abilities (1:28)
  63. Tendril (0:24)
  64. They Found Us (2:59)
  65. Bad Men (1:01)
  66. Spiked Bat (1:12)
  67. Making Contact (1:54)
  68. What Do You Know? (1:40)
  69. It's Not My Boy (1:45)
  70. Something In The Wall (1:36)
  71. Let's Go (0:35)
  72. Leap Of Faith (3:21)
  73. In Pursuit (2:15)
  74. Breaking & Entering (4:47)
  75. Stranger Things (extended) (5:12)
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Cat: 614853 Rel: 06 Jun 16
4 channel mixer eurorack synth module - 4HP wide
Notes: The MX1 mixer module from FSS is designed to present a compact, affordable mixing solution for Eurorack users. The MX1 gives four audio inputs in as many HP, with both normal and phase-inverted outputs available.

The level controls of the MX1 are logarithmic, but the channels are DC coupled, so CVs can be summed together using the MX1 if necessary.

The MX1 provides unity gain of each channel when the level control is fully clockwise, meaning that there is no loss of signal level when mixing. This also allows for the MX1 to be overdriven, especially if the same source is multipled to the four inputs or the "normal" output is fed back into one of the inputs.

A set of expansion headers also allow for the FSS P.O.C.A. VAC1 and Whitehall SW1 modules to be used alongside the MX1 without any patching required, when using the MX1x expander accessory.
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Cat: 223430 Rel: 14 Jun 06
Notes: Revived exactly the same as the original, this companion to the M44-7 provides an ideal balance between skip resistance and accuracy of sound reproduction for entertainment purposes.

The M44G is a versatile performance needle, appropriate for both intensive scratching and mixing.
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Cat: 474714 Rel: 23 Nov 12
Polyester synthesizer soft case
Notes: This protective padded polyester case is specially made for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer by Unit Portables. This handy case is perfectly sized and will keep your synth protected when you're on the move. It also includes a useful cable wallet.

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Cat: 632720 Rel: 08 Dec 16
25-key, battery/bus-powered, velocity-sensitive MIDI controller
Notes: Always wanted to play and record keyboard parts without the tangle of annoying wires? The new LPK25 Wireless takes the portability and feature-rich performance of the original LPK25 to the next level. Introducing Bluetooth MIDI connectivity! Now you can control your plug-in instruments from anywhere in the room, providing the ultimate in studio setup flexibility.

MIDI, Liberated:
Powered by 3 AA batteries for a truly untethered experience, the LPK25 Wireless is optimized for long battery life. No batteries? No problem. The LPK25 Wireless can also be powered via USB connection to keep your production moving.

Light as a Feather, Heavy on Features:
At the centre of the controller is a solid, 25-note mini-keybed, octave up and down buttons, and a powerful Arpeggiator mode which turns chords into exciting and complex music phrases. You're looking at the little Swiss army knife of production!

Apps Unleashed:
The LPK25 Wireless can also connect to any iOS device, giving you a truly portable workstation. Rip the keys on countless available music apps for on-the-go performance that leaves the lightest of footprints.

Box Content:
- LPK25 Wireless
- USB A to B Cable
- Software Download Card
- Safety and Warranty Manual
- Printed User Guide

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Cat: 660304 Rel: 13 Oct 17
Pocket DJ controller with audio interface
Notes: Conquer your inner DJ with the DJ2GO2 anywhere, anytime:

Dedicated to the art of DJing + passionate about your skill = Portable tools to show off your talent!

Show off your DJ skills anywhere you go:

DJ2GO2 is a portable, pocket-sized DJ controller that goes with you everywhere. It's equipped with a built-in sound card and Serato DJ intro (Serato DJ upgrade ready), which makes this the smallest DJ controller around. It fits on top of your laptop so you're ready for action in no time, without taking up any unnecessary space. It's perfect for using for small gigs, prepping your gigs, and a great backup for those "just in case" moments. There are endless possibilities, but most importantly, you can go anywhere with DJ2GO2.

Simple and Powerful:

A built-in sound card with master gain, headphone output for cueing and channel gain knobs makes DJ2GO2 the ultimate portable pocket DJ controller. It has two channels with a crossfader and pitch faders for easy blending. Don't let the small size fool youipad modes give you access to performance controls typically found on larger controllers.

The design and functionality of the DJ2GO2 makes it ideal for every type of DJ. Traveling DJs will enjoy having the critical elements on the go to practice, prep, and adjust their set. Mobile DJs can use it as a back-up or for a small gig with a minimal setup. All the controls are at your fingertips: simply plug in your headphones and connect your speaker through the master output.

Serato DJ Ready:

Already a Serato user? DJ2Go 2 comes premapped with Serato DJ intro included and is upgrade-ready to the full version of Serato. Play your blends, mixes and transitions on the fly. Control with quick access to your cues, auto/manual loop, and sampler. You can also map the DJ2Go 2 with other popular DJ software.


- DJ2GO2 Controller
- Serato DJ Intro download card
- USB Cable
- Quick start guide
- 1/8" to RCA cable
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Cat: 686637 Rel: 30 Apr 18
AC-coupled mixer for audio signals
Notes: Erica Pico Audio Mixer is simple 3 channel AC coupled mixer intended to mix audio signals before feeding them in other modules.

- Three audio inputs, one output
- 3U Eurorack module, 3 HP wide, 35 mm deep
- Diode protection against overvoltage
- Power consumption: 4 mA at +12 V and 4 mA at -12 V
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Fire & Rain (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: GRV 109945. Rel: 19 Apr 18
  1. Fire & Rain (4:47)
  2. Something In The Way She Moves (3:15)
  3. Walking Man (4:46)
  4. Sweet Baby James (3:55)
  5. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (5:21)
  6. You've Got A Friend (5:26)
  7. Long Ago & Faraway (3:27)
  8. The Water Is Wide (4:37)
  9. Shower The People (4:20)
  10. Fire & Rain (bonus cut - alternate take) (4:35)
  11. On The Road Jam (2:39)
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Cat: 549793 Rel: 05 May 15
A pocket-size drum synthesizer and sequencer with parameter locks, individual step re-trig and punch-in effects
Notes: A pocket-sized drum synthesizer and sequencer with parameter locks, individual step re-trig and punch-in effects.

Pocket operators are cleverly designed on a single circuit board. By placing all vital and sensitive components under the LCD display there's no need for an outer case. By saving this cost, high quality components could be used to guarantee the best possible sound and very low power consumption. The space under the display also doubles as a speaker box.

Experience a fresh new way to create music using your thumbs. With its pocket size, its animated graphics, real synthesizer engines, sync, punch-in effects, built-in speaker, alarm clock and impossibly low price, making electronic music has never been this much fun!
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Cat: 619435 Rel: 30 May 17
Mukatsuku Records bespoke backpack/record bag
Notes: British made high quality bespoke hand crafted soft 12 inch black backpack/record bag with embossed leather branded front. This Mukatsuku bag - exclusive to Juno - holds up to 50 x 12 inch records and comes with branded leather keyring, metal button badge plus extras, padded backpack shoulder straps, separate top carrying handle, stickers,,inside zipper compartment and additional pockets for 45's/headphones etc.
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Notes: British made high quality bespoke hand crafted 12 inch Navy Blue soft backpack record bag with embossed leather branded front. This Mukatsuku bag - exclusive to Juno - holds up to 50 x 12 inch records & comes with either branded leather or lazer etched metal keyring, metal button badge, padded backpack shoulder straps, (secret gift ) separate reinforced carrying handle, inside zipper compartment & additional pocket under flap for 45's etc.
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 1 in stock $55.27
Cat: 652014 Rel: 20 Jun 17
Mukatsuku backpack/record bag
Notes: British made high quality bespoke hand crafted 12 inch Tan backpack/record bag with embossed leather branded front. This Mukatsuku bag - exclusive to Juno - holds up to 50 x 12 inch records and comes with branded leather keyring, 1 x metal button badge, 1 x laser etched steel 45 adapter, 1 X slipmat (either 7 inch or 12 inch version-not specified )padded backpack shoulder straps, separate top carrying handle, stickers, inside zipper compartment and additional pockets for 45's/headphones etc.
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Cat: 458025 Rel: 02 Jun 12
4-channel passive stereo/mono hybrid splitter/mixer
Notes: The SPLITMix4 is a fully passive hybrid mixer that offers a wide variety of configurations. Mix 4 stereo input channels down to 1 stereo output, split a stereo input signal to distribute 4 stereo output channels, or combine the configurations for a wide range of applications. You can even configure the SPLITMix4 as 4 stereo input channels thru 4 independent level attenuators to 4 stereo output channels.

Independent stereo level controls are provided on each channel. All 1/4" connections are stereo TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) and all channel connections have intelligent switching to allow for a wide variety of configurations. Plugging into a mix input channel removes it from the splitter bus, and plugging into a splitter output channel removes it from the mix bus. Stereo or mono operation is determined by the type of 1/4" plug and cabling that you use.

The fully passive design of the SPLITMix4 has no active circuitry to add noise or distortion, and virtually any signal level can be handled. The Level attenuators cover a wide range and offer over 90 dB of attenuation and channel isolation. The SPLITMix4 is designed primarily as a line level device with medium input and output impedances.
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Fresh Cream (limited 180 gram vinyl 6xLP box + 64 page book + MP3 download code)
Cat: 572266 9. Rel: 07 Apr 17
  1. NSU (mono mix)
  2. Sleepy Time Time (mono mix)
  3. Dreaming (mono mix)
  4. Sweet Wine (mono mix)
  5. Spoonful (mono mix)
  6. Cat's Squirrel (mono mix)
  7. Four Until Late (mono mix)
  8. Rollin' & Tumblin' (mono mix)
  9. I'm So Glad (mono mix)
  10. Toad (mono mix)
  11. The Coffee Song (mono mix)
  12. Wrapping Paper
  13. Cat's Squirrel
  14. I Feel Free
  15. NSU
  16. Spoonful (part 1)
  17. Spoonful (part 2)
  18. Wrapping Paper (alternate mix)
  19. Sweet Wine (alternate mix)
  20. I'm So Glad
  21. Cat's Squirrel (alternate master)
  22. I Feel Free (alternate mix)
  23. Rollin' & Tumblin' (alternate master)
  24. NSU
  25. Four Until Late
  26. NSU
  27. Sleepy Time Time
  28. Dreaming
  29. Sweet Wine
  30. Spoonful
  31. Cat's Squirrel
  32. Four Until Late
  33. Rollin' & Tumblin'
  34. I'm So Glad
  35. Toad
  36. I Feel Free
  37. Wrapping Paper
  38. The Coffee Song
  39. I'm So Glad (new stereo mix)
  40. NSU (new stereo mix)
  41. Wrapping Paper (new stereo mix)
  42. The Coffee Song (new stereo mix)
  43. Rollin' & Tumblin' (First version - New Stereo mix)
  44. Spoonful (new stereo mix)
  45. Toad (new stereo mix)
  46. Coffee Song (early version)
  47. Beauty Queen (demo version)
  48. You Make Me Feel (demo version)
  49. Wrapping Paper (early version)
  50. Cat's Squirrel (early version)
  51. I Feel Free (early version)
  52. I Feel Free (mix with no lead vocal)
  53. I Feel Free (alternate mono mix)
  54. Sweet Wine (early version)
  55. Rollin' & Tumblin' (early version)
  56. Toad (early version)
  57. Sweet Wine (BBC Light Programme Saturday club session)
  58. Eric Clapton Interview (BBC Light Programme Saturday club session)
  59. Wrapping Paper (BBC Light Programme Saturday club session)
  60. Rollin' & Tumblin' (BBC Light Programme Saturday club session)
  61. Sleepy Time Time (BBC Light Programme Saturday club session)
  62. Steppin' Out (BBC Light Programme Saturday club session)
  63. Crossroads (BBC Home Service Guitar club session)
  64. Steppin' Out (BBC Home Service Guitar club session)
  65. Cat's Squirrel (BBC World Service R&B club session)
  66. Traintime (BBC World Service R&B club session)
  67. I'm So Glad (BBC World Service R&B club session)
  68. Lawdy Mama (BBC World Service R&B club session)
  69. Eric Clapton Interview (BBC Light Programme Saturday club session)
  70. I Feel Free (BBC Light Programme Saturday club session)
  71. NSU (BBC Light Programme Saturday club session)
  72. Four Until Late (BBC Light Programme Saturday club session)
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Cat: HRLP 0745 LP. Rel: 16 May 17
  1. Country Living (Flute) (4:23)
  2. Track 2 (4:21)
  3. Melting Dub (Pianica) (4:49)
  4. Track 4 (5:53)
  5. Track 5 (Piano) (4:41)
  6. Track 6 (4:36)
  7. Track 7 (Ain't Noone Judge Us) (6:26)
  8. Track 8 (Drumless) (5:56)
  9. Track 9 (dub) (4:51)
  10. Track 10 (5:15)
  11. Track 11 (No Strings) (4:45)
  12. Track 12 (Ain't Noone Judge Us) (Another version) (6:31)
  13. Track 13 (Ain't Noone Judge Us) (dub) (7:15)
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