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The brainchild of experienced producers Martin Gretschmann (better known for his releases as Acid Pauli) and Nico Stojan, Ouïe has barely put a foot wrong since launching in the summer of 2016. In that time, the label's releases have veered from sample-heavy deep house collages and atmospheric, Afro-tinged tech-house, to sofa-friendly albums and modern movie soundtracks.

It's this hard-to-pigeonhole approach that defines the label. While the vast majority of Ouïe releases are rooted in European house and techno, you'll regularly find nods to indigenous instruments and musical styles from around the world, as well as an emphasis on mood and melody.

Below, you'll find an interview with Gretschmann and Stojan exploring the label's past, present and future.

Interview with Acid Pauli and Nico Stojan

Since launching in 2016, things seem to have been going really well for Ouïe. When you decided to set-up the label, what were your hopes and dreams for it?

Nico Stojan: "After our Burning Man experience in 2015, we were on our journey back to play in Ibiza when I told Martin [Acid Pauli] about my thoughts to create a new Label: Ouïe. He instantly wanted to become part of it and so we decided to do it together."

Acid Pauli: "We wanted to create a platform for our own and our friends work."

Nico Stojan: "The first idea was to create a platform for our own music, but then also to have the possibility to invite other artists to join in. We knew we could do it without any pressure at all. It was just for the passion to release music we love to share with the people we know."

What made you decide to work together on the label?

Acid Pauli: "It just happened."

Nico Stojan: "For me, it was the passion to be creative together and to have the opportunity to not have anyone around us who would restrict us in our vision."

Musically, how would you describe the label's ethos?

NS: "It's music from the heart - groovy vibes and without expectations for stepping into any kinds of genres."

You're both hugely experienced producers with bulging discographies. Did a desire to take control of your careers play a part in the launch of the label, or was it more a case of having a vehicle to release music from like-minded friends and contemporaries?

Acid Pauli: "We are not in control of anything, so the latter for me."

Nico Stojan: "Like I said, it was the idea of having a non restrictive platform for frequencies we love to vibe on."

One of the label's most interesting releases to date was Martin's score for German film "Es War Einmal Indianerland". How did this project come about? Would you like to work on more soundtracks in future?

Acid Pauli: "The director Ilker Çatak wrote us a letter and showed us his previous work - which I really liked - so we met, had a good feeling about working together and the rest just happened. I will definitely do a score again, as I did before, but for now I am happy to work on new music without deadlines."

Your latest release, BLD Remixes B, features some storming revisions of tracks from Martin's most recent Acid Pauli album. Like its' predecessor (BLD Remixes A), it features contributions from some very notable producers/remixers. How did you decide on the line-up of remixers? Were there any remixes that really blew you away?

Acid Pauli: "I made a list of eight producers that I really like for their productions and that I personally know or am friends with."

What can we expect from Ouïe in 2018? What releases should we keep an eye out for?

Acid Pauli: "The best thing would be not to expect anything."

Nico Stojan: "It's all growing slowly without any kind of pressure. The future remains unpredictable."

Finally, what else do you have lined up as producers (both personally and collaboratively) for 2018?

Acid Pauli: "I'll be doing the 4D Soundsystem with Martin Stimming some time this year in Berlin. I also want to spend as much time as possible in the studio."

Nico Stojan: "For me, I can say that I am very happy that Kerala Dust and David Mayer are part of the family now! Their releases are part of our vision...you will see them soon, later in 2018."


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