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Latest reviews

Alex Kassian's debut 'Hidden Tropics' EP showcased Balearic beat mixed with ambient drone, though the German artist forwent this natural ambient tone in favour of a deep house cut earlier this year in the form of 'Leave your Life'. 'Strings of Eden' shows a return to form, with 2 brand new tracks offering a serene combination of flutes, piano, and even wave sounds and didgeridoo on 'Passing Clouds'. One thing Kassian has not left behind is the collaborative spirit from 'Leave your Life', with one of the three spots on this record being a synth infused 'Strings of Eden' Garden mix by Miguel Atwood-Fergusson. Think of it as the cooling tropical night to Kassian's sunny day in paradise. Kassians EP is just that, it's a taste of paradise.
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Strata Records is one of the most important notches in Detroit's jazz heritage. From Lyman Woodard Organization's Saturday Night Special to Malauwi's self-titled LP, their short catalogue was nonetheless vital. BBE have revisited the label with reissues in the past, and now they've invited nu jazz scene leaders Jazzanova to re-imagine some of the cuts from the Strata archives in their own fusion style. From Woodard classics like 'Joy Road', 'Creative Musicians' and 'Saturday Night Special' to Malauwi's 'Root in 7/4 Plus', these are seminal works approached with care and flair by a band who have undoubtedly proved themselves worthy over the years.
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DJ Bacon once again mixes rock and rap to make for another massive mash up. This 'Back In Hell' megamix is a bold and adventurous bit of work that came first in 2018 and has been sold out ever since. He has since followed it up with an entire album of remixes which have themselves been mixed into each other to create a mega-mix album that last more than 20 minutes. But this one is one of his standout cuts amongst many with its rawness and realness on all fronts.
Escape Artist - Wanna Dance?
Following on from the excellent Cloudsteppers 12" featuring Ciel and Dan Only, X-Kalay are back to it with this sure shot from Melbourne-based Escape Artist. Having previously snuck out on Couch Acid, Salt Mines, Phonica and Kalahari Oyster Cult, you should already have a good idea of the sphere this cat is cruising in. Sleek, techy productions with a tendency towards electro and breakbeat and plenty of trancey elements on top, doubled down to perfection on Roza Terenzi's 'Bassbin Mix' of 'Wanna Dance?' There are some trackier moments such as 'Levitator', but by and large this is trippy club gear for the modern house movers and shakers.
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Corrosion Of Conformity - Eye For An Eye (reissue)
Originally released in 1984, the debut full-length from Raleigh, North Carolina's Corrosion Of Conformity staked their claim as visionary southern groove metal by way of hardcore punk auteurs (or heft-meisters). Long before the addition of Pepper Keenan and their "classic line-up" era, 'Eye For An Eye' still serves as an abrasive, dirty window into the sultry aggression the group would become renowned for. With vocal duties handles by Eric Eycke, and blink and you'll miss it bursts of unbound rage such as 'Rabid Dogs' and 'Negative Outlook', this blistering first glimpse into a corrosive, conjured world feels even more vital and seminal almost four decades on.
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It was big news when Daft Punk were enlisted to record the soundtrack to Disney's remake of Tron. While the film has perhaps faded from view slightly, the soundtrack remains a popular notch in the French duo's latter-day legacy. Here, we get treated to a reissue of the big budget remix collection which came out in 2011. It's a neat snapshot of the electronic music landscape at the time, ranging from The Glitch Mob to M83, Moby to Paul Oakenfold, Boys Noize to Photek and the late, great Avicii. You certainly wouldn't get the same cast of characters together for a similar package now, making this a document of the era as well as an essential collection of premier league dance music.
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The vast and ongoing Blue Note reissue series continues apace her with organist Ronnie Foster's Two Headed Freep album. Foster was a master collaborator who worked with everyone from George Benson to the Jacksons to Stevie Wonder (an in fact played the keys on Songs In The Key Of Life.) But it was his work on Grant Green's funky live LP Alive! in 1970 that caught the attention of the Blue Note boss who tapped him up for this label debut two years later. It is a vibrant seton tunes with five originals as well as covers of the likes of Al Green. Kevin Gray has mastered it from the original tapes and it has been pressed on 180g vinyl at Optimal.
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Given the erotic subtexts to many of his films, it clearly didn't take much to seduce acclaimed director Ingmar Bergman. But that was more than fine for synth duo Sparks, who by August 2009 had become so enamoured with the director's work as to theme a whole album around him. Imagining a hypothetical trip to Hollywood, the album hears the strange duo embark on a synthy rock-operatic odyssey across four sides and at least 20 tracks; their first to do so.

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