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Cat: 598242 Rel: 08 Mar 16
Hand-stained all hardwood eurorack synth module enclosure with power - 360HP of space
The Pittsburgh Modular Structure 208 and Structure 360 eurorack enclosures use a switching power supply that needs manually set to the correct AC input voltage. The internal switch has already be properly set for 220-230 VAC. This setting works for the EU and Australia or other countries that use 220-230 VAC power.
For use in countries that use 100-120 VAC power, such as North America and Japan, the switch inside the case on the AC/DC regulator needs to be switched to the left. The switch is marked with a Yellow sticker printed with "AC input voltage can be selected by switch. Check input voltage avoiding damage before power on." The switch is located on the side of the enclosure below the arrow.
Please contact Pittsburgh Modular with any questions. service@pittsburghmodular.com***

Structure EP-360 Eurorack Enclosure

Maximum Power for a New Generation -

Beautifully stained hardwood triple row, 360hp powered eurorack travel case with lid. A huge case to house a monster synth. Features include a professional, heavy duty, internal power supply designed to exceed the needs of the most demanding analog and digital eurorack systems.

Everything is New:
With years of research and two case lines under our belt, we decided to start over and produce a line of cases for the next generation of eurorack synthesizers. The eurorack modular ecosystem is expanding faster than ever and manufacturers are constantly pushing eurorack cases and power supplies to the limits. What started as a power supply designed to drive primarily analog synthesizers has transformed into a supply that needs to simultaneously meet the unique demands of sensitive analog circuitry, power hungry digital processors, and ground sensitive user interface modules.

We started with what matters most. Clean power. A lot of it. Up to 3x the amount of clean power available in cases from other brands. Next we turned our focus to the enclosure itself and there was only one goal. Make the case stronger. Our engineers tested countless combinations utilizing different types of wood, joints, adhesives, assembly techniques, and hardware to ensure that Structure cases are as durable as they are beautiful.

With a clean and gorgeous design that promotes creative exploration, the Structure enclosures are our most robust and refined case line yet. With massive amounts of both room and clean power, you can reach completely new heights in your creative performances.

Structure EP-360

6 Amps of Clean +12v Power

6 Amps of Clean -12v Power

5 Amps of Clean +5v Power

Custom Powered Bus Board with 15 Keyed Eurorack Power Headers Per Row, 45 Power Headers Total

External On-off Rocker Power Switch with LED

Universal IEC Power Connector Works Anywhere

Structure EP-360 Enclosure
Hardwood and Steel Construction (No cheap plastic here)

Triple 120hp Rows

Removable Lid

Lid Fits Over Fully Patched System (No need to remove patch cables)

Edge to Edge Rail Design Reduces Gaps Between Modules and the Side of the Case

24 Smooth Sliding Square Nuts Per Rail (Holds up to 72 modules)

Beautifully Hand-Stained Hardwood

Matching Black Steel Hardware Set

Structure EP-360 Dimensions
External Depth with lid:9 1/4"
External Depth without Lid: 5 1/2"
External Height: 17"
External Width: 25 1/2"
Internal Depth Above Power Supply: 2 3/4"
Internal Depth Above Bus Board: 3 3/4"
Internal Depth Above Nothing: 4 1/4"
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Cat: 694337 Rel: 30 Aug 18
Expressive, versatile & powerful next-generation 61-note USB MIDI controller keyboard - black
Notes: The definitive MIDI controller keyboard, KeyLab MkII is a luxurious, expressive tool for your studio or live rig. Unsurpassed connectivity, effortless integration, customizable interface, and inspiring included software; there simply is no other MIDI controller quite like KeyLab MkII.

KeyLab MkII is an expressive, versatile, and superbly powerful next-generation USB MIDI controller keyboard. It features dynamic performance and studio controls, including a high quality 49-note keyboard with aftertouch, 16 RGB backlit pads, 9 faders, 9 rotary knobs, and dedicated DAW and transport controls. Its huge connectivity also includes CV/Gate outputs, so you can take command of outboard synth and Eurorack modules with ease. Factor in the amazing included software, and you've just found your ideal creative companion for the studio and stage.

Another level in terms of quality and luxury, KeyLab MkII is a treat for the fingertips and gives unprecedented levels of control over your music and software.

Both 49-key and 61-key versions of KeyLab MkII feature Arturia's Pro-Feel action, the same lusciously playable keybed as the MatrixBrute and MiniBrute 2. Sensitive enough to accurately capture the subtleties and nuances of delicate playing, while still being robust enough to feel the energy of high-impact playing.

Every version of KeyLab MkII also offers 16 RGB-backlit, multi-function performance pads which can be used in a huge variety of ways, whatever suits your performance style or studio needs best. Trigger custom chords, activate samples, quickly switch user maps, KeyLab MkII puts the "control" firmly back into "controller".

A gateway to software, KeyLab MkII features 9 rotary encoders, 9 faders, and a selection of fully assignable buttons to give you unfettered access to your virtual instruments, effects, and recording environment. Send and receive CV/gate data to bridge the gap between modular and MIDI, with a fully customizable setup.

To allow for maximum expression, and to put that unmistakable "human touch" into your music, KeyLab MkII features multiple expression pedal inputs, that can be assigned to whatever parameters you desire in your DAW or virtual instruments, and sports robust, luxurious machined metal pitch and mod wheels. Truly a live-performers dream!

Amazingly versatile, hugely expressive, and geared up to enhance your creativity and workflow wherever your music takes you.

Included is an impressive software bundle: Arturia's complete Piano V virtual piano instrument, Analog Lab 3, and Ableton Live Lite.
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 2 in stock $424.20
Cat: 652255 Rel: 01 Dec 17
2-channel rotary mixer with 3-band frequency isolator for DJs
Notes: The TRM-202 MK3 by Omnitronic with its classic ALPS potentiometers (Blue Velvet RK27) and the integrated 3-band frequency isolator offers the classic features of a rotary mixer.

Due to its high quality components, the sound pattern is good and appealing. The large potentiometers of both input channels allow very smooth transitions, hardly realizable with a conventional mixer. Both input channels can be switched between line and phono. A microphone input is also at hand. The kill characteristic provides a total erasure of basses, mids and highs and so enables creative mixing. Due to its booth output and a separate volume control, the TRM-202 MK3 can also be used in clubs without a problem. Thanks to the record output, it is also possible to record own's DJ set.
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Cat: 677512 Rel: 26 Feb 18
Waveshaping distortion workstation
Notes: All of the features of the original Geiger Counter, with so much more. 16 footswitchable presets, MIDI control over presets, bit depth and sample rate blending, dry/wet mix, an end of signal filter - the most powerful pedal WMD have ever created. Designed for the pro to really dial in new, undiscovered sounds, never before heard in a distortion pedal.
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 2 in stock $413.27
Landscape Stereo Field Instrument (synthesizer/audio processor)
Cat: 642532 Rel: 21 Sep 17
Touch plate synthesizer & audio processor
Notes: STEREO FIELD is an instrument which allows its user to manipulate and patch two analog stereo circuits directly via touch plates utilizing skin conductivity as new paths for the circuit to follow essentially creating new circuits and new sounds in relation to where your fingers are patching. The individual touch plates are directly connected to nearly every connection point of every component in its circuitry (located directly under each corresponding touch plate). When touched, it will create analog synthesized audio with either of the two mirrored circuits represented by the interlocking circles. These parallel mirrored circuits can be "patched" separately or together yielding vastly different results in regards to texture, timbre and stereo imaging.

This instrument has the ability to create atonal synth tones in stereo (and quad) as well as process incoming stereo audio (and quad) sources via 1/4" and 3.5mm ins and outs. Incoming audio sources can be "patched" or rewoven into any area of either or both of the circuits via skin contact. The input volume knobs shape and effect distortion and drive amounts and behave slightly differently when given a mono input signal versus a stereo signal. The quad inputs and outputs via the 3.5mm jacks have small touch plates leading to and from allowing for touch access of each of the 4 inputs and 4 outputs. If multiple audio signals are traveling into the Stereo Field these audio sources can be intermingled and can modulate one another. Sending CV signals into the 3.5mm input jacks will open up many more possibilities both in terms of synthesized sounds and audio processing.

The Stereo Field can also be used as a sort of lo-fi controlled random source when using the 3.5mm outputs to send CV to your modular system. Due to the nature of feedback and finger patching the 4x available CV signals have the ability to get incredibly complex in nature (see audio examples below in use with a euro-rack system). Because of the open nature of Stereo Field it can both send and receive CV modulation simultaneously. In addition, this can all be happening while your finger patching is changing and altering the incoming and outgoing CV while also processing incoming audio. These ins and outs can also be patched together with cables for sustained tones with the pitch/rhythm/volume/cutoff being affected by adjusting the incoming and outgoing volume knobs in various settings. Inter-patching in this way will also allow for sustained pulse beats and filter like sound shaping in addition to bringing new results to patching via the touch plates. Most importantly, processed audio and synthesized audio are available simultaneously with the ability to influence and modulate each other. This will often blur the lines between the two; who is manipulating who? who comes out on top as audio and who is modulation? This can be a constantly evolving cycle based upon where the performers fingers are placed and highly sensitive skin contact or "pressure" changes.

The sound is sometimes easy to describe; (distortion, filtering, feedback, square wave, pulse width modulation, rhythms, wave-folding, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, spacial shifts, panning, sub octaves, pitch following) but most of the time these definitions fall "between effects" or in combinations of multiple effects that can be shifting, feeding back or pulsing in sync with incoming audio during processing. Since the user is directly touching analog circuitry through copper touch plates, shifts in pitch/timbre/stereo/drive/modulation can be accessed instantly. The stereo (or quad) imaging of the instrument is both influenced by feedback and modulation in regards to where your fingertips are patching along with modulation caused by incoming audio content. In addition to the sheer number of patching and finger pressure combinations available, the instrument has shown theremin-esque properties in certain settings due to the large surface area of the gold plates. To bring this even a step further it the synth tones can be triggered by only breathing on the plates using breath control to sculpt the audio.

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Cat: 625703 Rel: 15 Sep 16
Compact, intuitive DJ controller with Virtual DJ software - black
 1 in stock $294.11
Cat: 607837 Rel: 18 May 16
Eurorack SID voice synth module - 19HP wide
Notes: The original SID GUTS took the legendary SID chip and tailored it into the eurorack modular environment. By use of a real SID chip the classic sound was taken in a new direction with the levels of direct and voltage control only a modular system can offer.

The 'SID GUTS DELUXE' improves upon the original SID GUTS 'Eurorack SID Voice' by adding both new features and further control.

The module now includes improved frequency control, a chord mode using all available oscillators and numerous other tweaks.

*SWIN SID chip included (please note - ALM & Juno do not offer any support for this product)*

Technical Specifications:
Supply: +/-12V
Current Draw: ~50-200ma (with vintage SID chip)
Size: 19 HP
Depth: 32mm (including power header)
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 1 in stock $282.07
Cat: 658754 Rel: 11 Sep 17
Compact programmable universal CV generator - 12HP
Notes: Satellite is a compact 12HP module that can be loaded with all (or a subset) of the presets and preset sequences from a Rossum Electro-Music Control Forge or other Satellite and then function as a completely stand-alone CV generator. Once the presets and preset sequences are transferred from the other module (via a patch cord connection), Satellite no longer requires any connection to the module.

With one or more Satellites, you can take advantage of all of your Control Forge presets and sequences in multiple cabinets or even different systems.

Multiple Satellites can be programmed from the same Control Forge and synced together via their Gate inputs to create complex polyphonic sequences and modulation contours.

In addition to direct connection with a Control Forge or other Satellite, presets and preset sequences can also be loaded via audio file archives that have been saved from a Control Forge or Satellite. And since those files can be posted online and downloaded, it’s a great way to share and exchange presets.
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 2 in stock $277.71
Cat: 618631 Rel: 25 Jul 16
Single track algorithmic MIDI sequencer with 16 modes of operation
Notes: The Zillion is a single track algorithmic MIDI sequencer based on the principles of the Triadex Muse. The Muse used counters and a shift register to generate more than a million musical melodies.

The Zillion expands on these ideas to add more features and functionality, providing a zillion possibilities for you to discover.

There are 16 operating modes. These include Playback, Tempo, Swing, Direction, Loop, Transpose, Scale, Scale Program, Melody, Rhythm, Velocity, Theme, Shift Register, MIDI OUT, MIDI IN, and Sync.

The Playback mode allows you to Stop, Start, Restart, Pause, and Manually Step through a sequence.

The Tempo mode allows you to set the rate the sequence will play back at. The tempo can range from 25-250 BPM. Four hot keys allow you to set and instantly jump from one tempo to another, or can also be changed gradually.

Swing adds a human feel by delaying the start of every other note by a set percentage. The swing range is from 50-75%. Four hot keys allow you to set and instantly jump from one swing value to another, or can also be changed gradually.

Four consecutive directions can be entered to determine if the internal counters will increment or decrement, causing a pattern to play forwards or backwards each time a loop point is reached.

A loop point will cause the internal counters to reset, limiting the number of steps a pattern will play before repeating. The loop point can range from 1-16 beats, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 bars, or can also be set to free-running. Four hot keys allow you to set and instantly jump from one point to another, or can also be changed gradually..

Sequences can be transposed by up to 36 semitones within the Transpose mode. Four hot keys allow you to set and instantly jump from one transpose value to another, or can also be changed gradually..

There are 99 Scales that determine what notes the sequencer can generate. Scales 1-16 are presets, while scales 17-99 are user definable. Four hot keys allow you to set and instantly jump from one scale to another, or can also be gradually changed.

Scale Program:
User scales can be programmed with the Zillion's front panel controls, or using any MIDI controller keyboard. Each scale holds eight pitch values. You can also think of these scales as simple 8-step sequences that can then be "remixed" by the sequencer algorithms. A global transpose feature is also included in this mode, where any MIDI controller keyboard can be used to transpose sequences.

In the Melody mode you can select up to four sources to determine the melody being generated. These sources include counters, shift register outputs, or can also be set simply on or off.

In the Rhythm mode you can select up to two sources to determine the rhythm being generated. These sources include counters, shift register outputs, or can also be set simply on or off. Rhythms generated will include note-off, note-on (50% duration), note-on (100% duration), or 32nd notes. In addition, there is a Rhythm Density value ranging from 0-255. This parameter determines how complex or full the rhythm will be. There are also 3 possible GateTypes to further determine what types of rhythms are generated.

In the Velocity mode you can select up to four sources to determine a velocity pattern being generated. These sources include counters, shift register outputs, or can also be set simply on or off. This can be a useful parameter for controlling various aspects in an external sound module by simply setting velocity to control that parameter... such as filter cut-off, or VCA amplitude.

In the Theme mode you can select up to four sources to determine the theme being generated. These sources include counters, shift register outputs, or can also be set simply on or off. The Theme is what feeds the input of the 32bit shift register. And since sources of the Theme can be outputs of the Shift Register, feedback occurs and the algorithm can take on a life of its own. In addition, when the Melody, Rhythm, or Velocity use the Shift Register as a source, any changes made to the Theme will then affect all parts relying on the Shift Register making for some interesting interactions.

Shift Register:
The Shift Register is a 32bit logic source for the Melody, Rhythm, Velocity, and Theme. In addition, there are 36 parity types available to determine how logic from the Theme will be passed on to the input of the Shift Register.
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Cat: 690903 Rel: 03 Jul 18
Cascading analogue waveform sculpting oscillator - 12HP
Notes: True analog innovation, the Lifeforms Primary Oscillator was designed to stretch the boundaries of pure sonic sculpting. The Primary Oscillator uses unique cascading waveform processing to create increasingly complex, fully modulatable waveforms. Through the use of multiple interwoven waveshapers, a simple waveform can quickly mutate into something deeply dynamic and harmonically rich.

Custom waveshapers include a harmonic sine wave; a sine processed to add just enough harmonics to give a resonant filter something to dig into. Next, the included blade wave processor is an evolution of our custom modulation circuit, creating modulatable ramp and pulse waves. The fragments generator is an analog downsampler capable of crushing waveforms to dust without ever sounding thin or cold. Also included, the timbre wave folder enables deep spectral change by repeatedly folding the waveform in on itself until the original waveform is unrecognizable.

The Primary Oscillator is not meant to be a clean oscillator that produces perfect waveforms. Controlled signal interactions and the unique set of cascading waveshapers at the heart of the Primary Oscillator allow for a uniquely musical approach to experimenting with a wide array of interesting sounds. Instead of relying only on the standard set of simple wave shapes, the Primary Oscillator builds on the basics to offer a powerful palate of infinitely variable waveforms. No other analog oscillator offers such a creative and deep set of audio processing tools.
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Cat: 676893 Rel: 31 Aug 18
Quad envelope generator with 16-step sequencer - 12HP
Notes: Quad Envelope includes 4 individual AHDSR envelope generators with individual outputs as well as a 16-step automation sequencer per channel. Hold the RECORD button and move the sliders for Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain and Release to animate each of these settings for a given channel. Autosave in stand-alone mode, or save up to 16 presets of these settings using Varigate 4+ or up to 100 presets using Varigate 8+.

You can set each envelope to either Trigger, Gate, Loop or Gate/Loop. You can also set each individual envelope to either Fast, Slow or Tempo synced modes. Each automation sequencer can be set to either Forward, Reverse, Pendulum or Random. Link Mode allows for linking envelope channels 2-4 to channel 1. The Quad Envelope allows for a multitude of dynamic possibilities for live performance and recording.
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 2 in stock $248.60
Cat: 665768 Rel: 15 Feb 18
Expander module for the WMD Performance mixer
Notes: PM Db25 is a proprietary expand module for the WMD Performance Mixer that allows for direct access to each output, balanced, including channels expand and the main outs. Connect a Db25 snake to your choice of connector on the other end and record each individual out without destruction from the faders or mutes. Reference the stereo recording while making final edits in your DAW or tape machine.
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 1 in stock $228.50
Cat: 689665 Rel: 14 Jun 18
VC addressable sequential switch & sequencer - 16HP
Notes: Muxlicer is a sequential signal processor designed for add a huge range of special functions to your modular setup in the minimum space.

Muxlicer is divided in three main blocks: Digital Step Controller, Gate Generator and Analog Switch (a.k.a. Mux/DeMux).

The module is designed with high "function to HP ratio" philosophy, to have maximum flexibility in minimum space.
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Cat: 682068 Rel: 16 May 18
Complex noise oscillator module - 14HP
Notes: The Interstellar Radio is a faulty transmission line providing several varieties of destructive effects as well as acting as a non-volts/octave complex oscillator when no input is provided.

Interstellar radio converts an audio signal from the input jack to a high frequency pulse train and then back to an audio signal with voltage control over the clock for the up conversion (CARRIER) as well as the down conversion (DEMODULATOR), like a voltage controlled radio transceiver designed for poor reception.

Manipulating these clocks allows for a variety of aliasing, distortion, and frequency modulation type effects. The output is also sent to a comparator along with the input, and the result is available at the "ERROR" output for a ring modulation type effect.

When no input is provided a DC offset (controllable with the input jack) sets a frequency for the up conversion (which is effectively a VCO), the down conversion acts as a modulation oscillator allowing for a fairly radical form of frequency modulation. Two audio signals can be inserted into the clock input jacks and modulate each other in the same way.
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 2 in stock $206.64
Cat: 618421 Rel: 01 Nov 16
Retro-style portable turntable with optional legs to be used as a "standalone" record player - complete with built-in speakers
Notes: The GPO Bermuda is for dancing queens and music hounds. It's a classic style designed for the very modern music fan. In fact, it's all about versatility.

First, decide whether you want to use the optional legs or not. Turn your record player into a freestanding music player. There's even a carry handle to make it portable.
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Cat: 616173 Rel: 27 Jul 16
4-track handheld audio recorder with built-in X/Y stereo microphnones
Notes: Brilliant Four-Track Audio Recording for Music, Film, Podcasting, and Beyond
At Zoom we're always developing new ideas to improve the performance and function of our Handy Recorders. With the new H4n Pro, we've taken everything creators love about the H4n and brought it to the next level.
The H4n Pro isn't just improved, it's superior in every way. With advanced X/Y microphones, incredibly natural-sounding preamps, and a super-low noise floor, you can record everything from the Indy 500 to the fluttering of a hummingbird with extraordinary realism.
Welcome to the new gold standard in field recording.

The Filmmaker's Favorite:
The H4n Pro is packed with features that make it perfect for capturing audio for film. The onboard X/Y microphones deliver spectacular stereo imaging, and two combo input jacks allow you to use your favorite microphones as well. It also includes a headphone/line out jack to easily send high-definition stereo directly to your camera.

Unmatched In Concert:
The Pro is perfect for capturing live performances. Capable of handling up to 140 dB SPL, it can record everything from ear-splitting heavy metal to bass-heavy EDM. Take a line-level* stereo feed from your mixing console and capture room ambience with the X/Y microphones to put your listeners front row center.
* +4dBu line-level is not supported.

Podcasters and Journalists:
The H4n Pro provides the essential combination of mic'ing versatility, portability, and superior audio necessary for impactful storytelling. With support for plug-in power, you can use a lavalier to mic up your subject for podcasts or interviews. Record time-stamped WAV files to sync with video footage in post-production, or embed superior audio directly on your video in real-time through a ?" stereo feed.

Mobile Studio:
With overdubbing and punch-in features, as well as studio-grade instrument effects and emulators, you can create songs from start to finish. The Pro also functions as a 2-input/2-output USB audio interface for PC or Mac. Launch your favorite recording/editing software or use the included Cubase LE to start creating.

High-Performance Mic Preamps:
The Pro features the same high performance, low-noise mic preamps as our acclaimed Zoom H5 and H6 Handy Recorders, with recording and playback at resolutions up to 24-bit/96 kHz. The improved noise floor (-120 dBu EIN) captures audio at lower volumes with less noise and fewer artifacts.

Built-in Stereo Recording:
X/Y stereo recording covers a wide area while capturing sound sources in the center with clarity and definition. The angle of its two unidirectional condenser mics can easily be changed from 90 degrees for a tightly focused stereo image to 120 degrees for a wider image simply by twisting the mic capsules.
The H4n Pro provides an onboard MS decoder for Mid-Side recording with external microphones. This allows you to adjust the width of the stereo image, making it especially useful for sound design and broadcasting.

Inputs and Outputs:
Inputs - The two locking combo connectors accept either XLR or 14" balanced/unbalanced phone cables, handling mic- and line-level signals as well as instrument-level signals. Phantom Power of +24 or +48 volts can be applied to both inputs. Plus, there's a stereo 1/8" Mic jack for external audio sources, including lavalier microphones requiring 2.5 volts of plug-in power.
Outputs - A stereo 1/8" Line/Phone Out, with dedicated volume control, allows for headphone monitoring or connection to your DSLR, while the built-in monophonic speaker allows for quick playback reference. In addition, a USB port enables fast file transfer, firmware updates, and use as a 2-in/2-out audio interface for computers.

Form Factor:
A new rubberized, ergonomic body is perfect for use in the field or with a camera, while new locking XLR/TRS connectors ensure your mic cables stay secure. Highly portable, the H4n Pro can travel anywhere for convenient mobile recording.

Three Ways to Record:
STEREO MODE uses the built-in X/Y microphones (or external mics) and is convenient for recording live performances, acoustic instruments, dialogue, and more.
In 4CH MODE, you can record with the built-in X/Y mics and two external inputs simultaneously, great for getting live room sound and a stereo board feed at the same time.
MTR MODE (Multi-track Mode) turns your device into a four-track studio, with built-in effects, overdub functions, and the ability to work with previously recorded sound files.

Recording Functions:
Pre-Record (for STEREO/4CH mode) - Pre-Record ensures that you'll never miss the start of a great take. The device is continuously listening, keeping the previous two seconds* of audio whenever you hit RECORD.
*One second when recording at 96k or working 4CH mode.
Auto-Record (for STEREO/4CH mode) - Auto-Record automatically starts recording when a user-set sound level is detected. There's also an Auto-Record
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Cat: 618632 Rel: 25 Jul 16
MIDI to MIDI clock/DIN sync/CR-78 clock & and Analog clock converter
Notes: The Swynx is a sync box that converts incoming MIDI messages to MIDI clock, DIN sync, CR-78 clock, and Analog clocks. In addition, the Swynx provides the ability to swing the timing of all these clock outputs and select different time signatures in real-time with the front panel controls, and can also act as a CR-78 pattern programmer.

After you try it in your setup, you will realize just what you've been missing.

For instance, many DIN sync devices do not provide a built-in swing function. And many MIDI sequencers and drum machines suffer from poor implementation of swing, preventing changes to be made live, or only providing swing for 4/4 patterns.

Quite a few MIDI sequencers don't offer any swing function, including our own 777 and Mobius products. Now you can apply swing to any MIDI sequencer, and select new time signatures as well

Need to sync your analog sequencer or arpeggiator with MIDI gear? No problem! Not only can you do so, but now you can swing the timing of those devices as well. You can even use the analog clock output to Gate the envelopes in a synthesizer. The clock duty cycle is 50% of a note duration.

If you are a Roland CR-78 owner, you may have realized finding a WS-1 or TS-1 to program the CR-78 is next to impossible. The Swynx can replicate the programming capabilities of these units, plus provide sync to MIDI, and realtime swing adjustment. The ability to add swing to the CR-78's preset patterns alone will breathe new life into this old friend.

The Swing value is accurate to 0.5% providing much more control resolution than is typically found in sequencers and drum machines.

The Swynx provides 12 different time signatures to choose from. Some time signatures are duplicate, but provide different shuffle patterns for that time signature. Time signatures include 9/8, 7/8, 6/8, 5/8, 2/4, 4/4, 8/4, 3/4, and 6/4.

A universal power supply is provided with each unit, allowing the Swynx to be used anywhere in the world.

The Swynx is all about making the gear you have sound better!
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Cat: 682313 Rel: 26 Mar 18
Vactrol-based multimode filter based on a schematic by Nyle Steiner, featuring separate inputs for lowpass, bandpass & highpass
Notes: This filter's unique feature is that different filter types are realized by injecting the audio signal at different points of the circuit. For this reason, the A-101-1 has three inputs with level control: one lowpass input which is normalized to the bandpass input, which itself is normalized to the highpass input. The level controls make it possible to mix the filters and to generate new filter types. e.g. with all three filter levels turned to maximum level you get a notch filter.

Furthermore, the cutoff frequency influences which filter type is "monitored". This way you can blend from LP over BP to HP with increasing cutoff, known as "frequency scanning". Interesting effects happen when three different audio signals are used because they are both morphed and filtered at the same time.

Vintage edition with black faceplate and custom knobs.
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 1 in stock $156.34
The Jimi Hendrix Experience (180 gram vinyl 8xLP box set + 40 page booklet)
Cat: 88697745541. Rel: 03 Nov 17
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Purple Haze (previously unreleased)
  2. Killing Floor (live)
  3. Hey Joe (live)
  4. Foxey Lady (previously unreleased)
  5. Highway Chile (previously unreleased)
  6. Hey Joe (previously unreleased)
  7. Title #3 (previously unreleased)
  8. 3rd Stone From The Sun (previously unreleased)
  9. Here He Comes (Lover Man) (previously unreleased)
  10. If 6 Was 9 (previously unreleased)
  11. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (previously unreleased)
  12. Rock Me Baby (live)
  13. Like A Rolling Stone (live)
  14. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (live)
  15. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (live)
  16. Little Wing (previously unreleased)
  17. Little Miss Lover (previously unreleased)
  18. Taking Care Of No Business (previously unreleased)
  19. The Wind Cries Mary (live)
  20. Catfish Blues (live)
  21. Bold As Love (previously unreleased)
  22. Sweet Angel (previously unreleased)
  23. Fire (live)
  24. Somewhere (previously unreleased)
  25. (Have You Ever Been To) Electric Ladyland (previously unreleased)
  26. Gypsy Eyes (previously unreleased)
  27. Room Full Of Mirrors (previously unreleased)
  28. Gloria (previously unreleased)
  29. It's Too Bad (previously unreleased)
  30. Stone Free (previously unreleased)
  31. Spanish Castle Magic (previously unreleased)
  32. Hear My Train A Comin' (previously unreleased)
  33. I Don't Live Today (live)
  34. Room Full Of Mirrors (previously unreleased)
  35. Star Spangled Banner (previously unreleased)
  36. Little Wing (live)
  37. Red House (live)
  38. Purple Haze (live)
  39. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (live)
  40. Izabella (previously unreleased)
  41. Message To Love (previously unreleased)
  42. Earth Blues (previously unreleased)
  43. Country Blues (previously unreleased)
  44. Freedom (previously unreleased)
  45. Astro Man (previously unreleased)
  46. Ezy Ryder (previously unreleased)
  47. Come Down Hard On Me (previously unreleased)
  48. Johnny B Goode (live)
  49. Lover Man (previously unreleased)
  50. Blue Suede Shoes (live)
  51. Hey Baby/In From The Storm (live)
  52. Cherokee Mist (previously unreleased)
  53. Night Flying Bird (previously unreleased)
  54. All Along The Watchtower (live)
  55. In From The Storm (live)
  56. Slow Blues (previously unreleased)
 in stock $142.12
Cat: 577769 Rel: 29 Nov 17
Standard VCO providing two CV inputs for pitch, an octave switch, four waveforms with separate outputs, pulse width modulation & hard sync - 10HP
Notes: Module A-110-1 is a voltage-controlled oscillator. This VCO's frequency range is about eight octaves (ca. 15Hz ... 8kHz). It can produce four waveforms simultaneously: rectangle, sawtooth, triangle, and sine wave (triangle and sine shapes are not perfect, see remark below). The output levels are typically 8Vpp for saw and rectangle, and 10Vpp for triangle and sine. The frequency or pitch of the VCO is determined by the position of the octave (Range) switch and tuning (Tune) knob, and by the voltage present at the CV inputs. Frequency modulation (FM) of the VCO is therefore a possibility. Footage (the octave of the fundamental) is set by the Range control in five steps, and Fine tuning controlled by the Tune knob by about +/-1 one semitone (can be modified for a wider range).

You can control the pulse width of the square wave either by hand, or by voltage control - Pulse Width Modulation or PWM.

For more detailed information please look at the user's manual A110_man.pdf. In addition, the A-110 service manual is available as an example for the A-100 service manual that is available at extra charges. This document describes also how to modify the sensitivity of the tune control, how to re-adjust the 1V/octave scale and the frequency offset (i.e. the absolute pitch). Such modifications should be carried out by experienced users only!

The core of the A-110-1 is a sawtooth oscillator (in contrast to the A-111-1, which is based on a triangle oscillator). The other waveforms are derived from the sawtooth by internal waveform converters. As the sawtooth reset (i.e. the back-to-zero slope) is not infinite fast but takes a little bit of time the derived waveforms triangle and sine are not perfect! At the top of the waveform they have a small glitch or notch that is caused by the sawtooth reset and cannot be eliminated by the waveform converters. The sine is derived from the triangle by a simple diode-based converter and the sine shape is not perfect (only a rounded triangle).

If a perfect triangle is required, the A-111-1 is recommended. For a perfect sine wave the quadrature LFO/VCO A-143-9 is recommended.
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 2 in stock $133.38
Cat: 524234 Rel: 13 Mar 14
Compact 4 in 1 out MIDI merger
Notes: The MIDI Solutions Quadra Merge packs four MIDI inputs into a 4.5" x 2.5" x 1.25" package. All MIDI messages appearing at the four inputs of the Quadra Merge are merged to the output (including System Exclusive, MIDI Clock, and MIDI Time Code messages). A fast merging algorithm ensures that all MIDI data is processed accurately with the minimal possible delay.

The Quadra Merge is MIDI-powered, and requires no batteries or power supply to operate with most MIDI products (see FAQs - Power and FAQs - LED for more information). A MIDI indicator LED lights up when the product is powered and flashes when MIDI data passes through it.
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 1 in stock $119.16
Cat: 692512 Rel: 18 Jun 18
Basic voltage-controlled oscillator for the A-100 modular system
Notes: Module A-110-2 is a low-cost voltage-controlled oscillator. It's a slightly reduced version of the standard VCO A-110-1. Compared to the A-110-1, the A-110-2 has no sine output and the (expensive) octave rotary switch is replaced by a 3-position toggle switch. In return, the A-110-2 is equipped with an additional linear FM input and a soft sync input. A jumper is used to select the range of the tune control between about 1/2 octave and about 4 octaves. The width of the module is only 8 HP compared to the 10 HP of the A-110-1.

All other features are essentially the same as for the A-110-1.

Explanation of the jumpers and trimming potentiometers:

- JP2: CV connection to A-100 bus
- JP3: range of Tune control (installed = about 4 octaves, not installed = about 1/2 octave)
- JP4: AC/DC coupling of the linear FM input (installed = DC coupling, not installed = AC coupling)
- P5: 1V/Oct scale
- P6: frequency offset
- P7: high-end trim
- P8: adjustment +1 Oct. range switch
- P9: adjustment -1 Oct. range switch
- P10: temperature VCO heater

The core of the A-110-2 is - like the A-110-1 - a sawtooth oscillator (in contrast to the A-111-1, which is based on a triangle oscillator). The other waveforms are derived from the sawtooth by waveform converters. As the sawtooth reset (i.e. the back-to-zero slope) is not infinitely fast but takes a little bit of time the triangle is not perfect! At the bottom of the waveform it has a small glitch or notch that is caused by the sawtooth reset and cannot be eliminated by the waveform converter. If a perfect triangle is required, the A-111-1 is recommended.

The sawtooth output of the A-110-21 has a falling (or negative) slope. The front panel shows erroneously a rising (or positive) slope. This has no influence on the sound but becomes important when the module is used as an LFO or is mixed with the sawtooth output of another VCO.

The control voltage applied to the socket 1V/Oct is added to the control voltage coming from the bus (interruptible by removing the jumper JP2). Connecting a cable to the socket 1V/Oct does not interrupt the bus CV connection!
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Cat: 561479 Rel: 03 Feb 15
Portable bluetooth speaker system with rechargeable battery for up to 20 hours of continuous use
Notes: Samson's Expedition Escape is a rechargeable speaker system that provides incredible sound in any environment. Weighing only 8.5 pounds, this ultra-portable device combines pristine audio performance with convenient Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming. It's the ideal sound system for BBQs, parties, outdoor sporting events, tailgates, presentations, fitness classes and anywhere else loud, full-range sound is desired.

Packed with high-quality components to ensure an optimal music listening experience, the Expedition Escape offers a 2-way speaker design with a 6" subwoofer for deep pounding bass, while its 1" high frequency driver transmits the finer details of your favourite tracks. The system is also Bluetooth-compatible, allowing you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop up to 50' away from the Expedition Escape. The unit's 2-channel mixer features a 1/4" input with its own dedicated volume control for a variety of live performance applications, including use with dynamic microphones. In addition, the Expedition Escape has an 1/8" input for directly connecting MP3 players, keyboards and more.

The Expedition Escape's internal rechargeable battery powers the system for up to 20 hours of continuous use on a full charge. You can also use its built-in USB port to charge phones and tablets while simultaneously enjoying music. Finally, an integrated carry handle makes the Expedition Escape perfect for activities like trips to the beach, camping, boating, picnics and anywhere else music can enhance the moment.

High-quality components, versatile features and pristine full-range audio have made Samson an industry leader in professional audio solutions whose products are known for their fidelity and reliability. As such, Samson invites you to Escape into an enjoyable audio experience with its latest addition to the Expedition Series.
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Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness (deluxe 180 gram vinyl 4xLP box + 2 books)
Cat: SPLP 4. Rel: 29 Nov 12
  1. Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness
  2. Tonight, Tonight
  3. Jellybelly
  4. Zero
  5. Here Is No Why
  6. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
  7. To Forgive
  8. An Ode To No One
  9. Love
  10. Cupid De Locke
  11. Galapogos
  12. Muzzle
  13. Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans
  14. Take Me Down
  15. Where Boys Fear To Tread
  16. Bodies
  17. Thirty-Three
  18. In The Arms Of Sleep
  19. 1979
  20. Tales Of A Scorched Earth
  21. Thru The Eyes Of Ruby
  22. Stumbleine
  23. XYU
  24. We Only Come Out At Night
  25. Beautiful
  26. Lily (My One & Only)
  27. By Starlight
  28. Farewell & Goodnight
 in stock $98.39
Cat: 686673 Rel: 30 Apr 18
Output module with headphone amplifier - 3HP
Notes: Erica Pico Output module is just what you need to monitor your music on headphones and have standardized connection to mixing desks.

3.5mm stereo output jack allows you to connect the Pico System directly to virtually any speaker system or line input. Even in your car.
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 1 in stock $92.92
Notes: The bag can accommodate one Analog Four MKI, Analog Four MKII, Analog Rytm MKI, Analog Rytm MKII, Machinedrum, Machinedrum UW, Monomachine, Octatrack MKI, Octatrack MKII or two Analog Heat MKI, Analog Heat MKII, Digitakt, Digitone.

Including one self-adhesive divider to fit your device. Front pocket suitable for PSU's and audio cables.

Included in the box:

1 x Elektron Carry Bag Large ECC-4
1 x Self-adhesive divider
1 x Wedge-shaped inner case (for cables etc.)
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 2 in stock $87.46
Cat: 008122 7955045. Rel: 13 Apr 15
  1. Runnin' With The Devil (Van Halen) (3:35)
  2. Eruption (1:42)
  3. You Really Got Me (2:36)
  4. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (3:46)
  5. I'm The One (3:44)
  6. Jamie's Cryin' (3:28)
  7. Atomic Punk (3:00)
  8. Feel Your Love Tonight (3:40)
  9. Little Dreamer (3:20)
  10. Ice Cream Man (3:18)
  11. On Fire (3:01)
  12. 1984 (1984) (1:07)
  13. Jump (4:02)
  14. Panama (3:31)
  15. Top Jimmy (2:58)
  16. Drop Dead Legs (4:12)
  17. Hot For Teacher (4:42)
  18. I'll Wait (4:40)
  19. Girl Gone Bad (4:33)
  20. House Of Pain (3:16)
  21. Unchained (Tokyo Dome In Concert) (5:08)
  22. Runnin' With The Devil (3:33)
  23. She's The Woman (2:58)
  24. I'm The One (4:28)
  25. Tattoo (4:44)
  26. Everybody Wants Some!! (8:19)
  27. Somebody Get Me A Doctor (3:52)
  28. China Town (3:23)
  29. Hear About It Later (5:21)
  30. (Oh) Pretty Woman (3:13)
  31. Me & You (Drum Solo) (2:57)
  32. You Really Got Me (5:32)
  33. Dance The Night Away (4:26)
  34. I'll Wait (5:04)
  35. And The Cradle Will Rock... (3:52)
  36. Hot For Teacher (5:50)
  37. Women In Love (4:25)
  38. Romeo Delight (5:55)
  39. Mean Street (5:17)
  40. Beautiful Girls (3:36)
  41. Ice Cream Man (5:11)
  42. Panama (4:28)
  43. Eruption (8:12)
  44. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (6:07)
  45. Jump (5:47)
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Hardwired To Self Destruct (limited 180 gram coloured vinyl 3xLP box set + CD + inserts + litho set + 8 button-pins + MP3 download code)
Cat: BLK1 ND031D. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Hardwired
  2. Atlas, Rise!
  3. Now That We're Dead
  4. Moth Into Flame
  5. Am I Savage?
  6. Halo On Fire
  7. Confusion
  8. Dream No More
  9. ManUNkind
  10. Here Comes Revenge
  11. Murder One
  12. Spit Out The Bone
  13. Lords Of Summer (7:09)
  14. Hardwired (live) (3:41)
  15. Ronnie Rising Medley (feat A Light In The Black, Tarot Woman, Stargazer & Kill The King)
  16. When A Blind Man Cries
  17. Remember Tomorrow
  18. Helpless (live)
  19. Hit The Lights (live)
  20. The Four Horsemen (live)
  21. Ride The Lightning (live)
  22. Fade To Black (live)
  23. Jump In The Fire (live)
  24. For Whom The Bell Tolls (live)
  25. Creeping Death (live)
  26. Metal Militia (live)
 in stock $74.34
Cat: 675542 Rel: 26 Jan 18
Miniature condenser microphone with hanging design - ideal for recording choirs or orchestras
Notes: The CM12C is a miniature condenser microphone designed to hang directly over a choir or orchestra. The steel hanging positioning bracket places the condenser element in the proper position to properly capture the performance.
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Sterling Spoon (limited 6xLP box set)
Cat: 008122 7943837. Rel: 21 Oct 16
  1. Nothing's Shocking
  2. Ritual De Lo Habitual (2xLP)
  3. Kettle Whistle Extracts
  4. Live At The Hollywood Palladium 1990 (2xLP)
 in stock $74.34
Cat: 652252 Rel: 09 Jun 17
2-channel DJ mixer
Notes: - 2 input channels with gain control, 2-way equalizer and phono/line switching
- DJ microphone input with level control
- Pre-fader listening (CUE) to the stereo input channels via adjustable headphone output, with cue mix control
- Replaceable crossfader for crossfading between both channels
- 6-digit stereo LED level meter and master level control
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Anthology: A Very British Synthesizer Group (half speed remastered) (180 gram vinyl 3xLP box + 20 page booklet in slipcase)
Cat: 571111 5. Rel: 25 Nov 16
  1. Being Boiled (A-Side single) (0:30)
  2. The Dignity Of Labour (part 3/12' single) (0:30)
  3. Empire State Human (A-Side single) (0:30)
  4. Only After Dark (single edit/Travelogue Free 7') (0:30)
  5. Nightclubbing (Holiday '80 EP) (0:30)
  6. Boys & Girls (A-Side single) (0:30)
  7. The Sound Of The Crowd (instrumental) (0:30)
  8. Hard Times (B-Side single) (0:30)
  9. Love Action (I Believe In Love) (A-Side single) (0:30)
  10. Open Your Heart (A-Side single) (0:30)
  11. Don't You Want Me (A-Side single) (0:30)
  12. Mirror Man (A-Side single) (0:30)
  13. You Remind Me Of Gold (0:30)
  14. (Keep Feeling) Fascination (extended version) (0:30)
  15. The Lebanon (single version/A-Side single) (0:30)
  16. Louise (DJ edit/A-Side single) (0:30)
  17. Life On Your Own (A-Side single/First Comercial Release) (0:30)
  18. Human (extended version) (0:30)
  19. I Need Your Loving (DJ edit/A-Side single/First Comercial Release) (0:30)
  20. Love Is All That Matters (radio edit/A-Side single) (0:30)
  21. Heart Like A Wheel (A-Side single/William Orbit remix) (0:30)
  22. Soundtrack To A Generation (edit/First Comercial Release) (0:30)
  23. Tell Me When (radio edit/First Comercial Release) (0:30)
  24. One Man In My Heart (A-Side single) (0:30)
  25. Filling Up With Heaven (A-Side single) (0:30)
  26. Stay With Me Tonight (single version/A-Side single)
  27. All I Ever Wanted (radio edit/First Comercial Release)
  28. Night People (radio edit/A-Side single/First Comercial Release)
  29. Never Let Me Go (album version)
  30. Sky (radio edit/A-Side single)
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Cat: 512534 Rel: 23 Nov 13
Protective record carry case for up to 80 records
Notes: The slanted version of the Reloop Club Series 50/50 Cases offers a maximum ease of use while digging for records due to the angular sloping design of the two halves.

When in divided mode the records in the front are superiorly visible and available, while the rearmost part of the records are superiorly supported and protected compared to a conventional 50/50 division. Reloop's case innovation.
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Cat: 888751 244313. Rel: 06 Nov 15
  1. Love Minus Zero/No Limit (take 2 - acoustic)
  2. I'll Keep It With Mine (take 1 - piano demo)
  3. Bob Dylan's 115th Dream (take 2 - solo acoustic)
  4. She Belongs To Me (take 1 - solo acoustic)
  5. Subterranean Homesick Blues (take 1 - alternate take)
  6. Outlaw Blues (take 2 - alternate take)
  7. On The Road Again (take 4 - alternate take)
  8. Farewell, Angelina (take 1 - solo acoustic)
  9. If You Gotta Go, Go Now (take 2 - alternate take)
  10. You Didn't Have To Do That (take 1 - solo acoustic)
  11. California (take 1 - solo acoustic)
  12. Mr Tambourine Man (take 3)
  13. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (take 8 - alternate take)
  14. Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fench (take 2 - unreleased take)
  15. Medicine Sunday (take 1 - early version)
  16. Like A Rolling Stone (take 5 - rehearsal)
  17. Like A Rolling Stone (take 11 - alternate take)
  18. Desolation Row (take 2 - piano demo)
  19. Desolation Row (take 1 - alternate take)
  20. Tombstone Blues (take 1 - alternate take)
  21. Positively 4th Street (take 5 - alternate take)
  22. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? (take 1 - alternate take)
  23. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (take 3 - rehearsal)
  24. Highway 61 Revisited (take 3 - alternate take)
  25. Queen Jane Approximately (take 5 - alternate take)
  26. Visions Of Johanna (take 5 - rehearsal)
  27. She's Your Lover Now (take 6 - rehearsal)
  28. Lunatic Princess (take 1)
  29. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (take 8 - alternate take)
  30. One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) (take 19 - alternate take)
  31. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (take 13 - alternate take)
  32. Absolutely Sweet Marie (take 1 - alternate take)
  33. Just Like A Woman (take 4 - alternate take)
  34. Pledging My Time (take 1 - alternate take)
  35. I Want You (take 4 - alternate take)
  36. Highway 61 Revisited (take 7 - false start)
  37. Love Minus Zero/No Limit (take 2 - acoustic)
  38. I'll Keep It With Mine (take 1 - piano demo)
  39. Bob Dylan's 115th Dream (take 2 - solo acoustic)
  40. She Belongs To Me (take 1 - solo acoustic)
  41. Subterranean Homesick Blues (take 1 - alternate take)
  42. Outlaw Blues (take 2 - alternate take)
  43. On The Road Again (take 4 - alternate take)
  44. Farewell, Angelina (take 1 - solo acoustic)
  45. If You Gotta Go, Go Now (take 2 - alternate take)
  46. You Didn't Have To Do That (take 1 - solo acoustic)
  47. California (take 1 - solo acoustic)
  48. Mr Tambourine Man (take 3)
  49. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (take 8 - alternate take)
  50. Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fench (take 2 - unreleased take)
  51. Medicine Sunday (take 1 - early version)
  52. Like A Rolling Stone (take 5 - rehearsal)
  53. Like A Rolling Stone (take 11 - alternate take)
  54. Desolation Row (take 2 - piano demo)
  55. Desolation Row (take 1 - alternate take)
  56. Tombstone Blues (take 1 - alternate take)
  57. Positively 4th Street (take 5 - alternate take)
  58. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? (take 1 - alternate take)
  59. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (take 3 - rehearsal)
  60. Highway 61 Revisited (take 3 - alternate take)
  61. Queen Jane Approximately (take 5 - alternate take)
  62. Visions Of Johanna (take 5 - rehearsal)
  63. She's Your Lover Now (take 6 - rehearsal)
  64. Lunatic Princess (take 1)
  65. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (take 8 - alternate take)
  66. One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) (take 19 - alternate take)
  67. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (take 13 - alternate take)
  68. Absolutely Sweet Marie (take 1 - alternate take)
  69. Just Like A Woman (take 4 - alternate take)
  70. Pledging My Time (take 1 - alternate take)
  71. I Want You (take 4 - alternate take)
  72. Highway 61 Revisited (take 7 - false start)
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Cat: 647979 Rel: 19 Jun 17
Pack of 100 Stickies for mounting lavalier microphones on skin or clothing
Notes: Double-sided, hypoallergenic, adhesive pads used to affix lavalier microphones directly onto skin or on top of clothing. The soft fabric sandwiched between the two adhesive pads prevents the adhered mic from creaking due to skin or clothing movement.
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The Brunswick Singles 1965-1966: Volume 1 (heavyweight 8x7" box set)
Cat: 471398 9. Rel: 07 Apr 15
  1. I Can't Explain (2:04)
  2. Bald Headed Woman (2:09)
  3. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (2:41)
  4. Daddy Rolling Stone (2:46)
  5. My Generation (3:16)
  6. Shout & Shimmy (3:16)
  7. Circles (3:10)
  8. Instant Party Mixture (3:28)
  9. A Legal Matter (2:45)
  10. Instant Party (3:11)
  11. The Kids Are Alright (3:04)
  12. The Ox (3:48)
  13. La La La Lies (2:13)
  14. The Good's Gone (3:59)
  15. Zoot Suit (1:58)
  16. I'm The Face (2:32)
Review: Contains:
1. I Can't Explain' b/w 'Bald Headed Woman'
2. 'Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere' b/w 'Daddy Rolling Stone'
3. 'My Generation' b/w 'Shout and Shimmy'
4. 'Circles' b/w 'Instant Party Mixture'
5. 'A Legal Matter' b/w 'Instant Party' AKA CIRCLES
6. 'The Kids Are Alright' b/w 'The Ox'
7. 'La-La-La Lies' b/w 'The Good's Gone'
8. Bonus disc: 'Zoot Suit' b/w 'I'm The Face'
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Cat: 506955 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order
Notes: *** B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order ***

The Behringer Xenyx Q802USB Mixer stands at the top of it's class. Armed with premium microphone preamps and robust feature sets typically reserved for more expensive consoles, next generation Xenyx Q802USB mixer can handle your live gigs as well as provide the state of the art tools to make stunning, professional quality recordings.

The 8 input, 2 bus Xenyx Q802USB has two phantom powered Xenyx mic preamps, making it possible to use up to two dynamic and/or studio grade condenser mics. Onboard 3-band British EQ makes it easy to fine tune any input signal and is available on both the mic and stereo channels. Another feature exclusive to the Q802USB is an FX send control per channel, allowing you to use an external effects processor to add the finishing touch to your performance or recording. RCA CD/Tape I/O comes standard on all Xenyx mixers.

Ask professional sound engineers what their favorite piece of external processing gear is and the response will be virtually unanimous "dynamic compression". This limits the dynamic range of a signal, lowering the level of loud sounds and turning up softer sounds to achieve sonic balance. But applying compression is a delicate art that many novice, and even intermediate sound techs have difficulty mastering. Our "one knob" compression is available on all mono channels and is easy to operate, even for entry level users. Now you can easily dial in the perfect amount of compression for instruments and vocals, creating powerful mixes with punch and clarity.

The state of the art Xenyx mic preamps are a tremendous step in the evolution of audio technology and they can easily hold their own, even when compared to expensive, boutique style mic preamps. Xenyx preamps offer a staggering 130 dB of dynamic range with a bandwidth that extends from below 10Hz to well above 200KHz. As a result, Xenyx mixers provide such transparent, crystal clear performance that you just might think someone upgraded your microphones while you weren't looking.

The British consoles of the '60s and '70s changed the sound of rock and roll. These legendary mixing desks soon became the envy of engineers and producers all over the world. The channel EQ on our Xenyx mixers is based on that very same circuitry, allowing you to process signals with incredible warmth and detailed musical character. Even when applied generously, these equalizers exhibit sweet forgiveness and superb audio quality.

There was a time when the recording process called for lots of specialised gear, which meant the average musician had to buy time at a recording studio, which can be expensive! But modern technology has put personal recording well within the reach of virtually anyone with access to a computer. Thanks to the built in, bi-directional stereo USB audio interface, you can connect directly to your PC or Mac computer via a single USB cable. Now any signal source connected to the mixer can be recorded straight to your hard drive. Which brings us to software...

Because you'll want to take full advantage of your Xenyx Q Series mixers' recording and podcasting potential, Behringer have put together a massive software download (at www.behringer.com) that includes Audacity, Podifier, Juice, Podnova and Golden Ear. You're ready to go live on your PC or Mac right out of the box! You also get more than 100 virtual instruments and 50 FX plugins, turning your computer into a complete home based or mobile recording studio.

No matter what your audio mixing needs are, Behringer Q802USB Mixer provides the performance and features to take your talent to the next level, at a price that's sure to amaze you. try it today!
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Uzi Mahmood (gatefold 3xLP)
Cat: SOL 161. Rel: 04 Dec 09
  1. Uzi Mahmood 1
  2. Uzi Mahmood 2
  3. Uzi Mahmood 3
  4. Uzi Mahmood 4
  5. Uzi Mahmood 5
  6. Uzi Mahmood 6
  7. Uzi Mahmood 7
  8. Uzi Mahmood 8
  9. Uzi Mahmood 9
  10. Uzi Mahmood 10
  11. Uzi Mahmood 11
  12. Uzi Mahmood 12
  13. Uzi Mahmood 13
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Cat: 700872 Rel: 30 Aug 18
2-channel miniature mic/line mixer
Notes: - Distributes the signal of 2 audio sources (microphones, instruments or line level units) to 1 mono output
- 1 mono mic/line input (6.3 mm jack) with separate level control
- 1 stereo line input (RCA) input with separate level control
- 2 mono master outputs (RCA and 6.3 mm jack) e.g. for PA amplifier, mixer and headphones
- Operation via supplied power unit

PLEASE NOTE: Comes with Euro 2-pin power supply
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Sun Zoom Spark: 1970-1972 (limited 180 gram vinyl 4xLP box + liner notes + artwork)
Cat: WEA 541728. Rel: 14 Nov 14
  1. Lick My Decals Off, Baby
  2. Doctor Dark
  3. I Love You, You Big Dummy
  4. Peon
  5. Bellerin' Plain
  6. Woe-Is-Uh-Me-Bop
  7. Japan In A Dishpan
  8. I Wanna Find A Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go
  9. Petrified Forest
  10. One Red Rose That I Mean
  11. The Buggy Boogie Woogie
  12. The Smithsonian Institute Blues (Or The Big Dig)
  13. Space-Age Couple
  14. The Clouds Are Full Of Wine (Not Whiskey Or Rye)
  15. Flash Gordon's Ape
  16. I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby
  17. White Jam
  18. Blabber 'N Smoke
  19. When It Blows Its Stacks
  20. Alice In Blunderland
  21. The Spotlight Kid
  22. Click Clack
  23. Grow Fins
  24. There Ain't No Santa Claus On The Evenin' Stage
  25. Glider
  26. Low Yo Yo Stuff
  27. Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man
  28. Too Much Time
  29. Circumstances
  30. My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains
  31. Sun Zoom Spark
  32. Clear Spot
  33. Crazy Little Thing
  34. Long Neck Bottles
  35. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
  36. Big Eyed Beans From Venus
  37. Golden Birdies
  38. Alice In Blunderland (alternate version)
  39. Harry Irene
  40. I Can't Do This Unless I Can Do This/Seam Crooked Sam
  41. Pompadour Swamp/Suction Prints
  42. The Witch Doctor Life (instrumental take)
  43. Two Rips In A Haystack/Kiss Me My Love
  44. Best Batch Yet (track version 1)
  45. Your Love Brought Me To Life (instrumental)
  46. Dirty Blue Gene (alternate version 1)
  47. Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man (early mix)
  48. Kiss Where I Kain't
  49. Circumnstances (alternate version 2)
  50. Little Scratch
  51. Dirty Blue Green (alternate version 3)
 in stock $57.76
Give Me Strength: The '74/'75 Recordings (180 gram vinyl 3xLP box)
Cat: 375459 6. Rel: 30 Jan 14
  1. Motherless Children
  2. Give Me Strength
  3. Willie & The Hand Jive
  4. Get Ready
  5. I Shot The Sheriff
  6. I Can't Hold Out
  7. Please Be With Me
  8. Let It Grow
  9. Stready Rollin' Man
  10. Mainline Florida
  11. We've Been Told (Jesus Is Coming Soon)
  12. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  13. Little Rachel
  14. Don't Blame Me
  15. The Sky Is Crying
  16. Singin' The Blues
  17. Better Make It Through Today
  18. Pretty Blue Eyes
  19. High
  20. Opposites
  21. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
  22. Presence Of The Lord
  23. Drifting Blues
  24. Can't Find My Way Home
  25. Rambling On My Mind
  26. Further On Up The Road
 in stock $56.84
Cat: 638099 Rel: 06 Feb 17
Padded tote bag for two regular sized speaker stands
Notes: The Bag-90D by Ultimate Support is the perfect addition to your gigging rig! Each Bag-90 holds two regular sized speaker stands, including the TS-100B, TS-90B, TS-80B/TS-80S, and TS-70B. It is a heavy-duty tote bag with a reliable zipper and enhanced pulls. The Ultimate Support Bag-90D also features two strong, durable hand grips that velcro together to give you added carrying strength and comfort.
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 1 in stock $52.47
Homotopy To Marie (limited numbered gatefold heavyweight coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ROTORSB 070. Rel: 28 Aug 18
  1. I Cannot Feel You As The Dogs Are Laughing & I Am Blind (10:14)
  2. Homotopy To Marie (16:41)
  3. The Schmurz (Unsullied By Suckling) (24:49)
  4. The Tumultuous Upsurge (Of Lasting Hatred) (1:13)
  5. Astral Dustbin Dirge (12:22)
  6. Stick That Chick & Feel My Steel Trough Your Last Meal (7:05)
  7. I Was No Longer His Dominant (9:07)
  8. Ciconia (10:36)
 in stock $47.00
Acid Acid Acid (reissue) (gatefold 4xLP)
Cat: ATLP 08. Rel: 27 Jun 18
  1. Flip (15:02)
  2. Forever (9:07)
  3. Confusion's In (6:08)
  4. Acid Supreme (8:44)
  5. Giving It To You (6:11)
  6. Love & Sex (5:52)
  7. Come Feel The Acid (7:52)
  8. Bass Tunnel (3:20)
  9. Hot Juice (5:13)
  10. Acid Acid (8:28)
  11. Heated Acid (13:26)
  12. Crisp & Cosey Acid (5:02)
  13. Jack It Acid (7:54)
Review: Since it first appeared in stores back in 2005, Tin Man's triple-vinyl debut album, Acid Acid, has become something of a sought-after item. Main man Johannes Auvinen has responded to demand by preparing this freshly expanded reissue, which boasts an additional fourth record containing previously unreleased material recorded during the original album sessions. These tracks are actually rather good - especially the 13-minute epic "Heated Acid" and trance inducing "Crisp & Cosey Acid" - and naturally fit with the rest of the material on show. As you'd expect, the emphasis is on wild TB-303 acid lines and jacking drums throughout, with Auvinen delivering a range of brutal, blistering club tracks and deeper, even more psychedelic dancefloor rollers.
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 in stock $47.00
Cat: 619926 Rel: 18 Jul 16
Record bag with backpack-style straps, embroidered Technics logo on front - holds 60 records
Notes: This trendy Record bag is a must for every Technics fan.

Carry it like a bagpack, like a case or like a bag. The choice is yours!

Holds up to 60 LPs
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 2 in stock $47.00
Mystic Stylez (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 097037 440114. Rel: 15 Jun 15
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Da Beginning (1:12)
  2. Break Da Law "95" (4:21)
  3. Da Summa (4:42)
  4. Live By Yo Rep (Bone Dis) (5:12)
  5. In Da Game (4:03)
  6. Now I'm Hi (part 3) (5:09)
  7. Long Nite (4:33)
  8. Sweet Robbery (part 2) (4:44)
  9. Back Against The Wall (4:49)
  10. Fuckin Wit Dis Click (6:16)
  11. All Or Nothin (4:54)
  12. Gotta Touch 'Em (part 2) (4:53)
  13. Tear Da Club Up (4:34)
  14. Big Bizness (Screwed) (2:17)
  15. Mystic Syles (6:22)
  16. Porno Movies (5:24)
Played by: DOLGOTRON
 in stock $45.91
The Art Of McCartney (180 gram coloured vinyl 4xLP box + 4xCD + DVD + hofner guitar USB + book + inserts + certificate of authenticity)
Cat: APDELU 1402. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Billy Joel - "Maybe I'm Amazed"
  2. Bob Dylan - "Things We Said Today"
  3. Heart - "Band On The Run"
  4. Steve Miller - "Junior's Farm"
  5. Yusuf/Cat Stevens - "The Long & Winding Road"
  6. Harry Connick, Jr - "My Love"
  7. Brian Wilson - "Wanderlust"
  8. Corinne Bailey Rae - "Bluebird"
  9. Willie Nelson - "Yesterday"
  10. Jeff Lynne - "Junk"
  11. Barry Gibb - "When I'm 64"
  12. Jamie Cullum - "Every Night"
  13. Kiss - "Venus & Mars/Rock Show"
  14. Paul Rodgers - "Let Me Roll It"
  15. Roger Daltrey - "Helter Skelter"
  16. Def Leppard - "Helen Wheels"
  17. The Cure - "Hello Goodbye" (feat James McCartney)
  18. Billy Joel - "Live & Let Die"
  19. Chrissie Hynde - "Let It Be"
  20. Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen Of Cheap Trick - "Jet"
  21. Joe Elliott - "Hi Hi Hi"
  22. Heart - "Letting Go"
  23. Steve Miller - "Hey Jude"
  24. Owl City - "Listen To What The Man Said"
  25. Perry Farrell - "Got To Get You Into My Life"
  26. Dion - "Drive My Car"
  27. Allen Toussaint - "Lady Madonna"
  28. Dr John - "Let 'Em In"
  29. Smokey Robinson - "So Bad"
  30. The Airborne Toxic Event - "No More Lonely Nights"
  31. Alice Cooper - "Eleanor Rigby"
  32. Toots Hibbert - "Come & Get It" (with Sly & Robbie)
  33. BB King - "On The Way"
  34. Sammy Hagar - "Birthday"
  35. Robert Smith - "C Moon"
  36. Booker T Jones - "Can't Buy Me Love"
  37. Ronnie Spector - "PS I Love You"
  38. Darlene Love - "All My Loving"
  39. Ian McCulloch - "For No One"
  40. Peter Bjorn & John - "Put It There"
  41. Wanda Jackson - "Run Devil Run"
  42. Alice Cooper - "Smile Away"
  43. The Making Of The Art Of McCartney : Audio Documentary Narrated By Bill Nighy
  44. Billy Joel - "Maybe I'm Amazed" (5:04)
  45. Bob Dylan - "Things We Said Today" (3:00)
  46. Heart - "Band On The Run" (5:13)
  47. Steve Miller - "Junior's Farm" (4:19)
  48. Yusuf/Cat Stevens - "The Long & Winding Road" (3:31)
  49. Harry Connick, Jr - "My Love" (4:05)
  50. Brian Wilson - "Wanderlust" (4:17)
  51. Corinne Bailey Rae - "Bluebird" (3:24)
  52. Willie Nelson - "Yesterday" (3:01)
  53. Jeff Lynne - "Junk" (2:13)
  54. Barry Gibb - "When I'm 64" (2:41)
  55. Jamie Cullum - "Every Night" (2:53)
  56. Kiss - "Venus & Mars/Rock Show" (6:37)
  57. Paul Rodgers - "Let Me Roll It" (4:32)
  58. Roger Daltrey - "Helter Skelter" (4:00)
  59. Def Leppard - "Helen Wheels" (3:48)
  60. The Cure - "Hello Goodbye" (feat James McCartney) (4:04)
  61. Billy Joel - "Live & Let Die" (3:07)
  62. Chrissie Hynde - "Let It Be" (3:47)
  63. Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen Of Cheap Trick - "Jet" (4:12)
  64. Joe Elliott - "Hi Hi Hi" (3:11)
  65. Heart - "Letting Go" (3:57)
  66. Steve Miller - "Hey Jude" (5:04)
  67. Owl City - "Listen To What The Man Said" (3:35)
  68. Perry Farrell - "Got To Get You Into My Life" (2:41)
  69. Dion - "Drive My Car" (2:52)
  70. Allen Toussaint - "Lady Madonna" (2:15)
  71. Dr John - "Let 'Em In" (5:13)
  72. Smokey Robinson - "So Bad" (3:20)
  73. The Airborne Toxic Event - "No More Lonely Nights" (3:36)
  74. Alice Cooper - "Eleanor Rigby" (2:08)
  75. Toots Hibbert - "Come & Get It" (with Sly & Robbie) (2:22)
  76. BB King - "On The Way" (3:20)
  77. Sammy Hagar - "Birthday" (2:40)
  78. Robert Smith - "C Moon" (4:39)
  79. Booker T Jones - "Can't Buy Me Love" (2:18)
  80. Ronnie Spector - "PS I Love You" (2:15)
  81. Darlene Love - "All My Loving" (2:12)
  82. Ian McCulloch - "For No One" (2:02)
  83. Peter Bjorn & John - "Put It There" (2:28)
  84. Wanda Jackson - "Run Devil Run" (2:40)
  85. Alice Cooper - "Smile Away" (3:35)
  86. The Making Of The Art Of McCartney: Collectors Edition Exclusive Documentary (DVD)
  87. Hofner USB Flac Files
 in stock $43.72
Cat: HRLP 108109. Rel: 03 Sep 18
  1. Takashi Kokubo - "Underwater Dreaming" (6:39)
  2. Keizo Inoue - "Kitsu Tsuki" (4:59)
  3. Nobuyoshi Ino - "Window" (5:35)
  4. Masaaki Ohmura - "A Touch Of Temptation" (5:00)
  5. Dip In The Pool - "Kuroi Dress No Onna" (4:18)
  6. Shigeru Suzuki - "Silver Snow Shining" (3:23)
  7. Chika Asamoto - "Obsession" (4:22)
  8. Mami Koyama - "Love Song" (4:33)
  9. Fumio Miyashita - "In The Beginning" (5:06)
  10. Yoshio Suzuki - "The Mirage" (5:07)
  11. Yumi Murata - "Watashi No Bus" (5:45)
  12. Chakra - "Itohoni" (4:36)
Review: Since so many European labels have been reissuing lost and obscure 1980s Japanese ambient albums of late, it was probably inevitable that at least one label would put together a compilation paying tribute to the sound. It turns out that Jazzy Couscous has won the race with Kumo No Moko, a superb double album that does a terrific job in putting Japan's '80s ambient scene in context. As you'd expect, the majority of the tracks feature either dreamy electronic sounds or a mixture of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, with nods to jazz coming thick and fast. There are naturally a couple of fairly well-known names on show, but for the most part the compilers have done a terrific job in highlight lesser-known tracks from unsung heroes.
Read more
 in stock $43.72
Cumulus (reissue) (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: PDLP 012. Rel: 18 Jun 18
  1. Nebula (4:43)
  2. Cumuli Nimbus (5:57)
  3. Corona (6:05)
  4. Cirrus (4:22)
  5. Twister (4:43)
  6. Whirlwind (4:47)
  7. Abigail (4:34)
  8. Stratus (4:51)
  9. Aurora (3:02)
  10. Vortex (5:13)
 in stock $42.63
Celeste (Soundtrack) (gatefold clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: STS 028. Rel: 01 Jun 18
  1. Prologue (1:11)
  2. First Steps (3:38)
  3. Resurrections (9:37)
  4. Awake (2:27)
  5. Postcard From Celeste Mountain (1:33)
  6. Checking In (7:03)
  7. Spirit Of Hospitality (1:43)
  8. Scattered & Lost (5:51)
  9. Golden (8:32)
  10. Quiet & Falling (5:11)
  11. In The Mirror (5:11)
  12. Madeline & Theo (5:11)
  13. Starjump (5:11)
  14. Reflection (5:50)
  15. Confronting Myself (4:08)
  16. Little Goth (2:50)
  17. Reach For The Summit (3:05)
  18. Exhale (2:22)
  19. My Dearest Friends (2:14)
 in stock $42.63
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