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Cat: 561223 Rel: 23 Jul 15
Acoustic isolation platform for turntables
Notes: The Auralex ISO-Tone Turntable Isolation Platform is specifically engineered to decouple turntables from the supporting surfaces they rest on. The ISO-Tone diminishes structural vibrations and commonly associated acoustic feedback associated with desktops and DJ cases. Designed for turntablists, mobile DJs, audiophiles, rental houses and anyone seeking enhanced turntable performance, purity and accuracy, the ISO-Tone features a 0.75" layer of black fabric-wrapped MDF that floats on a layer of Auralex's proprietary Platfoam that protects turntables from unwanted vibrations. The 17.75" W x 14.25" D x 1.75" H isolation platform accommodates most turntables and the low-profile design enables easy transport.

- Creates A Cleaner, More Accurate Sound

- Decouples Turntable From Its Supporting Structure

- Reduces Acoustic Feedback
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Cat: 507580 Rel: 13 Nov 13
Foam/MDF isolation pad for subwoofer
Notes: The Auralex SubDude-HT is a larger, lower-profile version of our classic SubDude. The SubDude-HT is designed to work with most large-format home theater and hi-fi system subwoofers.

This patented isolation platform features a stylish velour covering over an inert structural layer that floats on a cushion of acclaimed Auralex Platfoam. This carefully engineered solution allows the true sound of your sub to come through. Its isolation system negates, and does not produce, resonant artifacts.

This carefully chosen combination of specialized materials instantly diminishes structural vibrations, resulting in cleaner and tighter bass, reduced coloration and a more accurate low-frequency response. The SubDude-HT supports most subs up to 300 lbs. and is an incredibly effective isolation platform that instantly improves subwoofer performance.
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 2 in stock $90.96
Cat: 584464 Rel: 30 Nov 15
Professional DJ headphones with large 53mm drivers for deep bass and detailed sound reproduction
Notes: Three enhanced new headphones deliver outstanding acoustic performance with models suitable for users from advanced hobbyist to critical professional

With our latest family of HP headphones, Denon DJ has a great-sounding, rugged unit for every level of user, from enthusiast/hobbyist to the critical professional.

The product family consists of three models: the HP600, HP800 and HP1100. Between them, you'll find one perfectly suited to your needs.

Building on the success of our previous HP headphone line-up, these new models offer an extremely high level of acoustic performance, comfort and portability, making them ideal for many scenarios, including professional DJ use, individuals who wear headphones in long studio mix-down sessions and critical recreational audio listening. Swiveling earcups for one-handed monitoring, dual connectors and folding design make them as convenient to use as they are great sounding.

Here's a closer look at the HP1100 Professional DJ Headphones

When the only option is the best, the Denon DJ HP1100 headphones are the way to go. Their oversized 53mm drivers - the largest in their class - deliver unparalleled bass response and impact. They present every detail. They handle an impressive 3500mW of power, so high volume all night is no problem. With an innovative 180-degree swivel and dual-pivot ear cup design, the HP1100 conforms to any head size/shape and is more durable than other headphones. Dual 1/8" and 1/4" connectors ensure compatibility with all equipment and their convenient folding design means you can take them anywhere.
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 1 in stock $109.36
Cat: 639559 Rel: 13 Feb 17
Lightweight, high density felt 7" slipmat - specially designed for scratch DJs
Notes: The Dr Suzuki Kuttin' Donuts 7" Slipmat is designed specifically for scratch DJs, with its lightweight and highly durable design, the Kuttin' Donuts 7" uses high density felt to reduce vibration and provide added stability for your records for an improved scratching performance. The specialised material Dr Suzuki uses for the slipmats results in the best performance and hand control on your turntable.

One of the most unique features of the slipmat is its ability to reduce wobble/warp issues you may encounter while listening to warped or damaged records. This helps the record to sit snugly between the slipmat and needle for improved performance and audio fidelity. The slipmat is also breathable, for heat control on your vinyl record, minimising any warping or damage you may incur from extensive use. The superior durability and anti-static design will complement your scratching and protect your records while in use.
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 2 in stock $16.71
Cat: 612635 Rel: 13 May 16
High performance 45 7" slipmat, lightweight & anti-static
Notes: Another slipmat innovation from the one and only Dr. Suzuki! This time the good doctor has all you 45 DJs in mind with the all new Kuttin Donuts slipmat.

Featuring ultra thin construction, these mats are designed to have the record sit as flat as possible for the best possible performance and to lessen wobble/warp issues.

With the popularity of 7" scratching growing stronger daily, this performance slipmat couldn't have come at a better time.
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 4 in stock $18.91
Cat: 576754 Rel: 02 Jun 15
Pack of 8 high quality slipsheets, for extra speed & control when scratching - for use with standard felt slipmat
Notes: Here is the new high quality slipsheets, "Dr.Suzuki Slipsheets".

Give your scratching some extra speed and control!
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 2 in stock $18.91
Cat: 572444 Rel: 30 Apr 15
Pair of high quality orange/black 7" slipmats for your 45s
Notes: Custom 7" slipmats offer more control over 45s.

2 slipmats per pack
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 3 in stock $37.18
Cat: 513130 Rel: 24 Dec 13
Replacement crossfader for HAK 360 and NUO 3 4 5 model mixers
Notes: Replacement crossfader for HAK 360 and NUO 3 4 5 model mixers
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 2 in stock $21.37
Cat: 642522 Rel: 25 Apr 17
Replacement fader for NUO 2
Notes: Ecler Pro Fader NUO 2 - 45 mm.
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 2 in stock $13.14
Cat: 489071 Rel: 20 Dec 13
4 channel DJ controller with professional sounding 24bit PC/Mac audio interface
Notes: The G4V transforms the standard DJ MIDI device into a dynamic and formidable software performance controller. Within its fully metal enclosure are 2 full featured physical DJ decks that allow complete control of 4 virtual software decks. The 16 x multi-function performance pads and numerous assignable rotary encoders give you the power to toggle, tap, and twist your tracks into an exhilarating and unique performance.

Standard DJ tools including pitch fader, key-lock, cue controls, are augmented by advanced sampling controls, on the fly loop move, and auto loop and loop roll modes. The full 4 channel mixer gives you constant access to the gain, EQ, and dedicated Filter controls on each software deck. A balanced XLR master output, master and booth RCA outputs, and microphone and auxiliary inputs give you all that you could want in when it comes to I/Os.

The pre-mapped FX controls for Virtual DJ bring immediate results upon first use, while the fully MIDI mappable and high-resolution 14bit controls give the G4V the ability to easily be adapted for use with any of your favorite DJ applications. With responsive and detailed performance pads and rotary encoders the G4V's controls are well suited for a wide array of possible assignments.

Bringing performance interaction to the forefront the G4V's layout of faders, knobs, and pads is intuitive and the newly designed touch-sensitive mechanical jog wheel is innately responsive. Active LED level monitors and backlit pads and buttons provide the necessary visual feedback required in complicated performances where a computer screen can be pressed for space. Perform over and over again, and you'll find that all of the controls on the G4V are built to withstand continually demanding use.

With a professional sounding 24bit PC/MAC audio interface and all the I/O's needed to monitor, record, and playback, the professional sound leaving the G4V is only limited by your imagination.


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 1 in stock $339.75
Cat: 661493 Rel: 18 Oct 17
Professional power amplifier designed for live sound reinforcement applications
Notes: The XGA-2000 amplifier offers clean, reliable power in a durable, lightweight enclosure. If you demand professional amplification performance, the XGA-2000 is perfect for delivering pure, consistent wattage night after night.

With 2000 watts of Instant Peak Power (250 watts RMS), the XGA-2000 is ideal for powering PA systems and DJ rigs. To ensure seamless, reliable performance, the amp features front-to-rear airflow and a cooling fan for thermal stability, DC output protection and short circuit protection.

For true connecting convenience, the XGA-2000 boasts XLR and 1/4-inch balanced inputs and three Speakon outputs. The unit also provides front panel indicators for Signal, Clip, Protect and Bridge, plus level controls for channels 1 and 2. Selectable modes for Stereo and Mono Bridge give you even more flexibility, while its sleek, lightweight design ensures total portability.

With clean, dependable power in a resilient, 17-pound enclosure, the XGA-2000 offers unmatched value for anyone who is serious about sound.
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 3 in stock $123.84
Cat: 594944 Rel: 25 Nov 15
Compact & portable DJ controller with 2 jog wheels, 4 pads per deck
Notes: The most complete and portable DJ controller!

THE "On the go" DJ companion:
- Compact: 13,4 x 3,9" / 34 x 10 cm
- Fits very easily into a bag or laptop shoulder bag
- USB bus-powered (detachable USB cable supplied)
- Weight: < 1.23 lbs / 0.56 kg

Compact. Complete. Charismatic:
- A 16:9th design, ideal for transporting without making concessions on the features!
- Ergonomics that adapt perfectly to your laptop
- Concentrated Djing: all the essential functionality in an ultra-portable design
- Two-deck DJ controller
- 2 jog wheels + 2.95" (7.5 cm)
- 4 modes (Loop, Fx, Samples, Cue) per deck
- 4 pads per deck
- 2 equalization potentiometers per deck
- 1 volume potentiometer per deck
- 1.77" (45 mm) crossfader
- 10 control buttons including a SHIFT command allowing you to double all the pad controls.

The essentials of the mix at your fingertips:
- Scratch as naturally as with a vinyl record with the help of the jog wheels
- The jog wheels also control the Pitch and navigation within the tracks
- Highly intuitive features to create Loops, add effects and launch samples thanks to the unrivalled feel of the pads!
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 1 in stock $61.37
Cat: 211931 Rel: 18 Mar 06
Scratch Perverts signature series professional DJ cartridge
Notes: The CC-1 is Numark's most versatile cartridge and the Scratch Perverts Signature model.

The Scratch Perverts are widely regarded as the finest turntablists in the world. They hold the 1999 DMC World Mixing Championship title and they share the 2001 DMC World Team Championship title with the Allies. The CC-1 offers the ideal combination of high output and superior tracking for performance worthy of DMC champions.
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 7 in stock $46.37
Reloop RP Single Adapter (silver) (7" spindle adapter)
Cat: 354700 Rel: 09 Jun 09
Round-shaped metal, 45 RPM 7" centre hole spindle adapter
 1 in stock $6.58
Cat: 607033 Rel: 13 Apr 16
All black edition of the Stokyo cartridge case
Notes: The STOKYO original cartridge case with some minor updates.
This new black edition has an improved connection mechanism between the body and the main locking clip.
Also, Stokyo changed the color of the logo and strap to unify with an ALL BLACK LOOK!

This is the perfect Cartridge case created and designed by top Professional DJ's from around the world.
Fits all brands with a secret stash compartment for your extra stylus, and some.
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 1 in stock $45.60
Cat: 663856 Rel: 20 Sep 17
Heavy duty moulded plastic cartridge case with improved locking mechanism - holds 2 cartridges
Notes: STOKYO has created the perfect cartridge case based on input from some of the top Professional DJ's from around the world. Holds up to 2 cartridges of both concorde and regular headshells and comes with a secret store away compartment for extra stylus or other accessories.

- Red edition
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 2 in stock $36.72
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