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Latest reviews

Alex Kassian's debut 'Hidden Tropics' EP showcased Balearic beat mixed with ambient drone, though the German artist forwent this natural ambient tone in favour of a deep house cut earlier this year in the form of 'Leave your Life'. 'Strings of Eden' shows a return to form, with 2 brand new tracks offering a serene combination of flutes, piano, and even wave sounds and didgeridoo on 'Passing Clouds'. One thing Kassian has not left behind is the collaborative spirit from 'Leave your Life', with one of the three spots on this record being a synth infused 'Strings of Eden' Garden mix by Miguel Atwood-Fergusson. Think of it as the cooling tropical night to Kassian's sunny day in paradise. Kassians EP is just that, it's a taste of paradise.
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Strata Records is one of the most important notches in Detroit's jazz heritage. From Lyman Woodard Organization's Saturday Night Special to Malauwi's self-titled LP, their short catalogue was nonetheless vital. BBE have revisited the label with reissues in the past, and now they've invited nu jazz scene leaders Jazzanova to re-imagine some of the cuts from the Strata archives in their own fusion style. From Woodard classics like 'Joy Road', 'Creative Musicians' and 'Saturday Night Special' to Malauwi's 'Root in 7/4 Plus', these are seminal works approached with care and flair by a band who have undoubtedly proved themselves worthy over the years.
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Magoo - Not Too Late (To Make It Right)
Six Nine looks back to go forwards here as the label serves up a couple of super fresh new mixes of a pair of stunning modern boogie and funk tunes. Magoo was the man behind the originals and T Groove is the man on remix duties. Up first are the glossy synths and seductive drums of 'Not Too Late (To Make It Right)'. The leads are withering, the disco dazzle high and the catchiness of the groove all too real. Flip it over for 'Let's Have A Boogie' (feat Heryo) which goes a little bit deeper and seduces you, especially with the buttery vocals.
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Demuir / Double A - Eastside Edits 002
The EastSide Edits label outta Canada is here to provide big moments of fun for jobbing DJs. Their first EP sold out in quick fashion because of the irresistible nature of the mash-ups it contained. Now comes a second volume, this time in the form of a couple of edits. Demiur's Jacked Payboi edit of his own take on massive rap hit 'WAP' is smoothed out into a chunky house groove with all the controversial original lyrics from Cardi B and Megan the Stallion left in place. On the flip is a big, shimmering disco epic in the form of Double A - 'Oh My God' (Double A's Mid Tempo Rework).
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To celebrate 30 years since their band first formed in 1991, Japan's pioneering Mondo Grosso has assembled a greatest hits collection that comes across two compilations, each on four sides of vinyl. Included are many of the biggest moments as well as new remixes and new mixes of key tunes, with a fresh remaster by the bands main man Shinichi Osawa himself. He was responsible for deciding which of the band's many tracks made the cut too so you can be sure it is as authentic as they come.
Hiroshi Fujiwara / Kudo / Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 - Hiroshi Fujiwara & KUDO presents Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 Remixes In Dub
Whether or not you can separate art from the artist is an enteral debate with no clear end point. Hiroshi Fujiwara & KUDO obviously think you can as they big on this selection of dubs of music by the sometime King of Pop. There are tunes from the early days with the Jackson 5 right through his solo years, all beefed up with dubby bottom ends, organ leads and wispy hi hats. Technically it is a fine piece of work that takes the source material in a whole new direction. These tracks sure sound good, but morally, well, it's up to you.
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Both a fan of the number and the machine, Michigander Music boss Brian Kage has always related eight to the paths we take in life - and being on the right one. For the label's eighth release, Kage pays homage to electronic music's futuristic past by bringing it up to speed with the present, including reimagining one of his own releases from when net labels were a thing.
Theo Parrish - Weirdo
Absolute killer 12" from Theo Parrish on his Sound Signature label.

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