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Cardiff's Che Ahmed produces under many aliases such as Chesus, Earl Jeffers and Metabeats, but had only one release as Earls BOOOM!!!l It was widely sought after, leading to another much needed repress here - now the third since its original release back in 2016. 'Thank You' is a thumpin' disco house monster that's looped to perfection, and its vocal is just epic throughout. The dusty, late night heads-down stomp of 'Badadu' follows, while over on the flip he remixes some golden oldies you'll for sure know from the first beat, in the form of 'D-D-D' and 'The Paper'.
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Initially discovered by the label via cassette tapes picked up in Jo'burg's Kohinoor store back in 1995, The Movers feature on the 35th in Germany's Analog Africa's series of band spotlights. As its title suggests, this captures the band's work across the lion's share of the 70s, and tracks like 'Hot Coffee' and '2nd Avenue' are irresistibly, instantly groovy, but also a fascinating sonic crossroads where African jit music meets the funk and soul of the US and the funkier end of the guitar music coming out of the UK and Europe at the same time. All executed In the most natural, free flowing, as well, which makes this package even harder to resist.
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A half century may have passed since the release of Marvin Gaye's conscious soul masterpiece, What's Going On, but the album still sounds as fresh, otherworldly and intoxicating as ever. That much is proved by this half-speed remastered 50th anniversary edition. It backs the original album - a detailed, deep, emotive and melancholic masterpiece packed with much-loved classics (the title track, 'Inner City Blues', 'Mercy Mercy Me' and so on - with a second album of outtakes, demos and alternate versions. These include mixes that track the development of the incredible title track and various hard-to-find mono mixes initially released by Motown as singles.
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James Taylor Quartet - Man In The Hot Seat
Keeping up with the output of The James Taylor Quartet has always been a tricky task, not least because the long-serving outfit has released an insane number of albums since making their debut in 1987. They also steadfastly refuse to stick to one style, with early forays into acid jazz and jazz-funk later making way for soundtrack sounds, soul-jazz and quirky Library sounds. On Man In The Hotseat, organist Taylor and his bandmates take aim at soul and funk-fired film soundtracks of the 1960s and '70s, delivering an excitable, widescreen epic performed with the assistance of an orchestra. It's naturally accurately rendered - Taylor clearly has a deep love of these kinds of soundtracks - and brilliantly performed, making it a must-check future classic.
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Mall Grab - What I Breathe
Over the course of his career to date, Mall Grab has carved a niche as a purveyor of singles and EPs packed to the rafters with full-throttle techno panel beaters, revivalist rave workouts and off-kilter house jams. Given the potential of the long-playing format, you might expect the popular Australian producer to mix things up on his long-awaited debut album. To an extent, he has, supplementing his usual high-octane cuts with forays into immersive and spacey deep house, sun-kissed synth-pop, rap-sporting '90s drum & bass sounds, vocal electro and joyous, piano-powered workouts that tend towards the loved-up and glassy eyed. Even so, there are plenty of hands-aloft future peak-time anthems dotted across the set, as well as weighty sci-fi techno treats and rumbling breakbeat smashers.
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Which ever reggae camp you're in - be it Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd's Studio One crew, the gang led by Lee 'Scratch' Perry from his Black Ark Mecca or Britian's Trojan Records, there is no shortage of timeless music to celebrate. This new compilation on the latter looks specifically at music to mark the 60th anniversary of Jamaica's independence in August 2022. All of it was recorded in the year the sun kissed island became a sovereign nation and it features ska and r&b classics by keystone artists like Jimmy Cliff, Derrick Morgan and Don Drummond. A mighty fine listen on a mighty fine occasion.
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Marcus Visionary knocks it out of the park with this new one on his own co-founded label. It finds the Toronto jungle, d&b and bass music ambassador serving up some of his cuts that take in a real range of styles from the all-out E-ed up and rave jungle sounds of 'Touch Down' to the banging breakbeats and edgy synth vamps of 'Vibe Inna 85' as remixed by Dodz. Last but not least is the hard-hitting and unrelenting 'New Life,' which still brings the soul with some lush chords and warming bass notes.

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