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Latest reviews

Philadelphia International Records was of course a goldmine for irresistible soul sounds. One of the main men responsible for that was the legend Lou Rawls. This lovely new 12" brings together a couple of his signature sounds with subtle remix work by Mike Maurro. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine' and 'See You When I Git There' have been taken from the original master tapes and given some modern dance floor touches to make them essential all over again. The a-side in particular has superb drums and aching vocals that stay with you a long time.
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Moderat performed what they knew would be one of their last concerts in 2017 - at least, for a while, anyway. Having been in need for a hiatus, COVID restrictions kicked in and the pressure to juggle performing and music-making was off. Thus came 'MORE D4TA', an album that strove after connection and collaboration in an era where the potential for such was stunted. Now finally finished and polished, the album comes for all to enjoy, demonstrating some of the duo's most focused and pop-structured production and modular chops.
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The Black Keys - Dropout Boogie
Last time out, The Black Keys attempted to go back to their roots with a covers album that was noticeably fuzzier and more raw sounding than many of their sets over the last decade or so. Dropout Boogie, their latest full-length, largely takes a similar approach, albeit with original songs rather than covers. There are still outside musicians involved - their early sets were recorded with just guitar, drums and vocals - but the sound is closer to the funk-fuelled garage-rock with which they first made their name. It's an enjoyable romp all told, with strong songs, hooky choruses and rip-roaring guitar riffs to the fore. Interestingly, some of the recordings are one-take wonders, something that adds extra impetus, energy and excitement to the album.
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Sigrid - How To Let Go
Following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Lava, Skinny Days and Royksopp, Sigrid Solbakk Raabe won plenty of plaudits for her 2019 debut album Sucker Punch, whose smart and sassy fusion of bold, hook-heavy synth-pop and indie-pop sounds led some in the press to dub her "Norway's new queen of electro-pop". She continues in a similar, if arguably more refined, style on sophomore album How To Let Go, a set recorded during the pandemic and full to bursting with songs inspired by love, loss and painful romantic break-ups. There's much to enjoy throughout, with highlights including the soaring 'Burning Bridges', the funky, post-punk influenced grandiosity of 'Thank Me Later', the disco-tinged 'Mirror' and the jangling, picturesque 'Mistake Like You'.
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Estelle / Kanye West - Home Hitters Vol 10
Yezzir! Home Hitters deliver a cheeky 45 and we let it past our floodgates for the sole reason that it's a KW reissue. This one consists of two tunes from the self-proclaimed god's backlog that we didn't think were very likely to be found together on a singular slice of wax. Estelle's 'American Boy' occupies the A side .Meanwhile, 'Stronger' backs up the B, reinforcing it with its instantly-recognizable Daft Punk sample and crude pop drum beats.
Inspired by the sparkling, Balearic-tinged Italo-disco sounds of fellow Mancunians Red Laser, Ruf Dug decided to rustle up his own synth-heavy, sun-kissed workout. The result is 'Manctalo Beach', an arpeggio-driven slab of summery brilliance marked out by pulsating bass, cheery lead lines, wavy chords and glistening melodic flourishes. Throw in some delay-laden percussion breakdowns and you have a pleasingly authentic chunk of kaleidoscopic retro-futurism. Turn to the flip for Ruf Dug's own 'Version' rework, a proto-house style dub full of effects-laden drum machine hits, synthesized cowbell, stripped-back grooves and mind-mangling breakdowns.
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Wiles - Slowrush EP
Ritual Poison's Batrachian sublabel has been slipping out the odd 12" here and there with a more melodic flip to the ravey intentions of their main operation. Following Bufobufo and MOY comes Wiles, who offers up a warm and inviting strain of breakbeat with emotional impact at the forefront of the creative mission. 'Too Real Eyez' keeps the drums steady and rolling and folds acid lines into the mix, but the pads swoon with orchestral poise. 'Bientam' gets a little cheekier without losing that plaintive quality in the harmonic composition, while 'Slowrush' diverts towards outright electronica with a haunting quality. Wiles finishes this record up with a remix of MOY's 'Echolab', which turns into a fractured and submerged trip that doesn't shirk its commitment to languid acid and diced up breakbeat.
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Patrick Shiroishi is a composer, experimental jazz specialist and saxophone maestro based in Los Angeles. He has said that his work in recent years has been heavily influenced by the concentration camps that Japanese Americans were put through in the second world war. Solo album Hidemi is a superb exploration that saw the artist play alto, baritone, tenor, C melody, and soprano saxophones all himself while he mused on his own grandfather's experiences of life after war. It is a work of fantastic tension and release, of subtle hope and unfiltered musical beauty that will leave you feeling resolved to make the most of your every waking hour.
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